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Pink-twink....."Amatory Luv".....Me=Le Femstris.....His fem (bitch).... Mi Friends= (mi fems/gurls)

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:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Augusta, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Taurus
Education: Some College
Gender: Transgender
Height: 5.09 "
Weight: 135 pounds
Build: slender
Waist: 31"
:: Life Style
Style: Feminine
Closet: Out
Hair: Long
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Christian
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Top, Oral, College Educated, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Adventurous, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
((((((((((RATE ME/Like mi Profile!!!!!)))))))) Hi!! :-) Your fem Prittygirl, Cosmo girl, Glamour girl here, looking for My future King, My Soulmate; the Macho/Stud type, a Man of Honor, guy of Swagg, a Rennaissance Man, a Goldenboy, (Ken-doll), a Gentleman, A Fairy-tale guy (who believes in True Luv and a True-Luv Soulmate with Happy Ending as I do, "Prom King" - me his "Prom Queen", The Prince Phillip to mi Princess Aurora, the Ike to mi princess Zelda (Super Smash Bros Brawl), and The Tuxedo Mask to mi Sailor Moon: ((although I'm truly Sailor Venus, lol)): = my Prince Charming, the male role in my relationship who rules over me (as long as He's the (man)/Guy in our Relationship (whether he's a guy with a feminine nature or not) and I'm his woman; = Husband and Wife.!! (Total-Tops ONLY!!). Mi femboy name is: Javores, Mi Transgender Name is: La~Amoura and mi Nickname is: "sweet" B. k. a. "Dickcatcher"!! I Luv mi boypussy as a femboy!!, lol!! I love a Macho-man who desires to be the masculine role both romantically and sexually towards an attractive, sweet, softcore fem male = me. I'm a fem submissive total twink-bottom transgender: So,....I'm all-bottom,..... all lady.!! (I'm born " female n spirit",....I realized I was "female n spirit" since I was a lil toddler and I've been this way all mi life and have only been attracted 2 guys and NEVER women of any kind,..So im straight and not gay bcuz im a True female in spirit trapped in a guys body. SORRY, I DON'T LIKE WOMEN @ ALL): I DO NOT USE MI PENIS N SEX EVER!! NEVER HAVE OR WILL, NOT EVEN 2 CUM WITH NO KIND OF GUY. I ONLY GET OFF BY BEING PENETRATED BY A MANS DICK INSIDE MI FEMBOYPUSSY OR (WHEN I GET MI SEX CHANGE DONE,..MI VAGINA) OR MI MOUTH. SO, MI GUY SHOULD NEVER B CONCERNED OR INTERESTED IN MI PENIS @ ALL OR TOUCHING IT, LICKING IT OR WANTING TO SUCK IT, OR 2 C ME CUM OUT OF IT BCUZ I DNT LIKE ANY OF IT, AND I ONLY GET OFF BY HIS DICK PENETRATING MI 3 HOLES BCUZ THE "PENETRATION" IS HOW I ACHIEVE AN ORGASM. SO,..HE SHOULD ONLY B CONCERNED AND INTERESTED IN MI 3 HOLES. I'M ALWAYS FULLY CLEAN-SHAVEN ALL OVER MI BODY WHETHER IN FEMBOY TOTAL-BOTTOM FORM OR TGURL LADY TOTAL-BOTTOM FORM. I look for Someone who wants true love with a femboy as his feminine partner. (I'm currently a femboy thats a fem bottom transgender a "female in spirit"; and im going 2 fully transform into a MTF Transexual a "full woman" (with both mi breasts and vagina completed) Prayerfully within 2 years the surgery for mi vagina and Hormone therapy for mi breasts will b complete; and this will b a lifelong Dream fulfilled as I'm born a "female n spirit" and I'm So tired of being trapped n a males body.) {{{{ Although, IF I AM UNABLE 2 GET MI FULL SURGERY AND HORMONE THERAPY FOR BOTH MI BREASTS AND VAGINA (CUZ IM NOT GETTING ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER,.....I DNT LIKE THAT AND THINK