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Kane's Hood

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Chris: Both because I caught them once having sex just like he caught me and you having sex. Troy got his karma back as he laughed but they begged me to not tell anyone, even you. This was back when me and you were together and those two were living at my crib remember. I was mostly staying by you at your apartment but I couldn't tell you. As far as those two getting married I was actually there to witness it. It was actually beautiful and they happy. I can tell when it real or fake. Best thing to do when you dating someone is to keep it between the two it will last longer that way. It's a shame that they are the two that weren't into this life style but now they in love and married before any of us. It's crazy!

Me: Yea it's hella crazy for real but who was on top?

Chris: Troy as he started to laugh but they both into everything. Talk to Troy he'll explain it more and more. I only heard this little voice say Daddy when you and Chris getting married. I turned around and it was KJ just standing looking on smiling so I said he knows. I just heard my name being called over and over again. I was laying down on the sofa then I got up. I looked at Chris then I said I was a asleep? He smiled then he said yea you were asleep but you kept saying congratulations.

Me: so your brother and Damien aren't here.?

Chris: Yea they in the room sleeping

Me: they married for real too?

Chris: No Mjay you probably was dreaming that shit

Me: you sure cause I could swear they were together and married.

Chris: You dropped sleep a little after they came and Terry was trying to find out if they were gay but they aren't. Hey get up get dressed you got class in two hours I already took KJ to school.

I laid there in the chair feeling dumb cause I swear taught they said they were married but I dreamed it. That's just like me dreaming as usual but my dreams always do come true as you can see with my life. I swear my dreams be so real it make me question reality sometimes. I quickly got in the shower so I could get dropped off to school.

Chris: I jumped out the car as I told Chris bye he said no where my kiss with a smile. You know I got to taste those lips, I won't see you until later today after I get little man from school.

Me: You just horny as he started to laugh but then he said you good though as I kissed him on the lips. I going meet up with Nate after my engineering class so I probably could just ride with him home.

I got to school and it was just blah because today of all days I don't want be there. I wish I was home in bed getting a massage or something but I said fuck it let me just get this over with. I just started smiling because this weekend about to be lit and no to mention I don't have to come back to school until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday here in the untied States. I went in my engineering class and Kane was right there saving a seat for me.

Kane: Saved you a seat as he was signaling me as I walked in. He just was smiling as I sat down beside him.

Me: What up nigga

Kane: I'm good man so what's cracking this weekend and I know you up to something dope because it's a holiday weekend. Plus you got all your family here

Me: I'm not going to be here this weekend I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for Miami. Chris, Terry & Jovonnie are opening up there night club so everyone going be there to support.

Kane: Dope! So no invite? I like hanging with you guys it feels like love all around.

Me: You sure though we aren't that normal type of group

Kane: I know you guys aren't that's what makes you unique but can I come though?

Me: Yea you can come we staying at Chris house in Miami and he got a few guest rooms. We leaving on the 5:30pm flight tomorrow so book your ticket for then or later and I'll just come pick you up for the airport.

Kane: I'll come on that last flight or the next morning because I have something to do with the frat.

Me: Please don't bring your best friend cause my son doesn't like him at all

Kane: Why KJ doesn't like him? He started to laugh as he question KJ's dislike for Roman.

Me: Let's just say my son is like a director he sees and record a lot then he analyzes things. He is an amazing kid and can spot bull shit a mile away and he's growing so I can't punish him for his mind at all.

Kane: I understand but what about Cassie? Can I bring her?

Me: Naw we don't have space for her but don't bring hoes I mean sand to the beach bro.

Kane: You just call my girlfriend a hoe? He started laughing then he said Mjay you fuck up. I think she does her dirt but to be honest I do mine to so I can't be to mad at her.

Me: You cheat?

Kane: Naw I haven't, but I got someone I want fuck so bad but I just ain't make my move yet cause I don't know if they into me or not. When he said that I said woah is he talking about me as I looked at him he just smiled. We talked shit most of the class and when we got out we went to the cafe to meet up with Nate. You guys actually want eat here or you want hit up this spot I know not to far from here.

Me: The cafe food ain't to bad but you know since we on the team we got to watch what we eat

Nate: Sup dudes!

