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Why Tey !?

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Later that night

I waited outside my house for Rula because he said he was on his way . And all i could think of was what Leo said to me but still somewhere deep inside of me knows its all talk . Because hes not mentally ready . And it all just really sucks knowing that you want someone so bad but you dont want to hurt them cause your not ready .

I actually felt bad for Leo . He tells me how much he misses me and all that good stuff but isnt ready to actually fall deep in love . Or maybe is that what hes afraid of ? .

I stood up as i seen Rula pulling up in his truck . When i got in he looked pissed .

Nell- whats wrong babe ?

Rula- nothing im good .

Nell- so your gonna lie ?

Rula- ( gribs steering wheel harder ) i said im good babe .

Nell- why cant you talk to me openly like i talk to you ?

Rula- ....

Nell- ight ...

Rula- its nothing serious .

Nell- doesnt seem like it .

Rula- just fall back ight ?

Nell- well i hope you fix your attitude before we get to your new house .

Rula- ( takes his hand and flicks Nells mouth ) who you talking to ?

Nell- ( slaps Rulas hand ) you ...

Rula- how was the food shopping .

Nell- it was ight . How was your day . Why are you upset ?

Rula- ( turns up the music )

I just sat back and started talking shit but he couldnt hear me cause of the music blasting . After awhile he turned it down .

Rula- chinese ?

Nell- im not hungry .

Rula- i couldve stayed in Texas .

Nell- pull over .

Rula- i was only fucking with you relax .

Nell- nah you wasnt go back . I can careless .

Rula- thats how you feel ?

Nell- no no no you just dont want to tell me whats wrong with you .

Rula- Dee has just been in my head lately . I dont know why hes acting like this .

I sat there quiet as fuck . Cause i knew why.

Rula- that nigga and i use to be the best of friends . Now its like i have a disease or i killed his dog or something .

Nell- hmm ...

Rula- what ?

Nell- nothing just tired .

Rula- not hungry ?

Nell- not really .

Rula- ight well we can go home .

When i finally got to see this new house my mouth dropped . And Rula just stood there smiling .

Rula- soon babe your gonna be here with me .

Nell- baby this is dope as shit !

Rula- you didnt even go inside yet .

Nell- well what are we waiting for ?

Rula- come on .

Rula opened the door and i ran around the house to look at everything like a lil kid .

Nell- ( yells from upstairs ) this mustve been already furnished !!?

Rula- yea most of it .

Nell- damn i would love this

Rula- you will love this ( walks up the stairs holding the front of his sweats )

Nell- damn babe .

Rula- ( holds Nell tightly ) we get stronger each day .

Nell- and i love it .

Rula- ( kisses Nell ) lets shower .

Rula walked me to the bathroom and took my clothes off and i took his off . We got inside and washed each other off . We got a lil feely touchy in there .

When we got out we dried off and oiled our bodies then got in the bed . As he dimmed the lights . I laid there staring into his eyes .

Rula- you like what you see ?

Nell- of course i do weirdo .

Rula- haha oh im weird ?

Nell- yes ... But i know the reason why hes acting like this .

Rula- who Dee ?

Nell- yes

Rula- what is it ?

Nell- he misses the old you i guess .

Rula- the old me ?

Nell- i guess ever since you started talking to me you changed . He sent me something . But i didnt want to show you . It was hard for me to watch . Just promise me you will not get upset after you watch the video and read the message he sent after.

Rula- im not promising anything . Let me see it .

Nell- babe

Rula- nell dont fuck with me . Give me your phone ( sits up )

I turned in the bed and took my phone off the dresser and started the video and gave it to Rula . His eyes got wide and he kept looking at me as we heard Demitri yelling . Towards the end when Dee gave me that little message , Rula put the phone down and stared at me .

Rula- he will not lay a finger on you . Trust me

Nell- i trust you

Rula- FUCK ! ( gets out the bed and puts clothes on )

Nell- wait where are you going . ( gets out the bed )

Rula- get back in the bed . I will be back ...

Nell- NO Rula what the hell are you about to do .