ITS GROSS, DISGUSTING, AND WIERD),....MAYB BCUZ I CANT AFFORD MI SURGERY PERHAPS,...THEN I'D B PERFECTLY HAPPY AS JUS A NICE, SWEET, SOFTCORE FEMBOY WHO'S A TOTAL TWINK-BOTTOM BUTAND IS JUS STILL A TRUE FEMALE IN SPIRIT BUT BCUZ I CANT GET MI SURGERY I'D B HAPPY THAT WAY AND WOULD DRESS MOSTLY AS A LADY 1ST N FOREMOST,....THEN AS A NICE FEM PRITTYBOY 2ND BCUZ BEING A FEMALE AND A LADY IS WAAAY MORE PRONOUNCED 2 A HIGH MAGNITUDE WITHIN MI SPIRIT N SOUL THAN JUS BEING A FEMBOY. (AND, IF I WERE JUS A FEMBOY, THEN I'D WEAR THE SAME NICE, REFINED, SOFTCORE, FEMININE, N CLASSY LADY TYPE CLOTHING 1ST BUT I'D ALSO WEAR NICE, FEMININE, STYLISH, DESIGNER, AND SOFTCORE FEMBOY TYPE OF CLOTHING SOMETIMES,..I'D ALWAYS WEAR FEMALE LINGERIE WHETHER I GOT MI SEX CHANGE OR NOT....I WOULDN'T WEAR BAGGY CLOTHES OR ANYTHING TOO GUYISH OR RUGGED, OR ANYTHING LIKE A MAN OF ANY TYPE AS JUST A FEMBOY,...(NOT MI THING) AND, I JUS NEED THE RITE MAN IN MI LIFE WHO CAN LOVE ME WHETHER I CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD AND GET MI SEX CHANGE DONE OR NOT,....EITHER WAY,...I'M BORN A FEMBOY TOTAL SUBMISSIVE TWINK-BOTTOM WHO'S FEMALE IN SPIRIT AND I'M HIS LOVELY LADY!!,...AND, THAT'S HOW I AM 2 B TREATED..AND, IT'S BEST IF I FOUND A MAN WHO LOVED "ALL" OF ME AS I JUST STATED ABOUT BEING BORN AS A FEMBOY (IN BODY) BUT FEMALE IN SPIRIT BCUZ ILL LIKE ANAL-SEX AS A SUBMISSIVE TOTAL TWINK-BOTTOM FEMBOY OR AS WELL AS WITH MI SEX CHANGE AS A FULL FEMALE AND TRANSEXUAL WOMAN I'LL LIKE IT IN ALL 3 HOLES.!! I'M FINE DATING OR BEING MARRIED 2 A GUY WHO'S STRAIGHT, OR "STRAIGHT WITH INTEREST" AND IS INTERESTED IN FEM TRANSTGURLS WHO R BOTTOM ONLY...AND FEMBOY TOTAL-BOTTOMS, OR A GUY WHO'S BISEXUALLY THE SAME,..OR A GAY GUY WHO'S A TOTAL-TOP INTERESTED IN EITHER OR BOTH FEM TOTAL-BOTTOMS OR FEM TOTAL-BOTTOM TRANSTGURLS LIKE ME,....IM ALSO VERY MUCH INTO "GUY ON GUY" SEX ESP. AND PREFERABLY A FEMININE TOTAL-BOTTOM OF SOME TYPE WHETHER TRANSTGURL TOTAL-BOTTOM OR A REGULAR GUY WHOS A FEM TOTAL-BOTTOM FOR A TOTAL-TOP AND ITS THE SAME STYLE COMPLIMENT BCUZ I LUV SEEING 2 GUYS KISS OR EXPRESSING "MALE LUV" {AND, ITS THE SAME,..I LIKE A FEM TOTAL-BOTTOM OR FEM TRANSTGURL TOTAL-BOTTOM FOR THEIR TOTAL-TOP 2 KISS OR EXPRESS "MALE LUV",... THE OTHER KINDS OF "MALE LUV" OR "GUY ON GUY" R ONLY A LIL NICE. STRAIGHT SEX IS GOOD 2 WHEN U HAVE A FEMININE LADYLIKE TYPE WITH HER MAN. (THIS DOESN'T MAKE ME GAY ONCE AGAIN,.. IT'S JUS THE MORE FEMBOY PART OF ME THAT LIKES IT,..AND, THE FEMALE IN SPIRIT WHICH I AM STILL MAKES ME A LADY WHO CAN JUS UNDERSTAND AND RELATE 2 THIS SINCE IM PART FEMBOY,..BUT IT STILL OUTWEIGHS BEING LIKE A GUY OR FEMBOY) }}} The Stats I Like - Preferably someone of Black Race/(Darker), 23-35 Age/(Older), Muscular/Athletic build (someone who works out), 5'10 and up in Height/(Taller), Approximately 34-36 Waist/(Broader), low cut hair, attractive, well dressed, Straight/Gay (As in, a STRAIGHT Man with a particular interest for Transgender Fem guys.....Bi or Gay/Dominant-Top is Legit as well), Out, Top. I believe in the art of role play both romantically and sexually. I like a masculine and stronger partner who can lead, protect, provide, love and care for me, and govern my life. I like a well rounded guy who's strong and tough, is a pleasure seeker that likes to have a good time without any drama and discord, who likes to hang with his fellow masculine Total-Top guys/Macho Studs (his' boyz), who's romantic, luv's to fuck, aggressive, assertive, ardent, flamboyant, cool/laidback, has choice taste, refined sensibilities, goal oriented, and likes to keep his life in tact. I am more