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Pancakes & Eggs

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Chris: Yooooooo! I remember that! Dad is something else Mjay. What will we do with him cause, he's to much as he started to laugh. One of those guys from that table are walking this way as he started to laugh as he looked at me.

Me: I going to the bathroom I'll be right back. I walked away from the table as one of those sexy guys approached Chris looking at me. I went in the bathroom to pee thinking they must be want a piece of coco as I smiled to myself. I finished peeing then went to the sink to wash my hands and freshen up. I was looking down at my hands in the sink and when I looked in the mirror a form of a man was standing behind me. I turned around looking Jason right in the face as I looked at him he looked at me with his eyes watered. I said Jason what are you doing here and in IHOP bathroom at that!

Jason: Mjay I followed you guys here and I was in the club watching you. No I'm not stalking you or anything but I made a big mistake Mjay. I miss you so much and I know you probably won't forgive me but I flew all this way to show you that I'm serious about you. When I got home and got back with my ex he did that shit because I told him it didn't feel right being with him anymore. I felt so out of place and it was clear then that you were the one for me. I didn't mean to break up your date but I'm staying at the Marriott and I'm leaving in the morning. Please come see me if you want work this out and talk. If you don't come then I know I lost you forever! That's my fault and I'll accept that. As he left he said give KJ a kiss for me I missed the little guy with all my heart I do.

He left the bathroom and I was just speechless standing there looking in the mirror at my reflection. I went back to the table and Chris was there talking to one of the dudes that was with the group of boys. He looked at me as I came closer to them then he said I saw Jason just walked out the restaurant. What's up with the that? The guy got up from my set then he said my name is James how are you Mjay.

Me: I'm good and how are things with you as I looked at Chris smiling.

Jame: I'm good but I'll leave you two to it as he gave me his number on the back of a sugar package. I just laughed when I saw it as I sat down but then I thought about Jason cause he caught me off guard. Chris looked at me then he said do you want to get the. food then go home. He said I can see you pretty shaken up by Jason popping up on you.

Me: Yea I want to go home. He kept looking at me asking if something was wrong, but I just didn't really talk. Jason really just came here and totally switch the game on me. I wasn't expecting him at all to be here or to even see him for a long time. That's the way I was planing to just forget him and forget the feelings I had for him. Looking at him just made me remember the love and hurt I felt for him all over again. The food came and we got everything placed in take away plates then we headed home. On the drive it was so quiet as I was keeping my eyes on the road.

Chris: Mjay talk to me please what's the matter. You know I don't like when you get like this

Me: I just cried while driving as all the pain I should've felt when Jason first left came rushing to me. Then I said I'm not over Jason and I still in love with you. I just started looking at my self in the mirror then I said I just feel so confused that I don't know what to do with myself. When we got home I went straight in the room to Nate busting in the room catching him jacking off. I just said yuck bitch!

Nate: Nigga do you knock! Who comes busting into people room like that!

Me: Nope as I laughed he still was jacking off even as I climbed in the bed with him. He nutted with me still there then he got up to wash himself. You know for a straight black boy you got a nice juicy ass but on the real did you just nut with me laying here..

Nate: Well when you want bust in that's what you get. It's not like you wasn't enjoying looking at my dick anyway. He laughed then he came and lay down then he said I thought you were on a date with Chris.

Me: I was! I was having a really good time until Jason popped up on me in the bathroom. He been here following us everywhere even n the club.

Nate: Dam Jason really going just put the bomb on you like that. He wants you back don't he?

Me: he told me he was staying at the Marriott hotel and that I must come to him. He said he wants to talk to me about us and that he made a mistake. He said if I don't come he'll know then that he lost me forever.

Nate: Aww but I still say the hell with him and Chris just stay single for a while. I want you to be happy in love or without but I just think you need emotional recovery. You realize you and Jason basically got together a few months after you and Chris broke things off. Give yourself a moment to get you together and if Chris still there waiting on you then you know he truly is the one. Even if he isn't waiting eventually you both will make it back to the way you both use to be but now I say just give yourself a breather. Stop trying to please everyone Mjay you are human too. I was just tearing up as he came and let me lay in his arms comforting me like a best friend should. He said stop crying just take some time for you and your son.

