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I believe every word he said and its like this time around he playing it real cause he have a lot to lose. I'm not going jump into a relationship with him or anyone, but we could talk to see if this really is meant to be. Let nature takes its course but I'm still going be single. We'll see how much he really loves me and in all honesty I was just was trying to check if he been bothering with another crazy dude like his ex Trey before I get to close or should I. If you forgot who trey was he's the guy I caught Chris cheating on me with back when we first got together. Trey was the guy that stabbed me in the back with a knife all for his love for Chris. What sweet memories to withhold huh, cause I still got that scare to remember that day.

I got dressed and my brother just came in the room looking at Chris and I. He was saying so this is what happening now , yawl getting back together?

Me: Terry you need to chill we just hanging out. I just broke up with Jason yesterday can I have time to breath chill and be to myself. Time to be single most of all cause if Chris and I get back together it would be tragic.

Chris: Maybe not but you do need to be single and have fun.

Terry: No you can have fun and that's what you should do.Go have lots of fun especially with my best friend there laying in the bed with this grin on his face like he just returned back home or something.

Chris: Terry you need to chill bro as he started to blush.

Terry: Look at him blushing! Little brother the booty that good man as he laughed.

Me: If my son come in here one day ask me about booty it gong be me and you Terry keep your voice down!

Terry: He smart too! He just might come ask you tonight cause you know he soon get into the curious ages. Any way yawl niggas lets hit the road and go have some fun. We got out the house and I was getting teased from all of them as we headed down the stairs by the van. Suddenly sexy ass Kane pulled up asking where we were headed.

Me: We going to that theme park to take the kids and shit you want roll with us. If you not busy you free to join us.

Kane: Yea sure man I don't have nothing much to do that's why I was coming to see if yawl was up to anything. Let me show your brothers them the town. His phone started to ring and he answered it. When he got off he said shit I can't go I forgot I have to go do something with the the dean for the frat. I going have to take a rain check but text me Mjay

I went back into the van and KJ say daddy he getting cheated on and ain't even know it. Him and Terrell keep singing ain't even know it. I just looked and laughed then Terry just was looking saying Mjay yours and mine growing up together is going to be a bomb. I just looked and said you telling me something I can ready see already.

Dion: So guys are we going to the club tonight. It's my last night here I got to head up tomorrow to be there in time for class but I'll be in Miami next week

Nate: You bringing Omar? When he said that Kane's frat brother said who is Omar and we just looked on with our eyes open because I don't think Dion told him he had a boyfriend and was only on a free pass this weekend.

Dion: don't worry about that man. He didn't ask again but you can tell it was on his mind because he really didn't know that Dion had some one. Those two been chilling together since they met at the frat party and I think Omar got stiff competition. I was in the back just looking out the window when I got a text from Chris in the passenger seat.

Text messages

Chris: Sup cutie

Me: wassup daddy

Chris: Daddy huh he said with the purple devil emoji.

Me: Why you texting me and were in the same jeep

Chris: I want to sit next to you but I don't want crowd you because you a single man. I'm not trying to do to much and piss you off and lose you forever.

Me: You ain't doing nothing to offend me man and it's rather fun having you round it's keeping my mind of things. Yea we can't be together right now but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.

Chris: Well I'm glad to be around but you looking good in them jeans though I just wanted to add that in.

Me: You looking good in them joggers as I sent the purple devil face. That ass is on ten boy and I don't mind hitting that! Can you keep up I texted with the smile emoji

Chris: can you ? We both grown physically so it would be fun not that sex is all I want from you.

Nate: Mjay I know you and Chris ain't texting each other and you literally a seat away from him.

Me: Is it that obvious bestie

Nate: Yea nigga as he started to laugh on the side of me.

As we reached the them park Kane texted me telling me he wanted to chill with me tonight . I wasn't against it so I said cool man we can do that . I thought to myself I am single now so I can dip into some other things. I wonder if Kane into me or something , cause he been pushing hard. I was texting him and Chris still but then I got a text from Shawn asking me if everything was ok. I just was shocked that he texted me because he didn't have my new number but I remembered his. I shouted out to Terry asking if he put his. boo thing up to text my phone. He said no as I answered Shawn telling him I'm good. He then ask me if I ever made any videos with Jason.

Me: what kind of videos Shawn

Shawn: Videos of you guys having sex because I'm on my vidster and this island boys titled video looks like you and him even though you can't see no one face. I've sucked and got fucked by your dick many times to know how it looks and that birth mark on your thigh don't help either.

Me: it's a dude getting back shots then yes that's us but how that video got on my vidster cause we just drunkly made that a few weeks ago. When was it added on there?

Shawn: yesterday and what happened you guys broke up or something

Me: Yes we did but I didn't do it so he had to have posted it and I don't really care cause he was getting opened up and no one can see faces just dick and them wet booty cheeks. It's a good thing that's the only one I ever shot but I going have to call him cause that's fucked up in a way. thanks for telling me though I really appreciate it.

I just thought to myself why gay men have to be so dam messy all the time. You can just be minding your business and shit happens. I know Jay wouldn't do it so it have to be his ex trying to get back at me or something for being with his man for a year. I just was chilling for a moment then I showed Nate that a video I did with jay got leaked on to a porn site.

Nate: I'm going beat his ass bruh when I see him he whispered to me not making a scene to everyone in the bus. That's fucked up on so many levels Mjay. Why would someone do that too you and I know you discreet not exactly out the closet but only family and close friends know not the world. I refreshed the page and my name was actually there. That made me scared in a way and it's not the fact that my parents know but if my baby mother finds out. If people that don't like me find out and if people that's homophobic find out it's going be crazy home for me.

I was quiet the hold ride to the theme park and when I got there I stayed in the jeep for a moment. Chris came in the back seat and sat beside me while Nate jumped out to give us a little space.

Chris: What happen Mjay you got all quiet and mood changed instantly

Me: A sex tape Jason and I made got leaked to a porn site and the person posted my name and his.

Chris: only the two of you had the video right and its not you so it have to be him. Listen keep your head up your parents and the ones that matter love you and rock with you. Brush it off you going be fine! Chris ain't going let nothing happen to you or KJ.

Me: If My baby mother find out she can use that shit against me. Just to get at me!

Chris: you got custody by the courts ! Your mom made sure she can never try anything remember. You good but why you did that anyway

Me: Listen we just was having fun, didn't I make one with you

Chris: Did it ever leak hell no because stuff like that I don't play around with. I have that video safe and hidden.

Me: Chris you always there for me as I Got up and on him in ride position facing him. He put his arms around me and he said and I will alway have you. We started kissing and for a moment there it felt like when we use to be together but better. It felt like something new but something old as he held me saying everything going be ok. As he said that my phone started to ring and it was Jason.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I know I've been gone long and I'm so sorry but I promise I'll finish this volume. Like e comment and SUBCRIBE to me you haven't already

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Post Posted: 2016-06-07 13:19:55
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That's fucked up..I probably would have took a flight and whipped that ass.... Both of them but ok sure the boyfriend did it but Jason would have been a casualty
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Post Posted: 2016-06-07 10:50:16
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: 5

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Post Posted: 2016-06-07 07:53:07
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: 204

: 20

Even if it was Jason's ex, Jason holds some responsibility as well. How was the video accessible to his ex? He should have hidden that and protected it.
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Post Posted: 2016-06-06 04:23:54
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: 2847

: 86

another great chapter ❤ it! I bet it was Jason lover who did it. Jason better sit down because Chris and Terry crazy as hell
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Post Posted: 2016-06-05 21:45:59
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: 10

Great chapter man. Call Jason and find out what is going on!!!!

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