Rula- ( throws on hoody then walks over and kisses Nells lips ) i will be back just stay in bed . When you wake up ill be right there holding you . I love you

Nell- i love you too ...

He charged out the room and i fell back on the bed yelling " FUCK FUCK FUCK ! "

I went to my phone and called Amiya.

Amiya- hello ?

Nell- im sorry im calling so late . But theres mad shit going on .

Amiya- whats wrong ?

Nell- Dee has been trying to break me and Rula up . So he sent a video of him literally raping demitri .

Amiya- WHAT ? Is he okay ?

Nell- yes i spoke to him . And in the video Dee said that i was next . So i showed Rula and he just left . Amiya what if he does something too crazy .

Amiya- he wouldnt leave you and do some dumb shit without getting away with it . That man loves you !

Nell- this i know ... But fuck ! What if he doesnt come back .

Amiya- he will Nell just go to sleep .

Nell- ight ight ill stop thinking about it . Goodnight

Amiya- Goodnight ill see you in school .

Nell- ight love you .

Amiya- love you too !


Rulas POV

I drove up to Dees house and banged on the door. I was pissed as fuck !

When he opened the door i punched the fuck out of him and 2 girls he had inside started screaming . I stood over him and stared down at him.

Rula- what the fuck has gotten into you ?

Dee- fuck you Dre !

Rula- fuck me !? First you steal my money then you raping niggas and sending threats to MINE ? Are you fucking crazy .

Dee- ( gets up and stands there ) get out my house !

Rula- no ! Whats with you !

Dee- nigga whats with me ? We are all we got and your stupid ass over there playing house with some nigga ! You forgot all about me ! Your own fucking brother nigga .

Rula- i havent forgot shit ! Maybe you need to get your life together and find you someone ! Im not gonna be here everyday of your life ! You need to get out of this shit !

Dee- You dont fucking get it !

Rula- WHAT !?

Dee- Your fucking gay Dre ! Do you not see this shit ? How are you gonna have kids ? How can you make a family huh !?

Rula- there are many ways ! And thats not for you to worry about . Your jealous . I can see it all over you ! Man the fuck up and do something with yourself .

Dee- ( picks up vase and throws it ) FUCK YOU DRE !

Rula- I dont give a fuck have a tantrum and you know what i expect more out of you being my OLDER brother . But look at you . How can you rape Demitri like that !? To prove WHAT ? You got power ?

Dee- ( stands there )

Rula- your fucked up for that shit and YOU have to live with it . And if i EVER catch you anywhere near CORNELL FUCKING TAYLOR . Your done and i mean that shit. Dont fuck with me !

I turned away and walked out slamming his door . I got in my truck and called Cornell but he didnt answer . He mustve been sleep .
I rushed back home just to let Nell know im safe and he had nothing to worry about .


Nells POV

My alarm went off and i opened my eyes and felt arms around me tightly . It was Rula i smiled hard as fuck wanting to wake him up but i just slipped out of bed and let him sleep a lil while longer . I went into the bathroom and took my shower . When i was done i came out in my towel and Rula still laid there sleeping peacefully . I decided that i was gonna take the bus to Amiyas house since my car was home and just let him sleep .

When i was finish getting dressed i text Amiya that i was on my way to her house and i went over to Rula and kissed his cheek . He moved a little and i walked out the room quickly . And took a orange juice out the fridge before i left out .

When i got on the bus i sat in the back and just put my headphones on and listened to music . When they got to the next stop to pick up people there was this boy that came on around my age . He wore his sweats hanging off his ass with a hoody over his head with some timbs . He was athletic built not to big but he was tall about 6'3 ... I seen he had 2 earrings in his ear and he was darkskinned . His lips were dark too i guess from smoking . He wasnt ugly looking at all but it looked like he smoked some serious shit . When he fully turned to walk to a seat my eyes got wide and we made eye contact but he just sat down . My heart starting beating fast as hell because i know this dude . We went to school together and he had got in trouble and went to jail for awhile but we never knew for what . When we had class together he would bully me sometimes ... YES surprising i know . When i would go to the bathroom he would grab my ass . But i always was scared of him . It was just something about him . But as we started getting over he would just stare at me . On FB he would write me random messages that i never responded too . Such as asking me did i smoke . Asking me why i liked guys . But i never answered .

