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KJ Bursting Bubbles

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Chris: Alright cool lets get one then

Me: Yea lets go cause I kind of want to talk to you anyway about a few things

Chris Thoughts: He want to talk to me? Could it be he reveals that he still got feelings for me? I miss him so much and to be in the same house and can't sleep long side him is torture man. I'm still not use to that but in due time I hope true love find its way back to me. I miss him so much I feel broken inside and I don't feel the same.i never felt the same since the night I stupidly broke up with him. We have to get back together we just have too. It was a mistake and I'm sorry that I made that mistake. I'm so sorry!

Chris and I went in the kitchen as I pulled out my stash in the fridge. I had some good sparkling wine just waiting to be popped. I didn't get a chance to drink it yet but I think I'll try it now. We got the bottle and two glasses and we sat in the front room sofa. I was playing some music from my phone. Everyone else was outside getting the grill together.

Chris: So you into the sparking wine thing now?

Me: Yea it's that grown man ish that I'm on these days. Can't be a little boy forever right?

Chris: Right! So it comes with that beard you rocking I guess he said then he started to laugh

Me: I just started laughing then I said you so crazy bruh but yea I guess so.

Chris: He then looked at me saying grown man look sexy on you. So what you wanted to talk about as he looked at me with his pink soft lips wetting them with his tongue. My phone started to ring the exact time I was going actually talk to him so we could've been less weird around each other. It was Jason calling me

Jason: Baby I just reach in and I'm heading to catch a taxi by your crib to get my car from there. I miss you and KJ like crazy as he sounded like he wanted to cry over the phone

Me: Babe you ok? I miss you a lot too but how does it feel to be back home. Weird right?

Jason: It feels so weird! I was getting so use to being over there but you know work calls.

Me: You think you could be able to fly out to Miami next week for the club opening. A little weekend turn up.

Jason: I'll have to ask for Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and catch the morning flight on Friday. I get off at three so I could probably catch that 5-6 something flight out on Thursday afternoon. What you up too now though?

Me: I'm here drinking some sparkling wine

Jason: Oh ok, behave yourself now. When I get settled I will call you tonight on FaceTime ok. I love you Mjay we going get through this

Me: Of course we are baby and I love you too. Don't forget to call me on FaceTime. I hanged up the phone from Jason as KJ walked up on me

KJ: Daddy can I try that what your drinking

Me: Why you want taste this

KJ: I know it's alcohol daddy I just want to taste it

Me: Oh you know it's alcohol huh so tell me mr smart mouth what else you know as he climb up in my lap. I gave him the cup and let him taste it. As he was sitting in my lap it kind of flash me back to when I was his age.My daddy always use to let me get a sip of his wine or rum he was ringing at the time. He took his first sip and he liked it cause he took another sip

KJ: I like that

Chris: Going turn into a alcoholic now kittle man as he laughed at Chris

Me: Yea let me stop before he be in the fridge killing my bottle when I ain't looking or sleep or something

KJ: I know I'm not suppose to drink it unless you let me sip it daddy. I just looked at him when he speak cause it amazes me how dam smart he is. He looked at me then he looked at Chris and smiled. Daddy you and Chris stopped fighting ? When he said that Chris kind of chocked on the drink then started to laugh.

Chris: Chris looked at me opening his eyes then he said what you mean stop fighting little man. KJ we weren't fighting cause then daddy could beat me up

KJ: Not fighting fighting I mean like fighting. Chris you trying to confuse me big head as he laughed. Daddy you and Chris fight then Jason start coming around and now you two talking again so does that mean your staying Chris and Jason is leaving. I missed you I really missed you around Chris.

I was so blown away by him trying to explain to us that he knows we had broken up but he don't really know what to call it exactly. He was just there telling Chris he misses him a lot and he don't want us to fight anymore.

Chris: Little man we aren't fighting anymore ok but I still won't be around like I use too. I'll always be here for you no matter what ok. You can always let daddy call me or bring you to see me.

KJ: He started to cry then he said but why don't you love us anymore.

Chris's Thoughts: Little man is so dam smart I don't even know what to say. I just realize something that I not only broke one heart I broke his as well. He not letting up off this subject either cause he seems like it was on his little chest and this was the perfect opportunity to say something. Mjay looking so dam cute and amazed but KJ is the exact man. Mjay use to carry on the same way when he was little telling Terry and I he knows what we be up too. He knew how to put a good puzzle together so he shouldn't be too surprise that KJ is just as smart at that age probably smarter. Little man got my back though cause I got a feeling he might just be the key for me to get back in my baby heart. Naw not going play no games no more though I'm just going be me and love like I always use too. Playing games is what got me here like a lost puppy to begin with.

