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I Fucked Up

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Me: Why you saying it like that and given me that look on your face. Babe I'm just saying As I watch him walk to the door to let his brother inside. He then walked in and this other light skin dude walked in and it kind of looked like Jason's ex boyfriend Sean. He gave the guy a hug then he walked back to the iPad which he had ôn it's stand. I know I never met him only saw pictures but that look like your ex boyfriend.

Jason: Yea that's him as he looked confused then he said I going talk to you tonight about it as I was saying something he cut me off by ending the face time.

Me: wait! Wait! Why the hell he didn't answer me. It's to early for shit like this to be going on as I calling him back on FaceTime. He answered in two rings so I asked him why he hung up on me

Jason: Don't over react baby it's not like that believe me. I didn't even know he was coming over. He came over with my brother and it's cool we just friendly. I didn't call back because I ain't about to be arguing with you in front of your ex making him believe we having problems when we ain't. It's not like that baby I assure you.

Me: It probably ain't but you hung up on me after me knowing your ex was in your apart mention Jason. You telling me behave because Chris here in my face but I told you the truth.

He just got silent then he said I'm sorry Mjay. We talked for a few more minutes more on FaceTime hashing it out. I didn't want let it fester and go any further . I really do love Jason in spite of what friends or family might think. He been there for me and he's been loyal to me .

Me: Now go have fun with your brother and we'll FaceTime tonight before we go to bed ok.

Jason: I love you Mjay

Me: I love you too jay

We hanged up from FaceTime and I just continued to drink with Chris. He just was looking at me with those eyes.

Me: Why you keep looking at me like that

Chris: I just looking. You haven't change and the same things that burn my fire bright with you still do. Is that weird after all this time I still feel the exact same way about you. You'd think I would then find another dude already.

Me: I know they on your line

Chris: Why you think that Mjay

Me: please! You fine got your own everything , a thug with a heart and your dick game on Point

Chris: How you know the dick still on point and difference between other guys is, they never will see my soft heart only you saw through me.

Me: Oh only me huh I said as I raised my eyebrows . I just started laughing then I said I'm not even going get into all that. I know you worth it

Chris: So if I am worth so much why you aren't with me right now. Why aren't we trying to make this work Mjay

Me: You are one of a kind Chris but you got to realize I am too. I got tired playing the mind games and petty arguments with you. I loved you with all my heart and still do but you realize you broke my heart for. I said no to your proposal yea but all I was trying to tell you was yes but not right now.

Chris: Mjay you are one of a kind but you didn't tell me it like that. You said no in front of everyone. Yes I admit I was dumb stupid and petty but you know I love you more than life itself. I love KJ more than life itself! I do want you back in my life but I'm not going come at you no type way.

Me: Chris please if I kiss you right you'll get harder than brick. You know I got the sauce! You know that I'm saucey! Like Rihanna said as I laughed.

Chris: I guess we'll never know unless you become single and want try this again.

Me: I started to laugh then I said whatever Chris. He just kept staring at me so I told him I was going in the room to get my charger. I was getting a little drunk so I went in the room and closed the door. I plugged my phone up then I laid down in the bed for a bit looking at the ceiling. I just laid there thinking about how hard my dick was for Chris. It was super hard and I don't want get in trouble. Shit I might've loved him more then I thought still. I got up out the bed trying to fix my dick on my of side so it wouldn't show. As I open the door with my head looking down at the floor Jordan's was in the way. I looked up at the person and it was Chris . He grabbed me then he said I couldn't help myself. He put his hands around me as I we went to the bed. All I was thinking about was this is wrong Mjay but he felt so dam right. We landed in the bed between my legs on top of me. He the started kissing my neck just being the dominate beast I remembered as I moaned. We were kissing so passionately and he as whispering in my ear I missed you so much Mjay.

Suddenly he just jumped off me fixing his clothes as he looked at me scared. He said sorry I'm so sorry I can't do this. You never cheated on me so I won't let you cheat on him with me. He said I want you badly but not this way he said as he told me he was going down stairs. I was laying in the bed relieved but I don't know if I had the power to stop him. I got to get my shit together before I really cheat on Jason. At the same moment Jason was texting my phone but I didn't read it.

I jumped up out the bed fixed my clothes then I went back in the front room. I heard Nicki Minaj song favorite blasting in the back yard. It went "tell what you need got the weed in a bad little bitch and I never indight her". I then went on my way downstairs out back. Terry had all the neighbors out there drinking it was funny.

