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Boy(s) that will be sending me home pregnant with your babies up inside me

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:: The Basics
Age: 30
Ethnicity: Black-White mix
City, Region: Washington, District of Columbia
Country: United States
Sign: Aries
Education: Bachelors
Gender: Transgender
Height: 5.11 "
Weight: 161 pounds
Build: slim
Waist: 30"
Shoe Size: 8
:: Life Style
Style: Feminine
Hair: Other
Status: single
Drink: No
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
:: Interests
Relationships, Hookups, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Other Fetish, Thugs
:: I Am Looking For
I'm a complete and utter total bottom. The minute you mention you want dick, either to look, touch, taste or feel, I lose interest. I cannot provide you any penis. A straight boy has absolutely no worries about me questioning or concerned about their ass EVER. It's your dick and my pussy only in this equation. If you're looking for someone with a penis that you want to use it on you or that you can suck or that you can hold on to it, i'm not that person. If you're fucking my pussy, then you're nuttin in my pussy too.. Yes I call it pussy and so does every boy that fuck me.. its natural for them to call it that so i go with the flow.. plus i like it too. anyway, I like Boys that like cumming inside my pussy each time they fuck me. It's no mess and no need for a cleanup. It should be a man's natural instinct to not pull out of what he's fucking.. a boy putting his babies in me has sooo much control over me.. It feels so wonderful in me and makes me feel really special.. feel like i can really have your baby.. and even better feeling when the boy is walking away after he came in me and looks back and be like 'yeah, my babies are up in that pussy!' while i'm standing there and my pussy is wide OPEN and panties still pulled to the side...if you walk up behind me and slide your dick inside me, my pussy will open right up like pussy and it will feel so soft and wet and wrapped around on your dick. Dick just fits naturally inside me. Its like i'm put here to give a boy something to fuck. i'm just going to be waiting on the ooze of your cum going up inside my stomach cause i know its going to cum quick.. it always does.. Just the feeling alone that i technically have your babies inside of me is wonderful. I like going about my day with boys sperm all inside my walls and I can feel it when i'm walking how my lips down there are wet from it and rubbing each other so slippery brushing together. and how it keeps my walls wet from it all day so the next boy can just slip right inside me. Or how the next boy starts rubbing around my lips down there and his fingers slip right inside my pussy and by like damn girl you're so wet, can I fuck it! I definitely love the gushy feeling of it inside of my pussy being filled with a boy's nutt. It's what i'm used to having done to me.. I'm used to boys cuming inside me whenever i give my pussy away and I only give my pussy away the natural way. Even when I have to leave a boys house after he had my pussy and i got a stomach full of his nutt inside me, i don't feel sad or used. Some say i let alot of boys take advantage of me. I don't see it that way. If giving a boy some pussy really quick makes him happy then i'm happy to do it. I know a lot of boys just want some pussy and to bust in someone once in a while. I just respect alot of males as men and i know my place and do what they tell me to. There have been boys that pick me up just to nutt in my pussy then drop me right off. If a man ejaculates inside me, I feel eternally submissive to him. As you can see from what i wear outside, most times with no panties and my pussy out showing, A lot of boys I don't know have the tendency to just walk up behind me and slide in my panties over and start fucking me without even saying anything and sadly I let them lol.. or when i'm just standing there and a boy walks up behind me and pulls my panties to the side, i know whats about to happen so I just don't move and let it happen.. I feel paralyzed. it feels good to me.. the fact that I don't know the boy and he just walks up to me while i'm standing there and reaches his hand under my skirt and pulls my panties down.. I do feel like since he's a boy i need to stand their and let him fuck my pussy. So I don't move until he finishes and I feel him nutt inside me and he pulls out. I feel like i'm under his control i'm scared of boys and immediately getting wet at the same time, how can that happen every single time. Most boys be like 'what you doing out here dressed like this