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Oh Little Brother

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My mom and I were on the phone for like and hour just talking. We always do this and sometimes my mom be my best friend. After we got of the phone we were all in the front room eating pizza and watching the game when the door bell rung. Everyone wasn't moving so I'm like I'll get the door. I got up went to the door shouting who is it but no answer. I opened the door and my mouth dropped open surprisingly at who was there standing tall looking in my face.

Me: Well hello long time no see

Troy: Well if it isn't my brothers baby daddy

Me: I started to laugh then I said Troy how are you man! It's been a long ass time I haven't seen you.

Troy: I know I been chilling and working in ATL. Fellas how are you!

Terry: Well look here at this one! That booty sore now so you took a plane here to chill with us for a second. You totally vanish with Damien in ATL and didn't look back. You ready to fill the gang in on the two of you?

Troy: Terry you still a dick I see as he laughed then he said Big bro.

Chris: Little brother come give me a hug I haven't seen you in a minute but we do talk on the phone a lot.

Terry: You ain't even want tell your big brother?

Troy: Aint nothing to tell Terry just lay off it why you looking for problems I just reach bro. I told you I ain't with that gay shit man and neither is Damien!

Terry: Nigga I want to know cause I don't know why you'll hide it from us when we all get down.

Nate: Except me! We laughed then we said Nate just shut up in here. He then said don't get mad at me cause I straight and you niggas narrow as a mother fucker. The jokes were just riddling off in here and of course Troy was the center of it. I really do wonder if him and Chris cousin Damien really do have something going. They been living together for over a year now and it's like they met hit it off and vanished. I ain't saying that like we haven't seen them period but they just don't be around often.

The door bell rung again and Chris said he was going to answer it this time since everyone want to be popping up surprising niggas. Chris opened the door and it was his cousin Damien from Atlanta. I looked at him and then I looked back at Troy and they just looked so in sync.

Damien: Fellas did you miss me?

Me: Nigga where have been hiding! This shit is so great that all of you coming down this weekend going be really good. I just was excited as hell that the full gang going be down in Miami for this club opening.

Damien: Mjay you take this one back yet cause he been tripping ever since. Wait where little man and Terry son?

Nate: They in the room chilling and playing. You know the usual kid shit but what brings you fellas down early?

Troy: Well I'm on vacation so I decided to come early and fuck shit up here then we'll head up with Chris.

Terry: Fuck shit up like Damien been fucking you all this time yawl been hiding out together?

Me: Oh lord! I going call Shawn so he can tell you stop your shit tonight!

Chris: Terry just drop it bro

Me: Bro just leave it alone for real

Terry: No I want to know what the fuck is going on! If we're all men living in our own truths openly amongst the group they should as well. Shit even my mother and father knows I have a boyfriend. I blame these two for outing me but they know! He said yea you two as he laughed looking at Chris and I.I know it ain't no females involved it's just you two. You two were living in Chris crib back home all alone and you to tell me yawl ain't experiment ? Do I have to break out the footage or you going tell the truth?

Chris: Footage?

Troy: Footage?

Damien: Terry so it's like that you set up cameras recording us?

Troy: Yea man what the fuck is that

Damien: I thought we were like brothers man I'd never do that to you and Shawn

Terry: you can't cause I'm too smart for that shit but I needed answered and I got them. I just was giving you both ample time to come and say whats on your heart. You both didn't want do that so I taking shit in my own hands. As my brother was telling us what he did, and as evil as it was I was impressed. I didn't like that though because I don't want force no one to say what's on their heart. I dam sure didn't want it to happen to me but Terry was just there looking like Scar from Lion King. He didn't give a fuck either so I knew then you can change the man but that thug still deep in there hearts.

Damien then went up in Terry face looking like he want to punch him in the face. My brother just stood there tall and didn't move a muscle fearless and ready. He then said do something and I'll drop you cause you know you could never and will never beat me! Do something! Do something! My brother taunted him like the big bad crazy wolf he is!

Troy: Ok!

Troy said ok and I just got shocked out. He said for the past two years Damien and I have been dating. It got super silent as we looked at those two then Damien said

Damien: Happy now! He looked in Terry face still looking angry as fuck. I then got on the side of them then said fellas the kids in the room. It's all love here so let's keep it that way we family. He then said Mjay move!

Terry: Yea Chris come get your man!

Damien then raised his hands like he was about to punch Terry. I got scared but then he hugged him and said well we came here to just tell everyone we been serious for a minute now.

Terry: he laughed then he said I wasn't recording yawl niggas I just was playing around to get a reaction out of you. Bait was taken! The both of you took that chance and now into guys as well. Did we have something to do with it?

Troy: An experiment on a drunk high night turned into this as he raised his left hand and it was a gold wedding band on his hand. I was floored that I dropped on the floor in shock.

Nate: Wait you niggas married! What the fuck

Damien: Yea we married! He said as he put up his hand and showed off his gold wedding band as well

Me: What! Oh my God! You niggas were the main ones saying yawl ain't into this gay shit and how much you both love pussy. Then look here yawl are married! Wow! I need some air that was a bomb! I went up to them and I hugged them both telling them congratulations. I was more than happy for them

Troy: Yea man we only waiting on yawl niggas to get serious now and jump the broom.

Terry: What made you two want to do it

Chris: Better yet who is the top or the bottom in this marriage. That's what I'm curious about knowing.

Damien: We not going by roles we just make each other feel good and show love in many ways as possible. I never thought I'd say this about a guy but I love him and I know he loves me.

We just hugged it out happy for them as they were glowing but they good. They hide this from us for almost three years all together. I pulled Chris in the kitchen and he looked at me.

Chris: Hey! Hey! I'm not going to proposed to you so you don't have to tell me about it as he laughed.

Me: No your baby brother is married and you don't seem to surprised.

Chris: We been suspecting them for years now so you shouldn't be either and I knew he said as he covered his face.

Me: Wait you knew and didn't tell me

Chris: Baby we just got back together and we weren't really conversing a lot when you were with Jason.

Me: Ok you knew they were together or got married?

Chris: Both because I caught them once having sex just like he caught me and you having sex. Troy got his karma back as he laughed but they begged me to not tell anyone, even you. This was back when me and you were together and those two were living at my crib remember. I was mostly staying by you at your apartment but I couldn't tell you. As far as those two getting married I was actually there to witness it. It was actually beautiful and they happy. I can tell when it real or fake. Best thing to do when you dating someone is to keep it between the two it will last longer that way. It's a shame that they are the two that weren't into this life style but now they in love and married before any of us. It's crazy!

Me: Yea it's hella crazy for real but who was on top?

Chris: Troy as he started to laugh but they both into everything. Talk to Troy hell explain it more and more.

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Is this story over?!?!
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good work
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Lol all in the family now
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Should have left them straight now it's get to much

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