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Rula Rula Rula !

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Rula- huh ?

Nell- it was just the moment . Ill take all the blame . Im sorry ight ? Look ill take it off ( takes off the necklace ) .

Rula- no dont just take it off because i said something . It should be for us .

Rula walked out the room and went to shower . I stood there with the necklace in my hand and put it in my pocket . I took off my clothes and walked to the bathroom i was debating on entering or not . Since he was so mad at me . But i took the chance ! When i walked in he was already in the shower . I opened the curtain and stepped in . He looked at me then looked straight and continued washing himself . I stepped in front of him slowly as the water hit my head . I hugged him tight rubbing my hands around his back . And he finally let it go and hugged me back . I kissed his tight chest softly then looked up at him and he leaned his head down and kissed me softly . While we kissed i said " im sorry " . He just kept kissing me .

I pushed back from his embrace a little and started kissing down his body . When i hit his pubic hairs . I licked down his dick putting the tip of his dick in my mouth . As the water hit my face i sucked his dick deeper and faster . Our fingers locked onto each others and i kept sucking going a lil slower pushing it down my throat gagging on it .

Each time made it fully down his dick . He threw his head back and said " Fuck ! " .

I sucked his dick for about 10 more minutes until he came all over my body . He stood me up and kissed me softly . I just stood there and stared at him and he stared back .

Rula- I love you ight ?

Nell- i love you too .

Rula- when we go to Texas imma have you meet some of my niggas so you know its real .

Nell- ( smirks ) what if they dont like me ?

Rula- why wouldnt they ... I mean they might be a lil tough but i got you babe .

Nell- should i bring my brass knuckles ? Haha

Rula- nahhh they aint gonna dare to put there hands on you .

Nell- Okay ... We'll see ...


Texas !!

Myra ( Rulas Baby Momma )
Mya ( The baby 2 years old )

In Myras Condo

Myra- oh my gosh ! He looks even better in person !

Rula- haha

Nell- thank you beautiful

Myra- your welcome ! I mean your sexy reguardless but yeah . Im so glad you two are here.!

Rula- wanted to be around my Fam !

Myra- Dre you know my mom and Dad is coming right ? And they know we arent together anymore . I didnt tell them about Cornell though .

Rula- you should so they wont be suprised when they get here .

Myra- ill call them later .

Nell- you have a nice place here !

Mya- ( walking around and starts pulling on Nells jeans ) mmm !

Myra- awww look at her she likes you . And thanks hun !

Nell- ( picks up Mya ) beautiful child ! Kind of jealous haha . Is she modeling ?

Myra- you know what i was thinking about that .

Rula- we should do it for her .

Myra- sounds like a good idea . But hey im about to start this food for tomorrow . Where yall going today ?

Rula- imma take him to meet my boys and prob gonna go to the strip club .

Nell- oh i never been ( starts playing with Mya )

Rula- you will tonight !

Myra- and your boys ..... Eh

Rula- why you say eh ?

Myra- cause they can be assholes . So Cornell just ignore everything they say . Dont let it get to you .

Nell- i wont ! Thanks for the heads up !

Rula- come on Myra they aint that bad ..

Myra- ( takes the baby ) okay .

As she walked away i looked at Rula and he was texting someone then looked up and grabbed my hand and we walked out the house .

Rula- come on we about to meet them around the block . They at the park balling up .

Nell- ight .

Rula- ( gets in the car ) they chill as fuck .

Nell- ( gets in ) sure they are . Atleast they already know who i am ... Right ?

Rula- i mean they seen the FB post of me and you ... But thats about it .

Nell- shit ...

Rula- chill ( starts driving )

On our way around the corner to the park, i just kept thinking about the different things that could happen in a few minutes . It could be bad or it could be good .

When we pulled up . I saw about 6 dudes balling up and like 3 females sitting on the sideline . As we got out they stopped playing and watched as we approached . The 3 females began whispering and so did 2 of the dudes .

