Sorry the account chocoamust you are trying to contact was Deleted on 2018-09-01 15:49:04 CT
Account deleted by the owner and not by the BGC Administration

Reason For Deletion: I signed for a 3 day trial with your so called upgraded site. They then kept trying to pressure to upgrade so I cancelled. Then they sent an email implying I had not cancelled so I logged in to ensure My account was cancelled. Apparently because I tried to log in (it said my password was wrong, I inadvertently reactivated my account and they charged me a monthly fee. It keeps telling me I am using the wrong password but never send me a link to change it so I can ensure that my account is cancelled. I disputed the charge with my bank. Even if I don\'t win the dispute, they assured me I would never again receive a charge from that company. Because you recommended that site I want nothing to do with you anymore. Scammers breed scammers.

Deleted accounts can not be restored. If this is your account you will have to create a new account if you wish to use the site again.
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