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Member of DC and CA bars. Thinking about NY bar next.

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Currently Playing Video : "I Wanna Be Your Man"
Artist : Zapp & Roger
:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 57
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Washington, District of Columbia
Country: United States
Sign: Scorpio
Education: Doctorates
Gender: Male
Height: 5.07 "
Weight: 147 pounds
Build: medium
Waist: 30"
Shoe Size: 9
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Out
Hair: Low fade
Status: its complicated
Drink: Once in a while
Smoke: None
Tattoos: 1
Unusual Piercings: 1
Spirituality: Other
:: Interests
Friendships, Play Sports, Adventurous, Thugs
:: I Am Looking For
Uncertain, but I hope to know if/ when I find it? I have preferences like most people, but they aren't important, since they aren't prejudices. I guess I'm looking for anyone who thinks I'd be interesting to get to know better. I have a partner, and am monogamous, so I'm not looking for another one, or a hookup. I don't go out much, but I do like movies, museums and people watching. I'm fairly new in DC, and my past Friends have been all shapes, colors and sizes, so if that's what you're after; I think I make a pretty good friend? If you're younger and need advice from an older father figure, send me a message, or older and are looking for a new friend, "hit me up."
:: Who I Am
----------------------------I'm a retired math, science and technology teacher. I have a Boy Friend in prison in California doing many, many years under 3 Strikes, which is why I'm in DC attending law school. I was stationed overseas and lived in Europe, mostly Holland, for about 25 years. I have a son on BGC, but don't ask me about him. I would never violate his privacy by reading his profile or even his basic info under his photo. I have my own place, sort of kind of (long story). I don't have a car, just a bike (very European) and an old motorcycle (very "old school"). It's a 1991, 750cc, single-seater Ninja, that's older than my son and half the young men on this site. Lol!----------------------------------------------------------I'm older; so I've already done all the cruising, clubbing and hookups for this lifetime. People say I look like I'm in my 30's, which probably comes from being around teenagers a lot as a teacher, regular exercise and avoiding drugs, smoking and hard alcohol. I love looking at handsome, sexy men; nothing gives me more pleasure, so please pardon me if I tend to stare. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and can't resist "eye candy." Lol!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the way some young men in DC wear their pants half hanging off and the way it makes them walk, (like bow-legged cowboys with packages so large, they can't walk normally). Are they thugs? Is that called "swag?" Very sexy! I know the people of my generation usually say pull your pants up and put on a belt. I say, "Don't keep pulling them up, just let them drop down to your ankles or better yet; don't put them on at all! And lose your shirt too for that matter, especially if you're hiding a 6 or 8 pack underneath!" Did you just call me a "Dirty old man?" Lol!------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------Life can be long and fun! Play safe and get tested regularly. I'm negative (05-24-2012), but had a partner for seven years, who is positive. Safe sex works!
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wrote at 2017-08-06 16:23:33

hungpitbull10 posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2017-04-06 19:09:16

blackandsexy69 posted comment to this image:
Nice pic


wrote at 2016-02-28 15:42:14

some1_2luv posted comment to this image:
this is an awesome pic! great smile, sexy beard, nice chest - i like a hairy chest and pretty nips! :-)


wrote at 2015-12-19 06:55:39

you fine looking black bro. happy belated bday


wrote at 2015-11-15 09:35:35

I just stop by to wish you a happy birthday enjoy your day man.


wrote at 2015-11-15 03:14:14

Happy birthday


wrote at 2015-09-17 11:26:54

blkbexar2 posted comment to this image:
You do look as though you didn't want the picture. Cute though!


wrote at 2015-09-14 23:21:15

tripleb2 posted comment to this image:
very sexy


wrote at 2015-09-06 02:47:07

cashme_ifyoucan posted comment to this image:
Funny dude! What's happening homey!


wrote at 2015-05-25 12:03:34

jam_verse posted comment to this image:
lol...how tall is this man? u look so uncomfortable tho

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