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Age: 29
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Akron, Ohio
Country: United States
Sign: Cancer
Education: Some College
Gender: Male
Height: 5.08 "
Weight: 157 pounds
Build: medium
Waist: 32"
Shoe Size: 10
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Friends Know
Hair: Dreds
Status: single
Drink: Once in a while
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: None
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Not sure what I'm looking for but...
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Communications Major. Wanna know more inbox me' let's become friends...
#ijustwannalive, #nodrama, #solo, #Me
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Posted 2014-11-08 02:35:34

So here it is
I was cool with this guy named Stevie and Stevie had a crush on me but I never took any seriousness to it because Stevie was also in a unhealthy relation. We also had a mutual friend (a girl) and that's what kept us interacting the most. Well one night we were all together and Stevie decided he would invite me on a solo date. Chipotle and Red Fox was our agenda.
I had also been talking to this guy named Brian, mostly just texts back and forth and I had also picked him up form the transit a few times. (Lesson learned - never bag a nigga with no car)
Anyways moving forward...
While me and Stevie were standing in the long line of chipotle I received a call from Brian in which I ignored. It puzzled Stevie and he questioned me but I stood there with a surprise look on my face cause I couldn't understand what business was it of his to question me about my phone calls.
After exiting chipotle Stevie drove over to target parking lot to meet up with a group so that we could all go to this party at the red fox. I was told by Stevie that they had the bottle and that we were going to link up crack it open and head for the falls.
To my surprise when we got to the parking lot were a red car was parked in the front seat sat brain ????????.
My heart dropped I didn't want him to think that me and Stevie was a couple but I also had just ignored his call moments before seeing him in person.
(Ring ring)
Brian text my phone asking why I ignored his call. I felt trapped in my own tracks. I had no real response so I just turned my phone off as if the text never existed.
After a soft parking lot turn up we made our way to the red fox but not everybody could get in. Due to the fact brain and the other light skin riding with them had no id's.
Yikes. We all snuck in but for me instead of turn up the night was super awkward I was next to a dude that I had been cool with for years while my future mugged me in disgraced because I ignore his call his text and avoid direct convo with him the entire night. My guilt sat in and before I knew it we were all packing up and leaving the club.
By the time we left Stevie was way to wasted to drive besides his l's were fucked up and being out in the falls is defiantly no place for a drunk with out l's so he insisted that I drove. I did.
We ended up at the ace of spades just me and him attempting to finish our night off with some fried chicken.

Stevie got sick before we could exit the car. After he was done puking his little red guts out, his phone began to ring.
(Ring ring)
On the line was his sister and I wasn't sure exactly what she had told Stevie but he wasn't to happy as he began to flip out. (Remind you his sister was the driver of the car Brian and the other dude was in)
When Stevie immediately hung the phone he looked at me as if he wanted to just hurt somebody I did my best to calm him yet he only grew angrier. Yelling and screaming about someone his sister had mentioned during the phone call. As I seen him sitting at a lost for words I began to question him.
I asked him what the fuss was about and I could tell it only made him angrier but he told me that his sister had called relaying a message about how Stevie felt
Immediately I grew weary of where this was going because me a Brian were semi talking.
As Stevie continued with the story I learned that Brian had outed Stevie to his family a year back during a thanksgiving meal. My heart dropped lost for a way to help Stevie cope, I was still trying to figure out why would Brian do such a thing.
I asked Stevie did they ever mess around he told me no except one time he woke up and Brian was playing with his dick. It was if Stevie blamed Brian for him being sexually confused. I asked Stevie did he wanna just turn in for the night but he insisted that we continued on into the ace of spades although not Many words were exchange I saw some people I knew and began to forget all that had happen.

Upon leaving I drove myself home and it was as if Stevie didn't want me to leave but I also wasn't really comfortable with him staying.
The next morning I revived a call from him after I had made a Facebook post and before I knew it Stevie was at my doorstep still looking like last night. We watched Sunday sports still not much talking I asked several questions to try and break the ice but it didn't go far. I was really zoned into my phone on social media not sure how I would go about entertaining Stevie when I really wanted to just chill with his friend. Don't get me wrong Stevie was way better looking than Brian but I couldn't get over the fact Stevie was in that relationship and thought it was cool to still push up on me. ( I don't get down with that home wrecking shit even if the home not happy)
My question tho is how serious do you think this thing with me and Brian could go and how would that make Stevie feel? Even tho he said he never would fuck with Brian does not mean he never did, and if I'm not carful I could find myself in a messy situation. What should I do?


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