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He Dumped Me For His Ex

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Me: Later. I hung up the FaceTime call and I just laid there in the bed. At this moment I don't know how to feel but I know I did the right thing letting him go. I only would've ended up hurting him. A new journey starts so let's see how this plays out. At the moment Terry walks in looking at me, then he said.

Terry: little bro we was going to go do some exploring, you down? He looked at me and I just was looking not saying to much. You ok?

Me: I just was thinking. About a lot of stuff and Jason just broke up with me so I'm happy but a little down. Just got to get my feelings in order is all but I'll be good. Where you guys want to go?

Terry: There are a few places I would like to go especially that gay club I saw on google but we'll do that tonight. I want carry the kids to that frontier city theme park. You know lets get out and ride some rides. Come on it will be fun for you to get out. He smile then he said Chris is going.

Me: I blushed then said you so stupid. I'll go! I totally forgot I have school on Monday. Ugh I wish I was out of school already. I got up out the bed and when I did Chris asked me if I wanted breakfast he just got done cooking for everyone.he brought my plate to the door and I was like thanks.

Nate: Mjay you called

Me: Yea I called you bruh you still getting pussy ? Terry out and Chris thank you for the breakfast I'm going eat it right now . Nate game inside the room eating Chris breakfast. I said just look at you stuffing your dam face. He just started laughing then he said I was hungry Mjay and he can cook. He can cook !

Nate: Now I see why you so in love with em as he started to laugh. This egg taste so good I ready to free up my ass to have food like this all the time

Me: What's wrong with you your big head as he we started to laugh. I said Jason an I broke up a few minutes ago.

Nate: Oh wow , you ok?

Me: Yea I'm good man just one day at a time.

Nate: He gave me the side eye then he said Oh shit Chris about to be in that ass. He started laughing then he said Chris coming to retake his thrown.

Me: See you better stop smoking that dam weed as I laughed then I said roll up one lets go smoke it outside. Could use a stress released.

Nate: You got one already and it's called coco! I just stated laughing when he said that because the fact that he remember I named Chris dick coco back in the day. He just started laughing then he said yes I remember bestie. I was kidding though although I think you should go on a fuck rampage. Get out that good boy persona for once and let loose then talk to Chris. Do not jump right back in a relationship with him. I know you both love each other but it can't be that easy for him cause he got to know this time you mean business. That's if you want to try again with him.

Me: I know I love him but I don't know if I want get back with him yet. He got to prove to me he really want that too.

Nate: Yea but take things slow though and do you. Question are we going to Kane's frat thing or are we going to join the basketball team. This team could use our help for real though cause they aren't winning much or have been winning much in the past.

Me: Naw they record wasn't that bad you know but I think I'd have more fun playing basketball then going through hazing and that other shit. I'll only have to fuck someone up for saying the wrong thing to me. He looked at me saying you right because Kane best friend would be the first one we fuck up. Besides we could play Dion's team a few times too.

Nate: I heard that so we going out for the team. Let's do it the as we best friend shared on it. We just sat ere talking about this basketball team thing. I just was thinking I'll have to leave early to make sure KJ good" KJ comes first cause I'll cut the team quick. Nate says lets go for it! Get dress so we can head out for this day of fun.

Me: yea I going get dress right now tell KJ come here

Nate: alright . He went out and got KJ and bring him back. He came in with his face make up say he's eating so I said hurry up eat so I can bath you and put on your clothes.

KJ: I can bath myself daddy you go bath

Me: little boy you think you as man you know as I laughed you still only a little shrimp so until you can spill milk out of your I said. I paused then I said no I'm not going to say that

KJ: spill milk? You mean spilling the milk out the fridge?

Me:You won't understand just go finish eat then come bath as he ran out the room saying Chris what spilling milk mean. I just laughed him running to Chris asking him what it mean so as he came to the door I was getting undressed. He looked with his eyes all serious licking his lips.

