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First Day of Work / The Kiss

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Amiya stood there crying her eyes out and Rula kissed my forehead and walked out immediately.

Nell- Amiya ? What’s going on ( walks over and closes the door )

Amiya- I think ...

Nell- you think what ??

Amiya- I think I’m moving ......

Nell- whoaaa wait !! What do you mean ? You can’t leave me !

Amiya- My mom wants to move to NY .

Nell- but why? And stop crying babes.

Amiya- cause she hates it here . She been wanted to leave . This morning she told me “ start packing soon cause we getting out of here “.

Nell- If she wants to move , you’re staying here with us ! Plus we are about to get a new house .

Amiya- my mother probably would say no .

Nell- im going to talk to her cause this is some bullshit man . You can’t leave me here and you can’t leave Tey !

Amiya- call her now ! Cause she’s tripping .

Nell- okay !

The phone call with Amiya’s mother actually went better then what I expected .

Amiya- how the hell did you persuade her like that ! I been trying to for weeks .

Nell- haha I don’t know . I got It like that .

Amiya- whatever !

Nell- I start work today !

Amiya- awww yay that’s good ! Where at ?

Nell- Footlocker

Amiya- come through discount !!!!

Nell- mhm ! But honestly it’s probably going to be some drama . Cause there’s this gay dude there he who is fucking with the boss .

Amiya- ahhhhh shiiit !

Nell- right but the boss called me yesterday , asking me how did I notice . It’s going to be a TIME working there lol .

Amiya- don’t you go getting into trouble Nell please don’t .

Nell- I won’t I won’t .

Amiya- have you and Leo spoke yet ?

Nell- no but he stay looking at all my snaps and liking my shit .

Amiya- yall need counseling.

Nell- no he does !

Amiya- whatever .


I walked into footlocker with uniform on , except the shirt . When I walked in a girl who works here approached me .

Girl- Hey you must be the new hire. What’s your name ?

Nell- I’m Cornell but you can call me Nell . And you ?

Girl- I’m Liberty , nice to meet you . And Can I say your pants fit you very well . I love your body shape !

Nell- thanks , I try my hardest .

Liberty- like damn you have a small waist and then you get thick . Your ass is crazy . Lol I want a body like yours !

Nell- lol I mean you have a nice body too !

Liberty- but I need toning ! I’m trying to look like a schnackkkk this summer !

Nell- I’ll help you out !

Liberty- yay ! Thanks ! You got ig? Snap ?

Nell- go to my ig first , that has all my other stuff on It, and on my ig you can see all my body pictures . It’s _Cornell_

Liberty- ( looks It up ) damnnn OKAY ! Your ass is everything lol .

Nell- shhhh lol thank you . A lot of determination.

Liberty- I’ll definitely will be hitting you up .

Drew walks over

Drew- um so you just going to have a whole conversation ? Dumbass

Nell- I’m actually here early bossette ...

Liberty- oop ! Yasss ( walks away )

Drew- who do you think you are ? And those pants are too tight . So good luck with that .

Nell- well I can’t change them . And I can’t change my body frame or shape . Maybe you should get one ( whispers - lil bitch )

I walked away and G was just coming from the back . When he seen me he looked me up and down and raised a eyebrow .

Nell- Hi G

G- what’s up , you’re here 30 minutes early .

Nell- yeah just to look around the store .

G- okay cool cool , walk with Liberty . I seen you two talking It up .

Nell- okay will do .

Drew- ( walks over ) umm G look at his pants .

G- what about them ?

Drew- they are fitted , hugging his body !

G- so does mine , so I understand why his are on him like that , cause he works out to keep his body looking like that .

Drew- ( walks away )

G- ( watches Drew walk away )

Nell- haha don’t fall in .

G- my bad , but you should train him . He needs to get a body like yours .

Nell- nah he got It, but imma go talk to Liberty.

G- meet me in the office at 5 so I can give you your shirt .

Nell- okay

I walked away putting my hand in my pocket walking over to Liberty who was looking behind me .

Liberty- oh damn here we go . Drew must’ve peeped .

Nell- peeped what ?

Liberty- don’t turn around , but when you was walking off G looked at your body frame and did a thumbs up . And then Drew came over and said something to him and the whole time he was talking to G , G kept looking over at you quickly .

