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I want a hard love - a strange love - true Love- get off my page if you can't fit this!?

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:: The Basics
Age: 43
Ethnicity: Blatino
City, Region: Boulder City, Nevada
Country: United States
Sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Height: 6.02 "
Weight: 221 pounds
Build: medium
Waist: 37"
Shoe Size: 11
:: Life Style
Style: Thug
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Dreds
Status: single
Drink: Once in a while
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Hookups, Women, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Adventurous, Thugs, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
At the look of things it is almost crazy to think- a good thing can be found on a social site !!! Too many liars !! I lie cause of the evil in what you 'playas' generate from a true heart !!! So where do we start ?? Hmm I like slim .... A slim dude with a good mind ... If you like older dudes - hit me up .... You got to believe me .... I want you to come true to me - don't just be the envy of the wanna be - nigga who can't even pull the trigger and let you shine front to back & get bigger - as we lay - you don't have to pay - just open up your mind & let me say - I operate alone - don't pimp but my game strong - even if I write a lyric & I put that b*tch in a SONG - to say - 'Let's Get it On' Ahhhhh baby - Let's just undress and get our grown on and get out this mess !!! These other mutha fuckas is just your test .... I'll give you my rest .... Don't chump my shit and dump my shit baby look at the shit I spit - it's legit .... Say YES - YES - YES ...... JUMP ON IT and sing wit me baby - 'Let's get it on' - Sugar !!! Let's Let's Let's - I want you ......... There ain't nothing wrong ..... Just get wit me ... Oh I want a bottom slim cat - right now !!! If you the wifey type, just challenge me with how quick you willing to jump off this shit and jump in my world ..... I only believe, if you believe ..... But don't bullshit me! Somme think I have SO MUCH TO SAY !!! Well, I just have my eyes open ...... I'm looking for more than the same shit people looking at err day ..... Its so predictable ..... I just happen to want to know who you are, if I try to look at or talk to u ..... I am not a 5 dollar man with a five dollar fetish, so it mayt seem a lil bold for me to try like I try .... You may feel like you're the only one ... Really ?? I'm bold cause I don't know you and I just know me .... Yeah the long talks with most, on here, leads us to nothing or a bunch of bull shit and a lot of mess ... Man I just have a real conversation and a real offer to a real cute sexy, slim and smart guy ...... I don't know you, but I know somebody wants to hear a sound of hope and help and somebody has a real voice on hear ..... Somebody want a MAN- just like me .... Only two of us will make it off of here ....... Whoever it is ........ lol WE BOTH have way MORE to say than the same ole hook up type shit we git - when the shit is not legit !! I just be ready to quit when niggas won't work at what they get .... It's just a trick, if you want my dick, without the acquisition of what I spit ... Ahhh get into it ..... Let's go - once you know I can't just talk without a challenge to what I show you ..... I wanna know you so let's go slow - when we get together it'll all just flow .... I'm gonna get one !! A slim guy !!! I don't care where you live- if you wanna come to me, we can talk and if u submissive and sweet - then we will make it happen ... Who wanna have sex ?? Well I'm picky !!! So why can't I get the one I picked ... I will try three at a time, sometimes - cause too many people lie !!! Yeah you lie ..... Ok -Lie lie and nice try ... All your tricks to get dicks to make your fix go pop goes the weasel - this trick is a nympho ?... I'm not dat nigga cause my mind bigga and Im on that one trigger nigga ... Yeah I'm fix wit a bitch that won't quit on my dick wit what i like so sick .... Naw you got tricks you got tricks you got tricks .... You can't have or handle this dick !!! ?Sorry Joe but I bet it's a no ... You have no show and this is cause I know ... You a secret hoe ... ?Hit the doe .... Don't bark no moe !!! Just go! lol? What I need - what I want - is them trees rolling and burning - and you breathing next me ... Loving my dick - acting like you don't !!! Yeah yeah yeah baby ... Hell yeah baby that's the good shit !! I look to see if you fine - i know everybody ain't the shit - just cause you like to get the dick ... Ha ha ha if you put it down on me and gimme that booty - I like the way we vibe - I like the the sexy ride .... Tell me you wit it and I know I can get it, if I hear how you like the way I spit it !!?? I got u baby - if you get this shit ... All you got to do is all of it !! Do all of it !! Yeah baby !! Hell yeah .... Just do it !!! Just do it baby .... Get this dick if you not a trick !!! I want that one who is smart and fine to -? Hit me with a number - if u in New York or if you here where I'm at - in LAS VEGAS !! Or better yet if you wanna be My Boo - and you not afraid to tell the whole truth !!! What you gonna do ??? It's hard for people to show the good along with all the real shit in them .... I think its because no one likes to be rejected ... Most people hide feelings, because either they've been hurt bad and afraid of that pain - or they just not honest about anything - so they can get away with doing almost anything ... These type have to pretend they have something to offer because they only want a piece of you .. .. (You feel what I mean, so far) well anyway - I think I'm ready to face somebody and try to be honest and maybe open up, without fear - holding me back ... It might hurt, if I pick the wrong person to see where my heart is - but I won't know unless I try ... So . All that being said - I'm just one man, who has to aim in a direction where I want to be - in my life .... We have to choose carefully and learn to discipline ourselves - by not letting everybody else pull us in circles ... Going in circles is hard to stop - because you don't see it clearly. ~when it starts to happen .. You let yourself think you might miss out on something - if you don't pay attention to everybody interesting ... So who is really getting that real 100% ... Yeah that's how people end up just talking and talking to all kinds of people - and never aiming at that one - that "one guy" who wants MORE than just sex or money .... We don't go in circles when we actually take steps to build trust and take steps to care for each other ... I MEAN REALLY HEART TO HEART ATTENTION .... This type of connection is way better than dating ... It's much easier than trying to put titles on things prematurely ... Most want you to claim them and give them the glory of having you as a BF - without really putting in the work of caring and sharing - in the spirit of truth and faith ... Why let niggas claim you- who just show you the same shit everybody else doing ?? Well - I say - that aint faith - its not faith - because anybody can talk to ten people and say good things to all ten people - but is that really faithfulness ?? Well to be faithful - I happen to know you have to just aim and really trust trying to take a chance - with ONE .... Otherwise we just go around and around in circles - and we will look up one day and realize it ALL COMES TUMBLING DOWN .... We will look up one day and realize we can't be with nobody !! We can't love !! We can't be open !! We can't stay faithful ... We can't admit how we fucked life up !! And who wants to be like that in life - other than a rich fool or a dumb fool ?? I want a chance with one somebody I talk to - and this is so risky, when you want to just aim at one guy - because it takes two to make a thing go right - and it takes two to make it out of sight ... Yes - the groove is in the heart ... If I had to pick one - would you let me pick you - and just build this type of respect - on purpose; with the hopes that one day - we can be somewhere together - talking, laughing and just doing things together for fun .... ?? I wonder about these things often but I rarely share my deeper thoughts .... Because most people don't care who you are, once they see something shallow, they want ... Truth is - like most of us - we live life, but we are not sure - when it comes to who is worth loving .... Somehow, we all are on here FREE and WILD - but we are just NOT OK .... I have to wonder - WHY ... And this is what I see ..... So I'm really wanting to get that one person - willing to take me off the merry-go-round ..... I think you are kool And I don't want to take you around the block .... This had my mind long ago ... Let's talk and see if we can help each other go to the TOP and not just go through the same shit .... How would you like it if I was ready to be your man ... All yours .... ?? Does that scare you ?? Would you take the time and give me some attention ?? I'm not the type to rush - so we would have to talk and share for real ... Feel me ..
:: Who I Am
I thought it was time I made my profile exzactly correct.hmm.what am I looking for..absolutely nothing.I'm a nice guy and all; but to be real I'm not looking or expecting for too much from anyone.I'm content with myself and my persona is very complexed bc it takes a certain type of dude to appease me.I dt care what you have, nor am I interested in nosying in your life.I like a laid back type dude who tends to opreate on my level, which I never reveal .... I may not know when u talk to me, but from conversing with u, I'll surely be able to know if your my boy candy and devour you in every way possible.(sneaky grin).I'm not mean or arrogant but I dont care much in getting to know someone or your life story unless you want to live under my rules .... But let me get just enough to set grounds with you. I hate being that guy u think want to pay your bills !!! I mean comon is all that nesscary really?were not going to know each other forever so lets have fun and live in the moment and see where it goes so lets keep it simple and have a superficial dealing like real men do.attractiveness lies in a certain personality to me.submissive types, please me most - I must confess and how a dude speaks to me turns me on, but i like a certain approach - please dt be shy abt it bc I'm not.I like a sweet and nice dude.a hard but soft one.say whats on his mind, if I really like u i dt care how crazy you are or what ur hiding in that head bc Im the dude dat will never think u wierd or psycotic.be yourself!!if you jus about...SMILING or your a asshole bring it on because I can be one too.In truth I'm not searching for anything just interested in who I'll find along the way that catches my eye or who finds me so lets be buddies. I hate showing my pics .... Unless I want u and u trust me first .... But don't bug me about it ...Âce Give and be all for me and it shall be given to you ..... I'm willing and able to move right now - so let me find some real type shit - and I will take us away and go to the TOP...
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wrote at 2013-12-27 23:13:35