He turned to look back at me but i turned my head quickly and looked out the window . Then while the bus was moving . I saw him get up out his seat and walk my way . He stood in front of me and i looked up at him . I can tell he was high as shit . He pulled 1 of my headphones back and said ...

??- Dont remember me ?

Nell- uh nah sorry ( puts Headphone back on )

??- ( takes both headphones out ) Cornell right ? Still scared of me huh?

Nell- i dont know what your talking about . That was a long time ago .

??- so you do know who i am ...

Nell- i dont remember your name .

??- Marcus ...

Nell- oh okay nice ...

Marcus- give me your phone .

Nell- nah ...

Marcus- ( laughs and puts his hand over his mouth ) so its like that ?

Nell- like what ? You can just steal my shit im good .

Marcus- ( takes out his iphone 6 ) do it look like i want yours ? Nah homey .

Nell- i have a bf and i dont think he'll like that .

Marcus- Bet ... Was gonna say i dont give a fuck but what makes you think i want to talk to you on that level ? Dont assume shit blood .

Nell- your right ...

Marcus- yeah just wanted to smoke with you and chill . I got a lady and shit . But you might be to afraid to chill with a nigga like me .

Nell- trust me im not .

Marcus- so ...

Nell- still not getting my number . You got me on fb .

Marcus- ( laughs ) aight ... I see you .

He walked away and i let out a big sigh of relief . Before he sat down he looked back at me one more time .

When it was time for me to get off, Marcus got off too .

Marcus- where you going ?

Nell- to my friends house so we can go to school .

Marcus- oh who i live over here too .

Nell- uh you remember Amiya ?

Marcus- oh shit that be her i always see ! I knew she looked familiar .

Nell- yeah ...

Marcus- well since you acting weird imma turn down my street . Peace .

Nell- ight .

I walked further up the street and rang the bell . Amiya came to the door with her eyes watery and came outside and locked the door .

Amiya- hey bestfriend , lets go .

Nell- um why have you been crying ?

Amiya- ( gets in the car and hands me her phone ) look

I looked at her phone and she sent him screen shots of this girl on Fb writing her about Tey . And how hes been fucking with her . And sent her dick pics of Tey .

Nell- what !? This shit gotta be old i hope . She probably tryna just break yall up .

Amiya- go look at me and his text messages .

I went to there text messages and it read ...

Amiya- ( Sends screenshots )

Tey- babe ...

Amiya- dont babe me Tey ... What is this ...

Tey- i fucked up ... Ight this was when we first started talking . I been stopped talking to her .

Amiya- just stop lien to me . Im done

Tey- Done ? Dont say that shit to me . That bitch just likes me alot . I dont want her never did .

Amiya- did you have sex with her last week ...

Tey- ...

Amiya- FUCK YOU TEY ! You just fucking lied to me ... Dont say shit to me ever . I swear

Tey- i fucked up okay ! Im not gonna lie yes i fucked her ... I shouldnt have i know but i want you and only you . Just give me 1 more chance ...

I looked over at Amiya and tears just kept falling down her face .

Amiya- i blocked him ... Im so done with relationships Cornell .

Nell- damn yo Tey seem like he was down for you like legit !

Amiya- yeah thats why you cant trust noone !

Nell- ugh today is gonna feel weird . And i seen this girl in school .

Amiya- yes i do too . I cant even be mad at her . Everyone knew we were together . But he fell into that shit . And got caught !

( My phone vibrates )

Nell- Tey just texted me .

Amiya- i dont want to hear anything he has to say .

We pulled up to Tyrells house and he got inside the car .

Tyrell- yo whats wrong with Miya ?

Nell- Tey ...

Tyrell- they broke up ?

Amiya- yes i broke up with that cheating ass bitch !

Nell- dont even start driving . Get out and let me .

When we got to the school we seen Leo and Tey with the basketball team . It seem as if Tey was actually yelling at that girl who sent Amiya the text .