sweetheart' while steadily feeling on my ass and pulling my panties down or over to the side, then i all of a sudden feel something go up all the way inside my pussy and their pubic hair brushing up against me and their dick be all up inside me I be saying to myself 'dang, they could have asked'. *shrugs*.. some though say 'can I hit' or 'can I fuck' or 'can I get you pregnant', most boy don’t say anything and just start fucking me.. so i know my place when it comes to boys. I do respect the authority of a man. and especially when it comes to running his household. i know what i'm here for and that’s to let boys fuck me. i'm afraid to tell a boy no.. I'm sorry but if you're getting fucked by a boy routinely, dick is in you and never in him, you have no business telling any boy what to do. if a boy says he wants some pussy i feel like i have to do what a boy tells me to do and let him fuck me. he's a man! If a boy's dick been inside you and if a boy has nutted inside you, you can never disrespect him. His DNA will always be inside you and he always has the advantage over you. Do what the boy tells you to do. Yes i get fucked outside a lot by boys while i'm just going about my day, mainly by boys that i walk past or see me from across the street and call me over or run up to me. The best feeling in the world is feeling my pussy spreading apart while the boys dick is going up inside me. they will stop me and literally walk behind me and start fucking me or tell me to turn around. When we're standing there at some bus stop or at some building and some boy has me facing a wall and i have my hands up on a wall or holding a step railing, and the boy is digging in my pussy from the behind and I hear him say 'i'm about to nutt in your pussy', and then I feel him push all the way in my pussy and I feel it squirting up against my walls 3 or 4 times, it makes me feel like i did what i was suppose to do. He then pulls out my pussy and I will continue about my day or to the store with literally a pussy full of babies inside me until another boy stops me and asks to fuck me 10 or 15 minutes later. That's usually how my day goes. because every boy wants to fuck and just so aggressive with it, especially when they see me with my skirt up and panties showing like in my pics or the wind blows and my ass pops out. teenagers are the boldest and seem to always want some pussy anywhere and with their friends; which has been scary at times when I have been stopped.. No, I do not push a boys nutt back out of me. if you cum inside me it stays inside me and will eventually absorb in my walls or stomach. I know that alot of boys expect me to do what girls do when it comes to me giving them the pussy so sometimes i hate going outside cause i know i'll be giving it up over and over. NO, I'm not an escort or anything like that.. I do not tell any boy to give me money... most times I haven't even opened my mouth and they are already up inside of me. I'll be the first to admit that I know my pussy is spread open by boys a lot of times but i just feel like i'm suppose to get fucked and it feels good to have a boys dna up inside of me anyway ..I am suppose to give myself to a boy. I know from experiences and relationshops that a boy has to always be up in something so i'm willing to provide my pussy. lol..So as you can tell by how I dress outside, its hard for me to walk home sometimes without me getting fucked by 3 or 4 boys.. lol.. And to be honest, sometimes i get sad that after they cum in me boys will just pull out and walk away without any saying anything. and my pussy is still open to the width of his dick.. but i figure it is what it is. i just pull my panties back over and keep it moving. Some boys are aggressive and mean so i admit sometimes if i'm just standing there i just let a boy slide inside me without even asking and they won't let me turn around to see who they are. Some boys will call me over to them and just turn me around and pull my skirt up and fuck me. and some of Yall are slick with it though.. yall be like 'what's up ma? What you doing out here dressed like that?' all the while sliding my panties to the side or pulling them down.. So like I said before i know my place and my roll to boys.. So by me just naturally letting boys fuck me and nutt inside of me, you’re going to have a natural control over me- tell me what to do.. Here's some craziness, it is when I over-hear boys walking past me or that I walk past and one of them say of 'she’ll let you fuck, all you gotta do is walk up behind and pull her panties over'..or 'she’ll just let you fuck'.. Just know that you might also feel other boys cum inside of me a lot too if