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Miami Part One

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Hours Later ..........

I'm here on this plane looking out the window as we got ready for take off. I was just thinking about the shit we were about to get into this weekend. Miami here we come and I just hope you are ready for us! Again!

We landed a few hours later and I was just excited to get this show on the road. I was even more excited to see my mom and dad because I haven't seen them in a long time. My little brother I'm excited to see too I said as the plane parked the gate. As the door opened I got up to get our over head bags and woke KJ up cause he was out cold. I guess the little guy was beat and that plane ride did him a lot of good.

I didn't know if my mom already here or she was at Chris & Terry's house already. I texted her phone and she didn't answer. We all made our way to go by the baggage claim.

Nate: So you think he's coming?

Me: Who

Nate: Candy Kane

Me: I just started laughing then I said I don't know but if he comes well just turn up.

Nate: Are you going to tell him that you into guys so he wouldn't be surprise if he just see something

Me: I mean if he ask I'll tell him. He is cool but I don't want freak him out or anything though. You know how str8 niggas go when it comes to gay men they think we be trying to try them every time. Nate & I were talking and i looked over his shoulder at this guy who was watching hard. I said who is that watching us so hard.

Nate: He then said where?

Me: Look over your shoulder but don't make it obvious

Nate: Its probably a guy checking us out, not that I care about that gay shit but let me see. He stretched and played it smooth as he looked at the guy then he said he doesn't look gay he looks like undercover 5 O.

Me:Undercover police! Why though?

Nate: Hey! You haven't done anything and I haven't done anything so lets just let him look. Fuck him! Once he's not coming here to start some mess with us.So let me ask this next question before we embark on this crazy weekend. You are in a relationship or you single? Let me know so I'll know if to keep you in check or cheer you on if you get wild. This is just best friend precaution!

Me: You know I'm single but then Chris and I are talking so I don't know what to call it. I'm just going with the wind I guess ,but I love Chris you know that so keep me in check best friend. Should I keep you in check or cheer you on?

Nate: Cheer me on nigga! You dam well know I'm going to be wild as hell. Fucking a bitch this night and fucking a bitch that night as he laughed. Ill just fuck bitches as we started laughing. Slanging bitches!

We were just there talking as we continued waiting on our bags until I turned around and saw this baby trying to walk to me. I looked at him and he looked like a baby KJ so I picked him up cause it was my little brother. Hey! I looked and it was my mom and dad walking towards us

KJ: Grammy! Papa! He took off running to them and my mom just picked him up as the kissing and hugging began. I just was kissing up my little brother as everyone just started hugging. Terry's son Terrell also came along with mom and dad for the crazy weekend. Him and KJ hugged like they haven't seen in a twenty years.

Chris: Parents how are you guys doing as they just hugged Chris and Nate. I looked behind them and it was Shawn my former bestfriend.It just turned into a family hug out right there by the baggage claim area. We were reunited and it felt so dam good.

Mom: Hey baby you looking buff and that booty looking pump she said in my ears as she hugged me. I just started laughing then I said mom don't start its to early for the jokes. She then said baby it's never to early for the jokes as she took my baby brother from me. She then said where my other son Terry?

Chris: he coming for us right now mom he flew over on the first flight. Jovonnie suppose to already be here and so are JB and Bentley.

Mom: It's gonna be a lit weekend then! When she said that we just looked at her and started laughing.

Me: Mom just simmer it down just a bit I said as daddy put his arms around my neck.

DAD: My son? You looking good I like this beard thing you got going on. So I guess your beard finally started to show itself. Think you is man now don't you as he laugh and we hugged.

Me: Daddy please no jokes out of you and mommy this weekend please I got a friend that's coming from school.Well he suppose to be coming but I'm not sure if he's coming yet. He'll let me know if he made the flight or not.

We were just talking and then I saw Shawn just there and not really saying much. I don't hold gudges and I do care about him so I went over to him. I hugged him and then I said you good brother in law.

Shawn: Yea I'm good man! Are you good?

Me: You know me I'm always trying to make the best out of everything

Shawn: You look different

Me: You mean that in a great way of course as we laugh then he said

Shawn: you know I do mean that in a good way. It's all love and you know that but you looking good. You looking like daddy with this beard as he smirked at me then he said good thing you the little brother. We also friend so you know that's off limits

Me: Like any of that stopped me from beating them cakes before as he laughed. You do remember what happened in west palm beach this trip probably won't be no different

Shawn: Well see what happens as he laughed then he said Nate what up

Nate: I'm good Shawn how are you

Shawn: I'm good just here ready for the weekend to start I need some rum. Terry outside everyone

We got our bags and we headed outside to get into the jeep and when we got there it was a fifteen seater van waiting on us.

