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The Circle NYC-- The lives of five (5) Entertainers in New York City.. Leaders of the LGBTQ Community. Who opens up their lives to the world that showcases personal life, dreams, talent and struggles...
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Date posted: 2015-07-12 01:07:55
To much talking.I am Sorry that I could not even go beyond past 8 minutes of the show. Apart from the unnecessary narratives, I am not into men acting like females. Its a total turn off for me. As a man who is into men, I am not interested in seeing men acting as females. But that's just me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is my own opinion. However, If the producers of this show are really serious about this, I would suggest to them to put more work in their production because it would not go any further if the audience are turned off after 8 minutes when there is 20 more minutes left in the show. Correct me if I am wrong but men who are into men, don't need men acting as females, otherwise they would be straight, Perhaps I am just the wrong audience for this show. "The Bait" has my attention so far, this show seems like someone had a camera and too much time on his hands without a sufficient material to produce.


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Date posted: 2015-04-30 13:34:32


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Date posted: 2015-04-29 12:55:40
I'm Good


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Date posted: 2015-04-29 01:49:07
I really liked this episode.
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