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Former high-school football captain, Anthony's life becomes exposed in his 'hood when his brief foray into amateur pornography becomes a topic for scrutiny and judgment. When his girlfriend, friends and family exile him, he returns back to the loathsome industry that humiliated him but that is now the only place that will take him in.
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Date posted: 2016-03-19 05:00:52
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Date posted: 2016-01-02 20:13:40
I love the concept of "Kaleidoscope". The choices we make are not always choices we really want to choose. But life situations stand before us. Should I go Left or right, east or west, or What color is best blue or green. Right now, Anthony looks like he is in survival mode. The struggle on his face is interesting to me. Looking forward to the next clip.


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Date posted: 2015-10-14 17:48:07
Very Nice ...!!


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Date posted: 2015-10-13 11:08:15
come get it wya


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Date posted: 2015-10-12 18:50:13
Lookin really good to me


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Date posted: 2015-10-09 19:04:14
Looks like they have another good show brewing..


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Date posted: 2015-10-09 09:10:32
I'll check on it.


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Date posted: 2015-10-09 06:33:47
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