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Artist : Barbra Streisand
:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 39
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Albany, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Capricorn
Education: Bachelors
Gender: Male
Height: 6.02 "
Weight: 195 pounds
Build: medium
Waist: 34"
Shoe Size: 10.5
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Out
Hair: Curly
Status: single
Drink: No
Smoke: None
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Christian
:: Interests
:: I Am Looking For
I am looking for a few good friends, but just ONE brotha will do. Your location is unimportant, but I prefer that you be in the United States. Before you message me I have a few requests. Please LIST THE ANSWER TO THESE FOUR QUESTIONS on your profile before you hit me up: *********************************************************************************************************** -Are you BLACK or a MAN OF COLOR..caramel to dark chocolate? -Are you a COLLEGE-DEGREED, GAY MAN, single, HIV- at least 18? No bisexuals, DL or fathers. -Can you be RESPECTFUL? No nudity accepted AND be able to make an investment in another man? A good start would be to COMPLETE your page! -BE 6'2" and up! QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ABOUT THIS SECTION WILL BE DELETED. The only intelligefnt response to the augment no is no response at all. No asking me 'why', 'Can we just be friends' or saying 'I aint looking for nothin', 'I count like 3, 1,5,4. Is that a problem?' 'she's not smiling.' 'My eye s close funny.' 'I turn my head funny...he,he,he.' 'I am not answering those four questions!' �I am Anglo-Saxon, tanned and I am good looking', 'I'm a millionaire' ,'You can't say that', 'I didn't read your profile', 'You're always on here', 'Secret is out', �I'm gay right now', �I got molested', 'You should commit suicide', 'This is such an insult. This such an insult. This is such an insult' '�This site is for sex/entertainment purposes', �I�m not looking for sex�, 'I disagree, and I do not like you or your personal beliefs', �You think you know everything', �You''re crazy�, "Freedom is not free', 'HUH, HUH, HUH Women have multiple orgasms.' Gay men always fake theirs.' 'Your nipples dont get erect' 'You can white as much as you want to.' If you do not answer yes to all four questions, please do not respond to my ad. I WILL NOT REPLY, AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. If this is not you I am only interested in viewing pics. Do not ask me why I visited your page, and for the dudes who hit me up with a two-page essay about how much they hate me or who create profiles that lie about their sexuality or other matters: BGC BLOCK LISTS ARE LIMITLESS... *********************************************************************************************************** looking for someone who looks like this: He is a fella who, above all else, values communication and tells you what he is made of from the beginning. Always with words directly from his mind and heart, he's just not another voiceless black man... He is that type who has a vastness of heart and thought that is not limited to the bedroom, sports arena or play station. In clearer terms, he is emotionally available--very much emotionally there, intact and expressive, yet a heart of steel when necessary. No man could ever use this against him because his sentiments are never a secret. In essence, this openness are words of warning---first and last. He makes all of himself available, and his intentions are never to be emotionally destructive. Even more, he is an introverted genius with looks to attract my attention and brains to keep it there. He will have a love of education--that black genius of quality and that ONE brotha who can finish my sentences. He is a gifted man without a diseased intellect whose clever wits know the difference between good advice and gossip. He is that great mastermind whose worst moments come when his thoughts are misplaced and a pensive dude who goes through life second by second, minute by minute. An ambitious prince, he has got a willingness to work towards a profession and pursue a love life as well; he sets expectations, rules and respects those made by others. His heart will never allow him to say, �whatever happens, happens�. Free from the plague of indecisiveness, he needs not a second chance to answer any question. In his hopes, his fantasy with you lasts far, far beyond a night or two, and he gives you all the reasons not to be on BGC. �Baby, you want a castle in the hills,� he promises. There is never a dream nor a promise cunningly left unfinished. With confidence and a commitment to his health, he is that total package you know--that rare breed, a rare jewel. A mountain of accomplishments guards him and holds him up, making him in no way overly sensitive or easily injured by criticism. He brings a bit of refinement with him in getting to know me; he is a man with respect for himself. His mature mind is emancipated from that plural-minded incubus that moves the common. With all that there is in Atlanta, he has got a controlled passion and standards for his partners but doesn''t give everybody a �10'--- never that. He saves that for the ONE; he saves all of himself for what he has found inside of you beautiful, and you aint ever gotta worry about competition 'cause nothin' beats a '10'. Despite bad experiences with others, he is not bitter and always speaks with the power of truth that works against this world of lies and gameplayin. He is not that fool who asks to be rewarded for speaking truth. He is not the fool who constantly must ask for a second chance for his frequent and repeated mistakes for which he expects forgiveness. He is an honest prince who takes another man's word at face value---without question, accusation or contempt. Somehow he maintains a sense of self and is forever able to see purity in another man because he is not buried in and blinded by his own wickedness. He enjoys his culture, whether it is gay activism or civil rights. To him this is more than just a fashionable lifestyle or a foul midnight pastime. My bruh ain�t messin around or in some new game. With much more than that, nights with him are spent making a pizza together, quiet storm concerts, gospel plays, museum visits and movies. The best times come years later at the honeymoon; it is every morning listening to him laugh, seeing a dark chocolate brown smile or staying up on the sofa watching MADTV or cartoons. You see, with every genuine cell in his body, he's ready. There is no playful boyishness, and therefore no need for insincere apologies. He's ready.� There is no coyness and no need for a pursuit. After a lifetime of waiting, he's just ready... Again, I am just looking for a few friends, but just ONE Brotha will do.
:: Who I Am
driven, impatient, considerate, careful with time, deeply sentimental, college graduate, possessive, well-kept, culturally saturated in blackness, confident, a cornbread-eating Georgia boy thru and thru, gay, rough around the edges at times, a homebody, avid runner, lover of PBS, Zelda, Wings Commander, the Smurfs, and the Gummi Bears, l only child. I'm that egghead journalist--a wizard of words who spins history from my pen and adds new words to the English language. I'm the counselor who listens to you baby, a champ of finance & a good cook & connoisseur of the art of high cuisine and music- sometimes a leader, other times a follower. Understand that what I say is as real as a diamond, and I like to stay away from trouble and avoid quarrels. More importantly know that my high is all natural, and it comes from the everyday gifts of life like eating fine old-world pastries--hot and just from the corner bakery--getting a fresh haircut or hearing the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Anita Baker and Maxwell on weekends at home. My personality constantly pulls me towards the best of the best of the best, and it pushes me forward in all facets of my life, especially career-wise. It is like I have always been that man who surrounds himself with things that impart a lesson-- always trying to prepare for the future and using foresight...ya feel me? How else can a brotha from the projects get here? From then to now, it has been a life equaling any surreal odyssey but there is still more to see. So what about honesty, fidelity and romance? Well that's another story. It's not as easy... What's your story??? New friends are always cool. Send me a note or email. My name is Jermaine. ATLBLKPRINCE1981@gmail.com (This profile was hacked. Please read my profile before accepting any friend request.) UPDATED 2/7/2019
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Happy Belated Birthday


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Well aren't you handsome


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wats goin on mah dude...thanx for stoppin by mah page jus returin tha l.o.v.e.


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