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Demitri- Nelly ?

Nell- what are you doing here ?

Demitri- my cousin knows some people here...

Nell- cool ... So um how are you doing since ...

Demitri- hey I'm good I told you that cutie .

Nell- don't call me that .

Demitri- I use to call you that .

Nell- exactly .

Demitri- how's you and your bf ...

Nell- we are great .

Demitri- that's good .

Nell- well yeah I'm Gonna get out your way . Have fun . Good seeing you .

Demitri- good seeing you too cutie ( watches Nell walk away ) damn I fucked up .


The Next Morning !

So this morning I decided to go for a jog . Since I've been slacking . As I'm jogging I ended up bumping into someone that I wish I didn't ! Dee ..

Dee- ohhhhh look at you . Trying to show your ass I see . ( walks around Nell to look at his ass )

Nell- I gotta go ... ( starts walking )

Dee- ( grabs Nells arm and pulls him back squeezing the hell out of his arm ) you crazy I see .

Nell- get the fuck off of me . ( snatches his arm away )

Dee- bitch I will fuck you up .

Nell- Then fuck me up .

Dee- ( grabs Nell by his neck ) listen you lil bitch . My brother is back in town and you need to hop off his dick . You really think he wants YOU ? A nigga ? Your wasting your precious little time .

Nell- why are you so mad ? ( stares at Dee )

Dee- ( tightens his grip ) bitch just listen to what the fuck I say .

Rulas truck pulls up .

Rula hopped out his truck quick and punched the shit out of his brother making him fall over .

Rula- you thought I wasn't gonna catch you slipping nigga ?

Nell- Babe ...

Rula- ( looks over to Nell and changes his expression real quick ) Get in the truck .

Dee- nigga did you just hit me ?

Rula- hell yeah I did . Don't fucking disrespect mine .

Dee- ( gets up ) you know what . Do you bro do you .

Rula- nigga and you know I am . Get gone .

Dee- fuck you .

As I watched Rula walk away from Dee I just couldn't wait to kiss him . Right when he got inside , he started flipping out about his brother but I leaned over and kissed him quiet . I couldn't stop .

Rula- babe relax I ain't going no where .

Nell- I just missed you .

Rula- missed you too babe . ( kisses Nell ) put your seat belt on though . Got a surprise for you ;) .

Nell- okay .

I sat back and watched him drive like a lil creep . I held his hand and he held mine tight .

Rula- what has gotten into you ? You've never missed me like this .

Nell- well I don't know honestly .

Rula- it's cute though ;)

Nell- this I know haha .

When we got to the house Rula rushed inside . I got out and tried to catch up to him and by the time I got inside he was upstairs moving stuff . When I got into the room I saw a bag and a balloon that said guess what ? .

Nell- no more surprises babe . What is this haha.

Rula- cone look .

I went over to the bag and it was a pair of Jordan's .

Nell- aww thanks babe .

Rula- there's something else .

Nell- where ?

Rula- under the box .

Nell- a envelope. Hmmm ( opens it up ) a trip to the BAHAMAS ? ohhhh shit !!! I can't wait !!!

Rula- to make it more interesting ... There's another envelope.

Nell- hmmmm what's in there ?

Rula- more tickets of course babe .

Nell- so your telling me I can invite my friends .

Rula- that's exactly what I'm saying .

Nell- your trouble babe .

Rula- I can't show you off ?

Nell- of course you can .

Rula- what you afraid that Leo will start some shit ?

Nell- hell nah . Even if he does , he won't get far .

Rula- glad you know .

I put the envelope away and moved the bag to the floor and pulled Rula into the bathroom with me .

Nell- take a shower with me ?

Rula- I just took one babe .

Nell- okay ...

I turned away from him and started to take off my shirt . Then I bent over and untied my workout sneakers . When I got back up I leaned over a little bit and took off my compression shorts . While I took them off I can see Rula in the mirror staring at my ass, grabbing his dick that was now hard .

