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Ball is Life

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Me: We're they that bad man I said as he started to laugh. He told me to look at the record but I just went on the court to shoot around as I told Kane I'd talk to him later. We started playing five on five on the court with a few of the guys and Nate was on my team of course. Nate and I were just killing these young fellas but the funny thing is the coach was watching us. The coach said ok boys that's enough try outs are about to start. As we were coming off the court Nate and I were just laughing cause we killed them but two white boys were mad. They started to talk a little louder then one said where these niggas come from. Nate and my head turned like a saloon chair. It was on!

Me: What you just say to us white boy

Nate: Yea what you just say to us bruh!! We'll beat your ass and have you in a hospital bed by this afternoon if you don't back your marshmallow ass off!

White Boy: Go back to Africa or where ever you came from we don't need you here!

Nate: Nate just charged at them and so did I. We got to them and I started to throw a punch but then Coach and his assistant grabbed me and Nate. At that moment we looked at each other then said we probably going get kicked out of this Gym.

Coach: You know what the penalty is for fighting in school? Do any of you know what's it is? Let's here it?

Me You get suspended or expelled

Coach: Exactly and that's exactly what's going to happen here as he look at all four of us.

Nate: No please we got a scholarship that we on we can't lose that please! Well just leave your GYM and won't come back he said looking down said and disappointed

Me: Yea please don't go through with that! Well just respectfully leave and apologize to everyone here. We just was defending ourselves because what he said was beyond disrespectful. That was discrimination and I won't stand for that at all!

Coach: I'm not because that was going to be a justified cut ass is how you Bahamians say it right as he looked at our forms then said Marc and Nate. You two can stay and tryout but you two can leave my gym for using that word. We don't discriminate anyone on this team or in this school. Period! Get out of my gym and you won't be returning too play on this team as long as I'm head coach here.

Whiteboy: Fuck your team we don't need it because it's going to suck every year like it always do. You needed us!

Whiteboy2: You know what they say once you go black you never go back! When he said that I was just floored and wanted to fight again because it was disrespectful. When I looked I saw Chris and KJ coming in the gym going to take a seat on the bleachers. KJ was just looking and laughing waving at me saying hi daddy

Coach: Security! Export these young men out my gym before I take this to the dean and get them expelled. Wait! They going need and apology from you two so spill it.

Nate: That's cool we got more class then they ever will have and we're proud of our skin. We from the Bahamas and don't you forget it! They just mad cause they got beat!

The coach kicked them out of the Gym but not before they could've threaten us one last time. The practice began and I wanted to go hail KJ but we were already running different drills. I wasn't to up to this like Dion but thank God I was working out so Nate and I took it well. He kept shouting at us but they were watching really hard so I don't know if I was doing good or not. I could only hear Chris mouth saying push through Mjay! Let's go Nate! I was just laughing inside because who even invited him here to watch me play but I guess he said since he had free time. After about and hour of just doing drills he decided to run teams of fives just to watch us move. Nate and I were on the same team for sure but the others were actually running neck and neck with us. Time was running down and we were tied. They had the ball so we was running a play to score but as a player was pulling up to shoot he got blocked. I ran down for the fast break lay up as Nate ran to so I passed he lay up. We won!

Coach: Ok guys take five

Nate: That was fun and I think we made the team for sure but this team isn't bad so I don't know what they were talking about. I see your boo came to cheer you on as we laughed and I blushed as we walked over to them.

Chris: Gone then Kobe!

Me: I blushed then I said what you doing here as I picked KJ up to kiss him

KJ: Daddy yuck you sweaty as he laughed then he said I want to play ball too. You look so good out there daddy I was a proud son as he smiled. I kissed him again then he said stop daddy but I want go get that ball on the court.

Nate: Let him go on the court play we on a little break. I put him down and he ran on the court but we were watching him as Nate looked at Chris then said. Chris you know I love you but I love my best friend more so you serious this time right

Chris: More serious then ever! You ain't got to worry Nate we going be good this time for sure. I just looked at them two talking then Chris said look at little guy interacting with your coach as I turned looking at him. Coach was there showing him how to shoot and KJ was making him laugh cause I could only see him laughing. I don't know if to go get him or to leave him there cause he looked like he was having fun.

Coach: Ok fellas bring it in

Nate and I walked back on the court as I took KJ and told him to go sit back with Chris.

KJ: Wait hold on so coach my daddy make the team right

Coach: He surely a strong candidate little guy as he laughed then KJ said so what about my uncle Nate. He also is a strong candidate but they going know who made the team in the morning when I post it up. Anything else sir? When he said that the hold team started to laugh when KJ said that's all boss. I just started to laugh then I said go sit over there by Chris I coming in a minute. Coach then started talking to us about how he want to turn things around this season and that he will post everything up on the gym door tomorrow morning at nine. He then told us to go home get some rest and check out the list in the morning.

Nate and I was walking away but then he called us back. He then said you two can really play and I love that island flavor in you both. I don't want it seem like I got favorites but you both made the team and I think it would be far less flavoring without you two. You will be starting as well so be prepared to put him some work.

Nate: Thanks a lot coach!

Me: Yea thanks a lot we won't let you down. A we turned away we dipped then he said MJ. I turned around and said yea coach

Coach: Cute kid by the way

Me: Thanks as I smiled and looked at KJ on the bench just talking Chris life away. We walked over there and he was just there smiling then he said

KJ: You made the team right daddy

Me: Yea i did little man I think you must've put in a good word for us huh

KJ: Yea I did what I do when I can do it. We just started laughing then he said I'm hungry now can we go and so we left the gym.

Chris: Where you guys want to get some food from as we started to get into the car.

Nate: Anywhere! As we were leaving the same two white boys were sticking there middle fingers up at me as I smiled back at them. I made the team, I got my boyfriend back, got a awesome best friend and my son is a charmer so things looking up for me right now. I know they going be a problematic in the near future but I'm going cross that bridge when I get to it.

Chris: Little man so you want some pasta?

KJ: Yea that sounds good with some garlic bread! Yum!

Nate: You like your belly now as he laughed

We went to get some pasta and then headed home because I was still sweaty. My balls we're itching and Chris was just laughing at me. He was giving me this smirk like he was turned on seeing me wet with sweat. We got home and my brother was outside on the phone probably talking to Shawn. He looked at me then he said you two in my office as he told Shawn he'll call him back. Nate took KJ inside as Terry thought he was schooling us about something.

Terry: You niggas couldn't just get back together the night you broke up. You know how awkward it be when my brother and best friend not together. Please just keep it like this ok because it's better for everyone! Chris I love you now but like I told you before this my little brother and you catch the flack like any other nigga. Don't hurt my little brother again and this is your last chance for sure cause I can't be going through this shit. It don't only effect you two it effects everyone around you! Just quit all the drama and just be happy shit!

Chris: Ok daddy we understand

Me: Terry you know you actually starting to sound like daddy for real. Must be the age I said as I gave him the side eye with a smirk

Terry: Very funny as he smiled but then he said you forgetting important thing your boyfriend is a year behind me so if I'm old so is he.

Chris: Yo! You missing the point my brother you still older he said as we burst out laughing.

Terry: What ever at least me and mine don't be breaking up every other day so step your dicks up! Boom! Drops mic!

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The couch I see trouble lol
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I'm worried them white bois gonna be a problem. MJay better watch his back!
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Cause Shawn is a puppet

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