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A Mothers Call

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Chris: Ok daddy we understand

Me: Terry you know you actually starting to sound like daddy for real. Must be the age I said as I gave him the side eye with a smirk

Terry: Very funny as he smiled but then he said you forgetting important thing your boyfriend is a year behind me so if I'm old so is he.

Chris: Yo! You missing the point my brother you still older he said as we burst out laughing.

Terry: What ever at least me and mine don't be breaking up every other day so step your dicks up! Boom! Drops mic!

Me: Whatever it ain't about all that it's the journey and how you end that counts.

Terry: Whatever little brother as he laughed walking up stairs asking what we brought to eat.

Chris: I was so proud of you today as you was doing something you really love. Looked like a boss doing it as well as he grabbed me by my waist all sweaty but he didn't care.

Me: Chris we in the parking lot you know all out in the open. You sure you want to be showing this much affection right here

Chris: Why not as he kissed me!

Me: I'm all sweaty let me go bath

Chris; Can I come as he smiled

Me: Find a way to keep KJ occupied then you can come join me in the shower but if not then nope!!

Chris: Wait but you know he does alway be looking for me so that's a challenge as he smiled

Me: Well you the one that want to come in the shower with me so if you want to join me then be the step dad I know you can and keep him occupied.

Chris: You think you slick but I'm going find a way but you going be moaning and climbing up them bathroom walls when I'm through with you as he said smartly. Chris don't know how much he turns me on and make my dick hard. When he gets this obsession it makes my hormones burn like a ferniest. I got inside then I told Nate to put my food in the microwave I'm going to go take a shower first. Chris came in the house right behind me then he said Nate let me holler at you for a quick second.

I went in the room got my bath things then I headed into the bathroom. I left the door open just in case he got adventurous to get in here. I took off all my clothes then I when in the tub and actually ran a warm bath cause I know my muscles were going to be sore after today. I just laid there with my eyes closed soaking in the water as it felt so relaxing. I heard these little foot steps come into the bathroom and it was KJ.

KJ: Daddy I finished all my home work can I please go outside and play with Terrell out back with the water guns uncle Terry bought us.

Me; Who going down there to watch you guys cause I don't want you outside with no one there.

KJ: Uncle Nate outside with us daddy, so please can I

Me: Yea go ahead and have some fun

KJ: Thanks you! Thank you! KJ left and I went back into relaxation but this time I just felt lips on my nipples. I opened my eyes and it was Chris looking smiling in my face cause he succeeded in keeping KJ occupied.

Me: You won! So jump in for your prize as I said that he looked at me like he wanted to eat me.

Chris: I would love to come in here with you but I just thought about something that I been neglecting for a minute now. I haven't been to the gym since I came here and I need to go.

Me: You know the apartment have a gym at the end but it don't have everything in it but our school have one so well.

Chris: You know what I'll just go tomorrow when you and KJ to school. Terry and I can go work out and make some calls for our opening on Saturday in Miami. I know you going be mad but I have to leave on Thursday to make sure everything is ready. Jovonnie flying in then as well so I have to be there.

Me: Oh ok well I can't be mad at all of that you working. I'm proud of you because you come from so far it's remarkable. You making moves and successful.

Chris: I think I have you to thank for that because if we never got together in the first place no one was going to teach me how to love. No one was going to teach me how to receive love. Then little man comes long and that was the cherry on top of the cake..

Me: Speaking of little man ,you did lock the door right because he fast and swift.

Chris: Yea it locked

We sat in that tub for like and hour talking about life and what's going be happening with this new club opening. We then got out the tub got dressed and headed outside with everyone else. I almost lost my cool when my own son thought it was cute to shoot me with this turbo gun Terry bought them. He was in his element out here just running up and down wetting up himself with his cousin. My phone then started to ring and it was my mom

Mom: Hey baby! I haven't talked you in a few days

Me: Mom we just talk yesterday we texted

Mom: Talk on the phone I meant but anyway how's everything and how's my grand baby. How's school and how the boys over there are they cute

Me: I just started to laugh then I said mommy please don't lets go there talking about the boys.