Nell- oh gosh . He probably was just admiring my body . I mean shit he works out too . I.T happens . Drew is a jealous bitch . I don’t expect nothing different though .

Liberty- Drew is a ho though . Like all these DL niggas be coming in here all on Drew but NOW ....... shhhhittt .

Nell- I’m not worried .

Liberty- but Drew is . He be always getting too seller . But I guarantee you you’re about to take that shit real quick .

Nell- haha you think so ?

Liberty- yeah and you get a bonus too , like G actually gives money out his pocket .

Nell- oh shit sounds dope .

Liberty- right ! And today is Saturday it’s already been kind of busy as you can see . 6-8 we gonna have mad heads up in here .

Nell- about to make this moneyyyy.

Liberty- I bet imma be training you today . For the first hour we probably are going to be in the stock room , so you can learn how to find shit .

Nell- okay okay , then we hit the floor for the busiest hours ?

Liberty- yes !

Nell- sounds good .

A couple walked over near Liberty and I and they started looking at the sneakers . The GF had on Louboutins and a fur jacket with these dope ass fitted jeans and a bodysuit . She looked dope and he had on some fitted jeans as well with a jersey on and some wheat timbs and like 2 gold chains , his fingers were decked out with rings also .

Liberty looked at me and flipped her hair . I watched her get the sale .

As I watched them talk to Liberty the dude looked me up and down and gave me a head nod . I gave him one back but walked away to look around the store again .

Then I got a tap on my shoulder and It was a different employee and they told me G needs me in the back . When I got into the back and went in the office, G was going through a box of shirts .

G- here you go , and the headsets are on the wall .

Nell- okay thanks .

G- let me show you the bathrooms .

We walked to the bathrooms and I went inside and changed my shirt . When I cape out he was still standing there . He watched me come out and put his thumb up .

G- fits perfect .

Nell- look at these arms !! ( flexes ) getting bigger !

G- you ighhhhht !

Nell- whatever lol

G- alright if Liberty is finish with the customers she was helping she will bring you back here for some training in the back stock area .

Nell- okay thanks.

G- no prob .

Stock Room of FootLocker

Liberty- and that’s how you find the sneakers you need ! It’s very easy !

Nell- thanks it doesn’t take a hour to learn this haha .

Liberty- I know , but now we can head out on the floor and see if you can get this money ! We are at our rush period so let’s see what you got .

Nell- BET !

I went out onto the floor and it wasn’t that much people in the store . But I did find a older looking lady with what looks like her grandson . I approached them slowly and jumped in on their conversation.

Gma- Now you got to hurry and pick out a pair boy , your momma is going to be at the house in 30 minutes .

Gson- but gma I don’t know which ones to get!

Nell- ( kneels down ) I can help you , what you looking for little man !?

Gson- well I want the Lebrons but I also want some jordan’s ! But my Gma said no . ( pouts )

Gma- oh stop it !

Nell- well I don’t know if you seen the sign or if someone else told you, but if you buy one pair of sneakers you can get the second pair 50% off .

Gma- oh I didn’t know at all ! Thank you young man .

Gson- so I can get both !!!!???

Gma- ( grabs purse ) tell him what size you need and which sneaker and let’s go.

Gson- yay !! Thank you Gma and thank you sir ( hugs Nell )

Nell- awww no problem lil guy .

After getting the size for the young man they went up to the register and bought the sneakers . G was at the register cashing people out and he looked over in my direction as the Gma and Gson talked to him .

As they were leaving out the Gma said “ Tell the nice young man thank you “

Gson- Thank you !!!

Nell- no problem ! Have a good one . See you later .

I smiled as they walked out and when I started to turn around Drew walked passed me and bumped my shoulder .

Drew- show off

I ignored him and kept it pushing .

After about 3 more hours my shift was nearly ending . I had made about 5 sales today bringing in some good money I bet .

G- ( walking around the store )

Liberty- you killed it !

Nell- people love me what can I say !? Just kidding ! But thank you !

Liberty- you’re welcome ! Forget Drew though . He’s been talking shit about you all day .

Nell- trust me I am not worried about him .

G- ( puts his hand on Nell’s shoulder ) excellent job today . Surprised me

Nell- thanks boss , glad I’m able to bring money to the table .

G- glad you are , Hey Liberty can I y’all to Cornell really quick .