When we got out the car Amiya held onto her purse and started walking and looking at her phone . As we started coming close to them . Tey yelled to the girl " Get away from me you crazy ass " . We walked passed them and went into the school . 5 seconds later we hear " Amiya ! "

I turned and it was Tey .

Tey- Amiya can we please talk .

Nell- Tey just give her some time .

Tey- no Nell i need her . I fucked up man .

Nell- yes we know . Just let her breathe . Its too much on her right now . You made her look stupid yo .

Tey- ( puts his hand on his head ) ight fuck ...

Tey walked away and Amiya was out of sight . I went to where her locker was and i seen her getting her books .

Nell- Listen after school lets go out okay ? We need to clear your head .

Amiya- no im fine honestly .

Nell- no your not . You are acting like me ! Your too calm . This isnt you at all . So after school drop me home so i can get my jeep and ill come to get you and we gonna go out and chill . Just us 2 and Tyrell too if you want .

Amiya- just us two would be good .

Nell- bet give me a hug .

Amiya- ew no !

I hugged her tightly and she said Thank you . I smiled and walked away to my locker . As i was getting my books out i felt someones hand on my shoulder .

Jai- Aye boyyy ! Wassup ?

Nell- not much . Just ready for this day to be over .

Jai- aw ight . So me and some of the football team are going to dave and busters tonight .

Nell- thats crazy cause i was taking Amiya there tonight .

Jai- ohh how is she taking it ?

Nell- damn you know too ?

Jai- i mean come on why wouldnt i know .

Nell- well shes okay imma just try to make her happy .

Jai- ight cool well i guess ill see you tonight loose booty .

Nell- whatever .

I went to homeroom and sat in my seat and checked my phone . I had a missed call from Rula and a text message .

Text Message

Rula- Babe where are you ?

Nell- ( sends him a selfie ) school lol

Rula- why didnt you wake me up so i can take you ?

Nell- babe just relax . You needed rest so i let you sleep . I took the bus to Amiyas and rode with her .

Rula- next time just wake me okay ?

Nell- babe i was fine ...

Rula- i just want you safe .

Nell- i was .

Rula- smh anything couldve happened .

Nell- your just over thinking babe .

Rula- just tell me next time ight . Theres too much shit going on .

Nell- yup.

Rula- dont do that .

Nell- well im going out with Amiya tonight . You might need to know that too .

Rula- listen stop being a fucking jokester . Im serious about mine ight ? I just want you safe .

Nell- i know you do .

Rula- so let me do my job .

Nell- okay.

Rula- dont be mad either .

Nell- im not .

Rula- send me a picture right now then .

Nell- ( sends him a pic of me with a straight face ) see .

Rula- ( sends a picture of him standing in the bathroom mirror naked ) fix your face now .

Nell- ( Sends a picture of him biting his lip ) damn babe .

Rula- now get back to work . See you tonight ?

Nell- yes im coming over . Prob real late .

Rula- ight baby .

Before i put my phone away i stared at the picture and my dick started to get hard . I locked my phone and pushed my dick down .



After my first 3 classes flew by i was at lunch with Amiya, Ty, and Jai.

Jai- how you feeling Miya ?

Amiya- im actually doing good .

Nell- hey you know Jai and some of the football players are going to D&B tonight .

Amiya- let me guess thats where you were taking me ?

Nell- yup!

Amiya- i guess Ty can come too then.

Tyrell- damn yall wasnt gonna invite me ?

Amiya- no no no Nell was but i didnt want to be around people . But its fine now .

Nell- we are going to trampoline world first though .

Jai- im deff coming . Ill meet up with the team at dave and busters .

Amiya- i love that place .

Nell- yes i know !

I see Tey walking over with Leo and he sat down across from Amiya and she just act as if he wasnt there .

Tey- ( reaches out to touch her hand ) baby can i talk to you please .

Amiya- can you not touch me .

Tey- ight you got it . Can i just speak to you ?

Amiya- come on ... But Nells coming with me .

Tey- i dont care .

We got up from the table and Leo was right behind me . When we got to the hall near the gym Leo and i stayed at the other end .

We heard Tey trying to explain his self . But there was really no excuse . Amiya just stood there looking at him plead to her .