Chris: Dam Mjay that body is yum nigga but anyway what you telling this little boy about spilling milk for confusing his little mind.

Me:He think he is man so I told him i will let him bath himself the first time he find out he can nut as I started to laugh

Chris: like you will know when he start jerking off and having sex. Think about it did you ever told your mom you was jerking off and shit.

Me: Nope she actually had a front row seat one time when she caught me as I started to laugh. I think I told you about this when we was together. Maybe you don't remember but it was when you use to sneak in my room.

Chris: I think I remember that as he started to laugh but dam that's embarrassing. Leave it to my mom if she didn't know me so well she would think I'm a virgin. He laughed then he said Terry told you where we going right . All of us can ride in the big jeep we drove up from Miami. I mean if that's ok with you?

Me: Yea man it's cool. I can use a day out on the town hanging with everyone. Dion headed back tomorrow?

Chris: I mean you got school Monday so I think he probably do have to head back too.

Me: I'm so spaced out but I'm going to miss him.Dam it's only going be just us three here . I was kind of use to Jason being here I can't believe it but I miss him.

Chris: you going be ok man you'll be so busy with school and KJ you won't even realize he went back home.

Me: We broke up

Chris: Oh are you ok? It wasn't because of me right? I mean I love you and want you back but I didn't want to cost you your relationship. if your happy then I'm happy.

Me: I know! You happy that I'm now available?

Chris: Yes but that don't mean nothing cause you still wouldn't take me back just yet I got to prove that I'm serious while letting you heal.

Me: You know what I've notice about you, you have grown up a lot. I can tell by the way you speak. Normally it use to be full of hood Slang with that attitude like you can say or have anything. I really see great potential in you Chris and I'm super proud. You grown into the man I wanted you to be from we first started dating. I was only in my ball shorts at this point as I closed the room door then I went to the bathroom. I took off my ball shorts revealing my body as I walked in the bathroom I paused looking back at him. I then said are you coming but he was already shirtless as I laughed.

I got into the shower turning on the warm water as he jumped in behind me. His dick was so hard as he wrapped his arms around my waist. He said as much as I want to give you some coco cause we missed you dearly. It just means more to hold you right now I've missed this between us so much. I just stood there in Chris arms as he rub the soap on me. It felt so dam good and as much as i love him I still want some dick but in due time. We bath off then he got out the tub and dried off. Walking back in the room he peaked outside as he grabbed his suit case from outside my room door. He came back in the room and dropped his towel to get dressed. As I grabbed my boxers out the draw I just was watching. I said Chris even your ass got more define with muscles and its fat. You really been going hard in the gym and that's remind me that I got to go tonight.

Chris: yea I was

Me: So you wasn't having sex with anyone or talking to any dudes back home.

Chris: I talked to a few guys on the low but nothing never worked out. Either they just want my money or they just was plain crazy trying to claim me just after a few dates. Believe me I tried to get over you but the shit just won't go away and that's what really made me realize we are soulmate.

Me: So are you still contact with any of them?

Chris: Two still hit me up from time to time trying to get into something but I really be don't check to much after sex a few times with them.

I believe every word he said and its like this time around he playing it real cause he have a lot to lose. I'm not going jump into a relationship with him but we could talk and see if this really is meant to be. Let nature takes its course but I'm still going be single for a while. We'll see how much he really loves me and in all honesty I was just was trying to checking if he been bothering with another crazy Trey before I get to close or should I. I don't get fucked this time around cause I have a son.


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Post Posted: 2016-04-29 02:06:01
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I just hoped those dudes Chris was talking too don't try no bullshit like those other dudes in the past.
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Post Posted: 2016-04-19 22:05:10
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: 2880

: 86

Chris has really grown up and I like that a lot.
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Post Posted: 2016-04-19 22:02:33
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Chris and Mjay they truly belong together finally. Please keep these two together forever,
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Post Posted: 2016-04-19 20:33:19
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Yay...... Let them get married and have a kid...

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