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Terry: Little brother you look like you ready to cry man as him and Chris started to Laing

Chris's Thoughts: I give these two a month and they will be wanting to be single. I know for sure Mjay going to withstand the distance apart but I don't think Jason ready for a serious relationship and the tests you go through. He about to be tested cause Chris ain't making it easy for no man. I want my family back in my life

Terry: Chris you want let's go get some stuff so we can grill out in the back yard. I see they got one nice grill spot in the back there

Me: Leave it to you to spot everything and make sure you bring the Bahamas here. Let's grill then when I get back home from dropping jay.

Jason: You guys making me want get fired now since you you going start grilling. I going miss all the fun dread!

Kane: Grilling huh! I never been to a grill out but hey I'll chip in as well let's make this happen. You know us American niggas don't know about that real island cooking.

Terry: Yea man we going show you how it's done. The right way cause you know some of you Americans shit be raw as hell when you cook. Where are the good clubs and all the shit over here.

Kane: All show you guys

Jason: Anyway fellas I going catch up with you I got to go to try get on one plane

Dion: Going catch you later jay we going miss you bro

Nate: Yea bro we going miss you but hold it down until we get home man . We going get together but will probably come home for that two weeks for spring break.

After all the goodbyes we headed to the airport just KJ, Jason, Terry and I. I was just driving and Jay was just looking at me.

Me: I just started to blush then I said why you looking at me so hard. He looked at me then he mouthed your so dam cute. All this time you just realizing that I said.

Jason: Naw I knew that since you started working at my job. I knew it from then, remember I was the first one to come talk to you but then I turned a little evil.

Me: Yea and the first one to hate on me as I started to laugh

Jason; That's how I had to play the game man and look where you are now. He just started laughing cause I'm his boyfriend. KJ you going be good while I'm gone?

KJ: Why you have to go?

Jason: Cause I got to work little man

KJ: Find a job here don't go he said as we pulled up to the airline at the airport.

Jason: Aw little man I have to go but I promise I'll be back ok, I promise. Come give me a hug as he picked KJ up he gave him a big kiss on his cheek then he told him he loved him and be good. That kind of touched me as I watched them bond and that's all jay wanted.

Terry: Take care jay will see you when I get home in a few days.

Jason: Of course bro ill come by when I know you back. As he looked at me he said I'm going to miss you. He gave me a hug then he said I'll FaceTime you when I get home ok. He said that then he started walking inside as the potter got his bags. He texted my phone then he said I love you baby. He also said I wanted to kiss you so bad but we couldn't In front of KJ.

I then got into my car an pulled off from the airport. I didn't want to be a bitch, I didn't want to be a bitch and cry. Fight it Mjay! Fight it Mjay! Don't cry! I kept saying those phrases in my head as I got back on the route to my apartment. Terry sat in front with me and KJ was buckled up in the back.

Terry: Little brother you going be ok

Me: I think so but one day at a time. Thank you for coming to see me. You guys being here going make this much better.

Terry: Until we leave then you going to be back at square one again. We started to laugh then he said it would be nice though if Shawn was here

Me: Yea it would be nice and why he didn't come anyway

Terry: He got a lot of homework already but he coming Miami next weekend for the opening of club Triangle as well as Jovonnie and Blaze, Candy and David plus JB & Bentley. We going party you got to see if Jason can come out. I might have to fly mom in to watch the kids. She can use a trip to bring little guy with her for a trip

Me: I bet our little brother is getting super big

Terry: yea he is getting pretty big and he's killing you Mjay. Him and KJ can go for brothers. As we were talking my phone started to ring and it was mom. Who that calling you Mjay?

Me: Speak of the devil as we laughed I answered

Mom: Give your booty a break baby

Me: OMG mom really

Mom: She started to laugh then she said I'm just joking baby. How are you? I'm calling to check on you cause you don't check for your old ma and little brother

Me: That's not true mommy just stop it ok

Mom: She started laughing so hard she couldn't contain herself. Mjay my son I'm just messing with you baby. What you and your brother up too?

Me: We are driving to the food store around the corner from me to get a few stuff. Just dropped Jay off at the airport

Mom: he's coming home?

Me: Yea his work made him come in or they were going to fire him.

Mom: oh man how you holding up baby, I know you miss him?

Me: I'm going be ok mom

Mom: Let me talk to my big baby for sec

Terry: Hey mom

They talked on the phone for about five minutes then Terry said he love her too then he gave the phone back to me.

Me: Yea mom

Mom: Mjay have you seen Chris yet

Me: Yea mom I've send him

Mom: And?

Me: And what mom?

Mom: Nothing baby nothing

Me: No mom say it! And what?

Mom: I'm just saying have you two talked about the past? You know it's only a matter of time before those conversations come up. Jason is gone so your relationship is about to be tested. In order for you two to fully move forward you got to talk to Chris . I bet it's still weird to even look at him for two long right. As much as you try to play like you over it your not. I'm only looking out for you baby and I'm happy on who ever you choose. It just got me to thinking when I remembered Chris and Terry were there.