When we got on the court the buffest dude came to dap up Rula and just looked me up and down .

Rula- ( daps him ) come on G dont do that shit .

G- man fuck all that . Glad you back yo .

Nell- Haha Ru im just gonna sit .

G- the fuck you laughing for .

Rula- chill out boy !

Nell- Nigga i laugh when i want too . Dont worry about me !

The other dudes came up on me surronding me . And i stood my ground .

Rula- aye yall chill the fuck out . GO ! Now !

Dude- Man you wildn Rula .

Dude2- haha this nigga think he tough .

Rula- ( steps up to him ) what i say ?

Nell- you dont have to stand up for me . Im good .

Rula- Step niggas !

( they walk away talking shit )

Rula- ( looks at Cornell ) you good ?

Nell- yeah im chillin .

Rula- ( grabs Nells hand ) let me talk to G for a bit .

G- cut that out . Holding his hand and shit .

Nell- ight babe . ( looks over at G ) damn you worried huh ?

Rula- go Bae .

I walked over to the bleachers and sat down . The 3 females came walking over to me as i was looking on my phone .

GirlOne- Hes sexy !
Girl2- i cant believe hes gay ... I would fuck with him .

Nell- ( looks up ) wassup ?

Girl3- um nothing . But listen here faggot . Dont be trying no shit with my man Gavin .

Girl2- girl chill ! He aint gotta be all that shit .

Girl3- hell nah i saw him talking to him fuck that .

Nell- Okay listen here Fiona dont come at me with this insecure shit you got going on . Why the fuck would i try something with your dude when i got mine ? Plus the nigga is your niggas boss ! Step from my face with this bullshit . Thank you

GirlOne- i like him !

Girl3- watch your mouth ! Ill have him fuck you up .

Girl2- too muchhhhhh girl ugh .

Nell- let her talk . She doesnt scare me .

Girl3- hmm keep it up bitch :) . ( walks away )

Nell- I can see your track bitch ! ( yells out )

Girl2- haaaaaa ! Oh shit you tried it !

Nell- i aint worried about her ass .

GirlOne- dont be .

As Girl3 walked away i seen her approach G and stand right in front of him swaying her body while she talked to him . And Rula was standing behind her cause G and Rula was talking . I stood up and Rula looked her up and down and then When she was done talking to G she turned and placed her hand on Rulas chest and said hi i think and walked away . As she started walking both G and Rula watched and G dapped up Rula . Rula starting laughing then licked his lips slightly then looked over at me . I sat down and put my attention back on these 2 girls .

Girlone- well call me Lisa
Girl2- call me Talia .

Nell- im Cornell nice to meet you two .

Talia- nice meeting you !

Lisa- like wise . But listen " fiona " as you would like to call her , is trouble .

Talia- yep she aint shit. We just around her cause we have to be . Cause our bfs .

Lisa- yup and you see how she touched Rula? Shes up to no good .

Nell- yeah im not even worried about her . I didnt like his response though but . Its all good .

Lisa- ( side eyes Talia ) mm..

Talia- ( shakes head and whispers ) " no "

Nell- whats the secret ?

Lisa- Fiona she sucked your dudes dick ...

Talia- I said No Lisa damn !

Lisa- but ...

Talia- girl ugh ! Lets goooo . We will see you later cutie ( pulls Lisa away )

I sat there and leaned back on the bleachers trying to stay calm . I went back to my phone and had a random text from Adrian .

Text from Adrian

Adrian- Yo

Nell- Wassup Adrian?

Adrian- not much been a while . How you been ?

Nell- i been well cant complain how about you ?

Adrian- i been good . Just working .

Nell- sounds cool ...

Adrian- mhm ( side eye face )

Nell- what ?

Adrian- ehhh nothing .

( Rula walks over )

Rula- Aye what you doing ? ( taking off his shirt ) im about to ball up .

Nell- okay . ( goes to Instagram )

Rula- ( gives His shirt to Nell ) here

Nell- sit it there .

