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I Want my Brother Back !

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2 weeks later

Its been 2 weeks and Rula and i still kept commuincation with each other . And we got over that lil bump in the road . But we seen that some weird shit has been happening . Not only have i been getting random text messages from a random number . But Rula has been getting threats . We've been trying to figure out who exactly is trying to mess up our relationship ... Rula actually was coming back into town to be with me and to figure this situation out .

I sat in my jeep as Rula came out with his bag over his shoulder smiling at me . Yes we havent seen each other since that big blow up .

Rula- ( gets in the car and kisses Nells cheek ) wassup baby ?

Nell- not much ( starts driving )

Rula - hows everything been ?

Nell- weird ...

Rula- how ?

Nell- random text messages .

Rula- let me see your phone .

Nell- its charging go ahead .

Rula took my phone and went through it .

Rula- yo this is Demitri man. We need to go see Dee .

Nell- ( looks over ) uh why ?

Rula- that nigga is still my brother and i need to see if he knows anything .

Nell- ight lead the way ...

Rula- why are you acting so blah ... Are you not happy to see me ?

Nell- baby im more than happy . But i just want you back here . For good

Rula- i know babe .

Nell- i want you cuddle up with you . I miss your kisses . I miss your touch . I miss everything .

Rula- well i have a surprise .

Nell- i dont want anymore surprises .

Rula- trust me you would love this surprise .

Nell- what ?

Rula- Im back .

Nell- yeah your sitting next to me ( takes a right )

Rula- no like im back for good . And for christmas we are just gonna go to Texas .

Nell- ( cheesing ) stop lien haha.

Rula- dead ass serious . I cant let our relationship fall apart . But i cant be without my child so we made an agreement .

Nell- FINALLY ! I get my baby back .

Rula- ( smiling )

Nell- well call Dee cause i want you to myself .

Rula- ight bet .


Dees house

We walked up to Dees house and it seem like Rula was second guessing this .

Nell- whats wrong ?

Rula- this nigga stole my money .

Nell- but you want to speak to him. But i dont think he knows anything .

Rula- we'll see ...

After Rula rang the door bell about 15 seconds later the door opened and it was Demitri ?

Nell- Demitri !?


Demitris POV

When i opened the door i almost shit myself ! What the fuck was they doing here ?

Nell- Demitri!?

Demitri- uh uhm ..

Rula- haha and you half naked ? Wheres my brother .

Demitri- nigga what do you want with him .

Rula- i told you ill kill you right ? ( lifts shirt ) dont fuck with me . Where is he ?

Demitri- Aye Dee ! We got company .

Nell- ooooo he said "we "

Dee came walking down the stairs in his boxers .

Dee- the fuck yall doing here ( pushing demitri back )

Nell- damn and he a lil bitch ...

Dee- shut your lil bitch ass up .

Nell- never liked you big bed room bully looking ass .

Rula- babe chill out i got this . ( goes inside the house )

Dee- nigga you crazy ?

Rula- shut your sorry ass up nigga ! I need your help . Somebody is trying to set us up .

As soon as he said that i started staring at Nell and damn did i really miss him . Its fucked up everything ive been doing to him . He looks so good as fuck right now .

As i was staring at him and looked over at me and stared at me . So i mouthed to him " i miss you " . He just looked back in the direction of Rula and Dee .

Dee- so nigga whats that gotta do with me ?

Rula- has any strange shit been happening ?

Dee- nigga no get out my shit .

Rula- dont think im afraid to fight you nigga ... How could you steal fron me ? Why didnt you just ask ?

Dee- shut your weak ass up .

Rula- weak ? ( pulls out gun ) im weak Dee ?

Dee- ( backs up a little ) so you gonna pull that out on your own brother !? GET THE FUCK OUT !

Nell grabbed Rula and walked out the door . I looked over at Dee and he came up to me and grabbed my neck . But i slapped the shit out of his arm .

Demitri- dont fucking put your hands on me . Stupid ass

Dee- ( back hands Demitri ) mutha fucka who you talking to ? How the fuck you open the door for them ?

Demitri- ( punches Dee ) nigga i aint no bitch ! I said stop fucking putting your hands on me .

Dee- ( takes the hit ) keep up this shit ill take it again . Dont fuck with me .

Demitri- im not doing this shit to them anymore just leave them alone . Its fucking useless . Did you not see them together .

Dee- i got a plan.

Demitri- what !?

Dee- your going to reach out to Rula .

Demitri- the fuck i am .

Dee- dont you miss Nell ?

Demitri- ...

Dee- right nigga . Take whats yours !

