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Good morning all of my BGC Friends. I am an African American Male. I have been of course bothered by the resent events in Ferguson MO. The killing of Michael Brown, Jr. once again raises the issue of how blacks and particularly black men are treated by law enforcement. This is a nation wide problem. I can remember as a young man being stopped by the police while driving (my brother and I) one evening for no reason at all. The car was searched and we were questioned, my brother was made to produce his license. He was not speeding or breaking the law in anyway. So why were we stopped? We don't know. Of course this is minor compared to the Michael Brown Jr., situation and I thank God for my life. Oh by the way, that night we were coming from Church!. Now it has been said that Michael Brown, Jr. had just been involved in robbing a store before the incident with the police. I don't know if that is true or not. Some witnesses say that Mr. Brown had his hands up and was not resisting the police when he was shot, if that is true, then "Houston we have a real problem". I hope that the Justice Department and the FBI will thoroughly look into this situation and get at the truth and expose it. I hope that the people in Ferguson will stop destroying their own town and neighborhoods and methodically and rationally seek the truth. The bigger issue that concerns me is young black men and their interaction with the legal system. There are many cases of young men who have been murdered by police but they were not necessarily doing the right thing when the incident occurred. How can we teach our young men to live life in a different way? I know that there are so many issues such as poverty etc. that impact peoples choices, but I know that something needs to be done on both ends, but if young black men are not putting themselves in negative situations it reduces the chances of fatal interactions with law enforcement. Am I blaming the victims, perhaps, but I don't think so. When I began talking I spoke about my own situation. I have never been arrested in my life, and other than speeding tickets have not been stopped or detained by the police, I am law abiding and I have always been such, yet I was stopped and basically harassed by the police. Perhaps if my brother and I were not in suits and ties, perhaps if we looked like "thugs" the response of the police might have been more threatening I don't know. But anyway what can we do for these young men who are in harms way, who are basically endangered because they are young black men?
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