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Stop Fucking Up !

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I turned around and it was Rula ...

Nell- what are you doing here ?

Rula- came to apologize . I was just about to text you .

Nell- oh ... But it's cool no biggie .

Rula- why is your neck red like that ?

Nell- ( I looked over at Leo quickly who was staring ) um got into with someone but it's solved .

Rula- ( looks over at Leo and gives him a head nod ) hell nah who out there hands on you ( puts his hand under his shirt )

Nell- babe chill ( grabs his arm )

When Rula nodded his head at Leo . Leo stood up and walked away ...

Rula- where are you going anyways ?

Nell- I was just gonna sit here in my car until 3rd period .

Rula- are you sure you don't need me to handle it ?

Nell- 100% sure .

Rula- ( kisses Nell softly ) love you ight ?

Nell- love you too .

Rula- ight I gotta make a run . Text me later after your job search .

Nell- I will .

I got in my car and watch Rula leave . I went on my phone and my Checked my ig and started to accept some people that I had sitting there for awhile . . I looked up from my phone and I seen Leo walking back to the bench getting on his phone as well . About 10 minutes later I seen a car pull up with that girl he showed me in the pics driving . He stood up and looked at me 1 more time and left with her . I got out of my car and started walking back to entrance of the school .

Text with Amiya

Nell- I'm sorry babe ...

Amiya- ...

Nell- come onnnnn .

Amiya- I forgive you . But maybe asking Leo was a bad idea from the beginning .

Nell- yeah now that I think about it . But Amiya he talks to that girl now . And I consider him as a friend . He makes it seem like he don't care . But then lashes out at random moments .

Amiya- so ignore him completely . Give him time . Don't talk about the trip to him anymore .

Nell- he's not going anyways . I'll find someone else I'm good .

Amiya- Nell what if he cooks down by then ? It's like 2 months away .

Nell- idk ...

Amiya- he might fall in love with ol girl . Then you'd be good .

Nell- your right .

Text with Ty

Nell- don't forget we going job hunting after school .

Ty- yea yea yea .



Ty- yo my girl stilllll tripping .

Nell- at least y'all been going strong .

Ty- she seen the videos you recorded of me and went off .

Nell- why ????

Ty- cause she thought a bitch was recording it . Until I told her you did it . But then even after that she was like he might like you Tyrell . I'm like nah we just that cool . No feelings .

Nell- yeah exactly .

Ty- I'm just comfortable around you . We've known each other for years now .

Nell- true ! But.... That 1 time you needed help ( side eye )

Ty- yea yea ... That wasn't shit to me .

Nell- wasn't to me either . BUT it's not okay .

Ty- yeah I got you .

Nell- but I applied for some of these jobs already on indeed . And I have like 2 interviews today .

Ty- where ?

Nell- Footlocker and Forever 21 .

Ty- bet ! Good luck nig .

I walked into my first interview with forever 21 and it went very well . The lady continued to compliment my look and style and said I should be hearing from her soon .

The next interview was Footlocker . I wasn't too sure about this 1 cause they usually got straight up niggas working up in here . And well hell we will see .

I walked in and a dude at the register just stared at me with a dirty look as if he knew I was coming in for a interview .

Nell- hi I'm Cornell and I'm here for a interview .

Dude- yeah hold on .

Nell- okay ...

Before he walked to the back he huffed and puffed . Then 1 of the workers came near me and said " don't worry about him . He just gets jealous when he sees competition... "

I turned and said huh ? The dude looked behind me and walked away to go speak to a customer . I turned back around and there stood this gorgeous looking man . He had to be about 6'5 he had a athletic built like a football player but not too big . His hands were huge but you can tell he was clean cut cause his nails looked freshly manicured . His beard was on point . It was very full and even . He had tattoos all over his body ... Had to be cause they were on his neck and on both arms from what I can see . His foot locker shirt seemed as if it was holding on for dare life . He had chinky dark grey eyes that fit his dark caramel skin complexion .

Manager- and you must be Cornell ?

Nell- yes that's me .

Dude- ugh ... Excuse me I have to check someone out . Can you move ...

Nell- no problem ...

