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Age: 36
Ethnicity: White
City, Region: Douglasville, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Aries
Education: Some College
Gender: Male
Height: 5.09 "
Weight: 195 pounds
Build: thick
Waist: 36"
Shoe Size: 10.5
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Parents Know
Hair: Short
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Other
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Relationships, Friendships, Hookups, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Oral, Other Fetish, College Educated, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Adventurous, Thugs, Foreplay, Wrestling
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Looking for a handsome, sexy, intelligent, and mature man to get to know...drama-free and down-to-earth. I would like to meet cool friends as well.
:: Who I Am
Get at me to find out. Laid back and prefer no drama, unique.
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wrote at 2012-10-23 10:31:24

Thanks for the Bday wish, my friend. Hope all is going great with you.


wrote at 2012-10-10 04:56:03



wrote at 2012-04-19 08:30:59

Happy b-day wishing u many more!


wrote at 2012-03-04 12:22:45

kenneth22041 posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2011-09-14 23:43:00

thanks for the tag


wrote at 2011-05-26 13:16:52

thanks for the kind words ;) congrats on ya sexy and white


wrote at 2011-05-12 18:53:32

:) longtime Cowboy!


wrote at 2011-04-25 13:48:09

no problem


wrote at 2011-04-19 19:40:33

happy birthday


wrote at 2011-04-19 02:29:57

happy b-day

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Mood : Crummy

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Posted 2011-03-10 15:42:11

Up until the summer of 2008, I would usually keep to myself, never really socialized or anything, except at school, work, or even home, but I decided to become more sociable in 2008, shortly after discovering BGC, meeting my first friend (who is no longer with us...I miss him very much!), and meeting subsequently cool people. I have spent time socially with many cool people, but I have also met some not-so-cool people, people who have used me, verbally abused me, and people who just do not keep in touch with me, the way friends too. Although I think of my FRIENDS often, I doubt they think of me even once, just to see how I'm doing, or what's going on lately. I am generally the one who initiates; they usually just respond back but never initiate. When they do, it is only because I griped about it previously. God has given me too big a heart, so much so that it sometimes gets in the way, and I become too emotional. I do not mean to become so emotional. As hard as I try to be a good friend, a true friend, I just do not feel the same love from my FRIENDS, or BESTIES, as I express to them. Some FRIENDS allow other people, strangers no less, to affect their opinions and judgments on me, and that turns them away from me. People that I have never met, with whom I have chatted with on a regular or semi-regular basis, hardly speak to me these days. Now, I know people get busy, and they have lives of their own, so no, I do not expect people to just stop what they’re doing, just to talk to me. I do, however, can tell when people are ignoring me, especially when they APPEAR offline to me on their Yahoo messengers, or their Skype messengers. A prime example of this is an online BESTIE that I have. He let me add him on yahoo but is never on there anymore. Then I add his other yahoo screen name, and now, all of a sudden, he is OFFLINE. Is this coincidence? Perhaps it is; perhaps it is not. It is possible that he just is not always on his Yahoo messenger. Also possible, however, is that he may have made himself invisible to me, making me think he’s OFFLINE. This is one of the decent people out there, who are cool, and someone who I could hang around, and become a good, true friend. Lately, though, I feel as if this FRIEND ignores me, and he may allow someone else’s opinions of me---someone whom I only met once and therefore doesn’t know me---causing him to never talk to me again, or to forever ignore me. He is a friend with whom I have connected for a year now. Anyway, perhaps I am being silly, because I do get like that sometimes, but I have a good intuition, and I get this feeling that he is not really my bestie, but someone who puts up with me and is just nice to me. I would like to meet a real, true friend, a true BESTIE, and not just an online BESTIE. Will I ever meet any good, true, real friends, the ones that will not use me, or ignore me, or treat me as if I do not exist? Only time will tell I suppose, but the universe could be telling me that I am not meant to have any friends. I guess we will see. Stay tuned.


Mood : Happy

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Posted 2009-12-11 01:35:48

A = A creative man I am, intelligent and bright.
R = Realness and honesty I bring with delight.
I = Inside my heart lies a powerful light.
E = Express myself I do, with such creative might.
S = Stop me? None that can are in sight.


Mood : Angry

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Posted 2009-12-11 01:34:37

So confused thou art
Thou was untrue from the start
With a phony reason from thy heart
‘Twas me thou pushed away
Nothing harsh to you did I say
Thou hast misperceived me to this day
A chance thou never gave
So your puny words please save
Your friendship I no longer crave.
Honest, sweet, and kind was I to you
I thought thou were nice to talk to
Wrong I was, never were you true.
‘Tis my fault; I trust too much
Pain do I receive as such
My heart you have left in a crutch.
An opportunity you did not take
To see the kind of friend I could make
But you could not see past my mistake.
My words and antics, only to explain,
But thou hast given so much pain,
Some of which I still retain.
Even though our “friendship” is no more,
Do not assume the worst of me anymore,
Because you are still unhappy and sore
For one who wishes me away
Still so much you have to say
One wonders, Are you over me this day?
Whether the answer is yay or nay,
Please heed the words I relay
Over I have been, please stay away.
If thou see me, utter not a word
For it will sound silly and absurd
Good bye to you, my final word.


Mood : Happy

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Posted 2009-12-11 01:31:31

When lights go out,
I will not make a panicked shout
Darkness I do not fear
It I surely revere
Though darkness may surround
Never will I shriek a sound.
My heart may pound,
I shall stay around;
I shall face that darkness,
I will not settle for less.
Assume you me if you wish,
But surprise will be your dish.
In the darkness, I panic not
So try me, give me your best shot.
Prove you wrong I will, on the spot.


Mood : Sad

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Posted 2009-12-11 01:30:38

A life full of turmoil
Of one who treads on this soil
Will the entangled springs ever uncoil?
Once beautiful and lovely was life
Never did hardship enter nor strife
Both have entered, but refuse to leave
Neither push, nor shove, nor heave
Can remove these things from my sleeve.
One day soon, though, shall they depart
Never again will they weigh my heart
Life will renew and be vibrant from the start.
This I declare; yes, this I surely affirm
My feet will be planted nice and firm
Life will return to me abundant I confirm.
Never again will I lose sight
Of knowing wrong from what is right
Life will once again fill me with delight.
So here I stand and announce
From this day forward never will I renounce
That which life brings, I will enjoy every ounce.


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