sensitive, passive, classy, overrefined, effeminate, and focused with love, romance, beauty, sensuality, spirituality and pleasure; so my other half should be more of a leader, a little less sensitive, energetic, dominant (enough), aggressive (enough; as long as he's the guy in our relationship), masculine, and focused with pleasure, love, and living an Spiritually honorable lifestyle. A Guy who's DL (Downlow,...or Undercover) or jus a lil Discreet about his business if also fine with me.!! I've been there b4 miself and I truly understand how difficult it can b 2 not understand whether God, ur family, friends, or others will love or accept u in the world. U might have been picked on n school like I was or after or mistreated, discriminated, or raped. U may have prayed and cried over and over for spiritual deliverance but never a change. Its ok. Just Love and Believe in God and keep a good relationship with God.!! Never give up on him bcuz he won't on u. Hallelujah!! Amen!! Others may have disowned u like loved ones who u wish u could b close to. I difinitely understand and have mi share of bad experiences with ppl who dnt understand wat u go thru when all u may want is someone who loves u and can understand that u can't control ur physical, sexual, or spiritual attraction for someone (whichever aex or trans). Mi parents had a hard time accepting me and still do; and I prayed n cried trillions of times 2 b converted spiritually so I could go 2 heaven bcuz I didn't think I would be able to go there. But, I learned there's a way u can go 2 heaven if u can't help ur interest and it's involuntary and not deliberate or mayb u were born that way like me? It's not easy and it takes time 2 come out to others bcuz u dnt know if this is the lifestyle for u or if ur interest is strong enough. I'm also friendly to guys who are jus entering homosexuality and dealing with guys and would like to experiment (dating and teaching is wat I mean). A Libra-Male is likely mi True Luv Soulmate Zodiac Sign or "Guardian Sign" and seems 2 b a Zodiac sign or person i share a Significant and Special Connection with for various spiritual reasons; as there are (believe it or not) 2 many ppl I meet all the time and they tell me they're a Libra and "Most" of them i get along with Very well,...and so many Libra influences on mi life (like Keyshia Cole and Ashanti) that I think it's a sign from God mayb?? Mi baby-bro is a Libra and mi fav cartoon character (Sailor Venus) is a Libra born on his exact same Birthday!! Lol.! Me and mi baby bro get along really well. Mi "Bestest Friend" in the entire Universe is a Straight Gurl and we've been "Best Friends since Kindergarten" and we're still "Best Friends" 2 this day as: "Best Friends Forever" and she's Super Valuable 2 me and we share a very close connection, our Friendship ISA very kind, Loving, sweet, and caring friendship,.. and we've never had 1 single argument, fight, or disagreement, for the entire 23 years of our friendship!! That's kool.! ; as well as this guy I met in 2013-2015 @ our job, and it was "Luv @ first sight" at least for me,...and he was everything I wanted n needed, he fit me physically, and personality-wise,....I was Highly-attracted 2 him and wanted him 2 b mi "Prince Charming" (which is the type of guy he seemed 2 b like),.....and although i didn't get the chance 2 get 2 know him like I wish I could or get "closure" from him about us being 2gether in Luv,......I truly felt like I jus "knew" him and that as time went on, (with mi general knowledge of him),...i felt that he was mi "True-Luv Soulmate"!!;....but we lost contact with each