barbie-boi posted comment to this image:
mmmm dat can make my tight,pink,smoooth,whiteboi drippin pussi soooo hott "-)


wrote at 2013-12-27 23:12:34

barbie-boi posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2013-12-27 20:30:57

barbie-boi posted comment to this image:
watch and learn...............this is a *man*.
and remember bitches.............its not how he "look" like.
cuz you can be all "manly" with al dem muscles,and all a dat swag,and you can be....a "thug" lookin,gangsta wannaba nigga but then if you get on dem knees and get fucked in your punani and get rump shine on ya pussi LIKE A WOMEN then you AINT a *man*!
all ya are is a lame self denial **pussiboi** nigga (and there aint NOTHIN "manly" about dat! LOL.)
THIS KING is a real *man*.
thats it :-))


wrote at 2013-12-25 18:56:34

barbie-boi posted comment to this image:

mmmmmm so strong :-)
i need your strong power baby.
please defend and protect a pure bottom pussiboi prince like me :-)
every REAL king like you needs a soft,gentle,smooth,lean light skin,ski-blue eyed REAL pussi boi prince "-)
you protect a pure prince like me........and ill take care of every single need a king like you needs :-)


wrote at 2013-11-16 14:13:07

diamond- posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2013-04-07 12:20:51

hot24fire posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2013-01-30 13:39:15


wrote at 2012-03-04 02:06:53

thugmizzesbitch posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2012-03-03 21:22:51

the-finess85 posted comment to this image:
thats hott


wrote at 2011-09-12 10:13:15


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