Rula- ( snatches Nells phone ) yo whats with this attitude ?

Nell- im good . Go ball up .

Rula- your not good .

Nell- so she sucked your dick ?

Rula- ... Man ( hands the phone back )

Nell- thought it was a stripper ?

Rula- she is a stripper .

Nell- ight ... Good luck .

Rula- Baby ...

Nell- what ?

Rula- nothing we will talk later . But we need 1 more person . You down ?

Nell- ( stands up and takes off shirt and jeans and walks pass Rula )

Rula- i guess thats a yes .

I walked over and i heard Talia yell out " Go Cornell ! Nice ass !!! " i looked over and smiled at her .

Dude- aye dont be smiling at her girl . Chill out .

Nell- my bad yo .

As we all stood there . They called out the teams . I was actually going against Rula and G . And to my luck i was guarding G .

When we first started . G checked the ball to me hard as fuck but i caught with no problem and the boys was like " Ooooo " . I started dribbling it . Doing some tricks trying to cross him up but it didnt work so i passed it to 1 of my team mates and we made a point . This time when G checked me the ball i threw up a 3 pointer and he sunk right in and they all looked at me shocked .

Rula- G i told you ! D up nigga .

G checked me the ball again and he ran right on me i passed the ball to my right quickly and then i tried to get open . He kept putting his hand on my side . I kept pushing his arm trying to get open . And when i did the ball was passed to me and i took the ball crossed up G and went for the lay up .


Rula- G you looking pussy right now yo no bull shit . You cant D him ?

G- nigga shut the fuck up . I got this .

G checked me the ball and i passed it quickly . I started walking to the left and he elbowed me in my chest hard and i fell back . I rubbed my chest and looked at him . He looked back then ran to go steal the ball and he did . Rula looked over at me getting off the ground but just turned his head back to the game . Cause G had passed it to him and Rula went for the lay up and made it .

I got up and walked over and bumped into G and he laughed .

After about 15 minutes my team was leading by 5 and we just needed 1 more point .

When G checked me the ball this time . I had to make sure i break his ankles on this last shot . So i started dribbling the ball through my legs fast as shit . They all stood and watched . I then started trying to cross him up but i was just fucking with him . But he seem like he had it until i faked left and went right and he fell on the floor. I looked at him and said " Get your ass up " and shot the ball without looking . And my team started going crazy and ran up to me hitting my chest and dappin me up .


Dude2- dude is good as shit !

Rula- i told yall .

G- ( gets up ) still sucks like shit .

Dude- yo give him his props he schooled your ass .

G- fuck that .

I shook my head and walked over to Rula and my clothes and picked them up and walked over .

Rula- Aye we will see yall tonight .

Dude- word ! Ight

G- yea yea .

I gave Rula his clothes and walked over to the ladies . And said my goodbyes . When we started walking to the car I walked in front of Rula . When we got in the car i put my clothes in the back and went on my phone .

Rula- damn babe you showed out huh ?

Nell- no ...

Rula- what did i do now ?

Nell- why didnt you tell me the girl you let suck your dick was here?

Rula- didnt think it was important .

Nell- ight but shes all in my face . Talking bull shit . And now knowing that she already had something with you . Is fucked .

Rula- why you worried about that bullshit man .

Nell- i wouldnt be if you wasnt checking her out . Smiling and shit . Licking your lips too . Good stuff .

Rula- you need to relax . You know imma check females out .

Nell- not the fucking bitch you let suck your dick . You crazy ?

Rula- watch your mouth .

Nell- im good though .

Rula- i know you are . And you gonna be good . So get all that bass out your throat and chill the fuck out . Talking to me like you crazy .

Nell- bet .

As we drove off Rula was pissed . He was speeding like crazy . And talking shit here and there . He started calming down after about 10 minutes .

Rula- you hungry ?

I sat there and was texting my momma ignoring him .

Rula- im talking to you .

Rula- disrespectful as fuck . Remember this shit .