someone just fucked me. It takes about 25-30 minutes for a boys nutt to move from my walls to go up to inside my stomach and then another few hours to completely absorb inside me. the way it works after a boy cums inside me is the sperm travels up to look to get me pregnant. of course after it doesn't find an egg after awhile they stop and absorb up inside me accepting your dna and genes. This also slowly and naturally changes my hormonal balance, changing my body to fit yours as the dominant dna. So now you know it never comes back out of me but my pussy may feel extra wet to you if you get some pussy immediately after another boy have. i love for boys cum to change my genetic makeup, i want boys to change my body and feminizes me to your dna. I do feel vulnerable most of the time cause so many boys tell me what to do. Just like the time I had to just stand there and let these 4 boys fuck me behind a school one at a time just so I could walk past them. Then they made me stand in a corner doorway when they all finished until they left the school. Again, Every man deserves some pussy on-demand from anybody regardless if they’re in a relationship or not. The role of the bottom or girl is supposed to be submissive 100 percent of the time and obey the boy any boy. Your genes and dna inside my pussy changes me and makes my body more into yours, something that I want to happen.. it’s a natural occurrence.. this one boy was cuming inside me everyday nearly and at least 2 times a day for about 2 weeks straight. Eventually, I started liking the foods that he liked and picked up a drinking habit lol and other things started to change involuntary to be like him.. it naturally changes the hormones and tries to prepare a body to accept a baby. I don’t mind it at all. I like accepting a boys DNA.. it does for me the same it does a boys wife or girl. i makes my body naturally more adaptive to him, a hormonal and metabolic submissiveness to accept his genes and DNA inside me through my walls. Next thing you know you literally become his other half and belong to him. Some ask me how I feel that way.. Easy.. I let a boy feel what my insides feel like. and my pussy makes him cum while he's inside of me. and while he's cuming in me he has my waist gripped and I can't move. and when he pulls out my pussy hole is still as open wide as his dick but his babies are way up in me. and he tells me 'damn you got some good pussy', I can't help but to feel it was my pussy that made him feel good. and the feeling happens over again when a different boy first slides his dick inside me. I guess I shouldn't let every boy mark his territory inside me but I can't help it now. that's the way it is unitl i'm someone's wifey again. I give myself completely to the man thats inside my pussy. I also want to say if you're bi or gay it's a difference between a TOP who isn't a bottom because they think it 'hurts', and a TOP who's a TOP because they LOVE IT and love to fuck and LOVE being on TOP!! I like boys that are dominant and ones that are aggressive for some reason.. not just during sex but like all the time. dont be afraid to be in charge and in control.. you are the KING, i'm suppose to be ur support.. the one you're slanging the dick in.. I know my place.. it is to take care of a man and give him good wet pussy whenever a boy tell me.. (FOR SOME REASON I LIKE A BOY THAT'S A FIGHTER.. LIKE A LUPE FIASCO-(kick boxer) BOXERs, etc) MMMMMM, That turns me on soOOOo much...(Ain't afraid to grab me up) BUT I love all bois..lol..I Would loooove to find a man that does NOT suck dick or get fucked EVER lol)..And he would beat a bitch ass if she even suggest it!! but not a must... :o) I love for a man to roll over in the middle of the night while i'm sleep and pull my panties over and take my pussy while i'm still sleep. After he cums in me, he pull out and pulls my panties back over straight then roll over and goes to sleep. :) i love it when a boy does that to me. but dont get greedy and have your friend get some pussy too.. smh. Lol.. I have had that happen one too many times. An ex would come over with some friends and because he knows that I can get fucked in my sleep, they wait until I go to sleep and they all fuck me. I didn’t know it was happening as much as it was until someone recorded it one time. as long as i'm not smacked and they're just fucking me regular, i won't wake up for some reason. and as long as my pussy is wet either naturally or by lube, it just opens right up for a dick. smh. i have also awakened many times to a boy i didn't know fucking me by either a friend of an ex a friend of a friend or an ex told some boy they can get some