Manager- You know what we can just go to my office so we can start this interview . Follow me .

As I started walking to the back I came near the smart mouth fuck at the front and I said to him in his ear " fix your attitude little bitch " and I kept walking without looking back . But when I did turn my head to look forward the manager looked at me and shook his head .


As we walked past a lot of sneaker boxes . I watched him walk and it was very manly/business like .

When we got in the office he stood at the door and told me to sit . I sat down facing his desk and he walked over and sat behind it and put on his glasses . As he looked through my file then looked up at me he actually looked even more sexy with the glasses on .

Manager- So Cornell why do you want this job ?

Nell- Well Mister um ...

Manager- call me G .

Nell- well mister G . Can I ...

Manager- just G is fine ( tries not to smile ) .

Nell- okay G ... Can I be completely honest ?

Manager- honesty is what I like .

Nell- Well I just really need a job . I'm 18 ... I need to do a little more then just party and hang with friends . And I've actually been eyeing this store , I would come in and some of your employees are really nice . I always thought it would be nice to work here . Everyone seems cool ... For now at least .

" Pshhh "

I turned and it was that dude sweeping near the door .

G- Close the door Drew ...

Drew- ( slams the door )

G- ( puts on a angry face as he looks at the door then tries to soften it up when he looks back at me ) sorry about that . I don't know what's wrong with that kid .

Nell- ( whispers ) I do ...

G- don't whisper ... Speak up

Nell- I said I do ...

G- oh you do ? And what's that ?

Nell- I think this dude may have a crush on you . Orrrrrr you might be fucking .. I mean beating the breaks off of ol dude .

G- ( puts the files down and takes off his glasses and leans back ) and how are you so sure ?

Nell- I watch my surroundings ...

G- well your wrong .

Nell- oh am I ?

G- are you trying to out smart me ?

Nell- not at all . But if you think I am ... Is it working ?

G- ( sits up and looks back at the file and writes something on my file ) hmmm...

G stood up and walked to the door and opened it . I turned to look at him and he held onto the knob and pointed me out of the door . I got up looking undefeated cause I think I just lost this one ... I walked past him and I started walking down the hall and I heard him say " can you close ?" I turned before walking back into the store and said " what does my file say " and I walked into the store and that lil stank ass Drew was staring me down .

Drew- that was too quick ... You didn't get the job bye bitch ...

Nell- ( shrugs ) maybe I didn't .

G- aye get back to work ...

I felt him behind me but I didn't even turn back I kept walking to the exiting door and I hear " Hey Cornell your file says you do " . I turned my head and said " so what are you going to do ?" I walked out ... As I'm walking I hear a hey ! I turned and it was G .

G- I wasn't done .

Nell- you were done when you kicked me out of your office ...

G stood there and stared at me confused ...

Nell- never met someone like me huh ?

G- tomorrow at 5 ...

He backed away smoothly then turned and went back into the store . I turned and it's like I hit a brick wall . I look up and it was Rula ...

Rula- your kidding me right ?

Nell- what are you talking about ?

Rula- why did y'all have that stare down like that Nell ?

Nell- it was him . He thinks he has a dummy .

Rula- hmmm I don't like this shit . And your not working here and I mean that shit .

Nell- I don't think I heard you right .

Rula- I'll tell you in the car where it's more quiet . Let's go .

I walked with him to his car thinking that this nigga was NOT that dumb .

When we got in the car I texted Ty and told him to meet me at my car .

Rula got in his truck and slammed the door .

Rula- I said you are NOT working there . And that shit is final .

Nell- your NOT about to tell me where i will work .

Rula- I just did and you know not to fuck with me .

Nell- you gotta be crazy ...

Rula- what you say ?

Nell- what the fuck is the problem working there ?

Rula- that nigga . That's the problem . You think I'm stupid ?

Nell- hell no I don't think your stupid ! But I thought you trusted me . But I was wrong apparently .

I got out the truck and walked over to my jeep .

Rula- don't walk away from me .

Nell- just give me space . I'm surprised you think that I would just fuck up us for a random . I'll talk to you later .

Rula- Cornell ...