other. So, prayerfully we'll met again and our fates are "our" "Destiny United",.....bcuz I've never felt for anyone the way I felt for this guy,...lol. And, since, I'm a nice, "sweet", feminine taurus (although I'm No Bull, lol,..dnt like those,....mi sacred animal is actually a leopard), (but we're nice, sweet, n fem ppl as "most" of us are that way,......and not like mayb a "tiny" few I've seen tho),...it'll b nice 4 us 2 share a special bond as we both come from the Lovely Planet "Venus": Planet of Love and Beauty!! Lol.!! He can b mi "Yang" and I his "Yin",.. Lol.! And, Hopefully and Prayerfully me and this "one" "particular" guy will b Christ-Lead and reunited back into each other's lives for our souls 2 b "Holistically" unified in Holy Matrimony by our Universal Lord God,..... (With this one "particular" Libra-Guy,...not other ones necessarily. I pray if me and this guy ever meet again that our relationship will b as Loving n sweet as mi Friendship with mi Bestest Friend.!! Lol.!! (And, I would NEVER discriminate from other Zodiac signs bcuz "u never know" who ur True Luv Soulmate could b afterall) ALSO: Looking for my other fellow Total Fem-Bottoms (total fem-bottom boys ONLY PLEASE) (NO VERSE OR TOPS AS A "Close-Ideal" FRIEND OF MINE,....NOT IDEALLY ANYWAY- Unless we share or develop a good strong inner bond) (Sorry, but, I'm not a wild, loud, overly-flamboyant, "big-haired", or hype type of person, no matter who u are so I likely wouldn't be interested in being a friend to that in anyone or kind of person or Drag Queens but I'd NEVER discriminate bcuz we may share a special personal bond,.....I'm also not into bondage or painful sex,....I only like the more sensual type things like female lingerie, romance, cuddling, foreplay, sex costumes, and fruits, and sex creams,.....o and in a nice bed n the privacy and intimacy of "our" home as well) /Looking for Friends who r Prittyboys/Prittygurls (either gender- either sex- either trans: guy or girl,...(Preferably fems when it comes 2 Lesbians) (Preferably nice feminine guys and nice, feminine, softcore ladies when it comes to straight ppl) (PREFERABLY Those Biological guys who dress ONLY as a female that are bottoms only or transgenders or transexuals that dress as females only and are only bottoms are: mi "Ideal Friends"; Although total fem bottoms that dress as a nice fem prettyboy are Welcome as well 2 b a good friend of mines) MI BEST FRIENDS R MAINLY BIOLOGICAL BOYS WHO R FEM BOTTOMS THAT DRESS AS BOYS, OR FEM BOTTOMS THAT DRESS ONLY AS FEMALES, OR {{{{{{{IF UR REALLY AND TRULY LIKE ME,...THIS IS HOW I TRULY AM!!:}}}}}}} = A TRANSTGURL LIKE ME WHOS "FEMALE IN SPIRIT" AND IS A FEM TOTAL-BOTTOM THAT ONLY DRESSES AS A FEMALE LIKE ME!! "Gurls"/ MTF Transgender/MTF Transsexual girls to become Best Friends with who know how to conduct themselves like Ladies. I like "Mi Ideal Friends" and "True Friends" who r Always there for each other n tough, emotional, or spiritual times with a shoulder 2 cry on, Softcore, Fem, Passive, Mellowed out, Clean and love Clean-Fun, Religious (Spiritual), Sensitive and (Emo) like me, Romantic, Aesthetic, Believe in fairy-tale with Happy Endings like me, Love-Embrasive, and in tune with their inner female tendencies like me on the inside, were we can become Very Close and have Very Strong and Close "Friendship Ties" of Kinship on an innermost spiritual level like mi ("True-Luv Soulmate") that can last for all Eternity,...so contact me if ur up 4 getting 2 know one another well and mellowing out 4 some girl time n forming a sisterhood.!! I Hope n Pray u Truly Enjoy and Luv mi Profile!!, lol.! I wish u Love, Luck, and Blessings!! Mi Best Wishes 2 u!! Sending out mi Luv 2 u all!! Luv ya (Kisses)
