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Miami Day One Part Two

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Mom: I'm not saying go out there and be a hoe but if thats the message you got from it then yea. There are a lot of guys out there I'm sure and you don't want be in relationship after relationship. It begins to feel like a dungeon no matter how much you love the person. You a fine young man, your young and in college just have a little fun. Take a little time for you and heal one hundred percent first then if Chris still around get serious. I love you and Chris together but you my baby I want you truly be happy. You and Chris been together for a long time and then you jumped into it with Jason. Then now you and Jason finish you jumping back with Chris. No! I don't want you to be that guy baby just take your time and love yourself more first. Heal!

I just stood there for a second in the kitchen and I took in what my mom told me. Nate was trying to tell me the exact same thing. I really been jumping from relationship to relationship? I just started asking myself all these questions and feeling just a little embarrassed at the same time. I just was helping her pre prepare the chicken so it could go on the grill. It was just me her, daddy, KJ and the baby there everyone else went to go get rum and beverages.

Mom: You ok baby

Me: Yea I'm good I just been thinking heavy on what you said is all

Mom: Yea think about it then you go from there and make your own choice. Ill be happy with any choice you made because I love you and once your happy I'm happy ok. I love you!

Me: I love you to mom and I love you for just keeping it real with me. Nate been trying to tell me the same thing but I wasn't really listening to him. I just was acting on my heart. Emotionally I can just use a break! Chris isn't trying to crowd me or anything we just really still care for each other.

We prepared the chicken, put on the rice, macaroni in the baker and finished the potato salad. The food was coming along good we just needed to start grilling and my daddy was doing that with my baby brother in his arm. I went outside then i took him so he could freely move. He was just there showing KJ a thing or two about grilling and he was just so intrigued.

The door bell rung so i went to answer it and when i did it was Jovonnie, Roc, Blaze, Bentley and JB.


Me: My brothers! I was so dam excited when Blaze jumped to hug me i ended up jumping too. It was a hug fest right there in the living room cause I haven't seen these niggas in a few months good.

Jovonnie: Nigga whats good man!

Me: I'm good JO!

Bentley: Mjay! I'm loving the beard and you put on some muscle mass i love it! You looking sexy i must say as he smirked at me

Me: Thank you man

Roc: Where the food at I'm hungry as he laughed

JB: Cousin as he hugged me I hope you good man as KJ ran inside cause he heard familiar voices. He was like a little kid in candy land hugging up with everyone.

Jovonnie: Where Terry and them gone? I told them we were on the way and we were bringing rum to drink.

Mom: They went to get some beverages. I heard a voice walking behind Jovonnie and them. It was my sister Britt and Candy walking in late out the car. I got super excited because I haven't seen my sister in so long!

Me:OMG! Sis thats you

Britt: Mjay!

Candy: Oh wow you look different mjay all rip and growing beard. I gave them both hugs as they walked in. It was so dam fun having my entire family here for the weekend.

Mom: Britt baby and Candy my love how are you

Candy: I'm great mom you need any help in the kitchen?

Mom: Sure and my baby girl how are you?

Britt: I'm great mom where is everyone else and daddy

Mom: They on there way and then your dad is outside grilling

Britt looks at me again and then she came over as i was just talking to blaze and Bentley. She then said to me I have a bone to pick with you Mjay but ill wait until later before I talk to you about it. I was a little confused to what bone she wanted to pick with me. I then asked her what she wanted to talk about but she said we'll talk about it later.

Me: Sis no lie you got me curious now so you better just tell me what on your mind

Britt: Later we will talk about everything.

Blaze: Mjay just wait until she tell you about it don't force it. He laughed at me then he said I got something to tell you

Me: We walked in the back of the yard under this new bar Chris contstructed in the back by the pool. So what you got to tell me cause i was beginning to think everyone has gotten boring

Blaze: Roc kissed me!

Me: What! When! OMG ! Is he trying to get killed

Blazed: I think so he said with this sad look on his face

Me: Well why are you so sad

Blaze: Its just that I was in love with Roc first in that way but I thought he didnt feel the same. He knew about me and he still didnt make a move but he'll wait until I then been through hell, get with this brother then he makes a move. I just feel disrespected. We talked about it and it got into and argument but we are good right now I just don't want mess things up with Jo. I love him and he has been there for me when I didnt have shit. He saved me

Me: Hey don't get in your feelings now. Trust me I'm now learning to just let shit just play out and don't think to much into it. Just stick by Jo and if something happens and you be single then fool around with Roc. I mean I don't think Roc is really gay. Its just that being around so much gay couples he probably feels its a want now to be into men. I don't think its something he truly wants but then again i could be wrong. You ready for this weekend?

Blaze: Hell yea I'm ready but are you guys going to do that traditional party thing?

Me: What you mean? What traditional party thing?

Blaze: Nigga you know that free for all anything goes sex party the gang always have

Me: Yo! Who told you about those

Blaze: Jo told me about it

Me: Wait how he know about it because he never really been to anything we had back in the day or any of the sex parties.

Blaze: I know but JB told him about it and it seems like fun and its a good way to get that hoe bone out. I think it's therapeutic!

Me: You seem a little excited there but you sure you want get into that? Anything goes you know and that means anyone can fuck you and anyone can fuck Jo.

Blaze: I know and I'm ok with that its all freak and fun. We all like family thats why I'm excited to do it. We got a pent house sweet at the hotel so we can have the party there.

Me: So you planned this I like that but question who in the gang you wouldn't mind fucking or fucking you. This just a freak questions cause I know everyone know by now I'm a freaky ass nigga.

Blaze: To be honest he said with you then pause. He said I always wanted to taste that from we were in school. I just started blushing then he said if i can at least taste you once life will be complete then we go back to our normal lives of not being hoes.

Me: You sure you can handle this here? We both started blushing and for that second I got super attracted to Blaze. I wanted to give him the dick but under the right circumstances. I got a hoe in me i know and I'm scared he just might surface and start giving out dick. You get some dick! You get some dick! You all get some dick in Oprah voice.

Jo; Yo the food ready as he walked over to us with the bottles setting up the bar for tonight. He walled over and said now little bro you aren't trying to steal my boyfriend are you. I know you got a new bad ass look and all but don't do big bro like that as we laughed.

Me: You better stop talking shit as he looked at me smiling. We all went for food and it was so much fun having the family all together. Chris and everyone came in good time too. I knew this was the start of a crazy weekend as Chris brought out a bottle of duse cognac for us to shot. Duse is Jay Z's brand of cognac if you didn't know about that. We all took shots as the night started and music got turned on outside. It turned into a back yard party! Not long after we got our food and the laughs started Dion & Omar arrived

Dion: Now i know yawl ain't starting no party without me as we all rushed to hug them two. He said Dion is in the mother fucking house in Tiffany "New York" Pollard voice. We all just burst out laughing as the night had just begun.

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Post Posted: 2017-06-21 20:57:17
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Welcome back!!!! I'm loving it as always. Keep it coming
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Post Posted: 2017-02-27 23:13:57
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Yesssss keep them coming 😍😍❤❤
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Post Posted: 2017-02-27 21:27:03
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OMG!! lol this bout to be good.. its gonna be a freak fest going on... lol
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Post Posted: 2017-02-27 20:28:51
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This party is about to be lit! Hopefully no drama! I think we've all had enough of that!!!

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