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:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Blatino
City, Region: Berlin, New Jersey
Country: United States
Sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Height: 5.10 "
Weight: 165 pounds
Build: toned
Waist: 32"
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Corn rows
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: 2
Unusual Piercings: 1
:: I Am Looking For
I am just lookin to see who out there and what ever happens is up to fate. I am to sexy to be planning on what I am gonna get off a site so just check me out if we flow we flow if we don't oh well I AM HAPPY TO SAY I AM DISEASE FREE NO TIME FOR FAGGOTS ANYMORE AND SO GLAD THERE NO MORE DRAMA AND IMMATURITY IN MY LIFE PLAN ON KEEPIN IT THAT WAY SO ALL YOU OUT THERE NEGATIVE MINDED, IMMATURE DICKHEADS GO THAT WAY-----> I am more interested in a dude about something...Doin something with themself. Some one intelligent yet still hood like myself...No noodles. Someone that appreciate what they got just not tryna claim me so no one else will have me. Someone who enjoys life outside and away from the gay scene that the tristate area is so absorbed in. I go to school concentrate on my studies which is more than what a lot of dudes is even tryna think about doin ... I cut dudes off ASAP for negativity and drama...No time for haters! someone will deter you from the right path in NO TIME! I realized that I have a lot of haters only because niggas is jealous, or want what they can't have and that include people that try to pretend they your friend ...Something I learned in life is if you have your life set and goin good and you doin the right thing God drops blessings in your life in so many forms (revelations, guides, abilities, gifts and anything else possible...he opens doors) when someone that has a negative energy around them are never happy and therefore do not want you to be happy or better yourself because misery is the devil and he loves company (hells not packed yet) I have no time for those people.....I refuse for someone that think 12th grade is the end of the road to tell me how they think the world works...I refuse for someone that doesn't go to church and never been there and have me listen to them tell me bout my father. The issue is you got the young leadin the young nowadays and beyond that they listenin....I'm not beat! I got goals, a path, and determination.....My family never been with out and we never was poor or broke so I believe its best for me to do what i know works.....Go to school, honor my God, my ancestors, and my life... So that my funeral isn't a mini function way down the line.... I know bout the gay life I aint gonna front...But unlike others I mature fast I did it when I was 16 and was done by the time I turned 18 aint nuthin out there for me....I only went for something to do it bore me and there is no succession in it...I walk away and pop up flossin in malls and shit niggas hate on me SO WHAT I DON'T ROCK WITH YOU NO MORE NO LOVE LOSS....I DON'T SIT ON CORNERS, GOSSIP, CLUB ALL NIGHT (with dirty sweaty men) My swagga to sick for that sorry for you mah dude but i'll pass! You won't catch me on your float, at your pride, on your stage, or your CORNERS.... And I don't want you if you there cuz you obviously are wastin your time and mines if you not with me but you there.....uh uh ....When I am bored, celebrating, relaxing or enjoying someones company that blow trees I smoke (got a problem with it STEP!) but I won't be goin to another state to stand on the corner like a freakshow...I don't downgrade the gay life I love myself (which is why i would not do it).... Gay men really should find more creative things to do with themselves then that every single day....I love ya'll tho and wish you the best but I need A HOOD DUDE OR ATLEAST SOMEONE NEAR MY LEVEL THAT ABOUT SOMETHING AND MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF THEMSELVES!!! SOMEONE THATS SPONTANEOUS (and knows what that means), SOMEONE THATS CREATIVE AND INTERESTING SO I FEEL LIKE THERE IS OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO GROW TOGETHER.....
:: Who I Am
I AM A CHARACTER....I LIKE TO LAUGH AND JOKE AROUND AND HAVE FUN AND BOO LOVE ......BE THE SAME, NO HOMEBODY BORED ASS MUTHAFUCKAS(YOUR A WASTE OF MY TIME) SO ARE THE ONES THAT ARE JUST ABOUT SEX.....A WASTE.....AND SO TIRED... HIV NEG 6-14-07 BIOTCHES!!! NO SMUTS HERE...I blow trees, I like movies and video games my favorite are fighting games i am extremly good soo it take a true video gamer to compete with me ... I don't like sports games to much, I like traelling a lot, I am a big family and friend person i honor, respect, and love my homies and thats because i am so picky with them and I have weeded out the bad apples i don't need more friends not lookin for any i am 24 i stop makin friends at 21 i was taught your real friends are the ones you grew up with so when they do you dirty you already know wether or not to cut them off and they know you well enough not to (lifetime friends are childhood friends) now i make associate rarely...I rock Armani, Akademicks, True Religion, LRG, French Connection, Miskeen, Polo, Versae, Tommy, Christian Dior, Louis Vouitton, Coogi, Nikes air ones (got every style every color), startin to get on Hollister, Affliction (I love Fusion on south street), etc... I don't wear bobos or labeless clothes not shallow jusst like quality and respect designers who bring it to the table dig me? I hang out with the niggas hard believe me A LIL HARDER THAN MOST THINK! I got riends and family in north philly and Camden that I respect and love so if i can't bring you with me to a set or with my R.O.D. niggas and you can't act right i have no use for you i won' turn my back on them thats where I am from and where I be...Fairview, east camden, and north and south philly although I must say I hate goin over the blue cuz its a lot of shady kids out there so i wouldn't rock with a gay dude and my philly squad and they both from out there not happenin.... I love Spades, I have a gay tendency to watch Days of our Lives, I like smallville and Heroes and I love New York .....WHATS UP WISE YOU GONNA WIN FAM BUT YOU SHOULD'VE HIT THAT NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all i know is tailormade better not come to the east coast he got some work due (spit in my nigga face i'll take ya eyes out so you can't aim no more homie! and thats real...So anyway II f you feelin me hit me up regardles don't hesistate just know ya mean what i am lookin for and if you know we not compatable don't look fr more than associates with me kid aight I'm out oh yeah by the way no UGLIES.... I KICK ROCKZ YA DIG!!!
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wrote at 2008-08-20 10:24:56

Wat up homeboi
call me
- King -


wrote at 2008-08-19 17:10:28

LOL oh no thats all a joke we were just playin and I got him good too I dont know he might have erased this tho but its wit EVA it's all love with us


wrote at 2008-05-26 11:49:18

Hey big head showin long its been a min....


wrote at 2007-10-04 08:43:20

2 fly!


wrote at 2007-07-22 13:09:43

Happy B-DAY Nino!!!!


wrote at 2007-07-15 17:57:48

Happy B-Day SCOOBY!!!!!!!!!!


wrote at 2007-06-30 02:20:03

i saw u drive down 13th 2day


wrote at 2007-03-30 06:34:24



wrote at 2007-02-05 10:39:44

now thats the kind of scooby snack i like to have

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