Darrell: Mjay your brother is a cool as hell bro.

Me: Yea that's him taking over every where he go. I was walking over to grill but Nate came and pull me to the side.

Nate: What are you doing ? He looked at me with his eye brows raised as he said those words

Me: What you talking about Nate

Nate: Don't play dumb Mjay! I don't carry best friend title for nothing as we walked around the front talking. You and Chris up stairs drinking

Me: We just was drinking as friends but then

Nate: But then what

Me: then we almost had sex just a minute ago but thank God he stopped me cause it was going down. I have to tell Jason! He going hate me and break up with me

Nate: Dam Mjay you fucked up even though you didn't went all the way it still was going happen. Shit Chris got more heart the I thought for him to stop and be like this is wrong you with someone

Me: Nate for that very second all those feelings kept rushing back like they had not left

Nate: The true love ex curse! You can't never get rid of em. I understand what happened to the fullest. So no what?

Me: what?

Nate: You going talk to Jason about it or you going break up with him or you going talk to Chris again. I know the right thing to do right now is to forget it ever happened . When you and Jason are close together in the same place then you should tell him. Miami is great place to do it when we go down for the club opening. No but wait that might turn into a big fight with him and Chris. Just don't say nothing right now about it . When the time is right and you to alone tell him.

Me: it really ain't not good time to tell him I almost cheated on him with my ex. I'm going to tell him but not next week for sure when my mom there . Not going stir up all that drama!

Nate: Dam best friend you could've at least waited a week before you almost mess up. Clean it up from now on and remember you with someone else. You love Jason and I know you do but you can't let old feelings get in the way. If you and Chris were meant to be then everything will play out. I had to come talk to you after Terry said you and Chris up there drinking.

Me: For sure man good looking out. That's why I love you

Nate: Feelings mutual my best friend that's my bestfriend he Finna he finna as he laughed and I was doing twerk moves as he said it

Me: Trying to contain ourselves.

Nate: We acting so gay right now as he started to laugh. Next weekend in Miami is going to be so dam interesting. I see Blaze is taking over the Bahamas being a business man. We need to start I own company soon. The print shop we talked about

Me: Yea we need to get that in the works and blaze really is taking over. He trying to be a billionaire with Jo right on his arm. Miami will be something interesting and I'm ready!


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4 . A Visit From An Old Friend
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8 . That's Not Your Man
9 . I'll Never Win
10 . Chris Mjay & Jason Thoughts
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19 . He Dumped Me For His Ex
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25 . The Walking Dead
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34 . I’m back!!!

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Post Posted: 2016-03-17 08:55:18
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: 16

: 1

Bruhhhh stop playing wit my feelings lol and get my boys back together mjay obviously love chris unconditionally and i respect him for stopping himself thats a real man G #teamchris&mjay
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Post Posted: 2016-03-16 21:32:23
: 1
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: 16

: 1

Bruhhhh stop playing wit my feelings lol and get my boys back together mjay obviously love chris unconditionally and i respect him for stopping himself thats a real man G #teamchris&mjay
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Post Posted: 2016-03-14 16:32:38
: 0
: 0


: 10

: 1

OMG yesss. Keep this going
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Post Posted: 2016-03-12 03:51:56
: 1
: 1


: 137

: 12

hmmm chris my boi ..but jason is cool give him chance mjay
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Post Posted: 2016-03-10 15:41:55
: 2
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: 2048

: 146

The fact that Chris had stopped himself from going further with mjay he should get some credit there as well...yes I'm always team chrismjay...but we dont know what Jason fully doing back at home shit for all we know the twins having a threesome with the ex as we speak and probably won't say shit to mjay about til things hit the fan.
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Post Posted: 2016-03-09 13:39:57
: 0
: 5


: 981

: 222

Chris so disrespectful....he makes me so sick. ...let mjay be happy new be his friend and not always throwing yourself at him. I'm with nate Mjay you love Jason so do right....don't let Chris fuck up a good thing
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Post Posted: 2016-03-09 04:07:37
: 4
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: 295

: 25

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Post Posted: 2016-03-08 23:49:48
: 5
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: 616

: 16

I really like MJay and Chris together. I get a lil' queasy in my stomach when anybody even MENTIONS Jason. MJay needs to get rid of that place holder and get back with Chris...PRONTO!!!
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Post Posted: 2016-03-08 23:01:25
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: 2909

: 86

I'm glad Chris stop himself lol notttt lol. And Jason might have mess up himself with the ex in his house. Hmmmm # Chris

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