Nell- I'm good ... Goodnight Rula .

I kept walking and Ty was waiting at the car for me . When we got in my car I sat there for a minute .

Ty- you good bruh ?

Nell- yeah I'm alright . Just been a long long long day . I just need to rest .

Ty- yeah well do you think you got the job ?

Nell- I do have 1 at foot locker .

Ty- hook me up with some jays !

Nell- I didn't start yet damn haha .

Ty- just saying .

Nell- how about you ?

Ty- they trying to hire me at h&m

Nell- that's good .

Ty- nahhhh I need a real nigga job . I'm gonna keep looking .

Nell- you do that .


That Night

I laid out on my bed doing my homework with my earplugs in jamming . As I'm finishing up my essay I get a FT call from Rula but i just let keep ringing . Then after 2 minutes he called again . And I didn't answer ... Then 5 minutes after that a different number popped up so I answered .

Nell- hello ????

???- is this Cornell ?

Nell- yes this is he .

???- it's G . I was just making sure you know that you are coming in at 5 tomorrow for orientation .

Nell- ohhhh .. Yes I didn't forget already .

???- okay ... ( gets silent )

Nell- okay ...

We sat in silence for like 7 seconds .

Nell- um are you there ? Or ?

G- oh yeah that was all .

Nell- okay bye .

I hang up and shook my head . Then the same number called back .

Nell- Yes boss ?

G- haha boss I like that ... But I have a question .

Nell- maybe I have a answer .

G- how can you tell that there's something going on between Drew and I ?

Nell- it's all over him . When I first walked in he gave me a dirty look . Then when I saw you and how he acts when you come around . It was easy .

G- he gotta cut that shit out man .

Nell- hey Boss I think your getting to comfortable.

G- I'm the boss right ?

Nell- True .

G- can you tell from me though ?

Nell- not 1 bit... When I first saw you I didn't even think you got down .

G- yeah I'm down low ...

Nell- oh that I know :) ...

G- I'm actually going to pick up my girl now .

Nell- Hmmm a circus man you are ...

G- what does that suppose to mean ?

Nell- you like playing with fire .

G- i guess you can put it like that .

Nell- so I have a question ..

G- I have a answer .

Nell- why ummm Drew out of all dudes .... ( coughs )

G- he was just convenient and still is .

Nell- I think he likes you a lot .

G- trust me he's a ho ... I am not worried about him . I get my nut and keep it pushing .

Nell- very honest I see .

G- I have another question if you don't mind .

Nell- I'm all ears .

G- are you straight ?

Nell- no I am not .

G- next question ... Did I get you in trouble earlier today ?

Nell- trouble ? No ... Argument yes ...

G- oh ...

Nell- no sorry ? Just oh ?

G- well I can only be sorry when I really am sorry ... Don't you think ?

Nell- ( gets quiet )

G- are you there ?

Nell- yeah my bad ... Had to text someone ( lying ) ...

G- hmm okay ... Well I'm pulling up to my girls house ... I'll see you tomorrow at 5 .

Nell- will do ...

The call ended and stared at my phone and shook my head . What was that !?

I finished my essay and got my ass ready for bed . I laid there and turned off my light and my phone vibrated .

Text from Rula

Rula- Stop ignoring me ...

Nell- I'm tired I'm going to sleep .

Rula- can we talk first .

Nell- about ? Listen I'm fine Rula you just don't trust me like you said you did . And it's okay .

Rula- STOP IT .

Nell- stop what ?

Rula- answer your phone .

( Calls )

Nell- what's up .

Rula- hmmm what's up ?

Nell- I had a long day .

Rula- ight whatever ... But I do trust you okay ?

Nell- to a certain extent...

Rula- ...

Nell- hahaha ... But I trust you though ... ME ... CORNELL ... Trusts you Rula ...

Rula- what does that suppose to mean ?

Nell- nothing ... I'm going to bed .

Rula- no your not .

Nell- I am ...

Rula- the fuck yo ...

Nell- I'm tired Rula damn . And this shit isn't helping honestly .

Rula- fuck it ( hangs up )

I laid there in shock kind of but I shook it off quickly and just closed my eyes ... Thinking about this whole day including Leo, Rula, and G ...