I turned on the shower and got inside once it got warmer . I left the shower curtain open and cleaned myself as Rula watched my every move . I turned around so he can see my ass and I put 1 leg up on the tub and put 1 finger up my ass to tease him .

Rula- can I taste ?

Nell- get in !

Rula didn't get in but he made his way to my ass though and ate me out like it was his last time . After he ate me out he stood up with his head soak and wet from the shower and pulled his dick out his shorts and put 1 foot in the shower still fully clothed and pressed his dick against my hole . I turned and looked back at him and held onto his dick as he pushed inside of me slowly . He smacked my hand away and held onto my wrist tightly and shoved his dick a little deeper in me and turned off the lights . I stood up a little and used my free hand to grab onto his hand that was holding onto my waist .

Rula- don't get scared . I'm about to fuck the shit out of you . I told you I would .

He grabbed my chin and pushed my head back onto his shoulder and bit my neck as he started stabbing my ass with his dick making me scream out . He put 1 of his fingers in my mouth and sucked on my neck as he fucked me faster . I started to walk forward in the shower because he was hitting that spot . I couldn't take it much longer .

Rula- hell nah ! Stop running ! And take this dick Nell !

Nell- fuckkkkk !

Rula kept fucking Nell as he lifted Nells left leg and put it on the other side of him and pick Nell up while his dick was still deep inside of him and he held him tight as Nells legs was wrapped around him .

Rula- oh now you can't take it ?

Nell- I can but shit you beating it up like I made you mad shit .

Rula- you should be able to take it regardless nigga .

Nell- are you getting mad ?

Rula- ( holds Nell tighter and slams his dick inside of him once ) do it seem like it ?

Nell- RUUUU ! Fuck man . You know your dick is big and you could've opened me up a little shit .

Rula- yo who you talking to ?

Nell- you nigga . Your dick is in me right ?

Rula- slow that shit down . Don't talk to me like that , don't forget who I am ...

I pushed Rula off of me and tried to find the light . He grabbed both of my arms and slammed me against the bathtub wall .

Rula- yo what's good with you .

Nell- get off me . Your tripping .

Rula- nah fuck that .

Rula turned me around bent me over and put his dick back inside of me and I tried to stand up from the sharp pain from him entering . But he held onto my neck and started fucking the shit out of me . Not giving me no chances to stop him , " I don't know ... ( slam ) who the fuck ( slam ) ... You talking to ( slam ) take it now .

I grabbed his arm and screamed his name . He lifted me up and held me tightly to him as he fucked me a little slower kissing my cheek as I held my mouth open panting .

Rula- I love you .

Nell- I love you .

After I said I love you back to him I could feel the cum from his dick squirt all inside of me . I felt it oozing out my ass as he went in and out of me slowly . My legs were a little shaky so he finished washing me and brought me back into the room . He put the lights on dim and I saw him standing there naked dick semi hard still jumping . He crawled over me and laid on top as I wrapped my legs around him and we fell asleep .


Rula- babe get up you got school .

Nell- ( sits up slowly ) ugh

Rula- I made you a breakfast sandwich downstairs .

Nell- you did !?

Rula- haha yea babe .

I hopped out the bed and went into the bathroom and got myself ready for school .

After I got dressed and stuff I went downstairs and are with Rula .

Rula- so I'm bringing you home or am I bringing you to school ?

Nell- bring me home so I can get my car . I'm going job hunting after school .

Rula- ight that's what's up . You know there gonna hire you at forever 21 or h&m for sure . Maybe even Neimans .

Nell- I don't even care . I kind of want to work at a sneaker store though .

Rula- uhm why ?

Nell- just want to . Seems easier .

Rula- nah don't .

Nell- why not ?

Rula- too many niggas be up in there .

Nell- oh shut up .

Rula- ok ... You ready ?

Nell- yes ...

On our way to my house I can tell Rula was in his feelings once again !

When we got to my house , I grabbed his arm and pulled him over for a kiss and he just pecked me real quick and started looking through his phone .

