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looking for cool new friends go from there

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:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 40
Ethnicity: White
City, Region: Cocoa, Florida
Country: United States
Sign: Gemini
Gender: Male
Height: 5.08 "
Weight: 170 pounds
Build: athletic
Waist: 34"
Shoe Size: 9
:: Life Style
Style: Inbetween
Closet: Out
Hair: Short
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Other
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Oral, Thugs
:: I Am Looking For
ALL THIS STUFF ABOUT NO FEMS TO ME IS DOWNRIGHT INSULTING TO POTENTIALLY GOOD PEEPS JUST SAY YOU PREFER ONE THING OR ANOTHER NO WONDER MANY OF YOU CANT FIND A GOOD PARTNER CAUSE U DISCRMINATE AND HALF THE TIME YOU YOURSELF ARE NO BETTER OFF FIRST OF GENTLEMEN WHEN U SAY U AINT MY TYPE I FEEL LIKE THIS IF YOU GOT TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS OR ANYBODY TO BE WITH ME THEN SERIOUSLY SEEK HELP YOUR ATTENTION SHOULD BE ON ME AND YOU IF YOU STOP WORRYING WHAT YOUR FRIENDS MIGHT THINK THEN U MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE HINT IM THE ONE GONNA BE THERE FOR U THREW THICK AND THIN THATS REAL YOU CANT ALWAYS RELY ON YOUR FRIENDS JUST TAKE THIS IN CONSIDERATION PEEPS IF YOUR FRIENDS CANT RESPECT WHO U WIT THEN GUESS WHAT THEY AINT YO TRUE FRIENDS DATS REEL PS I FEEL ALSO HALF U KATS UP HERE ARE SCARED TO BE WHO U ARE AND HIDE YOUR SHIT LOL LOL BUT ITS A SHAME U GOT TO HIDE WHATTA SHAME> im looking for a down to earth guy laid back no drama gotta have skillz and goal orianted and be yourself not looking for haters looking for honesty integrity and truthfulness no time for cheaters or skanks cause what goes around comes around remember that also gentlemen its not all bout sex that will come in time thats why most friendship depart because of it your dick aint goin to fall off if u dont get it right away have some respect gentlemen also for all u fag haters on hear remember this if any thing were all having sex with men so i dont see why label i swear i laugh at that shit lol :)the down side of haters they got to inpress but i feel be u fuck what another asshole has to say anyways be u have fun and let the world keep turning anyways why should u care what the world thinks of u thats what makes me strong :)p.s. to all u donwn low brothas lol how down low can u possibly be if you are on this site ur looking for a man i dont find that down low if ur masculine and a bad ass then why hide your down low lol that tells me u are weak sorry just being blunt and to all brothas with girlfriends please let them know what u doin and stop lyin your putting them at risk for sure ALSO I DONT EXPECT MUCH UP ON HERE CAUSE HALF OF U PLAYIN GAMES CANT ANYBODY HAVE A REAL CONVO WITH JUST LOOKING AT YOUR PRIVATE PICS AND THEN NEVER SPEAK AGAIN HOW FUCKIN RUDE HATERS: BEWARE YOU AINT SHIT AND BELIEVE THAT
:: Who I Am
first off let me say theres no race boundries with me i love and respect all im down to earth love to laugh love people regardless of race i just did my family tree found out im french indian irish and italian desent i am a first cousin to madonna and celine dion and yes i do have the proof on paper you never no who your related to till you do your family trees so its cool to know who your ancestors are i am originally from new york not a native to florida i love baskettball football love going to the movies shop cooking very athletic also love giving massages and keeping my partner satisfied i have zero tolerence for bullshiter and liers as i said save the drama for your mama or seek help lol im really not all that tolerant of nasty attitudes either either u come correct or stay the fuck away u cross me ill cross u back just as hard also not really intrested in folks who dont give other people a chance exspecially if u have never tried u know what i mean lets get beyond that folks its 2006 not 1950 lol once go go white you know u done right also i am very brutully blunt i dont hide from shit also my life is like a disco ball it never stops i love having fun throwing partys and having one damn good time ALSO BOUT ME SHOWIN MY ASS ITS NOT BOUT BEING PROVOCATIVE OR IN ANY MEANS ME BEING A WHORE AS I SAY IF U GOT IT FLAUNT IT CIAO also my stats im a brunette short hair 165 pounds eye color blue/green with a nice fuckin phat ass also IM A JEANS AND T-SHIRT GUY NOT INTO ALL THAT HIP HOP DRESSING SO IF U DONT LIKE THAT OWELL GET OVER IT also added new pics as u see im a liquor collector and my bar is never to be touched also i have my full blooded pitbull on here jade shes my baby shes a low rider OH YEA I GOT MY OWN MONEY AND PLENTY OF IT I LIKE TO SAVE THE MORE U SAVE THE MORE MONEY U WILL HAVE FOR A RAINEY DAY oh yea my motto why be fake when your ass can be real im the real fuckin deal BY THE WAY FOR ALL U DUM ASSES THAT BLOCK ME BECAUSE IM WHITE LOL HOW FUCKIN CHILDISH I MEAN JESUS HOW MORE STUPID CAN PEOPLE GET IF U THINK THIS BOTHERS ME PLEASE GROW UP YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME LOL SHOWS WHAT KIND OF PERSON U REALLY ARE (SICK)WELL I THINK IVE SAID ENOUGH ALSO IF WE EXCHANGE NUMBERS AND U TEXT ME AND THEN U DONT TEXT ME OR CAL LWITHIN 2 DAYS YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET DELETED WHATS UP WITH PEOPLE GIVING NUMBERS OUT THEN THEY TALK FOR AWHILE THEN THEY STOP THATS FUCKIN STUPID A TEXT ONLY TAKES A SECOND IF YOU DONT HAVE TIME THEN DONT ASK TO EXCHANGE NUMBERS FOOLS LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE MOST IMPORTANT STOP JUDGEING PEOPLE ON HERE BECAUSE GOD IS WATCHING EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY AND BELIEVE THAT !
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u have a lot of ass


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very nice ...wow.


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This Is a bad Dude, Much LUV


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Happy Birthday


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hope u njoy ur bday happy bday


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hope u njoy ur bday happy bday


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hope u njoy ur bday happy bday

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