Demitri- nah hes happy im good .

Dee- Im not ! I want my fucking brother back . Fucking bitches clubbing , doing wild shit . That lil nigga changed him .

Demitri- you fucked me ...

Dee- so but you aint mine nigga . I aint sitting here all cuddled up with some nigga like hes my wife . Playing house and shit .

Demitri- what do you want me to do .

Dee- actually i got this .

Demitri- man ... This shit is stupid im out !

Dee- you aint going nowhere .

Demitri- nigga watch me .

I went to grab my pants and Dee pushed me on the couch and took his dick out .

Dee- shut up and suck this dick .

Demitri- fuck you ( gets off the couch and tries to put on pants )

Dee- what i say !?

Dee pulled down my briefs as i was putting 1 leg inside and he put his arm around my neck and spit on his hand and stuck his finger up my ass.

Dee- the fuck i just say boy ? ( fucks Demitris ass with his finger ) huh !?

Demitri- nahhhh chill Dee fuckkkkk ! That shit hurts !

Dee- you gonna suck my dick ?

Demitri- hell nah !

Dee- ight ...

Dee added another finger sticking it deep in my ass gripping my neck tighter with his arm . I kept trying to fight out of his grip but he was just stronger! I looked over at the counter and his phone was sitting up and it looked like it was recording us .

Dee- yeah bitch smile .

Right after he said that i felt him trying to push his dick inside of me . And i almost lost it ! It was the worse pain ever !

Demitri- FUCK MAN ! No stop chill ! Ahhhhh !

Dee kept stuffing his dick inside of me and when i tried to push him out he would choke me harder . I felt my ass stinging . I moved my leg up to see blood running down my leg . I bit down on my lip as Dee pushed all of his dick inside of me and i tensed up and shot out of his grip knocking over the lamp and table . He stood there with his dick swinging with my blood on it and he took his finger, wiped the tip of his dick and sucked on his finger .

Dee- Get on your knees now !


Nells POV

Nell- i told you not to go there ! ( sitting in the passenger side )

Rula- im a grown ass man ight ?

Nell- ( looks at Rula )

Rula- dont look at me like that .

Nell- but like i said Dee isnt shit . Brother or not !

Rula- Nell watch your mouth at the end of the day . Hes still my brother .

Nell- and he still dont give a fuck about you . Im just being honest .

Rula- did i ask for your honesty ?

Nell- whats good with you ?

Rula- im chill as fuck . You need to relax .

Nell- bet ...

The rest of the car ride back to his house which he had all packed up cause he was moving . We stayed quiet . He would say " babe " but i wouldnt answer .

When we got to the house he just sat there .

Rula- you want to see the new house or you staying here ?

Nell- why would i want to stay in this empty house with boxes ?

Rula- thats why i asked the question right ?

Nell- ...

Rula- exactly , so like i said ...

Nell- just get the rest of the boxes the movers didnt get and ill just come to the new house later . I need to head home .

Rula- for what ?

Nell- cause i was going grocery shopping with my parents .

Rula- ( sucks teeth ) ight then ( gets out the car and starts heading to his door )

I got out the car to get inside the driver seat and i thought about it . How he just gonna leave my ass without a hug a kiss a something !

Nell- so its like that ?

Rula came back down the steps and hugged me tight and kissed my forehead .

Rula- Love you babe

Nell- Love you too .

I got in my jeep and headed home . As i was driving i had got a random video message from a unknown number . I grabbed my phone and went into the message . When i started it . It was Dee talking to Demitri about some bullshit . Then Dee told Demitri to suck his dick . Then my eyes got wide as fuck . I had to pull over because my heart was beating fast as fuck . During most of the video Dee stared into the camera . And Demitri hollered ! I couldnt believe my eyes . At the end of the day Demitri was my first everything and to see him like this hurt like shit . At the end of the video Dee walked to the phone and said " Your next ! And oh i wouldnt tell your weak ass boy friend if i was you " ...

It all came to me ! It was Dee and Demitri this whole time trying to break us up .

After the video dee sent a message saying " Leave my brother alone ! Fagget " ... I put my phone down on the passenger side and started driving . I didnt know what to do or think . Should i hit up Demitri ? Should i tell Rula ? How do i tell Rula ? Will Dee actually try to rape me ?

When i got home my dad was in the kitchen eating and my mom was in the shower . I rushed upstairs and called Demitri .

Demitri- Yea ?

Nell- Demitri !

Demitri- what is it ?

Nell- i saw it ...

Demitri- saw what ... Im trying to sleep ...