I thought to myself Nate was right I just need a breather to myself. I ended up falling a sleep right in his bed. When I woke up my brother was sitting in the bed looking at me.

Terry: Little brother you good?

Me: Yea I'm good man

Terry: Chris got his shit all packed up he said he going head down to Miami a little early. I just come ask you because knowing him he doesn't want to go but he is. For some reason I got up out the bed and I went in my room where he was siting in the bed with Kj in his lap.

KJ: why you have to go so soon?

Chris: I going down to Miami to take care some business but you going see me next week alright. Go play let me me talk to your daddy for a second as he hugged him then gave him a kiss.

Me: So you leaving?

Chris: Yea I'm going down to Miami a little earlier

Me: You leaving because of how I reacted right

Chris: I'm leaving because I love you and if I want save anything we might could share in the future I have to give you some space and let you heal. I don't want add to your emotional stress right now with what's going on with Jason.I don't want to go but I just think it's the right thing to do. I really think you should go talk to him and find out if what's there is real or not.Clearly you still love me and I feel it but you also still have a thing for him . The break up is still fresh and I feel super guilty for even laying in the bed with you knowing your emotionally broken. We going continue to communicate but I going give you some space alright .

Me: I don't know what to say and I don't want you to go but your mind seem made.

Chris: Yea it is made up and it's the right thing to do. I'm being a man here even though I'm going miss you and KJ a lot . When you come down for the club opening we will talk alright. He got up out the bed and he grabbed his bag off the floor calling Terry to give a drop to the airport. He said he was gone but I grabbed him gave him a hug. He hugged me back then gave me a kiss on my cheek as he whispered he loved me in my ear. KJ came running in the room crying to me so I just picked him up holding him as Chris came back telling KJ don't cry man you going see me next week I promise. He said you going be a big boy and be strong until I see you. Your a man aren't you

KJ:: Yea

Chris: Men don't cry

KJ: Yes they do your lying to make me feel better but it's not working Chris. I don't want you to leave me again and sick of you leaving all the time why can't you just stay. Stay and ,I've with us like you use too Chris!

Chris: Little man don't make me cry now but I have to ok I love you. Give me kiss I going see you later alright . KJ said ok as he gave him a kiss on the cheek then he said bye Chris.


Is Nate right?

Should Mjay get back with Chris, Jason or stay single for a while

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Post Posted: 2016-07-16 06:22:35
: 2
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: 1311

: 63

Yes nate is right mjay needs time to heal from all this shit and Jason missed his chance man leave that alone besides they we're only together because mjay and Chris broken up and it's like mjay just jump right to Jason without really dealing with that first.
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Post Posted: 2016-07-07 02:04:18
: 2
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: 411

: 18

I am all for Mjay and Chris getting back together. It's hurting Kj the two of them not being together. I do agree that Mjay does need some time, but in the end I hope they can get it right.
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Post Posted: 2016-07-05 18:02:18
: 2
: 1


: 9

: 1

Nate needs to put the D on mjay one time
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Post Posted: 2016-07-05 05:26:52
: 2
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: 2880

: 86

nate is right MJ needs to be single for a while. and man I just love myself some Chris.
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Post Posted: 2016-07-05 03:52:22
: 3
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: 194

: 16

Mjay and Chris, Jason's time has run it's course..
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Post Posted: 2016-07-04 23:05:12
: 2
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: 30

: 0

I'm team Chris&MJay
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Post Posted: 2016-07-04 22:06:19
: 3
: 0


: 763

: 7

I'm #teamChris as well but I do agree with Nate (and Chris) that MJay needs some time to figure out what he wants and what is best for him. I'm just hoping that Chris is the one he finds his way back to.

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Post Posted: 2016-07-04 22:05:37
: 3
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: 48

: 1

This is hurting KJ you and Chris have to get thing together. As for Jason me made his decision now he has to move on . cause you will never not love Chris
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Post Posted: 2016-07-04 21:51:36
: 2
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: 20

: 5

Get back with Chris, team Chris.
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Post Posted: 2016-07-04 21:12:14
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: 149

: 9


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