He went to get him some chick-fil-a . And we drove back to the hotel . When we got there he ate his food and went into the shower . When he got in the shower i decided to go walk around a little outside .

As i was walking i got me a cold cut and ate it as i walked . Then i went into this corner store . I must have walked a long way to see a corner store .

When i went inside i went to get me some juices . As i was picking them out i got a call from Rula .

Phone with Rula

Nell- hello ?

Rula- where are you ?

Nell- i just went for a walk .

Rula- why couldnt you just wait for me ?

Nell- i never knew i had too . I just needed some time .

Rula- how you mad over that petty shit .

Nell- im not mad . And if i was looking at some dude smiling and shit . You wouldve went off . But i didnt i just tried to let it go .

Rula- yea whatever . Get your ass back here .

Nell- ( looks at his phone ) hold on sorry you must have the wrong number .

Rula- what ?

Nell- dont talk to me like that .

Rula- just get here ight?

Nell- im serious as shit .

Rula- babe ... Dont piss me off forreal . Just bring your ass back .

Nell- bye .

Rula- ( hangs up )

I put my phone in my pocket and backed up from the fridge and bumped into someone . When i turned it was Gavin ( G ) .

Gavin- Yo watch where your going lil bitch .

Nell- my bad yo . But you really need to watch your mouth .

Gavin- " you really need to watch your mouth" . Shut up .

Nell- why am i even wasting my time .

I turned away from Gavin and started walking away . As i turned from the aisle i looked back and he was staring down at my ass . And when he saw i was looking he got angry .

Nell- What big bitch ?

Gavin- keep it up and youll end up missing .

Nell- you know what ... Fuck this . ( puts drinks down ) lets go outside .

Gavin- you dont want none of this .

Nell- lets go . I dont give a fuck if i lose or not . Imma show you i aint no lil bitch .

We walked outside and i turned and pulled up my basketball shorts and got in my stance and so did he .

I heard some of his boys get out the car and pushed me against the store window and Talia got out the car yelling .

Talia- leave him alone shit ! Damn can yall let him live FUCK !

Gavin- he want to fight . Let the pussy fight come on .

Talia- dont prove shit to him Cornell . Just leave . You are too good looking to mess yourself up like that .

Gavin- now you gassing his head up !

Nell- mam fuck you ! Why are you so on me yo ?

Gavin- i aint worried about your bitchass . Go on

Nell- yeah whatever man .

I turned away and started walking back to the hotel . When i got there Rula was sitting on the couch waiting for me . He jumped up and put his hand on my chest pushing me back a little .

Rula- what is with you ?

Nell- nothing damn . I just needed to think about some shit .

Rula- calm down ight ?

Nell- i am ...

Rula- get dressed we going to the club with my boys .

Nell- im not going fuck them . Especially Gavin .

Rula- hes a cool dude . He'll calm down .

Nell- i just saw him and i was about to fight him .

Rula- ( smirks ) haha say what ?

Nell- dont laugh . Im serious i aint no punk i dont care how big he is . As long as i get some hits im good .

Rula- babe chill . Thats not what you want .

Nell- ok .

Rula- can i have a kiss ?

Nell- you dont have to ask .

Rula hugged me tight then kissed my lips .

Rula- you good ?

Nell- i been good .

Rula- you need to fix that attitude real quick .

Nell- imma go get dressed .

Rula- ight .


The Strip Club

I walked in the club with Rula . And i seen all his boys in the vip section . As we started walking over . This 1 stripper was looking at Rula . Like he was food . But it seems like she knew him . I just stayed quiet and walked into the vip section and dapped up the dudes that were on my team today when we was playing basketball . Then i hugged Talia and Lisa and just walked passed Fiona .

G- aye Ru!! Your old flame is here . She been looking for you .

Rula- chill man

G- what you mean chill yo ...

Rula- chill out ... Your drunk .

G- Man she said when you gonna eat her out like last month .

Rula- G ! The fuck yo !?

G- Fuck that gay ass nigga yo .