The next Morning

It was now Wednesday and I was still suspended until Thursday . I woke up to 5 missed calls from Rula and 3 text messages from him .

Texting with Rula

Rula- You up ?

Rula- I want to see you .

Rula- listen babe ... I just want you to myself . I'm stubborn I know . But seeing that nigga stare you down, fucked my head up . But just know that I do trust you ... But shit do run across my mind . Not gonna lie .

Nell- can I be honest ?

Rula- yea

Nell- I don't think about you cheating or anything . I actually trust you . And you not trusting me is totally find . Maybe I'm doing something wrong ...

Rula- it's not your fault your sexy but then you have the best personality in the world . I see why they stop and stare .

Nell- but I only want you ... I could've been left you if I wanted somebody else .

Rula- your right ... I'm sorry for going off on you like that .

Nell- it's fine ...

Rula- babe do you ever get mad ? You take most things like a grain of salt .

Nell- i do get mad . But most things don't phase and . And I never really show how I'm feeling . I think that's why people get so angry with me .

Rula- who like Leo ?

Nell- yea him ...

Rula- mhm ...

I put my phone down and just looked up at the ceiling . And Drew popped in my head , about how addicted he is to this man . Damn someone is going to get hurt .

I got up and went down stairs to make me some breakfast . I made some bacon sausage and eggs . I put it on my snapchat and my IG . After eating my food . I checked to see who viewed my snap and Leo was 1 of them . And it made me think about him for a split second . I got up quickly and washed the dishes while I blast some music . Trying not to think so much about all this bullshit , that's going on ... But wait wait just hit me ... Was Rula spying on me !? I went to my phone quickly and texted him .

Texting with Rula

Nell- I got a question

Rula- wassup babe ?

Nell- why was you at the mall .

Rula- ( side eye emoji )

Nell- to spy on me ...

Rula- I wouldn't do that . Chill out please .

Nell- I mean but it is like that . You've been acting weird as shit lately ...

Rula- your tripping shorty .

Nell- nah im not tripping .

Rula- ight fuck it ... I did spy on you ... So ?

I read the message and just ignored it . I went back up stairs and took a quick shower then threw on some workout clothes and decided to just go for a jog .

As I'm jogging I can feel something or someone falling me with there eyes or car . So I decided to turn my head as I'm listening to my music and when I did I decided to slow down and I was lost by what I was seeing . It was Demitri and Rula talking . I stopped and just looked over . It seemed like it was a heated conversation and then Demitri made eye contact with me . But Rula couldn't see me because his back was turned . When Demitri saw me he just made it seem like I wasn't there . So I slowly kept walking away . As I'm walking back to my house I see Demitri sitting on my steps .

Nell- why are you here ?

Demitri- why aren't you in school ?

Nell- cause I'm not ... Excuse me .

Demitri- so your about to act like you just didn't see me earlier ?

Nell- I don't care .

Demitri- so you don't want to know why we were talking ?

Nell- nah I'm good . If I needed to know Rula would tell me ...

Demitri- ( stands up and walks past Nell ) let's see if he does that .

Nell- we will.

Demitri- speaking of the devil .

Rula- ( gets out his truck and slams the door ) yo what the fuck are you doing here D .

Demitri- just talking to a old friend . Is there a problem ?

Rula- nigga you better not fuck with me . Leave now .

Demitri- yes sirrrrr ....

I look up at Rula watching Demitri go to his car and I just turn away and start to unlock my door . I can hear Rula rushing over to me .

Rula- Babe what is up with you ? ( holding Nells waist from behind )

Nell- nothing .

Rula- why didn't you answer me back ?

Nell- cause I got the information I needed . Why would I respond back .

Rula- open your door .

Nell- nah we can talk out here ( turns ) what's up ?

Rula- ( steps back and looks confused ) I don't like this shit . What did I do !!?

Nell- you tell me ...

Rula- fuck it ... You want to act like a kid then be 1 . I'm out ...

Rula starts walking away ..

Nell- man fuck you ( turns and opens the house door )

Rula- I know you ...

