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have a wonderful day good people

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Artist : Miguel
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:: The Basics
Age: 45
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Social Circle, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Scorpio
Education: Some College
Gender: Male
Height: 5.07 "
Weight: 222 pounds
Build: muscular
Waist: 36"
Shoe Size: 11
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Other
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: 
:: Interests
Friendships, Hookups, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Oral, Other Fetish, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
Someone 2 chill with from time to time kick it with...If u are raged with drama leave it behind please, if u can't do that move on..i know people have issues and drama from time to time but 24hours of drama..no thanks.
:: Who I Am
cool laid back person discreet,luv music and horror flims and like working out and cooking sometimes.I am a day dreamer as well.The kind of guys i like masculine, muscular,thick too but must be in good shape no sloppy and fat dudes and no skinny twinks and no fem, queens at all.Just keep movin.Also i have a pet peeve about noface people on my profile please stay the fuck off my profile, i can't c you so there is no need to talk to u if i can't c u..Don't know what the fuck u r hiding obvious u must have done some shit or must be a drama person who wanna make people's life miserable, so u fuckas stay off my profile.And some of u need to be real about your weight u come on my profile and u is overweight as fuck and sayin u is thick..BULL FUCKIN SHIT if u is big as an elephant and u say u thick and say your waist is a 40 U ARE A FUCKIN LIAR...GET OFF DAT SHIT u over weight liars.I'm Not mean BUT i sure can be the most nastiest eviliest cold hearted nigga when u judge me and try me..Don't fuck with a SCORPIO..although there are 3 types of scorpios..the november ones are the most ones u don't wanna fuck with I know i seen there wrath imma october scorpio which u still don't mess with.Some people think that i'm psycho and mean only when u try to cross me and play me and be shady with me, it's my looks they think they can get by with shit..People depend on me because im a dependable person which i need to make time for myself...which means i need my space all the time not some of the time..I am very mysterious people still try to figure me out wanna know what is it about me.Other people who don't wanna get to know me they stay the fuck away,,and really 4 that it's for the fuckin best, because most people like that are some shady mutha fuckas.Also wanna say thanx 2 the people who view my profile.
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wrote at 2020-06-09 21:43:40

flecha posted comment to this image:
I wanna feel it, really feel it feel it


wrote at 2017-03-27 23:54:54

flecha posted comment to this image:
I want to see it in person!!!


wrote at 2015-10-28 11:10:12

I just stop by to wish you a happy birthday enjoy your day man.


wrote at 2015-10-26 17:05:07


wrote at 2015-06-18 16:08:12

howie48 posted comment to this image:
Get into bed...now!


wrote at 2015-05-17 22:17:28

sexypierre posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2015-05-17 22:17:17

sexypierre posted comment to this image:
nice body


wrote at 2015-05-17 22:17:07

sexypierre posted comment to this image:
b nice chest


wrote at 2015-04-09 17:21:42

sexypierre posted comment to this image:
So sexy


wrote at 2015-04-09 17:21:21

sexypierre posted comment to this image:
Nice body

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Posted 2011-07-02 00:32:38

Some punk a-- with a 3rd grade education just sent me a message a bad message..mabe he got upset because i won't respond to people with no face pic..fukwitanigga is his name..u know he's uneducated with a name like that.


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