Nell- haha true ... ( Touches Rulas shoulder ) you couldve told me everything . But you good have fun .

I walked out the vip and i felt Rula grab me but i pulled my arm away and Talia pushed him back a little and bobbed her head and walked behind me .

Talia- hey are you okay hun ?

Nell- im good .

Talia- G is just a trouble maker . Sorry for his behavior .

Nell- you dont have to apologize . Trust me im fine .

Talia- good cause you are to sexy to be upset . Just come back and stand your ground . Ignore G . And just chill away from Rula for awhile . Sit with Lisa and i . We will keep you company .

Nell- let me go to the bathroom real quick .

Talia- ight hunny .

I walked away to the bathroom and walked around a little and took some deep breaths . Then i looked at myself in the mirror and the bathroom door opened and G came in with his drink . Gulped it down and threw it to the side .

G- aww that lil baby mad ?

Nell- nah im actually chill right now .

G- yeah right ( unzips his jeans and walks over to the stall and pees . )

I stood there a lil longer and checked my phone . I had got a video message from Leo . But when i was gonna check it I felt G stand right behind me and leaned against me to wash his hands with his chin on my shoulder . I pushed him off of me and he grabbed the back of my neck and slammed the side of my face on the sink and i felt him push up on my ass . I got out of his grip and started walking out and he said " Ill kill you if you say anything " ... I just walked out the door and went to sit down in between Lisa and Talia . We talked the whole time . And Rula kept texting me but i kept ignoring him .

I couldnt even enjoy the club . Because all i could picture was Rula enjoying every minute with that girl .

Text Messages from Rula .

Rula- yo answer your text ...
Rula- babe ...
Rula- can we talk ? Meet me in that hall way we came in at .
Rula- babe are you coming or not ?
Rula- hello...

I sat there looking at the text and decided to finally get up to go talk to him . As i started turning the corner to the hall . I saw Rula and the girl talking . She was all on him and he was pushing her off but you can tell he was liking it . She played with his beard and licked her lips and he stood there and let her . She then grabbed his bulge and he bit his lip and said stop it . He looked to the left where i was standing and pushed her off of him and grabbed his hard dick and jogged over to me .

Rula- baby ...

Nell- ( stands there )

Rula- i fucked up okay .

I just turned away and walked out the club . He walked behind me stood there silent . I took my phone out and called a uber .

Rula- what are you doing ?

Nell- dont worry about me go have fun .

Rula- i have to worry about you .

Nell- nah you really dont .

Rula- cancel that ride .

Nell- nah i wanna go back .

Rula- im going with you .

Nell- no

Rula- give me the phone Cornell .

Nell- no ...

Rula- ( stands up against Nell and grabs the phone then cancels it ) lets go .

When we got to the hotel . I took all my stuff out the bedroom and put it near the couch .

Rula- what are you doing ?

Nell- sleeping on the couch ?

Rula- baby we need to talk now .

Nell- about what ?

Rula- listen she sucked my dick i ate her out . Thats all that happened .

Nell- and she grabbed your dick today and you liked every bit of it .

Rula- come on ...

Nell- nah lets be real . If i wasnt there you wouldve did you .

Rula- not even . I dont wanna hurt you .

Nell- watching my fucking nigga get groped on doesnt hurt at all haha .

Rula- stop being sarcastic ... I mean hell yeah im wrong . But i cant go back babe . Im sorry .

Nell- you dont get it .

Rula- i do .

Nell- so why the fuck didnt you just walk away tonight ?

Rula- ...

Nell- exactly .

Rula- ight fuck it ... Yes i got turned on by that lil bullshit but it wouldnt have went anywhere .

Nell- okay .

Rula- your with me 24/7 back home . Dont act like i get around . Its only you ! And thats what it will be .

Nell- i think you should go back to the club . Have your fun .

Rula- FUCK NO IGHT !? ( punches couch ) Im fucking sorry my nigga damn ... Its hard ight ! This shit aint easy turning down pussy thats thrown at you. Atleast i can admit the shit ight . But who am i here with right now ? YOU . I couldve let you leave but i stayed with you . Your my baby . Im doing my best ight ?

