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Gay Club Part One

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Me: Chris you always there for me as I Got up and on him in ride position facing him. He put his arms around me and he said and I will always be there for you. We started kissing, and for a moment there it felt like when we us to be together but better. It felt like something new but something old as he held me saying everything going be ok. As he said that my phone started to ring and it was Jason.

Jason: Mjay I'm sorry I don't know how that happen. I think my ex did that I'm sorry as fuck. Please don't hate me cause that will crush me I still love you.

Me: Jason if you loved me enough you would've kept that video private and locked away. I still love you too but at this point I don't care Jason and telΕ‚ your ex I better don't catch him slipping. Either way I'm glad that's only video I never deleted out of your phone. Everyone that I care about love me for who I am and if your ex was trying to ruin me or something tell him nice try.

I hanged up the phone from Jason as he filled my inbox with text messages. I just started saying men are just! Ugh! We spend so much time being in relationships we forget about the bigger picture. This biggest picture is trying to find your own self being the best you can be. I love Jason and I'm still in love with Chris but dam I lost me. I'm here to go to school and build a life for me and my son. Now if Chris and I manage to get back together he have to uplift himself as well. I know coco been up in plenty dudes since I was gone and I know getting with him will only back fire right now. I can juice him though to fill my sexual needs. I know how you readers are looking at this saying this,but hey a man got needs.

Chris: So

Me: So

Chris: Are you ok?

Me: I never been better. You ready to hit the park

Chris: Yea lets go. You sure you ok,, because just now it seemed as though you were in deep thought so I'm just making sure everything is ok.

We went inside the park and caught up with everyone. I went on rides with KJ & Terrell and I enjoyed my afternoon. Nate and Dion was stuffing there face as Dion was flirting hard with frat boy. I just kept looking because they really connected since they met. Nate was trying to kiss up with the girl he met at the party. Chris took KJ and Terell and bought them some stuff while I was just there looking on. Nate came up to me asking if we going to the gay club that night and I was like yea you want go I said. Knowing he wasn't going even if I paid him then he said yea why not I'm comfortable with my sexuality but if I hear about it again I'm beating your ass with love.

Me: I'm sure you want beat this ass and see what all the fuss is about. You know if you want experiment I can let you hit just to ease your mind bestie. Straight guys hate to admit it but they are curious to why most men go gay or how ass feel.

Nate: Naw I'm good but if want to one day I'll sure to let you know as he started to laugh. Let me give you some real dick not that stuff these niggas be throwing on you as he started to laugh. You need dick that will make you weak in the knees and behave not the kind that always have you in your feelings.

Me: mmmmmmmmm as I looked down at his dick he grabbed it letting me know how big it is. We then looked and said eww so let's just stop all this shit now. That's a yucky sight of me and you fucking as he started to laugh saying yea maybe " I looked at him then I said maybe?

Nate: Dont hurt your head bestie we aren't fucking. I'm straight and your gay as he started to laugh let's keep it that way. We don't need no more messy shit happening in this group.

Nate and I talked about this for a little while more. We were only joking but I wonder really how good is the dick sometimes. That's the hoe in me I'm trying to contain as I laughed to myself. You readers ever just had a hoe feeling that you just want to act on when you tired of love. Like just to let that being in you have fun for once. We got done with the park at about 6pm in the afternoon and the next stop was food. I was kind of excited to go in the gay club to have some fun and see how the turn up is over here.

As I got home we got dressed and called Kane's girl to watch the kids. When she came KJ just was laughing as he looked at me saying daddy holding his belly. I started to laugh to as I grabbed him telling behave himself.

KJ: Daddy why I can't go to the club I can dance as well and I'm tall enough

Me: Let's put it like this little man you aren't man yet

KJ: He said but I'm a man beating his chest like the little boy in the video getting the needle as we laughed.

Chris: In a few years little man be patient you going get your chance

Terry: You come here he said as Terrell came to him. He then said you going behave right and listen to, what your name is sweets?

Cassie: Cassie

Terry: Cassie, has to say while we gone for a few hours

Terrel: Yes daddy

Terry: You sure cause when you and your cousin get together you two carry on like Chris and I use to. Behave your self don't let me have to get that belt when I come back for the two of you. Right KJ?

KJ: yes uncle Terry but you going beat yourself with that belt he said as he laughed cause I'm not going be rude I promise as he gave the little angle face.

