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:: The Basics
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Black-White mix
City, Region: Atlanta, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Cancer
Education: Some College
Gender: Male
Height: 6.02 "
Weight: 175 pounds
Build: athletic
Waist: 32"
Shoe Size: 13
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Short
Status: single
Drink: No
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Christian
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Women, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, College Educated, Have Car, Have Job, Play Sports, Adventurous, Thugs
:: I Am Looking For
I own a FURNTURE, MATTRESS & FLOORING STORE. SELLING LIVING, DINING AND BED ROOMS & ALL HOUSE HOLD FURNISHINGS. INSTALLING FLOORING; CARPET, TILE AND HARDWOOD. ALL NAME BRAND MATTRESS, SEALY POSTURPEDIC & STEARN AND FOSTERS AT 50% TO 85% OFF RETAIL STORE SALE PRICES. LOOK, U DO NOT HAVE 2 HAVE A PIX 2 HIT ME UP; BUT IF U HAVE A PIX ON YOUR PAGE, & GOT IT BLOCK, UN-BLOCK THEM!!!!!!! & KEEP IT UN-BLOCKED, IF U DECIDE 2 HIT ME UP!!!!!!! SO I WILL NO WHO U R N DA FUTURE... MAKE SURE U SHOW A FACE PIX, AS I HAVE, IF U HAVE 1!!!!!!!C.A.P.I.S.H!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!! NOW, AS 4 ME: I'm Wanting/Looking 4 the REAL-DEAL!!!rnThat CONSIST of:rnLooking Good,rnNice Body,rn& rnSombody who I can Communicate with. (talk about Any & Everything with) U Don't think that is 2 much 2 ask, do U???? (I think it is Reasonable)rnIf U R on the Down-Low (DL) like myself, that is GREAT!!!!! (not necessary a MUST, but a major PLUS {if U R not, then know how 2 act})rnI'm currently SINGLE, I have never been N Luv, but I have came close. (so I think I am ready 2 exper. that. {I think})rnThat does not mean I am going 2, SO, DO NOT get Cought Up on that Sentence. If I have not done it as of yet, then it's not going 2 just happen. I am Picky, very PICKY... (but i am not PATIENT{yeah, I know thats a flaw, so PRAY 4 ME})rnIf U R just looking 2 F@#K, then SAY IT. If U want 2 Talk, or looking for friends, then SAY IT. If U want a Relationship, once again, just SAY IT. I want B mad, or hold it against U, or think less of U. We R all grown here. I realize that peeps might jus B tyring 2 get their Freak on. Nothing wrong with DAT!!! So B Real about it. That's how U get my RESPECT... NOW 4 ME - U need 2 B:rnCLEAN,rnHave a Sence of Humor,rnHave sum Class about YOURSELF,rnB REAL,rnHONEST,rnLove the LORD, (WITH OUT HIM, WE ARE NOTHING)rnOpen-Mindedrn&rnNot have a problem with ME being on the Down-Low (DL)rnWhat I am NOT looking 4:rnDrag Queens,rnActing like a Sissy, or A Girl. (purposely)rnOver-Weight, or UGLY; (I have no problem talking 2 U, & b-ing courgial, but I most likely will not B attracted 2 U. Not being RUDE, just being REAL)rnFAKE,rnSHADY,rnSMELLY,rnDIRTY, rnNASTY,rnRUDE,rn&rnA Person that is SET N their WAYS. (none of that is good) If u think u are a Female, or is trying 2 B-cum 1, & or, u act like U R Ms. or Miss, or Mrs. THING B-cause u get down, then I AM NOT THE 1 4 UUUUUUUUUU.......rnNEXT: rnTell me which Pix. U like da BEST, & don't like, I want 2 know. Yeah, U can B honest, I'm not Sensative. I do try 2 RESPOND 2 ALL messages, but as U can Imagine, I get a-lot, so it may take me sum time 2 get 2 ur message; so bare with