Blog Comment: My Critique Of The Movie The Skinny  
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I am sitting here watching The Skinny by Patrick-Ian Polk. I love watching all of his movies, and in this one he did a really good job of throwing in a plot twist with the rape of Sebastian(Blake Young-Fountain's character). The very interesting thing about the story is that the group including Sebastian are angry with Kyle for leaving Sebastian in the club while he (Sebastian) was drunk on alcohol and high on drugs. Sebastian was picked up by two guy who put GHB in a drink and they basically raped him, taking his virginity that he wanted to give to Kyle. Of course this is a movie, but I really think about the fact that so often we give responsibility for our behavior to someone else. Sebastian was a grown man who should have been responsible for his own behavior, such as not getting so drunk and high that he could not keep himself safe or be in a condition that he was unable to make appropriate decisions for himself. What do you all think? I hope that some of you will respond to this with your thoughts.
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