Me: Mom you want to come Miami next week? You can bring my little brother and watch the the kids while we go to your boys club opening

Mom: Yea I don't mind taking a little trip and see you guys and my grand baby KJ. How is he by the way?

Me: He's ok I think he miss Jason he's in the back seat looking out the window being quiet

Mom: My poor baby he's crushed. He's going to be ok just remember what you do effects him too ok.

Me: I know mom. I know trust me I do.

Mom: Any way see you next week on the weekend I'm going to go put your greedy little brother down for his nap. He got me tired I swear I'm so old for this . Big brothers and sister soon going have to help out. David always coming to help though I swear I got the best children especially my boys just makes me so dam proud.

Me: I know mom and I know I'm the favorite, well was the favorite but anyway I love you mom later

Mom: Give KJ a kiss for me and tell him I love him. I hanged up the phone from mom as I pulled up in the parking of the food store.

Terry: Mom was talking to you about Chris huh

Me: You know that as we started to laugh

Terry: He still loves you, you know that right

Me: Oh gosh not you two Terry. It's like everyone is trying to ambush me about this same thing. I made my choice and I choose to be with someone else. I still love em too and I think I'll always have a place in my heart for em but enough is enough. I got tired fighting for my life and I got tired having my feelings played with. If you don't stand for something you fall for everything. I put my foot down and I'm with someone else.

Terry: I understand little brother but all me and moms trying to say is we know true love when we see it. It will always find it way back home

Me: Hey and it if it does I'm fine with that but I'm just saying now I'm with someone else and I just want everyone to respect em.

Terry: we do bro we do and sorry about that

Me: It's cool Terry I love you and respect your opinions bro. Let's go get these stuff and go home and cook up for this little get together we having out back

We got inside the store and we bought a lot of meat, potatoes, macaroni and stuff to make salad. We also stopped to buy some more rum. After all the shopping we finally went home to get ready. I was laying on the bed just looking at the ceiling thinking about Jay. I felt kind of lost without em here.

Chris: Mjay so where do I sleep

Me: Any where man it's a big apartment with four five rooms.

Chris: So I can sleep with you then

Me: I laughed then I said naw

Chris: See, So I can't sleep just anywhere as he started to laugh. I'll just go get a room

Me: naw bey I won't let you do that and I got a bed right here in the sofa too I forgot about that. Terry and Terrell going sleep in KJ room and you can put your stuff in my room. That's small stuff man but I need a drink

Chris: Alright cool lets get one then

Me: Yea lets go cause I kind of want to talk to you anyway about a few things

Chris Thoughts: He want to talk to me? Could it be he reveals that he still got feelings for me? I miss him so much and to be in the same house and can't sleep long side him is torture man. I'm still not use to that but in due time I hope true love find its way back to me. I miss him so much I feel broken inside and I don't feel the same. We have to get back together we just have too.


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Post Posted: 2016-01-27 10:27:20
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Chris and mjay has something real and even kj notice it the thing with Jason he just use to him being around that's all I would like to see Chris get his family back
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Post Posted: 2016-01-26 01:38:43
: 4
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: 161

: 13

What mom said was true... Whatever Mjay does affects KJ as well... and further more, Chris has a clear and more of a bond with KJ as a father figure then Jason will ever have.. He sees Jason like he does the rest of the guys around Mjay as family... but you can see he clearly love Chris as much as he does his dad... Jason saw that too...

But really all in due time.... I think Chris just need to fall back and just be himself and let the Mjay come to terms with himself and his future...

lol I'm still waiting on KJ to bust they bubble and tell them he knows... especially about him knowing about when Mjay and Chris was together.... I think he's still up in the air about what Jason is to his dad, whether or not he's around his dad like Chris was or is he just another close friend.... Kids are smart and KJ is smarter... He's probably doesn't really know how to tell/explain to Mjay what he thinks yet.... lol

Mjay... just like moma knows..... a child knows...
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Post Posted: 2016-01-25 21:46:38
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: 206

: 21

fuck chris true love my damn ass!! true but still getting ur feelins played with thts not true love, i agree with jay put u foot down and dont stand for bullshit!!!
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Post Posted: 2016-01-25 21:33:54
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: 583

: 30

I thought Chris had a girlfriend with a baby on the way?
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Post Posted: 2016-01-25 19:53:35
: 6
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: 2880

: 86

take your time Chris it will all work out I love you to together. Terry said it true love will fine its way home. sorry Jason I'm not feeling you. # Chris
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Post Posted: 2016-01-25 17:23:12
: 0
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: 630

: 134

Yes Mjay set the record straight they should all respect thst and stop pressuring you on Chris feelings, he fucked up and now he won't u back...I like Mjay n Jason together I actually I love them together! Chris just need to move on

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