ME, as i try 2 RESPOND 2 ALL MESSAGES... rnHINT, As I said previously, U aint got 2 have A pix. 2 hit me up, I'm not SHADY, nor am I, non-understanding like sum of da niggas (GUYS) on here, that R really on Point as myself & OTHERS, & want respond B-cause U don't have 1 (pix). I understand if U do not have a pix. cause of DL status, or jus not that computer savy. I can RELATE 2 the DL peeps, But also understand, peeps with pix. that Looks Good, will get a more EXciting Response or Conversation, Y, cause it is sum-ing that has cought my Intress & Attention, as I cought UR's, 2 make U want 2 hit me up. rnU can send Me Pix. 2 my E-mail & MESSENGER. TotallyOnPoint@yahoo.com (Primary)(Messenger)rnTotallyOnPoint@hotmail.com (Optional)(Messenger)rnOther sites 4 ME that I am ON: Adam4Adam & Blackplanet (TotallyOnPoint is da name as well)rnWord of Wisdom, if U hit me up on MESSENGER, then tell me who U R, by introducing ur-self & let me C da pix. on the side or the cam, so I can show some Intress. I get 2 many peeps hiting me up on messenger, & after so long, all da screan-names start 2 sound a-like, & RUN 2-gether. (I will not know your yahoo mess. name, jus b-cause U hit me up on here) U aint that special, YET, but I'm Optimistic U will BE.... Oh yeah, I got a ?-naire that is kind of fun 2 feel out, if U want 2 feel it out & get it back 2 me, then just let me know, & i will E-mail it 2 U by U sending me ur E-mail. It is long, a 100 ?'s all 2-gether, & it is kind of personal, but it is fun as hell...
:: Who I Am
I'VE GOTS 2 SAY THANKS 2 ALL & 4 ALL THE LOVE, THAT ALL OF U ALL HAVE SHOWN & GIVEN ME. (HUMBLING) WHEN I OPEN THIS JOINT 2 C WHATS GOOD & GOING ON OUT THEIR, I B LIKE DAMN!!!!!!!; I B HAVING A 100 OR MORE NOTES A DAY, & ABOUT 99.9% OR MORE OF THEM R ALL POSITIVE... SO THANKS 2 U ALL, (ALL OF U) FROM: ...T.O.P... {[(TotallyOnPoint)]} I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!, & WILL DO MY DAMNESS 2 RETURN ALL THE LOVE..... Now about ME:rnThe NICEST Person U will ever meet.rnSmart,rnSexy,rnGood-Looking,rnReal,rnDirect,rnDown-Low (DL)rnSilly,rnOPEN-MINDED,rnStraight-Forward,rnAthletic,rnChurch Kid,(YEAH I LOVE THE LORD!!! {FROM WHOM ALL BLESSING FLOW})rnClassy,rnElegant,rnSophisticated,rnOut-Going,rnPRETTY-BOY (Yeah, that means, I like 2 look GOOD)rnI am jus me; I luv 2 have fun, & enjoy OTHER people.rnIf U R 1 that holds ur Feelings on ur Shoulders, & U R Real Sensative, then U mite not like me.rnI have no issue, N Speaking my Mind, but wise enough 2 no when not 2.rnI am not always right, but I do not practice B-ing Wrong.rnI am not a Thug, nor am I Ghetto.rnI luv 2 play Spades, & always looking 2 beat sum-body, YES, that N-cludes U.rnU do not have 2 B like ME, U jus have 2 RESPECT me & what I do, or don't do. (2 talk 2 ME)rnSports: I jus Luv Sports, sum of my Favorites R: BASKETBALL - FOOTBALL - TENNIS - BASEBALL - GOLF & Ect. rnI am 'Totally on Point', so cum @ me as such.rnI am Thin, but Tone, extremely nice body wit da flat stomach.rnShort hair, but fleixble with it.rnSkin is Caramel, or Brown-Skin.rnI am not Arrogant, nor Conceited, nor am I Stuck-Up. rnI luv 2 play Board Games, yeah i said it; & I luv Video Games.rnI luv me sum Television.rnI luv going out 2 Dinner.rnI luv going 2, & renting Movies.rnI luv Plays, Opera, Banquets, and Shows.rnI luv 2 go out, & kicking it, but I