Nell- Dee he raped you ! Are you okay ?

Demitri- ( gets quiet ) im fine .

Nell- you dont sound like it .

Demitri- listen just keep your eyes open . Dee is a fucking lunatic . And i want you to be safe . Im good dont worry about me . Im a man i got this . But i have to be honest . I was trying to break you guys up because i wanted to be with you again . But i realised today that you two are just too happy together . And i apologize for everything i caused .

Nell- well thanks for admitting it to me . But we wasnt going to break up for none of that shit yall pulled .

Demitri- i figured that .

Nell- but are you sure your okay ? Do you need anything ?

Demitri- stop it Nell please .

Nell- stop what .?

Demitri- catering to me like you did when we was together . Your making me feel real good inside .

Nell- im just concerned about your well being .

Demitri- thats why i still and always will love you Cornell .

Nell- i love you too . As a friend . Nothing else .

Demitri- yes i know .

Nell- so are you good ?

Demitri- yes Nell im chillin.

Nell- alright well just stay away from him .

Demitri- trust me im not going back .

Nell- good

Demitri- ight later .

Nell- later ...

When we hang up i called Rula about 3 times and he didnt answer . I sat on my bed and tried texting him . But when i did he did .

Rula- aye babe my bad im just trying to get some stuff set up in the house . Are you okay ? Need anything ?

Nell- tonight we'll talk .

Rula- okay ill come to get you .

Nell- ight .

( Momma yells out ) NELL COME ON !


Later that night !

After we came home from shopping i was laying on my bed finishing the rest of my homework until i got a FT from Leo .

Just so you know for the past 2 weeks since we came back from Miami, Leo and i have yet to talk .

When i answered he mustve laid the phone on his dresser cause i saw from his waist up as he laid there looking at me .

FT with Leo .

Leo- Didnt think you would answer .

Nell- why wouldnt i ? How have you been ?

Leo- i been good just trying to clear my mind .

Nell- yes i can tell .

Leo- how ?

Nell- you walk pass me at school . We havent spoken to eachother in 2 weeks .

Leo- yea i know . But you havent been chillin with us at all either . Whats up with that ?

Nell- im good just needed sometime alone .

Leo- okay ...

We stared at each other for a bit until i spoke .

Nell- so anything new ?

Leo- well since you asked ... Yeah

Nell- spit it out .

Leo- im finally talking to someone .

Nell- who ?

Leo- your not gonna be happy ... This is part of the reason why i kept you distant .

Nell- just say it .

Leo- its a boy ...

I sat there staring at him in disbelief .

Nell- ill talk to you later .

Leo- ( smiling ) nah chill Nell im only fucking with you . Im not talking to anyone .

Nell- okay ...

Leo- ( smiling ) awww nelly mad.

Nell- i am not ...

Leo- hey ...

Nell- what ?

Leo- i miss you .

When Leo said he missed me that feeling shot up my spine and made me shiver .

Nell- um... I um

Leo- its okay to say it . Your not cheating .

Nell- i miss you too .

Leo- ( smiles ) i look at that picture of us laying together almost everyday . When i feel down i look at it . It gives me strength and brings me joy . Not to sound like a lil punk ass but yeah .

Nell- i honestly dont know what to say .

Leo- Listen Cornell just know that im happy for you and this distance that we have is the best .

Nell- why is that ?

Leo- cause i dont think you know how many times i planned on coming to your house late at night . There was times in school i just wanted to kiss you .

Nell- ( smiles a little ) damn i didnt know i was still in your head like that .

Leo- Cornell you never left my mind and you never will .


I am so sorry yall ! The past 2 weeks has just been very busy . But imma try to get back to 1 chapter a day ! Bare with me !!!

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Post Posted: 2015-12-23 15:12:07
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Would've love to read more about Dee fuckin Demitri...#team Leo and Nell
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Post Posted: 2015-12-23 03:17:28
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: 12

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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 21:15:17
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Why I just don't see Nell and Rula ending up together because so much seem to be taking place.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 19:58:36
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I am so damn happy Leo being true to himself...........Nell loves Leo bad...........Team Leo to hell with the other paparazzi's in the story
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 17:33:09
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Bomb chapter. I miss your work man!!!! Once again you have the best stories up here. Am looking forward to some new chapters for both stories. Thanks for a good read!!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 13:09:48
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: 204

: 17

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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 12:25:55
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Get Leo an Nell 2gether #Leo
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 11:41:52
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: 457

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This is why I say that he and Leo should be together.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 11:21:17
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another good chapter!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-22 11:18:57
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Get them together please #teamLeo

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