Liberty- sure thing ( smirks at Nell and walks away )

G- you’re a magnet .

Nell- what do you mean ?

G- I watched the floor , and people cling to you . Like when they first come in they walk pass most people except you and Liberty . You two are the only ones who try to really make that money . I love that .

Nell- thanks haha it’s just what I’m suppose to do .

G- yeah but you .. you ..

Nell- what ?

G- you’re something different , trust me when I say it ( looks away and bites lip softly )

Nell- ( steps back ) um well it’s my time to go .

I walked to the back quickly just to grab my bag . As I was walking out Drew came in the locker room .

Drew- Listen bitch , take my man and I will fuck your life up .

Nell- bitch move .

I bumped into Drew making him hit the table and G open the door quickly and seen Drew trying to catch himself from falling .

G- wait wait wait . What’s going on in here ( slams the door and locks it )

Nell- nothing , I’m just going home .

G- nah

Drew- ( rolls eyes )

G- listen I’m not about to have none of this bullshit happen in my store . You two need to figure it out .

Nell- I have nothing to figure out , it’s this clingy ass bitch that thinks I want to steal you from him .

Drew- bitch clingy ?

G- hey hey ! Chill out man .

Drew walked over to G and hugged him tight rubbing his knee on Gs dick . G looked down at Drew and pushed him off .

Drew- are you dead ass serious !?

G- nigga don’t fucking do all that bullshit , you know what the fuck this is nigga ( steps up to Drew )

Nell- ( eyes widen ) wow another side of you .

G- ( looks back at Nell )

Drew- ( folds arms )

Nell- ewww goodbye

I left out footlocker quick as shit !!

Liberty- ( jogging behind Nell ) hey Nell where too ?

Nell- Home most likely . You ?

Liberty- I have to go braid my lil sisters hair .

Nell- sounds like fun? Lol

Liberty- boy bye ! I’m about to be aggravated as fuck . She don’t ever stay still .

Nell- haha .

Liberty- are you gay, bi ?

Nell- yeah ... why ?

Liberty- cause just asking ( walks away smiling ) byeeee

Nell- bye girl ( shakes head )

I walked around in the mall to do some shopping . I went into Aldo’s and bought me some new sneakers . I also went into forever 21 and got me this bomber jacket I’ve been wanting .

After I finished shopping my phone started ringing . It was Amiya

(Phone Call)

Amiya- ummmmm where you at ?

Nell- at the mall still why what’s up ?

Amiya- bitch you been off !! What you doing ? Haha

Nell- doing some light shopping . If that’s okay with you sister soldier .

Amiya- you cool , but I seen Rula ...

Nell- okay annnnd ?

Amiya- with Demitri .

Nell- ( gets quiet )

Amiya- hello ?

Nell- uh yeah what did you say ?

Amiya- I seen Rula with Demitri .

Nell- oh uhh okay ? What was they doing ?

Amiya- well they were talking . That’s about it .

Nell- they were just talking earlier though . Like what the fuck ?

Amiya- it wasn’t flirtatious , it seemed pretty heated .

Nell- ugh whatever I don’t know .

Amiya- come to Teys house though .

Nell- why what’s going on ?

Amiya- we want to have a game night . With the basketball players and some football players .

Nell- Ight I’ll be there .

Amiya- You know L..

Nell- yeah I know he will be there .

Amiya- I’ll keep y’all separated .

Nell- I’m not worried Miya .

Amiya- ok ok ok haha . See you soon !


When I got home I went in my closet and tried to find something to wear tonight . Nothing to spiffy but something to give the people what they need haha . As I’m picking out my clothes Rula FTs me . I answer it and sit it on my dresser .

Rula- Babe where you going ?

Nell- over Teys house .

Rula- fuck I was thinking me and you could’ve been together tonight .

Nell- oh ( picks up my Dr.Martens )

Rula- oh ?

Nell- yeah oh ...

Rula- you fucking tripping . What I do now Nell ?

Nell- nothing ...

Rula- you on some bullshit .

Nell- Demitri

Rula- what about the nigga !?

Nell- y’all was together again ? For ?

Rula- oh you spying on me now huh ?

Nell- nah I would never . I was told ... so answer

Rula- relax don’t get shit twisted Ight ?

Nell- are you going to answer or not ?