Me: Where the hell you get this from?

Terry: I rented it because we need something bigger since it's going to b a lot of us to get from point A to B.

Me: Coolness

Terry: You not going hug your brother

Me: For what I just saw you a few hours ago I said as we burst out laughing and he looked at Shawn. He walked over to him and he hugged him tight then he said I missed you. I'm still not use to seeing my brother be all soft for the one he loves. I don't think I'll ever get use to it because I know deep down he's still a crazy mother fucker.

Mom: Well my son ain't even going hug his mother he just went str8 to the boo instead as she laughed

Terry: I'm sorry mom as he turned into that little mamas boy and he hugged and kissed mom. He then embraced little brother and kissed him on the cheek. He hugged dad as well.

We loaded up the car then we headed to Chris and Terry's house to get settled in and the sun was already hot. The ride was about twenty minutes and as we pulled up Travis was outside the house waiting. Travis a friend of Terry & Chris that live down the street. He normally house sits for them when they aren't here living in the house. We got there and everyone just got there rooms. My mom came in the room and just dropped my baby brother on the bed. He was just there being a baby and playing with KJ as Chris came in the room.

Chris: just imagine if all of them were you know

Me: You would like that wouldn't you as we smiled at each other

Chris: So the opening is tomorrow but I'm thinking a little dinner or BBQ out back then tomorrow we can all go get tux for the opening tomorrow night.

Me: Tux?

Chris: Yea tux! I mean its going to be a casual club but for the opening we wanted it to be more classed

Me: Chris and class? Yup! You have certainly come a long ass way from that angry youngster i first met back then.

KJ: Daddy how can I have a uncle thats younger than me? That's insane! I though Grammy and papa to old to have anymore kids? When he said that we were floored!

Chris: Little man just relax that and he's having a hard time dealing with it Mjay

Me: Son your grandparents just wanted kids after their kids had kids. Don't feel bad about that son. You going be the greatest little big nephew ever ok but think of him as brother.

Kj: Yea a brother! Daddy when you having more kids cause I want a brother to play with

Me: See your brother there creeping about in the bed baby boy as i laughed and Chris started laughing hard. As we were in the room putting all the clothes away in the draw the door bell rung. I could here my mommy answering it and when I walked out the room it was David. Aye big bro thats you?

David: Hey little brother come give me a hug man as he wrapped me tight he apologized for not flying over to come check on me and his nephew. I'm sorry!

Me: It's cool but you do call and you send funds to help with your nephew and i appreciate that more than anything else. I know you got things going on it how are you and candy doing

David: she's beautiful! I never been more happy with someone

Me: Where is she

David: She coming over with blaze so they'll be here shortly. He just went through the family just kissing and hugging. Even though our parents saw him earlier that day they still hug and kiss him like they didn't. That's what I love about my family. Mjay i got something to tell you but i guess well get into all that later on.

Nate: You heard from Kane

Me: No I haven't heard from him but i guess hell text me if he stil coming down

Mom; Who's Kane?

Me: the friend from school i told you guys I inviting him down to chill with us for the weekend.

Mom; That's nice of you

Mom and I went in the kitchen as she started getting the meat out the fridge to season up for the grill. She just looked at me the she said baby you looking good. So, I know we talked about you and Chris on the phone but now that your in my face tell me again. So you guys are back together?

Me: No we aren't back together but we talking to hopefully get there on day

Mom: Oh ok! You want my advice? Even though it might not be something you want to hear but it will be the truth. I'm your mom so I'm not going to surger coat anything for you

Me: Ok mom I'm an open hear shoot

Mom: You and Jason not to long broke up so I don't think you should be talking to anyone right now but just having fun. You and Chris should really try being friends first then go from there. I don't want you rob yourself of your youth baby.

Me: Mom is that your way of telling me just go be a hoe

Mom: I'm not saying go out there and be a hoe but if thats the message you got from it then yea. There are a lot of guys out there I'm sure and you don't want be in relationship after relationship. It begins to feel like a dungeon no matter how much you love the person. You a fine young man, your young and in college just have a little fun. Take a little time for you and heal one hundred percent first then if Chris still around get serious. I love you and Chris together but you my baby, I want you truly be happy. You and Chris been together for a long time and then you jumped into it with Jason. Then now you and Jason finish you jumping back with Chris. No! I don't want you to be that guy baby just take your time and love yourself more first. Heal!

I Know I've been gone long but forgive me. I hope everyone enjoy this one! Like comment and follow me if you haven't already.

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Welcome back one of my favorite authors
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I understand mom's concern but he still belongs with Chris...LOL. And who was dude at the airport? I really hope there's no turmoil to come on that front.
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Welcome back it's about time lol

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