Nell- for real ?

Rula- your gonna be late .

I just got out the truck and got inside my jeep . He sped off and I took off too . When I got to school I seen my crew chillin on the benches .

Amiya- hey boooo !

Nell- what's up y'all .

Tey- can't wait until spring break now ... Ugh

Leo- right ... What we gonna do ?

Ty- let's go on a cruise or some shit .

Nell- how about the Bahamas and the tickets are free ?

Tey- whoaaaaaa what you mean ?

Nell- so Rula got plane tickets to the Bahamas for all of us .

Amiya- stop that lying !

Nell- I got a screenshot . ( shows them )

Leo- why would he do that ?

Nell- he's nice maybe ?

Leo- bullshit ... Somethings up

Nell- nah ... What possibly can he do that wrong out there .

Ty- I'm down ! Free trip to Bahamas .

Amiya- me too ! ( looks at Tey )

Tey- well I'm cool with the dude . I'm in ...

Everyone looks at Leo .

Leo- ... Man I'll see y'all later ...

Leo walked off holding onto both sides of his book bag tightly . I don't know why I was staring for so long but he turned before walking in and just shook his head slightly and went inside .

Tey- don't worry about him . If his ol girl comes he will be ight .

Ty- his mad ass haha umma go talk to him .

Nell- ( shrugs ) whatever ..

We all ended up walking inside to go to our lockers . As I'm walking to mine I over hear Leo talking to Ty .

Leo- Nah kid I'm good . I ain't going on that trip .

Ty- yo why not ?

Leo- nigga don't you think it's weird some man bought us all tickets to go to The Bahamas?

Ty- hell yeah but shit who said you had to be around him . We all know who Rula is and I don't think he would do some stupid shit to us seeing he's with Nell .

Leo- I don't give a fuck if they married ... I don't trust this man ...

Ty- just think about it man . It'll be fun . Plus Nell could've told him no to get his money back , but I mean he did invite us .

Leo- Fuck Cornell . And stop bringing his name up . I can careless about shit to do with either of them .

Ty- think about it .... I'm out .

When I heard Leo say that my heart got kind of heavy but I shook it off and took a deep breath and got my books for my first and second class . As I'm closing my locker I look over to my left and Leo was leaving from his locker and when he saw me he got kind of shocked . But then said " fuck that I don't give a fuck " lowly . And kept walking to his class .

1st period went by fast and then I was off to my second period class . Which I had with Leo . As I'm walking in the hall I was looking down at my phone texting Ty back cause we was going Job hunting together . As I'm sending the text I bump into Leo .

Leo- Stay off your phone and watch where you going nigga . Real shit .

Nell- relax my bad . It's not that serious .

Leo- shut your mouth Nell dead ass .

Nell- ( starts walking away ) crazy ass I swear .

Leo- ( pushes Nell from behind ) don't mumble . Talk your shit .

Nell- don't fucking push me . I don't know what your problem is but watch yourself .

Leo- watch myself ? Is that a threat ?

Nell- take it how you want it .

Leo grabbed me with both hands by my shirt and slammed me into a corner . Now people were crowding around .

Leo- don't ever threaten me nigga you know what I'm about .

Nell- get off my shit ! ( punches Leo's hands off of him )

Leo- nigga the fuck ( grabs Nells neck )

I took my free hand and grabbed Leo's neck and gripped as hard as I could .

Leo- for real !!!?

Girl- stop it !!! He's turning red !

Nell- get off of me ( grabs Leo's wrist trying to release his grip )

Leo started to grow even angrier and he had his fist balled up ready to hit me as he stared in my eyes . I gripped tighter on his neck and teachers came and pulled us apart . We never lost eye contact .

Leo- You BITCH !


Leo got away from the teacher and tackled me to the floor and says lowly to me .

Leo- I will fuck you up nigga .., watch what you say to me !

Nell- do what you gotta do . I'm not scared .

