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Why are you here ?

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Nell- nah lol my stomach just hurts ... Nothing serious .

Leo- you are lying to me .

Nell- Leo get out .

Leo- haha you got it butterflies . ( leaves out )

I took my phone out and called Rula .

FT with Rula .

Rula- ( Moving the screen around to show me the baby )

Nell- awe look at her cute self !

Rula- right ! Wassup babe ?

Nell- not much .

Rula- you good ? Why you in the bathroom ?

Nell- just needed some space .

Rula- uh oh ... What happened .

Nell- just an awkward moment .

Rula- don't even want to hear about it .

Nell- wasn't gonna tell your ass no way ( winks )

Rula- don't play .

Nell- come back already .

Rula- tomorrow babe .

Nell- ( stares at Rula )

Rula- what babe haha .

Nell- ( cheesing ) i don't know .

( Knocking on bathroom door )

Nell- what ?

Tey- I gotta piss nigga .

Rula- I'll see you tomorrow .

Nell- love you

Rula- love you too .

I got up and opened the door and Tey bust in and just whipped out his dick and started to pee . I did see it but I looked away quickly and he smirked . I closed the door and walked back into my room .

I sat back down next to Leo and he was texting someone . I just laid back and went on FB and the first thing that popped up was a video that Jai was mentioned in . It was a video of Jai and some dudes getting there dicked suck by some white lady . You can tell it wasn't suppose to be leaked cause Jai kept hiding his face . And I knew it was Jai cause of his damn big ass dick . After watching like 25 seconds of it . I got a text from Jai .

Text from Jai

Jai- yo come get me

Nell- what is going on . I reported the video . Where are you ?

Jai- on 16 Court street

Nell- I'll be there .

Jai- thank you .

I got up and put on my slides . And got my keys off my dresser .

Leo- yo did you see that video of Jai and those other niggas ?

Nell- yeah I'm going to get him now .

Leo- let me ride with you .

Nell- come on .

We got up and left out . When we got to where ever Jai was, he was standing outside . When he got inside he started going off .


Leo- bruh chill out ! You covered your face ! And the video is gone . There's really no proof that it is you . We only know cause we know YOU ! Relax man .

Nell- who is she ?

Jai- some bitch my cousin be fucking with .

Nell- how old ?

Jai- she's 19

Nell- at least she's legal .

Jai- fuck ... Mad ppl was hitting me up asking me why was I tagged in that video .

Nell- that's good then ! People don't know it's you .

Jai- true true .

Leo- relax man .

Nell- your coming to my house . We are chilling there . Probably are about to go to Teys house .

Jai- aight that's cool with me . Thank you .

Nell- no problem

On our way back to the house it was quiet . As soon as we all got out Leo was in front of us and Jai grabbed my hand and told me to wait . Leo turned around looked at us .

Nell- go in We coming I think he lost something in my car .

Leo- aight ! ( goes inside the house )

Nell- what ?

Jai- Let me make this up to you .

Nell- there's really no need to . Your my bro I got you .

Jai- ( stares at Nell ) hmm

Nell- hmm what ?

Jai- uh nothing nothing lets go in .

Nell- uhhhh okay ?

Jai- go on walk .

As I started walking I heard Jai say " Damn " . I just kept it pushing and shook my head . When we got upstairs to my room Miya and Tey was sitting on my bed on there phones and Leo was just staring at me . Seemed as if he was angry ?

I went to sit down on my bed while Jai explains what happened to Tey and Miya . As I'm sitting there I get a text message from Leo .

Texting with Leo

Leo- somethings weird with you 2 .

Nell- what ?

Leo- don't play dumb with me .

Nell- I honestly don't know what your talking about .

I sat there waiting for his response but I guess he ignored it .

After about 20 minutes we started getting ready to go to the next house . As everyone was leaving out my room . Leo took his time and when they walked out he closed and locked my door .

Leo- ( arms folded ) I saw it

Nell- saw what ?

Leo- he was staring at you walk away . Like he wanted to eat you alive !

Nell- okay what the fuck do you want me to say ?

Leo- y'all fucking around ?

Nell- no we aren't . I have a man .

Leo- don't mean shit !

Nell- here you go again . You was fine just hours ago . Now you tripping .

Leo- call it what you want .

Nell- you need some pussy . Maybe you should call ol girl up .

Leo- she'll be at Teys house . Don't worry about this .

He turned and walked out my room . I shrugged my shoulders and kind of didn't want to go over Teys house now . Cause I know it's just gonna be bullshit .

Teys House

When we got out the car . This Nissan Maxima pulled up and the girl from the pictures got out and Leo jogged over and helped her out and closed the door for her . As I watched Leo looked over at me and gave me a " what the fuck you looking at face " . So I turned and just started walking inside with Jai .

Jai- I'll fuck him up and you know that .

Nell- huh ?

Jai- I heard it all ...

Nell- it's not nice to be nosey .

Jai- too bad . Like I said I will fuck him up . Don't let him talk to you like that .

Nell- I don't give a fuck Jai . I know Leo like a book . I'm good trust me .

Jai- I'm watching ... Know that

Nell- y'all are acting like Rula isn't my damn man .

Jai- but he ain't here right now .

Nell- and you need to stop fucking me with your eyes . Cause people are watching .

