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You Niggas

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Chris: You know the answer to that as he kissed me unexpectedly. Then he said now what you got to go back in the morning boyfriend.

Me: An your coming with me boyfriend

Chris: It's a good thing I never unpacked my bag as he started to laugh but I would love to come back with you. He smiled then he said Mjay I know I say it a lot but I love you

Me: It's corny but I know you mean it as I smiled then I held his face. I kissed him then I said I love you too daddy. He started to laugh as he climbed on me putting my dick at his hole. He said this time around I'm not holding back anything from you so it's my turn now. We started kissing then he kept on putting his hole at my dick. I looked at him then I said Chris you sure you want do this because it might hurt a lot.

Chris: You want get in the cakes right

Me:: of course I want hit that but we don't have to do it now is all I'm saying. We got lots of time that way I can take my time but as of right now just lay on me let me hold you in this tub. I really missed you and this feels like home right now.

Chris: Ok but I will admit I did want the dick though but I'll wait until we get another time to do it.He laid back down and I just held him as we relaxed in the water together. I brought my phone in the bathroom because I was going call Terry to make sure little man is ok. Chris phone started ringing before mine did and so he answered it. Hello what's up little man how you doing?

Me: Who that you talking to cause it sounded like KJ.

Chris: It is him. As he started to laugh then he said your Daddy right here you want talk to him. I dry my hand just a little bit then I took the phone from him. I said hello

KJ: Daddy you ok?

Me: Yea. Baby boy you ok?

KJ: I'm fine I just was worried about you so I called. I knew you was headed by Chris and you didn't take me

Me: I know but I got a surprise for you tomorrow when I get home ok. Wait who's phone is this your using?

KJ: Chris bought me this phone so I can call him but I'm not to take it to school he says. Only to call him when I miss him and my home work is all done.

Me: Is that so as I laughed then I said so what happen to the little one I bought you.

KJ: Daddy I like it but the one Chris bought me is so much better and have way more games installed. He promised to put music on it for me but he never did.

Me: Oh so you going punk daddy phone like that and make me feel bad as I laughed.

KJ: Sorry daddy he said as he sounded sad then he said I love you. I going to bed now before uncle Terry comes back in here and beat my butt for still being up. I love you see you tomorrow and tell Chris bye.

Me: Bye baby boy as he hanged up as I looked at Chris. I then said you is something else mr man as he laughed.

Chris: Hey! I had to make sure my little man was in contact with me I does miss him a lot you know. Plus he could've giving me details on which guys was coming in and out of your place as he laughed. That's my little right hand man there and my son.

Me: I started to laugh so much until I almost choke as he looked at me with a serious face. He then said what is so funny Mjay? I then said well you are funny and dangerous using my son as a spy so you can get information out of him.

Chris: Never!

Me: I'm just playing Chris I know you just playing around

We laid in that tub for about an hour getting all pruned up. When we finally got out, we went get something to eat then we jumped in bed acting like this was like old times turning on the horror movies. We had snacks upon snacks in that bed as I started to tell him about my life when he wasn't there.

Chris: So how school going?? I mean I know it just starting but you ready for it and sorry I made you late for your first class tomorrow. How KJ adjusting to school? I wanted to ask you a lot when I was there but I didn't really want you think I was all in your business but now we back together I want know how you really doing

Me: Things are good, I just was on the fence about joining this basketball team. Nate and I was thinking about doing it just to get more involved but then I'll have to work harder being a an all around daddy student and ball player.

Chris: I mean I can help and be there for you and make sure KJ is picked up from school and all that.

Me: I know you would help out but I don't want be away from him but we'll see how it goes I'll try it out. The first practice is tomorrow at 3pm after my one class.

We stayed up most of the night just cuddling and talking about everything filing each other in on life without the other. We then finally dropped sleep and I was awaken by Chris shoving me telling me to take a shower so we could've headed to catch the first fight out so I could make it back for class at ten. About five hours later Chris and I was back in OKC. I had to go dash home and get my shit. So I could've made it for class at ten and no one was home.

Chris: So you want me to get KJ from school and we'll come get you from school.

