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Gay Club Part Two

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Nate:Oh! Yea he is and he's single as he pushed me to talk to him

Me: You so rude bro and you just telling my sexual preferences to people we don't know

Nate: You see Chris talking to a guy you better go mingle and do you as he I looked and he actually was. What's your name Reggie Bush

Dude: Dre

Nate: Well Dre this Mjay yawl go dance as he pushed me again so I went but I hope this don't start no mess in here with Chris. I'm single so I need to just own that I'm single . He was so sexy I looked as we went on the dance floor.

I went on the floor with Dre and he looked at me saying do you have. A boyfriend or something. He said you look so tense right now what's the matter it's just dancing

Me: I'm single but my ex in her end I don't want it spark a war or something.

Dre: Well come whine on this dick and let's make em jealous. When he said that I just started laughing because he was so devilish that it was sexy. I wasn't trying to make Chris jealous I just wanted to have fun I said. He then said good cause I think you cute and won't mind getting that number. You got something exotic going on about you. You don't even sound like us here and that's sexy as hell. They started to play some reggae songs and I just was grinding on him and it was feeling pretty big as he danced in the back of me. He turned around and came face to face with me as we was dancing whining our dicks on each other's. What started out very fun turned into something that made my Dick hard. He felt it as he looked down and I looked at him as his dick was hard so I said maybe we should go sit down. He said yea that's enough of this dancing for right now. We went to a table for two as he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He looked at me then he said I just can see you just different from every other nigga in here.

Me: Well how can you tell that by just the way I look

Dre: I been watching you since you came in the club. You just have a classy way about you and don't get me wrong we all have a beast in us. You just was looking around being a little shy but you was goofy happy with your best friend there. Not grabbing or trying to Mack like the rest of these bottoms in here.

Me: Who said I'm a bottom

Dre: I thought vers but I just was saying bottom cause the most of them in here trying to Mack are bottoms.

Me: are you a bottom

Dre: no I'm a versatile top but I don't like labels because if we were in a relationship there wouldn't be no restrictions just pure sex and making each other feel good.

Me: That's how I feel about it as well, no restrictions but you know most tops scared of dick.

Dre: Did your ex free up the ass?

Me: All of them did but you meant the one over there?

Dre: Yea him who walking over here right now looking like a baller on a mission.

Me: Yea I was his first and he was my first

Dre: Wow he really loves you cause only when a top really loves that guy they take it there cause like you say they scared of pain. Bunch of pussies he said as we both started laughing as Chris walked up on us. He was looking right at me with this smile on his face then he said Mjay sorry to interrupt but do you want to dance with me. I looked at Dre then I said I going be right back but he gave me a blank stare as I walked on the dance floor with Chris.

Chris: I didn't mean to break up your little conversation up as he started to laugh giving me this devilish look

Me: Yes you did as I smiled back at him then I said with your wicked fat ass.

Chris: What's the obsession with my ass these days as he laughed

Me: Chris your ass got fat I just hope you haven't been giving it up to much

Chris: like you were giving my things up to Jason he said with a straight face no smirk

Me: I said Oh! So it's like that Christian

Chris:Christian! You would call me by my full name! We just started laughing on the dance floor couldn't keep a dance step going at all. So what you got planned after the dance sir?

Me: I don't know what you got planned sir?

Chris: I was thinking we could've gone by IHOP to get something to eat just the two of us.

Me: Are you asking me on date sir?

Chris: maybe he said in a baby voice as we just started laughing out loud. Then he said I guess I am asking you out on a date as he smiled. I mean once that's ok with Mr Dre over there he looked with this evil smirk. I just looked surprised wondering how the hell he knows his name

Me: Wait how the hell you know his name and I haven't even introduced you guys at the table just now. Chris you is something else as I started to laugh then I said I can't mess with you. Yea we could go for some food just the two of us but I will drive my car let me show you my town.

Chris: Wait but I thought you not going mess with me he said then I started laughing.

Me:: You so fool as we burst out laughing on the dance floor. I just looked at him smiling with his clean fade cute ass saying he came such a long as way. He seem so much more happy and calm these days that you can really see the core person.That's all I ever wanted him to be just to grow up. You want something to drink?

Chris: I don't want drink no more cause your brother over there borderline wasted and need to go home and Dion about to go fuck that young man in the bathroom. Wait nigga is that Omar?

Me: Where?