:: Who I Am
Im a fem Prittygirl, Girlygurl, Cosmo girl, (barbie), Glamour girl, Beauty-Queen, as well as a sensuous princess inside: I'm attractive, well dressed, well groomed, polite, easygoing, and well rounded. I'm a sweetheart and hopeless romantic, who's biologically a male, but female in spirit with a sexual/spiritual attraction for men. I'm Romantic, sweet, mellow/melodramatic, intelligent, refined, harmonic, and ambitious. I love to spend time with my baby- most importantly! I enjoy chillin at home, fine food n dining out, movies, theater, romancin, boys, music, the arts, cosmetics, boys, shopping, being cute, scopeing out hot Macho men, Girl talk, fashion, ("MUCH NEEDED")- "Gurltime", slumber parties with other femboys who r aslo fellow total-bottoms as well and trans-bottoms (Both of which who dress like females ONLY), Cosmetics, Psychology, Astrology, Auras, Chakras, Birthstones, Jewelry, Color-Sybolism, Personality-Tests, Spirituality, Sensuality, The Bible, Church, The Supernatural, Fantasy, Cosmology, Astronomy, Philosophy, Magic, Fairy-Tales, "Sailor Moon"!!, Cosplay, I Luv the Singer Joe!! He's mi fav Singer of All-Time!! He's Soo Roamntic, Sexual, Spiritually Good, and Caring with Good messages in his R&B Music!! He's Also, Very close 2 me bcuz he's mi Zodiac-Friend!! He's a nice, feminine type of guy, who's a caring Cancer and we're the Best of friends and share a good Karmic bond!!, Science, Science-Fiction, Fiction, Greek and Roman Mythology, Superheroes, All Fine Arts, Video Games, mellowing out (R n R), boyz, Community events, trips/traveling, going out, clubbing, hanging out, recreation, etc. I look 4 the one guy in which we are thoroughly congruent and intrinsically correspondent, and is able to love me as I would love him fully, truly, and "Holy". Someone who likes commitment, knows how a relationship works, and ready for true love,..and romance. If the feeling is mutual I'm ready for my handsome prince to claim me to his throne as his girl, prized possession, and Wife...to share, bond, and prosper cordially and harmonicly. I'm a fairy-tale princess (the Sensuous Princess) looking 4 her Handsome prince (the Macho-Prince Charming) 4 a Relationship of True Luv with mi Soulmate 2 b Married "Happily Ever After"!! A Dream come True!! I am "The Lovely Lady" La~Amoura: "The Sensuous Princess" - Ruled by the Planet Venus: Her Zodiac-Friends are "said" 2 b Cancer and Pisces: Ruled by the Moon and Neptune (also by Jupiter for Pisces) - Romantically Compatible with Saturn and Mercury (Capporicorn and Virgo) Although mi "Bestest Friend n the Universe" (Since Kindergarten) Is a Libra also Ruled by Venus as the other half of Venus!! Noone can take her place!! I truly Luv her!! And, a Libran can b anything: a Lover, Best Friend, or acquaintance 2 the nice n sweet kind of taurus, (at least me) and I Luv it!! Planet Power.! Lol (((((((((Please, if u aren't someone of ALL or MOST of who and how I am and in concordance with whats on my page after you've read it and in the way me and those n my inner circle are in essence personally, then please allow all our interactions to be good generalized socializations as my love is unconditional/general to all but as it stands that you and I aren't so essential or correspondent/congruous that there's less in play for us. So, let us keep the little we do have as a good thing that we can do/share/bond over and we can make the most of that n a good way.)))))))))
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