Rula- ( hangs up the FT )

I stood there shocked as fuck . Did this nigga really just end the Ft . I went over to my phone real quick and called him back .

FT with Rula

Nell- ( looking down at the phone ) Oh really ?

Rula- ( starting at the cam in his truck ) you got me fucked up .

Nell- don’t end the Ft on me like that .

Rula- what do you want ?

Nell- I asked you a question ...

Rula- we was just talking . It’s not important so move on .

Nell- Ight I gotta go .

Rula- ( side eyes Nell and then shrugs his shoulders putting the phone down as he ends the FT )

I was so tempted to call back but I didn’t . I just got in the shower , got dressed and headed over to Teys house .

As I’m getting out the car Rula texts me .

Text Messages with Rula

Rula- I’m going out tonight .

Nell- ok, you drinking ?

Rula- I might ... why ?

Nell- can you not ...

Rula- why not ?

Nell- cause you always end up doing some dumb shit .

Rula- haha .

Nell- haha ?

Rula- have fun tonight , so will I ...

Nell- what ? What you mean Dre ...

Rula- exactly what I said , you want to act weird as fuck lately so have fun .

Nell- what the fuck you mean ?

Rula- Demitri... why you keep asking about him .

Nell- why the fuck you act like I shouldn’t ? The fuck ... you fucked him ! Y’all talked twice today about what my nigga ?

Rula- business...

Nell- yup say no more

Rula- I won’t .

Nell- don’t drink ...

Rula- don’t flirt ...

Nell- I’m serious Rula ...

He read my message and didn’t reply ... I sat in the car for like 5 minutes just thinking . Then all of a sudden I got a FT from Rula . But when I answered the phone was black . As if he just dropped his phone in the cup holder . So I sat there and listened . I heard the truck door shut then I heard the voice of Demitri.

Demitri- So...

Rula- so what man ?

Demitri- did you talk to him yet ?

Rula- to shut the fuck up . He would look at me like I’m crazy . And probably won’t trust me ever .

Demitri- mannn ... talk to him , see what he says .

Rula- fuck nah .

Demitri- if you don’t I will .

Rula- I’ll fuck your shit up .

Demitri- it’s just a fucking threesome .

Rula- nah

Demitri- if you’re down I know he will be . Plus I know he miss this dick .

Rula- nigga don’t make me kill you here .

Demitri- just the truth , I got that good pipe ask him .

Rula- you really want to get fucked up say one more thing my nigga .

Then I heard movement .

Demitri- Ight yo chill chill ! Put the gun away .

Rula- don’t fuck with me .

Demitri- Ight but tonight let’s turn the fuck up . Let’s not worry about these niggas and hoes .

Rula- nah can’t do that to Nell .

Demitri- ahhhh shut up Rula, you act like you are so perfect to this nigga .

Rula- man shut your ass up.

Demitri- I bet you didn’t even tell him huh ?

Rula- Nah I didn’t but for what ? It was once and a mistake .

Demitri- nigga you slept with your BM the day before you left bruh .

Rula- stop bringing that bullshit up . It’s already hard trying to deal with everything now . I don’t know how to tell him . He would leave me man . I love that nigga .

Demitri- man whyyyyy !?

Rula- I was drunk as fuck . When I woke up she just looked at me shaking her head .

Demitri- you got to tell him .

Now the whole time I was on pause . So he must’ve called me and did some stupid shit . I heard him pick up his phone and say “ fuck “ . I hang up the phone and got out the car .

I walked into Teys house and it was already kind of packed .

Amiya- NELLLL IS HERE !!!!

I couldn’t even smile and Amiya could tell .

As she was walking towards me I started dapping up some of the people . Amiya came and grabbed my arm pulling me to go upstairs . As she’s pulling up the stairs also was coming down the stairs with some girl .

Amiya- ( walks into the room and closes the door ) Cornell .......

Nell- yeah ?

Amiya- what’s wrong ...

Nell- I heard Demitri and Rula talking ...

Amiya- about ?

Nell- Rula slept with his baby momma the day before he left .

Amiya- ( covers her mouth ) babes are you okay ?

Nell- I mean I’m fine but I actually trusted him like a lot .

Amiya- I’m sorrrry ! (Hugs Nell)

Nell- trusts me in good .

Amiya- do you think he knows you heard ?