Nate: What up

Nate: Nothing just got a bunch of homework I got to try finish before I leave tomorrow cause I'm getting totally wasted this weekend. Possibly laid as he started to laugh but yea wasted for sure

Me: Just a hoe as I laughed at him

Nate: Well best friend you know this already and you still love me so shut up as we burst out laughing. Let's go to this spot I heard you was telling Mjat about as I walked up cause I'm tired of the food in here already.

Kane: Cool I'll meet you guys in the parking lot I going to go get this form right quick.Nate and I went in the parking lot looking for Kane's car as we waited on him to come.

Me: So he wants to come with us on the weekend

Nate: Cool but you know there is going to be plenty open couples there and then you and Chris talking again. You sure it's a good idea and I then think he likes you

Me: I thought about all that but he just want come and have fun. I probably will just tell him if he does come. He coming on a later flight so if he comes I'll tell him what's up.

Nate: Or maybe me and him can just chase bitches and I'll see if he really into girls or guys from that. Shit change the topic cause he coming

Me: Yea so we got practice at 6 am in the morning this is going be rough

Kane: Oh you two just suck it up and do what you got to. Don't be a bunch of pussies as we started to laugh

Nate: 6 am practice though

Kane: He looked then he said no lie I was qutting that team. I love my bed far to much to be getting out that early but did you tell him you got a kid. What if your brothers weren't here you got to talk to him about that in the morning.

We got in Kane's ride then we went on our way to go get something to eat. It was a nice little spot that was kind of in the hood but it was cool. He seemed like he knew a lot of people round there cause they were hailing him calling him college boy. He seemed kind of at home with the he place and your an tell by the smile on his face.

Kane: yea this is my go to spot when I want that good food and the people around here is awesome. Don't mind the area once they know you good you going be good. The food is great and it's not that expensive as we looked at the board waiting to order.

Me: Well thanks for sharing your spot I got to take you to the Bahamas and show you my spot. I end up getting me a burrito and when we got tasted it I was blown away. It tasted good as hell!

We were there just eating and talking until it was time to go home. Nate was just there telling him he hope he can keep up with us when we start partying.

Kane: I invented the turn up so I can keep up as we laughed

Me: Kane you might see some shit you that might be strange to you and when you do then we'll have a talk

Kane: Strange like what?

Me: Just strange as I smiled but don't hurt your head to much about it

Kane: Hmmm now you got n curious as hell to want to find out but ok I'll wait to see what you talking about

Nate: Anyway fellas I think we need to bounce cause I got to pack finish homework and get ready for practice in the morning

Me: Me too! After we got done eating Kane took up back to school to get Nate car then we went home. When I got there Chris was in the room packing his bag so I went to play with him . He wasn't giving me the time of day as he looked mad. I then said wait what did I do

Chris: You forgot me Mjay I told you I was leaving tonight. Where you been ?

Me: We been in Kane hood for second getting some food. Why the attitude?

Chris: Cause you suppose to be here when I am about to leave. On a plane once again as he looked at me serious. He felt hurt cause he's going on a plane again alone . The last time there was a plane crash I guess he just wanted me to show some concern.

Me: I'm sorry I just lost track of time! I really am sorry

Chris: I mean I was mad for real but I'm leaving with you guys tomorrow. Jovonnie is over there he's handling a few stuff as well as JB. He started to laugh but I punched him in the chest and he dropped to the grown. He said shit Mjay!

Me: That's for playing as he jumped up and tackle me in the bed. He was on top of me as he pinned me down but I was just as strong as him now. I flipped him in the bed then I said pinned ya playing Lion King. He flipped me and we ended up on the ground but I rolled over on top. I laughed then I said pinned ya again!

Chris: I wanted you to pinned me as he laughed so don't get a swell head. He kissed me then he said you ready for this trip

Me: Yea I'm ready are you

Chris: I'm ready and you know how crazy things get when the gang get together.

Me: Yea I know as I laughed then I said I just hope you ready for this .

Hours Later ..........

I'm here on this plane looking out the window as we got ready for take off. I was just thinking about the shit we were about to get into this weekend. Miami here we come and I just hope you are ready for us! Again!

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Missed your writing
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Is the story rank chart broken ?
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Yes finally you are back! I hope they do another three some
Like they did with that one boy
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Its about time you came back, lol. Love the chapter
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Kane want Chris lol everybody want Chris hell I want chris

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