Nell- yeah .

Rula- i love you Cornell ...

Nell- ...

Rula- Cornell i said i love you .

Nell- i love you too ...

---- the rest of the night was a blur all i remember was me sleeping on the couch and Rula sleeping on the floor near the couch .


Rulas POV

When i woke up . I sat up and Cornell wasnt laying on the couch and his luggage wasnt near the couch anymore . I got up quickly and there was a paper on the counter . I opened it up and it said

" im sorry i had to go . But Mya and Myras presents are in the room . I hope you enjoy this time with your family and friends . Maybe ill see you when you get back ? "

I threw the letter and threw the lamp. I went to find my phone and FT Cornell .

FT with Cornell

Cornell- ( looks at the screen with sunglasses on )

Rula- Why ... Why did you leave me ?


Ill end it there .

Im sorry its been awhile ! Alot has happened in the past weeks . But everything is getting better . Thanks for the messages of concerns ! I appreciate you all .

Thumbs up !
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Post Posted: 2016-01-23 10:52:26
: 1
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: 380

: 46

I need Cornell to demolish Gavin aka G ass. Fuck all his hopes and dreams up. Violating then want to threaten my life?

Motherfuck all the other shit.
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Post Posted: 2016-01-23 09:44:43
: 0
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: 54

: 2

Welcome back. Great chapter
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Post Posted: 2016-01-23 04:06:11
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: 1


: 43

: 3

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Post Posted: 2016-01-22 20:35:57
: 4
: 0


: 759

: 43

See the trouble with Rula, he wants respect from Nell but can't show it himself. I just can't see them being together much longer.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2016-01-22 18:52:02
: 3
: 0


: 56

: 2

I hope everything is ok and I'm glad you're back. I missed reading your story and wanting to know what's going on between Nell and Rula
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2016-01-22 18:41:59
: 0
: 0


: 108

: 1

O na i need more lol!
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Post Posted: 2016-01-22 09:52:28
: 5
: 2


: 120

: 10

For some reason I like Rula even tho he's a fuck up. I guess I like to see him and Nell argue and make up lol. Rula not coming clean with certain details makes Leo confused ass look better every time.

He better keep it 100 with Nell cuz he going to drive Nell right into Leo's arms.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2016-01-22 07:01:53
: 0
: 0


: 194

: 16

Come on we've waited long enough.
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Post Posted: 2016-01-22 07:00:24
: 7
: 0


: 55

: 10

He should have said more in that note. I understand it can be hard trying to resist temptation. Rula was plain disrespectful, begging your dude to talk to but stop to late some chick grope you. Then you don't check your friend, but laugh his ignorant ass comments and actions off. All of this after he blew the hell up over a necklace.
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Post Posted: 2016-01-22 00:43:01
: 2
: 0


: 2880

: 86

Like really Rula damn you could have just told the dude the damn truth like frfr. And this girl touching and shit like really baby boy you are not ready. And Gavin with his DL ass smh ok.
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Post Posted: 2016-01-22 00:30:01
: 1
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: 2

: 1

rula couldve just told nell from the get go. he made such a big show of his commitment to him and then little acts of disloyalty keep being brought up or revealed. shit is taxing on a boys heart
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2016-01-21 23:14:51
: 0
: 0


: 912

: 7

I know Cornell is upset but I see Rula's point of view too. It's hard for a formerly straight dude to just give up pussy straight up and go completely gay. I mean look at Leo. I think they both should have a sit down and get everything out in the open and move on from there cause these lil' tantrums that both of them throwing are really getting on my nerves.
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Post Posted: 2016-01-21 23:04:05
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: 0


: 204

: 17

Welcome back, this is my favorite story...... I LOVE IT!!!
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Post Posted: 2016-01-21 22:56:41
: 5
: 3


: 1044

: 81

Rula and Nell need to give up

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