Chris: Chris pulled out his wallet then he gave Cassie two hundred dollars. He said this for watching them cause I know them together can be a hand full alright

Cassie: Oh thank you and no they going to be good boys. You guys go one have a lot of fun!

I don't know about everyone else but I was looking good dressed in white and gold. Line up nice but I was actually impressed with Chris he had on a button down and long white jeans with fitted to match. He was looking tall and sexy! Nate came to me as we was sitting in the back of the jeep saying so what's the plan are you going make Chris a little jealous tonight.

Dion: You better don't be making shit look easy for these niggas show me you don't have to be with him. You single though so have fun cause I'm going too even though I invited frat boy.

Nate: You been keeping him close

Me: Yea you like him don't you and thats not good cause Omar going bust your ass

Dion: Omar and I just had a argument, he was asking me where the hell I was all day. I told him chilling with you guys he told me I fooling with someone.I did say yes, you gave me a free pass so I took it. He cursed me out but it's funny how dudes can give but can't take they shit back.

Me: You love em?

Dion: Yes I do but he hurt me and I don't want hurt him but I do want some me time away from our situation. He keep trying to force me to be ok with him cheating but I'm not over it really yet.

Nate: whelp! Have fun my brother cause two wrongs dont make a right but you broken so just do you until you ready you ready to go back.

We pulled up to this club called the Copa and I didn't know what to expect. It was a mixed with men and woman but you could tell it was a gay club. The place was completely red with the lights filling the entire space. Nate saw some fine girls so he was like yes I like this place already. As I looked at him already trying to be a hoe I was noticing how many sexy dudes were in the place. We went to the bar and all of us did shots and that just had my stomach feeling raw. Dion's friend came and he was looking sexy as hell as he came to greet us. He was actually pretty cool frat boy as well as Kane but I hate his best friend . Dion got him a drink then they headed in the floor to dance and Chris was just watching me the hold night. He was standing with my brother and I was just standing with Nate. Nate looked at me then he said tall light skin is approaching you bro as I looked it was a sexy ass Carmelo Anthony looking dude. He walked up to us then he said hey and I said hey but he looked at Nate. He say how your doing bro

Nate: Who me?

Dude: Yea you sexy what's good with you. I just started laughing as Nate say I'm sorry bro but I don't got that way I only came with my boys. The dude was like my bad bro as he walked back into the crowd then right after another one came trying to talk to Nate.

Me:I couldn't stop laughing then I said well look who is the spot light of the night as we laugh then he said I need to get him out of there cause the next dude that approach him was getting punched.

Soon as he said that this other fine ass Reggie Bush looking brother came walking up on us,. I mean like Reggie bush could be his brother or something but he was cute. Nate said listen yawl niggas stop coming over here, I'm not into men then he said but I hope you or friend is.

Nate:Oh! Yea he is and he's single as he pushed me to talk to him

Me: You so rude and just telling my sexual preferences to people

Nate: You see Chris talking to a guy you better go mingle and do you as I looked and he actually was. What's your name Reggie Bush

Dude: He laughed then he said no Dre

Nate: Well Dre this Mjay yawl go dance as he pushed me again so I went but I hope this don't start no mess in here with Chris.



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Post Posted: 2016-06-09 03:17:27
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lol let Nate get drunk in the club and end up dancing with a few of the dudes that was trying to holla at him.... nothing wrong with that lol
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Post Posted: 2016-06-09 00:12:16
: 2
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: 912

: 7

I vote for boo'd up. Man the dudes in this story have their priorities all mixed up...but I guess it makes for a good story.
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Post Posted: 2016-06-08 23:06:24
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: 2880

: 86

I say to MJ you already know how Chris can be lolol. but Chris might have calm down some lol. MJ just one dance ok
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Post Posted: 2016-06-08 20:36:44
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: 264

: 10

Mjay have fun you are single. Chris been having his fun while waiting you. So free yourself and enjoy. You need to get with Nate once before you get back with Chris sorry a.....s
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Post Posted: 2016-06-08 18:01:24
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: 545

: 23

Yes, he should do him. Have some fun for a change. Good story.
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Post Posted: 2016-06-08 16:23:47
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: 194

: 16

Boo'd... It's been too long... 😍😍😍😍😜😜😜
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Post Posted: 2016-06-08 12:08:43
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: 524

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Where is everyone on here

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