am also a HOME-BODY.rnWhatever U want 2 know about me, just ask.rnYES; these R my pix. I hear sum-body is using my pix. If U C sum-body wit my pix. posing as me, ask 2 meet them.rn I do plan 2 move N da next 6 months. But a-lot can happen by now & then, Hell, I mite B N-volved with sum-1, sence I'm finally acceptable 2 that ideal, & if that is da case, it will B OUR Decision, but I aint Counting on that. (but it would B nice) I am on da DL, & I would like 2 stay dat a-way. (if that is a problem, then I'm not da 1-4 U...) I am a Top, but def. Willing 2 B a Verse wit Da REAL-DEAL. That means da person I plan 2 B wit,(Relationship) & Trust, I will most def. B getting mines on da regular. SEX: yes, I know U want 2 know about that. lol.rnWell, I luv, absolutely LOVE & want 2 have it all the time. Their, I said it. lol. On the REAL, SEX is great, not EVERYTHING, but A-WHOLE lot. What does that mean, it means it is OK 4 U 2 have a HIGH SEX DRIVE, I will just have 2 deal with it, & DEAL I will. I like it Slow, fast, Quick, Long, All-Night, Spontaneously, & Adventuress.rnYes, I like 2 BEAT it up, & Trust, I Can & Will.(Once again, all Nigga here) I am Aggressive, but Extremely Sensative 2 Others, especially when it comes 2 Intamacy. (Un-like others, I do realize that is on the opposite side) I also like my partner 2 B Aggressive, nothing wrong with U taking what U want or what is UR's. (Remember, U R A Nigga 2, so act like it)rnSorry, but I am not fem. All Man here. I act, & look like 1, & it is all NATURAL, Their is Nothing wrong wit a MAN, GUY, GENTLEMAN or BOY, Acting & B-ing MASCULINE, remember, it is NATURAL 4 MALES 2 B. U aint got 2 act like no Sissy, Lady, Girl, Women, Female, FAG, B-cause U like 2 get DOWN.... (Please B Yourself, Damn, that is so SEXY)rnI know it is a risk, 4 me 2 put pix. up, so do not remind me. I REALLY do try 2 RESPOND 2 ALL messages, but do understand, I get a lot of them, so bare wit ME, I will get 2 them all.rn2 all of U that hit me up, saying Nice things or giving me Compliments: T H A N K S!!!! I FEEL PRIVILAGE & HONORED 2 RECEIVE SUCH COMPLIMENTS, & HAVE NO PROBLEM GIVING THEM BACK, WHERE WARRANT... rnMy YAHOO E-mail, & Messenger is: TotallyOnPoint@yahoo.com (primary)& my MSN or Hotmail E-mail & Messenger is: TotallyOnPoint@hotmail.com (optional)rnmy Blackplanet is TotallyOnPoint & my Adam4Adam is TotallyOnPoint rnU can send me PIX. 2 my E-mail (preferrabley yahoo) If U find any errors N my PROFILE, do let me know. Thanks 4 Reading Oh yeah, I have a ?-nair 4 U 2 feel out if U want 2, jus send me ur E-mail addy & I will send it 2 U, so U can send it back 2 me wit ur responses. It is long & da ?'s R pretty Personal & Direct but it is a-lot of fun, U will like it.
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happy Birthday my friend


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I just stop by to wish you a happy birthday enjoy your day man.


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I eat them lil cakesnull


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cute underwearnull


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yes cutenull


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sexy and creative


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cool sexy and fun

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