Mjay's Thoughts: Yooooooooooo why is my son so got dam smart! Wait! Karma is coming to bite me in the ass right now cause I use to do my older siblings the same thing. I use to burst there bubble plenty times when I was there age. He isn't trying to burst my bubble though he seems as though he trying to recreate that happiness that was around when Chris and I was together. He wants us to get back together. Aww he's been heart broken too. What happens to me effects him to just like my mom says. I feel terrible cause I kind of ripped Chris away from him in a sense I really was only thinking about my feelings at the time. Chris looking so dam good though I must say dam. He still knows how to make a nigga hormones go wild. I got to fight it though cause I'm with someone else.

Terry: Hey Hey what you guys doing to my nephew in here got him all sad and shit. Come to uncle Terry here you want eat some jerk chicken?

Terry took KJ with him outside. As he was walking out he was looking at Chris giving him the eye cause we were talking. When he left so it was just Chris and I sitting on the sofa. We were just drinking more and more of that sparkling wine.

Chris: KJ is pretty dam smart! I know he was smart but I under estimated how smart he really was. He know we broken up but don't really know what to call it . I love him though but wait , what you wanted to talk to me about

Me: Yea he still got me shocked but yea I wanted to talk to you. Do it feel awkward when you come around ?

Chris: Only when you with Jason but other then that no

Me: Terry says you still got feelings for me

Chris: I never stopped and always will love you. I know the feelings mutual even if you don't say it but I respect your relationship. When he said that my iPhone started to ring it was Jason calling me on FaceTime. Your boyfriend calling you a

Me: Video chatting me as I answered.

Jason: There goes my baby as he sang to me looking at me through the phone. I just started laughing. I haven't been in this apartment so long it feels strange as hell. I miss you!

Me: I miss you too but I here drinking with Chris .

Jason: I see you guys getting your drink on that's what's up man.

Me: I miss you a lot I wish you were here but that's life man I got to except it. What you got lined up for the rest of the evening?

Jason: Twin suppose to come through and he suppose to bring a friend who say they wanted to see me as well.

Me: Oh so you going drink as well and tell your brother I said hi. I still can't tell the two of you apart

Jason: Well you better learn how cause he want fuck you and I ain't want no mix up. I don't want have to cut my brothers ass for you

Me: If I know he around we just won't have sex

Jason: can't keep that good thing away from me but I think that's him pulling in my drive way right now.

Me: Go spend time with your brother and drink . We can Skype tonight if you aren't too drunk to talk

Jason: Naw we going Skype tonight but please watch all the liquor you drinking and behave yourself.

Me: Why you saying it like that and given me that look on your face.

Jason: Babe I'm just saying as I watch him walk to the door to let his brother inside. He then walked in and this other light skin dude walked in and it kind of looked like Jason's ex boyfriend Sean. He gave the guy a hug then he walked back to the iPad which he had ôn it's stand.

Me: I know I never met him only saw pictures but that look like your ex boyfriend.

Jason: Yea that's him as he looked confused then he said I going talk to you tonight about it as I was saying something he cut me off by ending the face time.


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Post Posted: 2016-02-07 06:25:36
: 3
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: 202

: 16

Plzzzzz #mjay&chris lol
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Post Posted: 2016-02-06 16:25:25
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: 17

: 2

Hhhhmmmm, maybe that phone call to come back was on behalf of the twin.... just hold on Chris, in due time! #Chris&Mjay
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Post Posted: 2016-02-06 06:56:20
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: 304

: 23

Mjay better than me.... I'd be the first thing smoking to his place... and it want be for his x being there.... it'll be for just cutting me off on facetime..no bye, I love or nothing......cause my thing, if it's not a big deal then why rush off....

Clearly Mjay isn't hiding anything..Hell he's sitting down having drinks with his x and still wanted to talk/facetime while Chris is there.... Jason may or may not be hiding or doing anything but it doesn't look right... Your x shows up with your brother, so now you wanna run off the line.... O hell to da nawl! lol like i said, I'd be piss over that part of it... you hanging out or keeping somewhat in contact with your x want bother me, cause I'm secure in mine.... because really if you are doing something, what ever it is... it'll eventually show it self to me.... Smh

Chris, just be you and be patient.... Let Jason mess up his own relationship, cause him being insecure and low key jealous is what will mess it up...
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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 13:45:38
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: 2048

: 146

Wait he cut you off from facetime that's just disrespectful yo... And the twin probably brought the ex there to get back with Jason so the twin can try and get with mjay... Or the twin is fucking the ex.
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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 11:15:29
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: 2

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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 11:00:18
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: 929

: 37

KJ is really a smart kid. But, i would have called Jason back and said what i needed to say.
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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 09:15:47
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: 2909

: 86

great chapter and yes KJ is to smart for his age lol. Chris will get his family back because something is going wrong with Jason. Why would his brother bring the ex over like really?
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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 08:37:47
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: 180

: 5

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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 07:53:10
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: 80

: 4

So why was Jason's ex there? And why didn't he mention it?
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Post Posted: 2016-02-05 05:45:16
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: 295

: 25

More, More..... pls

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