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Sexy and over 40 2015-11-18 23:22:02
:: The Basics
Age: 49
Ethnicity: Other
City, Region: Louisville, Kentucky
Country: United States
Sign: Leo
Gender: Transgender
Height: 5.06 "
Weight: 145 pounds
Build: toned
:: Life Style
Style: Feminine
Closet: Out
Hair: Long
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: None
Tattoos: 1
Unusual Piercings: 1
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Hookups, Versatile, Bottom, Oral, Play Sports, Thugs, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
I am looking for a man! A man who knows what they want! A man who likes adult games and not childish one's, I need for the guy that I'm with to want to have a lot of fun rather, we are in the clubs, at the movies, and or at home, are any were out on the town. I want the person I'm with to be able to have great sex, because that is one of the things that I love. I wouled love for hem, the man I'm with, to have a great personality. Some one between the ages of 18 to 50 years of age. Hight between 5'6 to 6'4 . I would love for your body and your mined to be fit, because mine is. Race does not matter to me because I am such a mix of raceses. I like a man who looks, handsume and more. I do not mined if you are a thug or, if you are a man with a big income, I would just like for you to be neet and to carry yourself well, I think that makes all the difference.
:: Who I Am
This is for all the hating ass, wanna be bitches, and the fake ass basterds. I am a totole pack, I love to look, and dress great and live well, so when you fake ass fuckers hate, I know that I am every thing! I am looking for, people who are the same way, so all you broke crack smoking drug, infested with silly shit, and what ever else is out their, mother fuckers, do some thing about yourself and come up and stop hateing. You people who try to give low scores, because thats the only way you feel like you can do something, get it togther, you week bitches! I am never moved, I staned my ground every ware I am. OOP's got you shook! For the lovely people, keep up the good work, I have nothing but love for you. I would like for all of you to see how I look, and how I live. God is good to me, because I am good to myself, and to other people, but I will not be played, or played with ask around, I do not think I am bad, but I take care of things that come my way, get with me if you wan't to! Hello every one my name is Stacey, I am black and indian. I work in nursing, and I am a entertainer. I modole from time to time, my body is fit, and so is my mined! I love people. I love dancing, going to comamdie clubs, and night clubs, and movies, and dinning out, Or just staying home with the person that I care for, and having a glass of good wine and a nice romantic dinner, and nice music. I'm 5'6 145pounds. I'm not into head games, but I am into adult games. My home e-mail address is Stcynls4@aol.com or Stcynls4yahoo.com when you write please let me know who you are because, I get a lot of mail. I'm also looking to be in love one day, and having that person in love with me at the same time, and making that love last. I want a agopae love, thats a love on a spiritul level. I am also a very Beutifual Transexual. Come on evey one let's spread love and give it! Please for all you haters, when you try to give a low rateing, kiss the back of my pritty black ass you lame bitches! I know that most are on here looking for men, well keep looking, because their are not miney on here!!!!!...
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i LoVe Big ( . )( . )


wrote at 2020-02-20 09:57:08

dingo85 posted comment to this image:
I want you just like that. Let me taste you from the back


wrote at 2020-02-20 09:55:44

dingo85 posted comment to this image:
Beautiful body


wrote at 2020-02-20 09:55:08

dingo85 posted comment to this image:
Sexy as fuck baby


wrote at 2020-02-20 09:54:40

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wrote at 2020-01-10 10:38:30

freaky-dick posted comment to this image:
So hot


wrote at 2020-01-09 18:38:16

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wrote at 2019-09-12 19:57:12

thecitylights50 posted comment to this image:
I could eat that ass like that for days


wrote at 2019-09-12 19:42:36

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Damn that thing is hugh


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