pussy while i'm sleep and not ask me. If I wake up in the middle of it I usually just lay there and not say anything. My friend told me when all these boys fuck me in my sleep that i'm getting raped.. Idk, i guess I don't see it like that. I just have so much respect for boys and I'm a bottom for a reason. It's my job to supply the pussy for when they want it. Who am I to tell a man no,he's a man and is suppose to stick his dick in you. So if I wake up and it's happening I just lay there. Most times I don't feel my pussy spreading apart by his dick. What wakes me up is if they pound in me hard and then I feel the pressure of my pussy opening up. but I never talk back to a male.. because I know I’m the girl in the relationship I will honor you as the man and I will obey you. There can only be one man and person in charge in a relationship and that’s why many don’t work out. If we were together, we will honestly feel like a straight relationship. Muslim men are a plus.. Muslim men don't play about theirs and what they say goes. The type of boy that when he starts talking, I have to be quiet when he's talking. That’s the way I want it to feel like. As far as sex, I believe that sex is meant for a top/man only not bottoms. I do believe it's in a man's nature to stick his dick in whoever and it's in my nature to get fucked. We’re intended to give the man ourselves and obey him. That’s why boys can fuck as many people and no one cares.. I can go on a whole spiritual etc. of why bottoms/females aren’t meant to cum but I know my purpose and its to give myself onto a boy. A girl doesn’t not need to cum to pleasure a boy. A female doesn’t need to cum to get pregnant or have a baby. Trust me, sex is only meant for the man/top to nutt.
:: Who I Am
I'm Angel, yes and I'm packing good wet pussy!! I Douche literally 3 times a day because i have to give so many boys pussy a day and so my pussy is always fuckable in any scenario or at any time of the day (which is a must for a bottom and dealing with str8 boys). you can go up in it at anytime and feel nothing but sweet, wet, open walls. I was raised to do what boys tell me to do. that men are always in charge. When you are with a boy and he wants to fuck you to do not say no. When a boy starts pulling your panties down or over to the side to don't stop him he is suppose to fuck me, i am the girl. and that if i'm his girl i am to obey and honor him. ladies stop getting smart with these men. they will beat your ass. bottoms, stop emasculating these men.. let him be the man!! When I'm single, I like to sleep with a plug or dildo inside my pussy and have panties with a penis attached to it to keep it feeling like pussy, open soft and wet when a boy slide inside me. I figured out when we're outside going about our business boys like to get in the pussy and get out. no boy wants to fight to get inside you. boys like to get in and out of you when they're in a hurry. of course i don't need to sleep with one inside of me when i have a bf or a man sleeping inside me every night, which i miss. sometimes i even like to walk up to a handrail or pole outside and slide it in my pussy and ride it for a few minutes just like i'm doing in my pictures. I like the feeling of the hardness going in and out of my pussy and the sound of macaroni and chesse being stirred and its going in and out of me and watching the men walk pass and get jealous and want some pussy. then i pull it out my pussy and leave my panties pulled over to the side and walk away. this also keeps my pussy trained and relaxed. I've been told that my pussy is deep but that even a few boys have penetrated or felt my second hole inside my pussy.. I love to hold a boy's dick or play with a boys dick under his shorts when he's soft and laying/sitting down watching tv or driving. I just like feeling it and holding it. Its like i'm holding power! I love for a boy to hold on to my phat soft ass and while he's doing that caress my pussy hole. I had a boy just walk up to me and pulled my panties over and started doing that in one of my pics on my page outside at a school and at that moment, he could do whatever he wanted to do and i wasn't saying anything.. lol. I am the stay at home to cook and clean type really.! i know my place.. I do pretty much what boys tell me to do.. 1, i cannot fight at all and will not try to argue or fight a boy. boys scare me to death and you hit so hard, even when you're playing. i encourage every bottom or fem or girl to not put your hands on a boy or try him cause he will definitely treat you like a man and hurt you. 2, i believe there has to be a hierarchy in relationships or even just in a sexual