The teacher pulled him off of me and Amiya and Tey came running over . I got up off the floor and Amiya was dusting me off .

Amiya- what the hell just happened ?

Nell- your friend happened . I don't know what's wrong with him .

Amiya- WHO!?

Nell- Leo ...

Amiya- ugh ... We both know what's wrong with him . Don't act like you don't know why he acts like this .

Nell- he really makes me ha...

Amiya- don't even say that ... Cause it's not true .

Nell- ( sucks teeth ) Amiya you don't know what's true or not ...

Amiya- oh I don't ?

Nell- you don't ... I'm out

Amiya- so your going to walk away from me Nell !?

I started walking away and Amiya kept yelling my name . A teacher came from behind and grabbed my arm . And took me into the peer mediation room and Leo was sitting there leaned back in a chair staring at me . His eyes were kind of red and glossy .

Teacher- sit Cornell !

Nell- okay ...

Teacher- now listen here . I don't know what the hell that was out there but you two need to talk whatever the situation is out . I do not want to see what I just witnessed ever again . If I'm not mistaken you two are good friends . Why in the world would you two be trying to choke each other ?



Teacher- HELLO !?

Leo- ( covers his eyes and then flips the desk and walks out ) FUCK THIS . SUSPEND ME .

Nell- I'm sorry ...

Teacher- ( shakes head ) he has a lot of anger built up inside of him .

Nell- I can see that now .

Teacher- what is going on ? I can definitely tell you he wasn't trying to hurt you that much .

Nell- haha really ? How would you know ?

Teacher- Leo is 1 strong kid . And you seem perfectly fine .

Nell- whatever ...

Teacher- hmm whatever huh ?

Nell- who are you anyways ?

Teacher- I'm Mr. JB ...

Nell- oh nice ... ( looks around )

Mr. JB was a nice looking guy had to be around 30 . He was about 5'11 brown skin a short fade hair cut . Had a full beard that was Nicely lined up . With thick eyebrows that were lined up as well . His eyes were brown like literally . It fit his skin complexion perfectly . You can tell he had style cause his suit he had on fit him perfectly . Showing off his muscles but not to much . The bottoms were fitted as well . You can tell he went to the gym daily .

Mr. JB - get out of here .

Nell- how do you know my name anyways ?

Mr. JB- ( smirks a little ) get out of my room .

I got up and left out quickly . I left out the school as well just for second period so I can get a breather . When I walked outside to get in my car , Leo was sitting out on a bench . As I was walking to my car I heard foot steps behind me . But I never turned cause I knew it was Leo . When I got near my car I felt a hand touch my side ... ... ...


Y'all will find out who it is soon :)


Thanks .

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Post Posted: 2016-09-07 06:14:06
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: 69

: 5

Great chapter..
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Post Posted: 2016-09-02 02:37:25
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: 2880

: 86

Leo is one crazy ass lol
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Post Posted: 2016-09-02 00:43:59
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: 924

: 7

Leo needs somebody to bust him upside his head and Nell needs to stop fucking with him altogether with his stupid ass! How many times does it take a nigga putting his hands on you before you say enough is enough! I don't care how much Leo "likes" him. If I was Nell he would know not to even THINK about putting his hands on me again. Take something and knock the fuck out of him! He'll get the picture REAL quick!!!
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Post Posted: 2016-09-02 00:32:35
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: 81

Ugh they are so frustrating
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Post Posted: 2016-09-01 20:17:33
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: 393

: 15

Nell gave Leo a chance he played with it Nell has some feelings for him but what does he think will happen if he keeps putting hands on him
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Post Posted: 2016-09-01 17:29:32
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: 2

I don't think Nell is giving off mixed signals. Leo on the other hand have a lot of anger. And he keeps putting his hands on Nell. Who would want to be with someone that constantly gets physical when in the heat of anger?
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Post Posted: 2016-09-01 15:20:52
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im reaally notstarting notvto like Cornell youbgige a guy mixed signals knowing he has feelings for then act dumb on why he's acting out

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