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Life Changing

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Chris then said you came all this way to make sure I was good or not. He looked as though he wanted to cry as he came up to me putting his arms around my waist. I placed my arms around his neck and we started kissing both crying like we were losing it. He then said I love you Mjay and this is why I ride so hard for you. The things we do for each other is not ordinary shit and I love that about us even though we aren't together.

Me: Chris shut up I love you too! We started kissing uncontrollable with a lot of passion. It started to get a little hot in here as he pushed me to the wall lifting me up putting my legs around him. I took off my shirt and at that moment I didn't care anymore we were going at it. I'm not stopping it and neither was he as he dropped his boxers sucking at my nipples I moaned out saying. I love you Chris.

He then lift me to his room and he took off my pants and shoes kissing my feet and sucking my toes like it was my dick and it just turned me on making my dick dripped pre cum. He still had me up on the wall lifting me to his bed room. When he lift me in I saw he still had KJ little bed in there and his stuff. I stopped for a minute then he said you want to stop and I looked at him I said no. He then said what's the matter?

Me: Why you have to be so good Chris even though I need a break from men when it comes to you my body and heart telling me I don't need one from you. It's just something that keeps me here with you and it scares me cause this just feels so right like I'm where I'm suppose to be.

Chris: Mjay! You still don't get it as he smiled at me kissing me. We are meant to be with each other and I knew that before I even know you was into guys. I just know it was something that kept drawing me to you and I'm not fighting it no more. You know what it is for me to try dating other dudes and them not even sparking as much as a smile out of me. When it comes to you I be laughing and crying all the time. Just a big ass softy when it comes to you and KJ. I just know that your it for me and I'm here patiently waiting for you to get that through your head too.

Me: I can't believe you still got KJ bed in here

Chris: Yea I know we we getting back together as he laughed

Me: I said who told you we was back together cause I'm still a single man. I don't see your name writing anywhere on me Christian

Chris: He laughed then he said is that right then I need to rewrite my name back on them walls as he pushed me back in the bed. He pulled of my tight briefs as I flipped over exposing my ass to him. He said God dam boy that shit got bigger as he put both hands on it as he started to spank me. I moaned out as he did it because it felt so dam good as his tongue dove deep in my tight hole. He had me post up on all four eating me out like he never tasted me before. He kept saying I missed you so fucking much. As he tongue fuck me he said I love you Mjay! I just moaned out to the top of my lungs as my body started to get weak. I forgot how powerful Chris sex game is as I moaned like a bitch. He then put his dick at my hole looking me in the eye as we kissed in missionary position. I told him I loved him. As he was just playing with my hole using his pre cum to make my shit even more wet. He went in his draw and pulled out some lube and a condom.

He started lubing up as I finger myself with lube getting ready for pain cause it's been a minute. Jason dick is no where as big as Chris own as he started putting on the condom. I grabbed his hand telling him I trusted him and we didn't need it. He said he know but he only wanted to make me feel comfortable so he grabbed one. He fingered me even more getting a lot of lube inside me as he looked me in the eye. We started kissing as he put his head at my hole and penetrate. When I felt it I started to tense up a bit cause it felt new to me and I was shocked. He whispered in my hear just relax baby just relax. I did after he did that then I open my hole even more for him and it still hurt for a bit. He was stroking me gently just moaning out loud saying this ass better then I remembered as I held on to his strong body. About ten minutes into it coco started to feel good so I moaned out relaxing my body even more taking him. He whispers in my air saying let me get in that second hole baby. He said relax as he went deeper and he got in after my body relaxed. He started slow whining inside me and I felt so powerless. I just started say Chris I'm sorry and I love you so much. That dick was so good I just started to confess all my inner feelings that I tried to lock away from him. He went a little faster as he said you love me right? Who walls this is as he whined deep and slow I scream yours Chris!

After him beating me for another ten minutes I was so out of it. It felt like I was drunk with passion and love. He was moaning saying I felt so dam good. Suddenly my dick started to shoot cum without me even touching it. I screamed yes as he went a little faster as he watch every drip drop out of my dick. He then start to tense up saying he can't fight the urge no more as he pulled out. I told him to shoot it in my mouth and he did. He busted in my mouth as he started to tremble and I had my tongue longed out receiving every drop. When he got done he dropped on top of me as I swallowed his nut he was like oh fuck baby that was hot.He dropped in my arms then he said no regrets right like he was scared I was going say what the fuck happened and stormed out.

