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:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 93
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Sacramento, California
Country: United States
Gender: Male
Height: 6.02 "
Weight: 235 pounds
Build: muscular
Waist: 35"
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Low fade
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Play Sports
:: I Am Looking For
Well most of the time when you look you never find. But If someone comes along I would like to start off as friends first and then if we hit it off then we can go from there. Otherwise good conversations is what i like and love meeting New people from all over the U.S. I am starting to wonder if there are any real brothers in this lifestyle. I will not respond if you refer to me with the 'N' word , BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND listed or you a DRUG user or a SMOKER, including BLUNTS . And whats up with the rating thing? there is no reward for this and no one needs to be validated on how they look. Come on people.
:: Who I Am
I am the kinda person that would go the extra mile for anybody ,be there in time of need to the best of my abilities. Caring, loving, VERY STRAGHT FORWARD, communicative, nonvindictive, SECURE , respectful, down to earth, and honest. A TRUE friend or mate. (By the way my privates are not nude pics)
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wrote at 2011-11-13 03:05:04

Be my superman pick me up and take me to another place -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2010-07-24 00:23:11



wrote at 2009-07-25 23:36:27

-smiley- -smiley- SENSUOUSLY SEXY -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2009-07-08 22:52:55

Damn!!! Deebo!!! LOLOL Nah, thanx 4 stoppin by and blessing my page bruh!!! Have a blessed one!!! -smiley- -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2009-06-29 20:21:52

-smiley- Tight Profile.


wrote at 2009-06-27 14:30:28

-smiley- , shit, don't care bout the otha brothas but I betcha the King is equipted wit all yo SWOLE ass needs( -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- ) -smiley- Keep it tight, and SEXY mah'nigg -smiley- -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2009-06-17 23:19:57

I LUV SWOLEBROTHERS -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2009-04-23 23:31:45

I would never say never.... -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley- -smiley-


wrote at 2009-03-28 23:28:52



wrote at 2009-03-27 22:33:35

-smiley- Showing that rainbow love: Stay sexy and make life a romantic comedy...Thank you for visiting...Yall come back ya hear! -smiley- You've just embraced, don't be afraid to return the love...be sure to come back and keep in touch!

|__888888_________8888888____888888888888888___8888888888| |_888888888_____8888888888___888888888888888___8888888888| |888____8888___8888____8888__888888888888888___8888888888| |888_____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |888______888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |888______888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |888______888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |888_____888___8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |888____888____8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |888888888_____8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |8888___8888___888888888888_______8888_________8888______| |8888___88888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888______| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |8888____8888__8888____8888_______8888_________8888888888| |__8888888____888888_____8888888888______________________| |_888888888__88888888____8888888888______________________| |8888___888_888__8888____8888888888______________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888888888______________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888888888______________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888888888______________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888____________________________| |8888____8888____8888____8888888888______________________|

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