I could hear Rula rushing up behind me and we burst through my door and I stumble a bit as he stands right in front of me with his fist balled up . I'm now leaned up against my living couch as he pushes hisself on me .

Rula- the fuck you just say ?

Nell- get out my face Dre ...

Rula- nah talk your shit ...

Nell- ... ( looks to the side )

Rula- don't ever say that shit to me again . If you don't want to talk then shut the fuck up .

Nell- nigga you shut the fuck up . Asking me dumb as fucking questions . You know what you did . Get out my house .

Rula- ( grabs Nells chin ) who are you right now ...

Nell- ( moves Rulas hand ) Cornell . Now just leave .

Rula- I'm not leaving ... I spied on you YES I DID ...

Nell- congratulations....

Rula- don't be sarcastic... Why was Demitri here ?

Nell- I DONT KNOW YOU TELL ME !!!!!!! I don't have any fucking answers I'm waiting on your ass to fill me in .

Rula- You already know why I spied on you . I know it isn't right but shit I love you and I know how shit gets ... Trust me .

Nell- okay ...

Rula- and Demitri ... I don't know why he was here .

Nell- are you sure ?

Rula- yes

Nell- okay you can lie ...

Rula- yo how am I lying .

Nell- I seen y'all today ..... That's how ( shakes head ) just go I'll be good with not knowing I hope .

Rula- ( steps back some and gets on 1 knee ) babe it was nothing important I was talking to him about . He actually owes me money ( grabs Nells hand ) I was going off on him about that . He's just jealous of us .

Nell- ( stares at Rula )

Rula- you believe me right ?

Nell- ( looks down at there hands ) it's becoming hard to believe you .

Rula- it won't happen again . And Demitri isn't shit to worry about . It's me and you babe .

Nell- can you stand up .

Rula- ( stands and pulls Nell to him ) I love you okay ?

Nell- I love you too ...

( Door bell rings )

I kissed Rula really quick then I opened the door and there stood Amiya balling her eyes out .......


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Post Posted: 2017-11-19 15:36:09
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Please continue writing this story!
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Post Posted: 2017-08-29 16:51:36
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I came to your story about a year late but I must say, I really couldn't stop reading! You're a very talented writer and have a creative imagination. Hopefully you are doing well and can continue this story soon. There are so many loose ends! Be blessed and keep up the great work!
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Post Posted: 2017-08-03 12:51:34
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: 5

: 2

What happen to the story????????????
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Post Posted: 2017-03-12 21:44:09
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So.....your not going to finish. ...????
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Post Posted: 2016-12-11 02:15:23
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- Fr I'm Thirsty Lol
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Post Posted: 2016-09-08 02:38:49
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: 21

This story is really good, but it has an extremely biased slant. Nell play a lot of games, yet he is constantly made to be the victim. He is not stupid nor is he naive. Examples...1) Why would you think that it's okay to invite a guy who clearly likes you on a vacation with you and your boyfriend, that's paid for by your boyfriend? 2)Why would you work for a man that you can immediately tells likes you? 3) If you're all about honesty, why won't you tell Rula about your recent conversation with your new boss, and the fact that he is calling you discussing personal business after only meeting you a few hours prior?

Be fair in this story and call Nell out on his bs, like you do everyone else.
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Post Posted: 2016-09-07 23:25:41
: 4
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: 912

: 7

crunkcakes wrotes:
ive always been TeamLeo or TeamAdrian....Rula was never it for me he too bipolar
And Leo ISN'T bipolar?!!! He put his hands on Nell not once, not twice but numerous times. If Nell needs to stay away from anybody, it's that one there. I think he needs to leave Rula alone for that same reason. It should have taken one time from either of them. I think Nell is playing too many head games with everyone but I'd rather ANYBODY over Leo for him!!!
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Post Posted: 2016-09-07 22:57:55
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: 2880

: 86

drama drama drama
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Post Posted: 2016-09-07 20:52:23
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: 630

: 134

ive always been TeamLeo or TeamAdrian....Rula was never it for me he too bipolar
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Post Posted: 2016-09-07 15:23:22
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: 310

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Please dont tell me something happened to Leo

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