Mom: Oh come on now baby you should me confident in who you are by now to talk to your mother who is totally fine with your sexuality, so open up on your likes and dislikes.

Me: I am comfortable with it but it's just that your my mother and it's weird.

Mom: So you trying to say I can't be hip!! Listen to this! My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns Hun. Cut it cut it cut it and as she was singing I just went quiet. I couldn't stop laughing because I was floored. She said well I'm glad I can be the butt of the joke for you today.

Me: Mommy the guys are cute but I can't really fool with any

Mom: Why not bring one lil American home and have some fun

Chris: Mom he can't do that cause he got me to bring home as he laughed after taking into my phone

Mom: Listen Chris! You better go boy and get your man as she was taunting at Chris.

Me: Um mommy don't swell his head up cause he got plenty work to put in

Mom: I'm sure he already work that booty out enough times baby

Me: Mommmmmmm! I was so embarrassed as she started laughing then she said I'm sorry baby but you two love each other and the boy is fine I don't blame you. I said yea but mommy I can't talk to you about sex now. I'll open up on who I'm dating at the time but we not talking sex. Yuck!

Mom: Oh lighten up baby she laughed then she said your little brother need a diaper change please come and do it cause I need a break. His little behind is wearing me out and he's already rude crying for his own way. He wets up the bathroom when it's time for a bath and when I take him out he cry. I does leave he little tail in the tub until he ready to come out.

Me: Little brother turn rebel already I can't wait to see him on Friday and is daddy coming as well

Mom: Yea your father coming cause who you think baby sitting and so is your sister and boyfriend. Now is probably the best time to let her know you and Chris are you know. She the only one out of the loop and it might hurt her feelings if she heard it from some where else.

Me: I just realize I haven't told her for real but I will when she comes. Wow this is truly a family reunion going on. I can't wait to come back home when the semester is done.

Mom: Oh I saw Jason the other day he been to see me and David wants to know if you want him fix up your apartment while you gone because he wants to add another room to it and change the floors and furniture.

Me: Tell him it's basically his place I only live there so if he wants to he can. He got three months no some weeks to finish but I'm coming home for spring break so I probably can stay home by you if he's not almost done. You saw Jason huh? We had a a talk when he was here we cool but how is he

Mom: He play with the baby for a minute and we just talk about each other was up too. Your daddy said he hoped you found someone new and that he was going hook you up with his worker son.

Me: Lord listen my father trying to play match maker but could you tell him that's not necessary. I'm back with Chris and we good so that's not needed. I swear you two don't know how to act as I laughed.

Mom: She just started laughing then she said well I'll let him know or you can call and tell him yourself. He's a little mad with you because he said you don't really call him. He says he always has to call you and it shouldn't be it should be equal.

Me: I know and that's on me. I just be so tied up here and I know that's no excuse but I do. I'll make more of an effort to do better but I'm glad he's coming.

Mom: He's knows that but you know your father. Even though he has a new baby here he still be worried about you and KJ over there. Speaking of KJ I saw his mother the other day and she claims you never told her you was taking KJ away with you.

Me: Well if she had called to regularly check up on her son and not me forcing him to call every time she would know. I want him to have a relationship with her but she makes it so hard that I want to just strangle her. Why can't she see what an amazing smart kid we have together and try treat him like one then maybe he'll warm up to her. She scar him though and I think he'll never forget how she treated him before he knew about me.

My mom and I were on the phone for like and hour just talking. We always do this and sometimes my mom be my best friend. After we got of the phone were all in the front room eating pizza and watching the game when the door bell rung. Everyone wasn't moving so I'm like I'll get the door. I got up went to the door shouting who is it but no answer. I opened the door and my mouth dropped open surprisingly at who was there standing tall looking in my face.

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Damn who is at the door damn dude lol
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Now how you gon' just leave us dangling like that?! You know you better come on with that next chapter boi!!!

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