encounter. the top/man must always be dominant to the bottom/girl. I'm Pretty much a home-body.. I don't do clubs or anything like that. I am very passive and submissive to a boi and TOP (I am really sweet with no attitude) kinda shy until i have a few drinks.. Unless you just happen to be one of those boys that fucked me outside after walking past me! lol..I am the very respectful type and believe in the traditional top / bottom relationship and roles. If I were in a relationship, I like to treat my man like the husband he is, he is the king and in charge and in control.. my purpose is to give a top some good pussy, give him some good head.. cook him some excellent meals clean for him and make a house a home.. I DO NOT CUM DURING SEX at all. I'm always satisfied after the boy nutts inside my pussy. That is completely gratifying to me. i don't like for my 'thing' to be played with either. so yeah, i don't even acknowledge my 'front'. If you care more about what in my front than back (pussy), chances are we won't work out. It's all about my pussy and your dick only.. Also, i loooove boys that cum quick.. idk why that's so sexy to me. guess it tells me that the pussy is really good. Y hold the cum back.. you'll be able to get the pussy again and again and again.. idk but to me, a man's job sexual is not to spend and hour chasing his climax.. He is suppose to cum when it happens naturally, which is not that long. My guess is boys that can't nutt in a 20/30 minute time frame either masturbates too much or are too high. As far as dick size, it doesn't matter to me.. it's not like U had anything to do with the size of it anyway..lol.. I like em all size.. My pussy has been well massaged by boys of all dick sizes ***I SWEAR TOPS RULE THE WORLD.. :o) I SWEAR YA'LL DO.. LOL. be proud of that cause whenever you fuck us ya'll leave something inside of us. We'll always have apart of you inside of us. embrace your manhood. I've always wondered how boys feel after yall fuck somebody and nutt inside someone.. Like, do yall feel empowered? Do yall feel a sort of entitlement over that person? If so I really don't mind it. it's what I figured anyway. yall don't know what it's like to be fucked anywhere and everywhere or anytime. yall don't know what its like to wake up to a boy already fucking you or sliding his dick in your pussy. Sometimes I feel like that I have to give way too many boys pussy everyday. But the only part that creeps me out is when a boy grab me from behind and I see his hands and they're dirty or fingernails are dirty, i'm like please don't let him slide his fingers in my pussy.. then a second later I feel his fingers going inside me after he couldn't find the other 'pussy', i be like DANG, oh well he's in there now.. I try to make an excuse why I have to keep walking but his 2 or 3 fingers are still inside my already wet and open pussy.. No boy has let me go though after they feel it. So then they start talking to me to get me to not think about what they're doing.. then a second later I feel their dick slide up inside me.. Oh well, I definitely can't make him stop now. So I guess i'm relieved when when their dick is in me instead and I just pray its quick so I can leave. But we do our best as submissive bottoms/girls to please yall and make yall happy as men. because as men, i do believe yall have the right to fuck us whenever you want some pussy. that's why you wear the boxers and I wear the panties.. it's a man's world. Even my momma taught me that a man has an inherent. nothing goes inside him. control over me. I've always been attracted to boys that have a general sense of dominance especially to someone they are sticking their dick into. I don't buy most gay male arguments that they're both men, they're both dominant. That will never last. It goes against human nature. If you are the one getting fucked by a boy, there is no way you should be involved in any decisions overruling HIM or telling him what to do. Excuse me but HIS dick was inside of YOU.. HIS sperm is inside of YOU.. Not the other way around. I've always been naturally attracted to men who want to fuck someone that they feel dominance over someone that they know won't beat them up. Someone they know they don't have to argue with everyday cause they know you're daddy! Someone that can entertain you and your male friends and they be like 'dang, I wish I had a bitch like that'. that's why relationships don't work today, too many people trying to be the chief. there should be only 1 MAN in a relationship. and If i'm Bae, there will only be one of us sitting down to pee or with dick in their mouth and dick in their pussy and its me :) If I can find a live-in boyfriend right now that would be GREAT. My life would be perfect. The best feeling in the world is when I'm laying on my stomach and a boy gets on top of me and he slides his dick inside me and fucks me. Feeling his body on top of me as the king and i'm being penetrated by him is life!!! I had 1 boy get on top of me, pull my panties over and fucked me.. After he came in my pussy he left his dick in and went to sleep inside of me... You just don't know how that made me feel for a boy to nutt in me and then leave his dick inside me and go to sleep. I didn't wake him or pull it out, I wanted him comfortable and went to sleep too. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I felt his dick getting back hard inside my pussy and it kept doing that all night.. He woke back up in the morning with his dick already in my pussy and nutted in me again.. I was in HEAVEN!! I’m at the point in my life where it feels like I need a boys dick inside me all the time now and any boys dick inside me I belong to him even if its just for a moment or that day and of course, he leaves his genes and dna inside me. and i'm getting to the point where some boy is indeed always fucking me seems like everyday. I'm at the point where i want to be someone's bae/wife. Cause it's like i have no control over my pussy anymore when a boy wants to fuck me.. its feels like if he wants it he gets it no matter where we are or who's around. I wish i had the courage to walk away or say no. Sometimes i do feel sad cause i know most boys that pull me to the side outside are just going to hit and run and boys can be so mean, rude and controlling after you get the pussy or knowing you can fuck at anytime or knowing they can do anything they want to you. but i know its nothing i can do. i think that makes men more powerful psychologically knowing your dick was in us or u nutted in us.. that's just the way it is i guess so i don't mind, boys are suppose to be dominant over us if we are getting fucked. And I'm used to all of yall questions on here since i'm so open about me. Do I let every boy stick their dick inside me... Can any boy walk up and start fucking me... Have I ever been raped... Does every boy nutt inside me... How many times am I nutted in a day... Since so many boys can have fucked me, have I ever seen any again with their girl or wife and do I say anything since their DNA is in you too... Why do I let boys control me... When A boy's nutt absorb inside my walls how does it feel... How many trains have been ran on me outside by boys and their friends that I didn't know... Have any tried to feel my 'front'... Do people walk by as boys are fucking me... How does it feel to constantly feel my pussy hole being spread open by someone's dick everyday and being fucked by someone everyday... Does it bother me that some boys tell me not to turn around and see who they are when they come up behind me and start sliding their dick in me... After being nutted in by several boys do their cum start to drip out while i'm at the store or doing about my day after being fucked... Have I ever told a boy to stop fucking me while he was in the middle of fucking me... After I just been nutted in by a boy and about to get nutted in again by another boy, do I tell them someone just came in my pussy... Did 'so and so' fuck me? (the answer is probably yes) or why did I let so and so fuck me (because I didn't have a choice, he's a man and he told me to give it to him). Do i feel used sometimes after a boy fucks me he just turns and walks away (no- i feel like that's what i'm here to do. I understand that most boys that fuck me have lives and girlfriends and they just want something to nut in really quick).. do I want a relationship..and on and on....... Oh, by the way I'm very DL friendly boys. Right now, I can do hookup, relationship, train on me :) whatever.. unless someone cums and sweeps me off my feet. most of my past relationships have been with straight boys so my pussy is always ready to be fucked at any time cause i know how yall are.. ya'll want the pussy anywhere, at anytime and everywhere (while i'm washing dishes, while i'm sleep, while your friends are over, while walking to the store to name a few where yall got my pussy. the only requirement is that i'm the only one getting fucked, i'm the only one sucking dick and i must always get impregnated with your babies inside me and you must always be in charge of the relationship, you're the only MAN. * edit.. Sorry ladies, if you believe in this straight thing as much as I do, he is NOT 'daddy' if he's sucking dick and getting fucked..
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