Chris: The guy standing at the entrance looking for someone

Me: Oh shit yea! How the he'll he know we was in here as I ran to dion telling him Omar was in here

Dion: No bey Omar in Miami with his family ,he isn't here or back at school he said. I took his head and turned it in the direction of the entrance then he said oh shit yea. He looked at frat boy then he said I got go as he kissed him telling him to call him later when he got home.I just said aww in my soul cause I think Dion fell for that boy and vice versa. It just started to smell like trouble as I went to get Nate dancing with those girls. After I told him he was like let go as all of us was heading for the entrance Dre grabbed me saying you leaving.

Me: Yea I got to head out before something go down in this club and trouble always seem to find the gang but text me alright well get together.

Dre: Ok and drive safe. Tell Chris I said nice move that won't be happening again

Me: I was just shocked at the moment thinking like what the fuck going on here as I walked away. We got to the door where Omar was as we all walked outside. He looked at Dion then he said baby why weren't you answering me?

Dion: I then told you I was hanging with the boys and what you even doing here. I thought you were flying back Texas to school?

Omar: I came here because I don't want lose you? I love you! Omar started crying in front of all of us and my heart came full because he meant every word.

Dion: Babe how did you even get here

Omar: I was by Mjay apartment and the girl told me you guys went out to the club so I drove checking every gay club close by the apartment. When I saw Chris jeep then I said you guys are here but I just really wanted to see you.

I was so moved by the situation! Omar messed up but clearly he learnt his lesson and ready to move on but he do need to let Dion heal. I think they need to just go take a drive alone and talk things out. I told them two to just get out of here and go talk things out and so they did while the rest of us headed home. When we got home I went check on the kids while Chris hopped in my car so we could go get some food from IHOP. They were sleep so I went in my room to get freshen up as Nate came in my room just looking and smiling.

Nate: Going get that ass knocked out the park huh! I laughed so hard tell it wasn't funny then he said you need some loving go get it man.

Me: Sex with Chris would make things complicated cause I don't want a relationship but I do have feelings for him and I know he love me too.

Nate: You name man? Correct? Your body got needs you need to learn to put your heart on hold for a few hours. I swear I love you but you so in tone with your emotions that it helps and hurts you. Go juice like we say in the Bahamas!

Me: We going get some food but anyway I going so hold down the fort for me until I get home.

I got in the car with Chris and I turn it on so we could go eat. He looked at me then he said let me put on my seat belt this going be long. We started laughing so hard until I told him if he scared he can just stay home but he got back in. We got to IHOP and got seated. He was just reading the menu and looking at me smirking.

Me: Why you looking at me like that

Chris: Cause you aren't on the menu and that's what I really want eat

Me: They couldn't find a price for this tasty goodness that's why I wasn't able to make the cut. They say only on special occasions. He laughed so hard he couldn't contain himself. He looked at me saying I'm so crazy as the waitress came and took our order. She was just smiling up with me and I was flirting back cause it was fun. A group of guys came inside and one caught my eye and they were fine.

Chris: You want one of them a? I see you looking pretty hard as he smiled.

Me: No but they sure are fine I said then he looked at me saying do you remember IHOP. I just started laughing then I said when me and you was having sex in the bathroom. My daddy came use the bathroom then he told us to take it easy. Listen don't bring that up cause I'm still embarrassed that he know you was fucking me in there. Walking out he going say belly hurting alright because it in my stomach.

Chris: Yooooooo! I remember that! Dad is something else Mjay. What will we do with him cause he's to much as he started to laugh. One of those guys from that table are walking this way as he started to laugh as he looked at me.

Me: I going to the bathroom I'll be right back. I walked away from the table as one of those sexy guys approached Chris looking at me. I went in the bathroom to pee thinking they must be want a piece of coco as I smiled to myself. I finished peeing then went to the sink to wash my hands and freshen up. I was looking down at my hands in the sink and when I looked in the mirror a form of a man was standing behind me.

HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED!More on the way and the story is still on being posted on the watt pad app as well as BGCLive

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Post Posted: 2016-06-14 21:02:05
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Chris know everybody lol but if that situation was with Dee was a set up I'm sure those hard dicks wasn't a part of the play lol
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Post Posted: 2016-06-14 14:36:56
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Post Posted: 2016-06-14 02:35:20
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Don't turn mjay into a whore man lol... But I wouldn't even talked to Dre due to the fact he knows Chris in what way idk but something isn't right lol.
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Post Posted: 2016-06-14 01:50:41
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love it and how do Chris and Dre know each other? And poor Omar smh I hope he learn his lesson babyyyyyyyy. and who the hell is standing behind Mjay?
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Post Posted: 2016-06-13 20:58:10
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Keep it coming

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