Jai- let them . Better be glad I didn't fuck the shit out of you . He can watch that if he wants to ;) .

Nell- shut up Jai .

Jai- sit on my face ... I'll shut up then ;) .

Nell- ugh ( walks inside the house )

When we got inside Teys family greeted us like we were family .

TeysMom- Hey babies !!! Merry Christmas !!!

Jai- Merry Christmas !

Nell- Merry Christmas Ma .

TeysMom- Tey and the rest went into the sunroom with his cousins .

Nell- okay , can I get some Mac though before I go ( smiling )

TeysMom- of course boo come on .

Jai walked into the sunroom and I stayed with Teys mom .

TMom- soooo who is that girl ...

Nell- who ?

TMom- the pretty young lady that came with Leo .

Nell- oh I guess someone he's talking to I don't know ( shrugs ) .

TMom- ( looks at Nell strange ) mhm hold this bowl .

Nell- what haha ?

TMom- oh nothing ... ( puts macaroni in the bowl ) there you go .

Nell- why you acting like that ?

TMom- oh nothing baby go ahead .

Nell- now I'm going to wonder why .

TMom- oh don't baby I think you already know . You aren't stupid at all . Now go ...

Nell- I'm still kind of lost but okayyy ma .

TMom- ( puts hands on hips ) yeah sure you are byeeeee .

I walked away and went into the sunroom . When I walked in everyone was laughing and shit . I walked over to Amiya and stood near her . And of course where we was standing, Leo and his girl was sitting there .

Amiya- let me get some !

Nell- you crayyyy

Amiya- come on I forgot about her Mac !

Nell- lets go get some . You can't have none of this haha .

Amiya- uhhhh come on .

As we was turning to leave Leo stood up took my fork and took some of my macaroni and cheese and are it then sat back down .

Amiya- Don't dooooo it Nell . Hahahahahah

Nell- ( looks straight ) let me just walk away .

Leo- do that .

Nell- next time nigga don't play with my food ! You know this .

I walked away with Amiya and as I was eating my food I bumped into someone . And this is the last person I would want to see .... DEMITRI ......


I know y'all are so done with me ! But I needed some time and now I have a little more time to write and finish this story .

And I know I might get some rude Ass comments but please keep it to yourself .

But I'm back AGAIN ...

Chapters :

1 . Let Me Taste It !
2 . Double Date ?
3 . Can i Trust you ?
5 . Party Time ! Or Revenge Time ?
6 . Party Time Part 2 !!
7 . Are you Ready ?
8 . There is No Trust !
9 . I'm back !!!
10 . Miami ! Part 1
11 . Miami ! Part 2
12 . Miami ! Part 3
13 . Home Sweet Home ?
14 . Block ?
15 . Cabin Party !
16 . Tastes Good !
17 . Time to Spice it up !
18 . Things Can Change !
19 . The Hospital & Gifts !
20 . Damn Momma !
21 . Drama Thanksgiving !
22 . Surprise !
23 . Pain & Secrets
24 . Do You ?
25 . Rewarded Suspension ?
26 . Miami Again !
27 . LEO NO !?
28 . Surprises !
29 . Still In Love ?
30 . I Want my Brother Back !
31 . Why Tey !?
32 . The Necklace !
33 . Rula Rula Rula !
34 . Still Nervous ?
35 . Why are you here ?
36 . Leo CHILL OUT !
37 . Stop Fucking Up !
38 . First Day of Work / The Kiss

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Post Posted: 2016-09-04 11:38:06
: 0
: 3


: 131

: 11

I'm glad to see that you're back and finishing up the story but I keep wondering why you bring Leo and nail together and then all of a sudden they stop fighting is there a reason why you don't have them come together I want to see them more than just friends and fighting and Leo likes him I love him then let it be don't let it be done this bac this back-and-forth thing is killing me and I'm hating it I like the story but I want to see the story go in a way that it's fun so much drama in the story nobody is happy for very long and your story why is that I'm not trying to put out the negative but I just want to see Le I'm not trying to put out the negative but I just want to see Leon Nei I'm not trying to put out the negative but I just want to see Leon Neal get together
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Post Posted: 2016-09-01 09:20:40
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: 69

: 5

Glad you back. You left us hanging for a while.. Good chapter, can't wait for the next one..
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Post Posted: 2016-08-30 15:38:39
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Glad your back man love this story, can't wait to see where it goes💯💯💯
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Post Posted: 2016-08-29 22:47:07
: 1
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: 131

: 31

Did this nigga just like leave us hanging for almost a year and come back like he wasn't gone. Hell I forgot who was who and he did what. The last was the end for me. I ain't going back to figure out who was who.
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Post Posted: 2016-08-27 04:14:30
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: 7

: 0

glad your back
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Post Posted: 2016-08-26 14:24:17
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: 0

Glad you back man love this story
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Post Posted: 2016-08-26 09:46:50
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: 1044

: 81

Can you stop with the Leo and Nell back and forth just get them together
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Post Posted: 2016-08-26 04:56:42
: 3
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: 217

: 21

Definitely glad that you're back...Great chapter.
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Post Posted: 2016-08-25 12:45:31
: 1
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: 10

: 1

Been waiting glad your back
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Post Posted: 2016-08-25 11:39:09
: 3
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: 3

: 0

I'm glad you're back. But I'm still over all these niggas who don't know how to respect someone relationship

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