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Ni66as in Cols r eitha ugly as fuk or lame as hell and MOST are both UGLY AND LAME.Step ya game up!

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Does dikk size REALLY matter when lookin fo a potential sex partner?
  YES- If it aint BIG i cant feel it
  NO- Its da motion of da ocean
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:: The Basics
Age: 41
Ethnicity: Blatino
City, Region: Columbus, Ohio
Country: United States
Sign: Scorpio
Education: Associates
Gender: Male
Height: 6.03 "
Weight: 170 pounds
Build: muscular
Waist: 34"
Shoe Size: 11.5
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Hair: Corn rows
Status: boyfriend
Drink: Yes
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: 2
Spirituality: Christian
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Hookups, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Oral, Other Fetish, Rimming, Have Job, Thugs, Frottage, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
Dis shitt funny af lol. Gat dayum yall columbus niggas aint bout SHIT. Dont have nuthin to offer but wanna sit around n smoke all day. No jobs. No place of ya own.. No whips (cars). Sad af bro. Then yawl niggas got da nerve to b picky and think yawl look too good... HAAAA... STAWP DA MADNESS. Then got da nerve to wonder y yawl single or y nobody want ya lol hahha. I b DAMNED. Is dis wat i got to choose from... bum ass niggas??? Im gud. Ill get me a white boi first b4 i choose from any of dis bunch here lol. On top of dat more than half are poz... I CANT DEAL. Pic STEALER on da loose... check HIS face color to MY pic as wit mine SAME SKIN TONE FAKEAZZPROFILE DARONTAY.All his otha pix all grainy and sh&t but MY pic is clear as fukk. Muhfukka dont even know how to rotate da pic da upright lol. MR(s) DARONTAY... i DO feel honored that yhu'd steal my pic but next time PLEASE represent me RITE. And get this... he had da nerve to hit me up LMAO smh. He all OLD lookin n shyt... face wit wrinckles but my ass n dik n feet pic have NO wrinckles lol DUDE GET REAL. Do dat REALLY look like da body of a 50 yr old virgin??? lol Im BLASTIN muhfukkas left and right up on dis joint yo. O da thirst iz REAL... NEVA will i pay fo dis WACK ass lame site fo these thirsty ass ni66as and become a PREMIUM MEMBER... #THIRSTY.DONT GO LOOKIN FO A DIME WHEN UR ONLY A NICKEL!!!!Stop goin by LOOKS alone and ull find him. Ppl r so shallow up on here. Errybody want a MODEL type nigga but guess wat?? A MODEL type nigga wouldnt b up on a site like dis lol This site full of niggas WISHIN they were models and tryna portray like they r DA SHIT and they life is all dat. IF they life was all dat they wouldnt b up on here and IF they were models they wouldnt b on a sex site LOOKIN and BEGGIN fo dik n ass. Itll fall into they lap wit no problem lol lmao GAMES!! GAMES!! GAMES!! Do it look like my name is Milton Bradley??? Im sick of this shyt... This is so TIRED. Now i gotta put my foot down. IF U AINT GOT NO PIC DONT HIT ME UP. IF U FROM OUTTA TOWN YO GAME BETTER B STRONG. To da drag queens, aint shyt goin down. PERIOD. If all u show is body pix, thats all u get from me.... Whats up wit ppl in da CO not havin pix and DEMANDIN to see mine? It dont work like dat yo. Ima hate to do this cuz i aint tryna exclude no one. If u wanna see my pix u need to have pix fo me to see. If u hit me up wit no pix DONT expect me to UNLOCK mine. Thats just da way it go from now on yo. If u dont unlock yo pix fo me and i unlock mine fo u... U'LL B BOLCKED. I WAS TRYNA B NICE BOUT IT. If u wanna see my face then i need to see yours. WIT DAT SAID AND DONE, I NOW MOVE ON TO DA GUD SHYT.....Yo u gotta madd ass masculine male here from New York who's on da DL and when i say DL i dont mean as in gotta gurlfriend DL. I just dont want nobody knowin my business...feel me? What I do unda da sheetz stay unda da sheetz, ya heard. Aiight. Im 6'3 and 170, slender built wit my pants on low. I got corn rollz past my shoulder (and its my shyt). Im a deep pretty carmel complexion and im half puerto rican and blk. Got a ride, frontz (when i wear them), a job, and my own crib. Shyt, if im feelin myself, sometime i might even put in my colored contacts yo. But MOS DEF NOT FEM. Im a freak in bed, like to mostly b top but WILL bottom fo MY thorough bred niggah. And while im at it... NIGGAHZ ONLY. This is BLACKgaychat, feel me. Go to WHYTEgaychat if u on dat.Yo, some koo azz convo IZ ALL IM LOOKIN FO... So yo, hit a niggah up....titeazzmarco@yahoo.com get at it fo convo, nothin more nothin less.rn-------UPDATE 8/20/08-------DAAYUUUMMMM!!! I got ALOTTA mofos BLOCKED already... dont fuk around and b NEXT!
:: Who I Am
Sing wit me: if ur ugly and u know it stop lookin at ma pix (clap clap) if ur ugly and u know it stop tryna se ma dik (clap clap) If ur ugly and u know it and yo friend request goes ignored, if ur ugly and u know stop sendn me msgs and stop lookn at me pix (clap clap)Dont Go Lookin Fo A DIME When Ur Only A Nickel!!!!! ALL YAWL NIGGAS R SO PLASTIC. 1st and foremost, im a tru thorough bred ASSHOLE! In case u cant tell by readin the above introduction. I hate u katz hittin me up wit one message askin 'Sup?', 'Wassup?', and whatever other kind of clever one liners and da next message is 'Can i see yo pix?' Lets me know whachu all bout yo. Thuuurrrrsty ass ma'fukkaz. Get to know a niggah first wit a lil convo b4 u wanna see my dikk or ass. And MUCH love to those that r makin my BLOCKED LIST grow and grow and GROW! rnBounce
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wrote at 2015-04-06 20:10:11

discreetfreak4u posted comment to this image:
mmmmm...I want in


wrote at 2014-11-14 02:52:11



wrote at 2014-08-24 19:17:06

walkingart217 posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2014-05-20 14:01:28

curiousgiant posted comment to this image:
Damn I like this pic bro, that dick looks nice


wrote at 2014-05-19 12:16:48

soul-gaga posted comment to this image:
He was mad as hell and acted like a complete child about that situation. People online are crazy!!!


wrote at 2014-04-07 10:10:51

boyfrndxperienc posted comment to this image:
I'll wet all that up..


wrote at 2014-03-24 22:17:54

undetectabl_poz posted comment to this image:
You rocked that position


wrote at 2014-02-20 09:17:42

My pole would Manny Pacquiao that butthole!


wrote at 2014-01-24 03:50:30

ronnie4u posted comment to this image:
Fuck it Hard and Deep many times ! ronnie


wrote at 2014-01-12 00:23:14

muskledaddy posted comment to this image:
Wow man. I'd love to eat you up !!!

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