Amiya- honestly Tey save it . Just go have something with her .

Tey- do you not understand i dont want her it was a mistake !

Amiya- well just go cause im good . Id rather be alone then to be with someone i cant trust .


Leo- yo she looks done forreal.

Nell- she is . Unless she just need some space like i told his ass .

Leo- i try to tell him too . He wouldnt listen .

Nell- hard headed ass .

Leo- ( stares at Nell leaning on the window )

Nell- ( hands in his joggers looking at Tey and Amiya argue ) crazy crazy .

Leo- you look nice .

Nell- ( looks at Leo staring ) thanks . So do you .

Leo- Hows Rula ?

Nell- hes good actually .

Leo- thats good .

Nell- mhm ( looks back over to Amiya )


Amiya- Tey i dont care ! Just leave me the fuck alone . I wish you the best .

Tey- dont say that shit to me !

Amiya- well i did ! I can see if i did anything to you for you to cheat but ive been nothing but good to you ! But you cheat on me !? How many times Tey .

Tey- 2 times .

Amiya- so it wasnt just a hit it and miss . Wow fuck you honestly ( starts walking away )

Tey- Amiya come back . What do i need to do to get you back . Ill do anything !

Amiya- go to hell !

Amiya walked passed Leo and i . While Tey stood there with both hands on his head with his head down .

Nell- Well imma go talk to her .

Leo- yeah ill be here with fuck up .

Nell- haha ight .

I walked out and Amiya was standing there with her arms folded waiting for me wiping her tears .

Nell- ( puts arm around her ) come on . Itll be okay trust me .


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Awww poor Amiya !!!

And do you think Dee will give up that easy ?

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Post Posted: 2015-12-26 06:10:41
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: 2880

: 86

She to calm about this damn that beat a bitch ass ok
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Post Posted: 2015-12-26 05:55:34
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: 1


: 34

: 7

I don't like Nell and Rula together. Their relationship isn't interesting.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-25 00:23:27
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: 2

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Didn't homegirl cheat at one point with their friend (I think Jai)? I can understand her being mad but she need to keep that in mind.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 21:44:08
: 1
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: 130

: 32

Use to like the store starting to be dry now. Leo n Nell should be together. Their love/hate is more interested. He started to look like a domestic housewife dummy with Rula
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 14:13:47
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: 172

: 17

I don't remember who Marcus is..... and I'm still waiting for Leo to get a whole chapter lol
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 13:39:00
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: 6

: 0

I'm still rooting for Leo and Nell
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 10:39:59
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: 95

: 3

can rula propose already sheesh
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 09:49:24
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: 393

: 15

I feel so bad for Amiya that's not just a quick mistake you was carrying on with this chick
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 08:34:10
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: 45

: 11

next time keep yo dick to yourself tey that's all
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 07:00:45
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: 14

: 3

another great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 04:55:04
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: 217

: 21

nukieboy wrotes:
I hope that Tey and Miya don't break up because they were good together. Mistakes do happen sometimes.
I hear you, but that seemed like more than a mistake. He carried on with that other girl for months, sent her explicit pics, and slept with her at least twice. He just got caught and now he is regretting it. Tey just slept with the other girl last week. He wasn't going to say anything to Amiya had she not confronted him.
Back to top
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 04:21:09
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: 759

: 43

I hope that Tey and Miya don't break up because they were good together. Mistakes do happen sometimes.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 02:58:25
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: 98

: 5

Damn Tey! Rula and Nell needs to be careful, Dee will not give up with his schemes!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 00:48:30
: 3
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: 206

: 21

wait leo called tey a fuck up... oh my the pot calling the kettle black
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Post Posted: 2015-12-24 00:18:29
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: 380

: 46

Ok good
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Post Posted: 2015-12-23 23:52:30
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: 10

: 1

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ ‘๐Ÿ‘
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Post Posted: 2015-12-23 23:52:18
: 2
: 2


: 141

: 11

Wow! Never saw that coming, thought Amiya would be the one to cheat.

I don't think Dee is going to give up that easy, I think Marcus maybe his new partner in crime.

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