Me: I might go try out for the team but ilł carry my stuff just In case cause Nate already told me to bring my gear just In case we decide to check it out.

I packed a bag quickly with my kicks and ball clothes then I headed out to school.Chris drop me in my car and he went on his way for the day after nagging me for a kiss good bye. I felt no doubt that I made the right choice being with him again cause it felt good.

I ran to class's cause I was about to be late and Nate was telling me he saved me a seat. When I got to this class it was massively huge and it was Physics. I hated Physics but I was surprisingly good at it once you learn your forces. I saw him waving at me saying he was on the right fifth row and while the lecturer back was turned I tried to sneak. I got to the chair to sit when suddenly the lecture said young man that is sneaking in my class ten minutes late could you please state Newton's third law correctly. If you get it wrong you can just leave and come back on time next class.

Me: Newton's third law states that if object A exerts a force on object B. Object B will simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction of object A.

Lecturer: Correct you may take your seat and try to be on time next time. What's your name by the way? I said Marc but everyone calls me Mjay. He said ok Mj I'm impressed but please be on time as he smiled at me.

Me: yes sir as I looked at him he didn't look old at all. He had this Boris Kodjoe thing going on with the bald head hazel eye. I was saying in my head teach can get it as I sat down.

Nate: Hoe as he started to laugh trying to be quiet . I see you looking!

Me: man I wondering now if there is a way I can get an A without doing the work as we laughed. Teach could get it and he look twenty eight the most but let me stop before Chris hear me.

Nate: Excuse me? You two back together? You know what we going talk about this when we get out of class as he started to laugh.

As soon as class ended we headed in the cafe to get some food cause a nigga was hungry. We got burgers and fries and sat away from a few guys that were talking about trying out for the team. They were making fun of the team saying it was a joke because this school team wasn't to good.

Nate: You heard that? So you still want us try out for the team?

Me: I mean I wasn't doing it cause the team was good or bad I wanted to do it cause I actually love basketball. We would be every good not the team don't you think?

Nate: Yea so let's go show these white boys how to really play ball then as we started to laugh. Then he looked at me then he said you and Chris back together that's wassup. You happy?

Me: yea I feel like it was the right thing to do but this is the last chance for us though. If it don't work I can at least say I try to be good but don't try outs start in like a next hour. Let's go in the gym and get changed and warm up a little.

I don't know why I was so heartfelt on playing ball but I just thought it would be dope and something out of my character. We went in the gym and headed str8 to bathroom to get changed. After we were in our ball gear we went on the court to shoot around with some of the guys that were patiently waiting for try outs to start. It was a hand of them but it wasn't much of them because everyone was saying the team stinked. We went on the court and Kane was on the side lines just watching as he ran on the court to bother me.

Kane: So this why you don't want join us as he laughed but I think you going be a good fit on the team. You might could help them cause they stink the he laughed

Me: We're they that bad man I said as he started to laugh. He told me to look at the record but I just went on the court to shoot around as I told Kane I'd talk to him later. We started playing five on five on the court with a few of the guys and Nate was on my team of course. Nate and I were just killing these young fellas but the funny thing is the coach was watching us. The coach said ok boys that's enough try outs are about to start. As we were coming off the court Nate and I were just laughing cause we killed them but two white boys were mad. They started to talk a little louder the one said where these niggas come from. Nate and my head turned like a saloon chair. It was on !

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Post Posted: 2016-08-13 02:17:04
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I'm tryna wait on the next chapters but I want them now...:) love this story man. Glad Chris is back. KJ so cute I love his and Chris relationship as well as Mjays...come on with the rest please! Jason was cool for a lil companionship but we all Know Chris got Mjays on lock. I almost wanted to see Mjay with Dion from the way the last story went. Buy the loving fam is back and that's clutch!
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Post Posted: 2016-08-09 01:58:06
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yes Chris get your family back and Mjay you better watch the teacher lol. and hell naw its about to go down
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Post Posted: 2016-08-07 21:06:45
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Oh hell to the no! Forget joining the team I would have went and beat them white boys ass. Think you going to call me the N word and not get your ass beat down. Call Chris and tell him to be at the police station with bail money

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