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Serious As Fuck...

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:: Travel Plans
:: The Basics
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Black
City, Region: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Scorpio
Education: Bachelors
Gender: Male
Height: 5.08 "
Weight: 0 pounds
Build: muscular
Shoe Size: 12
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Parents Know
Status: single
Unusual Piercings: 
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Transgenders, Women, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Feminine
:: I Am Looking For
In a nut shell a lady...not a bitch, not a girl, not a shallow basic ass woman but an actual lady. What does lady mean- allow me to define this for you: Someone I can take home to my parents, someone who has manners, knows when and where to hold her tongue, someone who acts like a fully formed adult and not a spoiled child. Someone who acts their age or can show maturity. someone who look well put together. stylish and fly as fuck. I'm looking for a lady who can hold her liquor if she drinks and doesn't turn into a sloppy embarrassment. Someone whose un-selfish and cares about others. Someone who can mind their own business...aka if were together and mysteriously all the bills are paid, don't fuckin ask me how I'm making my money or if i have a job or if i plan on getting a job (smh who does that). someone who like to share and take me out on dates and spends their hard earned money on me....you should expect the same. I like women who are relaxed and laid back, that like to have, go places, have family time, be best friends, dependable, who have my back. You must have your own car or at least afford uber or lift. have some damn common sense. willing to listen and learn some shit. want to build together economically. know how to keep our business to ourselves...aka leave your friends, family, and strangers out of our relationship. follow instructions...if you cant or wont follow simple instructions im not the one for you. if your a cokehead, crackhead, methhead, alcoholic, a fucking drug addict or junkie don't fuckin talk to me. if your friends are the same...don't fuckin talk to me. if you know your weave is fucked up 4 days out of the 7 days during the week don't fuckin talk to me. if you like bummy shit don't talk to me. if your idea of a good time is shopping and being seen at the club: BITCH I AM NOT THE ONE FOR YOU!!! lets say hypothetically, If I were to show you how we can make a million dollars and you still choose to fuckin bum out that nasty ass mf motel... I am not the one for you. if you don't want to see me or yourself, or your family or your friends come up and be successful in life....I am not the one for you. if you have a regular non-pro job that's great. however, if your a pro and you dont ever plan on leaving the lifestyle while your in a relatioship with me...then the only type of relationship we are going to have is a pimpin and hoeing relationship (No Bitch i will not be trickin and no i will not be contributing funds for your enjoyment). (Im serious as fuck) im selfish in the fact that i want my woman to be mine exclusively... and if that's not what you want then you know what the alternative is. I am not mf playin with you. do understand that if you try to run game on me, clown me, make a fool out of me, or put my business out in the sreet trust me when i tell you its not gone be good for your health because im sure that if you were any kind of person you would not want that bullshit done to you as well aka i will make it my lifes mission to destroy your mf life. Im not gonna lie to you...imma be honest with you and i expect the same from you. If you have any questions just ask. Im not as mean as i sound.
:: Who I Am
Im 30, well educated. I got my own place, my own car, and my own money. Im divorced and yes my ex-wife of which we really did get legally get married was Trans. We were together for 4 years so im not new to this. my profile says my orientation bi-sexual: what that means is that im attracted to 100% femininity. that means you walk, talk, dress, look and act like a lady at all times. that's what im attracted to. if you know you dont fit the bill please don't talk to me. if for some reason you loose your mind, I will check the mad fuck out of you...so lets not play games. my mental can only handle so much. I'm not violent, no i don't fight, no im not about that thug life but trust me i can go anywhere and to any hood and get respect. No I don't believe in verbal or physical abuse but if for some reason you get the bright idea that placing your hand on me in a non loving way is not gonna get your ass knocked the fuck out, then you got a whole lesson you gotta learn about relationships. Im writing this for a particular reason so that there is no confusion.why you may ask? because some women got a lot of shit fucked up and im not a regular nigga im a grown ass man. If your used to dealing with loosers or bum ass niggas then don't talk to me because their is something about you that says 'hey im a bum ass bitch and i like to fuck wit bum ass niggas'. (I AM NOT THE ONE FOR YOU) I have access to a lot things that can elevate the both of us...please don't be the one to fuck it up. I am a somebody... so i keep my business and personal life private for the most part. no im not afraid to go out in the light of day with you, hold hands with you, kiss you, tell you i love, or hold you while in public. no im not one of those imma call you at night or im just gonna be seen with you at night type guys cause im afraid of being found out(nobody got time for that bullshit). I respect you and i expect you to respect me. Im looking for a long term relationship. i want wife material...point blank period. Yes I have a past like everybody else does. yes i've worked in the adult entertainment industry before so i understand all of that. The Bad: Im rude as fuck on occasion 10% of the time. You piss me off I shut down and become distant. I will break up with you in a heart beat minute especially if you stress me the fuck out over some trivial shit early on in the relationship. The Good: If im with you, then im with you. If I love you I love you. if im in love with you then you got me for life. 90% of the time im really chill and laid back. I have a big heart and care way to much about people. I'll go out my way for a lot of things but don't think you gone play me.
#notaregularnigga, #youshouldreadmyprofile, #classic, #whatyoubeenmissing
#troublemaker, #gentelman, #dontplaywithme, #scorpio
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