Nell- yeah cause I heard him pick his phone up and say “ Fuck “ .

Amiya- he didn’t text you or nothing yet ?

Nell- Nope .

Amiya- he’s probably shook as fuckkkkk!

Nell- ( shrugs ) can we just go downstairs .

Amiya- babyyyyy !! Nooooo please I want you to be happy .

Nell- i need a blunt and some drinks for real . I want to get fucked up tonight .

Amiya- got you ! But not to fucked up .

Nell- fineeee

We went back down stairs and Vlad was just walking in with bottles !


Nell- for real !

I took my phone out and snapped Vlad walking in with bottles .

After he put them down he came over to me and put his arm around my neck .

Vlad- what’s good bro .

Nell- not much how you been ?

Vlad- I been straight chillin. We haven’t talked in a minute yo. You act like you don’t know who I am in school . But it’s all good !!

Nell- nahhh it’s not like that .

Vlad- yeahhhh okay ! ( walks away and daps up his teammates )

Tey- Ight everyone gotta take a shot !!

RandomGirl- uhh uhh they trying to get us fucked up guhhh !

Nell- LETS GO ! ( smiling but then stops when I see Leo looking at me )

Amiya and Tey passed out the shots and everyone took the shot at the same time !

Nell- Damn !

Tey- weak assssss

Amiya- don’t talk about my friend like that !

Nell- shut your ass up Tey .

Amiya- uhhh uhhh don’t talk to my man like that either !

Nell- oh lord .

( Phone Vibrates )

Text from Vlad

Vlad- aye

Nell- yeah ?

Vlad- you trying to smoke ?

Nell- I’m down .

Vlad- bet meet me in my car .

Nell- okay .

Vlad walks out the door as everyone started playing heads up . After I played one game with them I sneaked outside as well . I walked over to his car and got in .

Vlad- ( licking the blunt ) took your ass long enough .

Nell- well i didn’t want it to look hot .

Vlad- we just smoking .

Nell- you wouldn’t understand .

Vlad- help me to . ( says smoothly looking at Nell )

Nell- nah .

Vlad- ( shrugs ) but yooo remember the pool party ?

Nell- what about it?

Vlad- (lights the blunt) ohhh so you want to act lost huh ?

Nell- haha I remember...

Vlad- I bet you do . Best kisser I have ever encountered. ( leans back in his chair taking the first hit )

I watched as he laid back looking good as fuck not even gonna lie but I had to stop cause it just made me think about the pool party .

We smoked all the blunt in silence . He kept staring at me not saying a word and I did the same .

Nell- we need to go back in . Hahahaha

Vlad- nigga why you laughing ? Hahaaaa ! You high as shit .

Nell- ( puts head back on the seat ) I knowwww

Vlad- ( lifts up his shirt rubbing his abs ) let’s go

Nell- ( looks down at him and his abs ) yeah let’s go .

Phone vibrates

Text from Amiya and Rula

Amiya- uhhh where are you ?

Nell- I’m coming back in now .

Amiya- Leo is looking for you .

Nell- I’m not speaking to him .

Amiya- ugh well .

Text with Rula

Rula- Babe ?

Nell- what’s up ?

Rula- I love you ...

Nell- love you too ...

Rula- we have to talk ...

Nell- we don’t , I heard it all . Just make sure you have your fun tonight and so will I okay ?

Rula- Baby ... stop

Nell- you should’ve stopped . Bye Dre

Rula- Cornell ...

Rula- Babe !?

Rula- answer my text man come on ...

I put him on DND and got out the car finally .

Vlad- uhhh finally nigga .

Nell- pshhh shut up .

Vlad came around the car walking towards me with his hands on top of his head looking down at me eyes low as fuck .

Vlad- you good ?

Nell- yeah I’m fine ( putting his hand on Vlad’s stomach ) why you so close ?

Vlad- ( puts his arms down and puts them on the top of his car over smells shoulders ) I can’t be close to you ?

Nell- Vlad noooo you can’t yo haha move .

Amiya opens the front door .

Amiya- Cornell !!!?

Vlad- ( backs off Nell slowly ) great timing I guess .

Nell- I’m coming haha .

I walked away from Vlad , but he was right behind me .

Amiya- you missing all the fun ! Y’all get in here . Y’all could’ve told me y’all was smoking .

Vlad- next time .

When we got in I was cheesing .