Me: Christian I have no regrets but now I'm done for as I started to. Laugh.

Chris: What you mean you done for? Oh please can you stop calling me Christian cause you sound like my mother saying it as he started to laugh. What you mean you done for?

Me: Keke Palmer singed " You left your name on it and now it's to late for me.. Pleasure all my pain away is my favorite remedy". When I said that he just started to laugh then he said well you already know you was stuck with me from the beginning.

Chris: He said you think you can come into my life and be that one person to change me and make me feel love again. You made me turn into a better man and not that angry little boy and not to mention sex that blows my fucking mind. You think you can come in my life and fuck up shit up in a good way and leave! He laughed then he said no you stuck! We laughed so dam hard I'm sure his neighbor across the yard could've heard us.

Me: Well I know my was ass bomb but I didn't know it was life changing well now I know as I laughed.

Chris: Well now you know and that leads me to ask. What the hell you and Jason was doing cause you tight like a virgin.

Me: I was more the top in the relationship but we were a vers couple. Everything went but anyway I got nut on me, I going take a shower. I was trying to get up out the bed but he wouldn't get off of me. He then said I told you your stuck as he started to laugh. Move Chris! I finally got up out the bed then went into his bathroom to find a jaquzzi tub waiting. I looked at him then I said when did you get this?

Chris: Like a few months ago I had someone installed it and a pool out back. You should see the one in the house back home where I moved.

Me: Cool, so can I borrow some underwear? I only brought what I had on.

Chris: Mjay your clothes are still in the draw as well as new boxers and briefs but shit they might not fit you anymore cause you got a little thicker. I got some for you to wear but go take a shower and relax.

Me: I looked at him then I said you coming? He looked surprised that I asked him as he jumped up quickly then he said you didn't have to ask just say the word as he smiled. We got in the tub and started filling it up with warm water. He was all smiles like a kid that just found a bag of candy. He was so hesitant tell it wasn't funny though and then I went over to him in the tub. I leaned up on him then he came in the front of me as the warm water filled the tub. He turned around and laid in my arms as he started to express himself.

Chris: You scare me

Me: Why?

Chris: I know what we share is some deep shit but I don't know if you really understand that yet. This might just be a vase and when you leave you go back to being without me. I don't want to get hurt Mjay. I love you a lot and I just want be with you. I just want us to build a happy life even better then when we started dating in the beginning of this Chris & Mjay saga.

Me: Chris why you second guessing me cause I'm here. If I didn't want to be with you I would've left as soon as I knew you were ok. I'm here in this tub with your sexy ass giving it one more shot even though I think I should be single my heart telling me to be with you.

Chris: I don't want this situation be the reason we get back together I want it be your heart choice. Is your heart making that choice right now and not the fact that you thought you almost lost me in plane crash.

Me: Big man listen to me right now. I'm doing this for myself and my son. He loves you and I still deeply in love with you and it don't make sense I fool myself thinking it's going to go away. It won't just like the fact that I'm gay and like dick in my butt. He started to laugh but then I said I want to give us one more shot just one and see what's there. I think that's what I need to do for myself and no your not a rebound at all you've always been the one that I suppose to be with. So do you want to be my boyfriend again and let explore these feelings that just won't leave us be one last time??

Chris: You know the answer to that as he kissed me unexpectedly. Then he said now what you got to go back in the morning boyfriend.

Me: An your coming with me boyfriend

Chris: It's a good thing I never unpacked my bag as he started to laugh but I would love to come back with you. He smiled then he said Mjay I know I say it a lot but I love you

Me: It's corny but I know you mean it as I smiled then I held his face. I kissed him then I said I love you too daddy. He started to laugh as he climbed on me putting my dick at his hole. He said this time around I'm not holding back anything from you so it's my turn now.

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31 . Kane's Hood
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot!!!!
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Yoooooo I love it!!!
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Finally lol
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hell to the yes, this is the best story ever. I'm loving it
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Live it!! & finally
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Hope you guys enjoyed this one

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