Tey- that nigga is high as fuck .

Nell- shut up haha .

Tey- we playing truth or dare . Y’all playing ?

Nell&Vlad- yeah

As I went to take a seat Leo just stared at me .

Amiya- okay Hmmm Vlad truth or dare ?

Vlad- Truth

Amiya- is it trueeeeee that you got a girlfriend ?

Vlad- nah it’s not

Girls- ( starts snickering and watching Vlad closely )

Tey- okay okay ladies ! Leo truth or dare ?

Leo- ahhh dare

Tey- I dare you to give Ol girl a lap dance .

Leo- her name is Shayla and no problem .

Tey- well shit excuse me ( Tey put on murder she wrote )

I looked at Tey and shrugged .

Leo started dancing slowing whining his hips coming close to her . I just watched leaning back against the wall . Amiya came up to me .

Amiya- did Rula text you ?

Nell- yeah he did .

Amiya- how did it go ?

Nell- I told him it’s nothing to talk about and told him to have fun .

Amiya- oh okay , Leo is killing it !

Tey- Ight ighhhht ! Enough !

Leo laughed and Kissed Shaylas cheek .

Nell- okay Tey truth or dare ?

Tey- Dare

Nell- I dare you to run outside naked and say “ I LOVE AMIYA BITCHESSS “

Amiya- bitchhhhhh byeeee haha !

Tey got up and started taking his clothes off . Amiya stood in front of him with her arms folded rolling her eyes at the thirsty bitches . Tey held his dick and told me to open the door . Everyone had there phone out including myself . Tey ran out screaming “ I LOVE AMIYA BITCHES “ . Everyone ended up outside laughing recording him . I still was at the door and I felt someone grab my arm pulling me away .

Nell- what the fu...

Leo- ( rushing Nell up the stairs )

Nell- ( reaches the top of the stairs and snatches his arm away ) don’t touch me .

Leo- ( pushes Nell inside Teys room ) shut up .

Nell- what the fuck you want nigga ?

Leo- ...

Nell- what Leo ? I heard the shit you said yesterday and I want no parts with your bitch ass . I’m tired of this bullshit . You don’t know what you want at all , you got a different girl every month my nigga . Leave me the fuck alone ! ( walks to the door )

Before I put my hand on the knob Leo came up behind me and held me tight putting his face in my neck .

Nell- Leo please ...

Leo- I need you Nell ...

Nell- what ... ( takes Leo’s hands from around him ) what ...

Leo- ( turns Nell around to him and stares at Cornell for more than 30 seconds ) I .. I ...

Nell- you what ?

Leo- I hate you ...

Nell- is that all ?

Leo- yeah ... ( steps back from Nell )

Nell- okay ... ( turns to leave out )

As I touched and turn the knob Leo came right behind me and turned me around again and picked me up slamming me against the door and stared at me face to face . Our lips was almost touching . He didn’t say a word he just looked at me . He then took one of his hands and put it on my heart . It seemed like everything was going in slow motion . My heart was racing . I didn’t know what to do .

Leo let me go and I almost fell on my ass and he just stared at me .

I caught my balance and left out . When I got in the hall I went into the bathroom leaving the door cracked and looked at myself , my heart was still racing . My phone vibrated

Text From Amiya

Amiya- Ummmm are you good ?

Nell- I’m fine .

Amiya- okay okay I see Leo now . He looks so calm . Did y’all talk ?

Nell- no it was weird .

Amiya- hmmm

Then I heard the song Ciara - I bet come on .

I stood in the mirror and recorded myself . And posted it on my snap . Then I went through my snap chat and seen Rula posted himself getting a lapdance from some chick at the strip club and so was Demitri. I clinched onto my phone and looked down into the sink . And someone dimmed the bathroom light and came in , took my phone and sat me on the sink and out there lips on mine softly and continue to kiss me holding onto my chin ...

Who do you think is kissing Nell???

I know I’ve been away for awhileeeee !!! But I’m back y’all . Sorry ! Don’t kill me !!

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Post Posted: 2018-03-16 23:01:06
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Post Posted: 2018-02-28 00:07:38
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Post Posted: 2018-02-26 03:48:38
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I'm thinking Vlad
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Post Posted: 2018-02-24 01:09:43
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I hope it isn't but I know it's Leo.😒

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