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Surprises !

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Amiya- LEO NO !

Tey came out and snatched up Leo before he can make a run for it . He was holding onto both of his arms . I ran past Rula and went to throw on some shorts a shirt and some slides . When i came back out Rula was gone .

I looked over at Amiya and she handed me the ring .

Amiya- im sorry babes .

Nell- Hey i guess its really done ...

Amiya- he just needs some time .

Nell- well i broke it off with him first . So i dont know its just real confusing .

Amiya- trust me he will not leave here without yall making up . He wouldnt leave you like that

Nell- well if he does ill be straight .

We walked back in my room and Leo and Tey was in the bathroom . I went to go get my phone to check if i had any messages and i did ...

Text from Rula

Rula- Who was the dude you was kissing ?

Nell- my friend Adrian ...

Rula- well i hope you and Adrian work out .

Nell- Adrian and i are not like that .

Rula- didnt seem that way to me .

Nell- well we arent ... I have the ring ... Do you need it back ?

Rula- you wanted it so bad keep it .

Nell- it doesnt mean anything if you dont give it to me how you was going to .

Rula- yea whatever . You got what you wanted though .

Nell- i guess .

Rula- im gone .

Nell- so your leaving ?

Rula- i came here to be with you . To spend time with you . To make up for what i did .

Nell- Well i guess im the bad guy now huh ?

Rula- call it what you want ...

Nell- when i get back the car is yours ill give everything back .

He didnt respond but he read it . I put my phone down and laid in my bed while Amiya laid at the bottom waiting for Tey . When they finally came out Leo came over to me and just looked at me then walked away . Tey and Amiya got up and left . So now it was just us 2 ...

Leo- i thought he hit you .

Nell- no he didnt and he wouldnt ...

Leo- hm are you directing that towards me kind of ?

Nell- no

Leo- why are you messing around with him ... Hes dangerous .

Nell- hes not dangerous to me though .

Leo- you say that now .

Nell- no i know this . But im going to sleep .

Leo- goodnight .

Nell- goodnight

I laid there and ended up falling asleep quickly .

About 2 hours later i was woken up by the vibrating of my phone .

It was Rula he sent me a message saying Room 141 .

I got up took my phone and the ring and took the elevator to the room . When i got there i stood there for a moment and before i could knock Rula opened it looking sleepy with nothing on . I put my hand out with the ring and he took it and turned my hand around and placed it on my finger . He held my hand and led me into the room closing the door behind us . And we walked into his room . We laid down face to face and stared at each other .

Rula- i cant be without you . I couldnt sleep at all .

Nell- ( kisses Rula ) im sorry

Rula- dont be ... I over reacted . You know i would never lay a hand on you .

Nell- i know .

Rula- i love you

Nell- i love you too .

I turned around and he pulled me into him and held me tightly kissing my neck until i fell asleep .

The next Morning

I woke up too Rula massaging my body .

Rula- damn your tensed .

Nell- i should be ...

Rula- can i tell you something ?

Nell- sure .

Rula- when you broke it off with me . A nigga was in his feelings hard . I never felt so down in my life . You have to be someone special !

Nell- i regret doing it though when i seen you i was like fuck i messed up ... Even though i broke it off i still felt like you were mine .

Rula- ( massaging Nells legs ) but now we have nothing to worry about cause your all mine . Check IG and Fb .

Nell- okay ?

I went to check FB first and the first thing that was on my feeds was Rula holding me in one picture . The picture next to it was of his hand on my back and the last picture was of us cuddling again with him staring at the cam . I dropped my jaw and sat up quickly .

Nell- you just outed yourself Rula .

Rula- i know what i did ... I bet you didnt even look at the comments .

I looked at the comments and some people were actually saying nice things . Some girls were mad at it . And some dudes just put " fagget " or some other disturbing name .

Nell- babe you didnt have to do it .

Rula- but i did ... I love you and everyone needs to know that .

Nell- ( hugs rula so tight )

Rula- ( holding nell ) now theres no excuse . We gonna be out holding hands and all i dont give a fuck nomore . I aint scared of shit .

Nell- i cant believe you did this for us.

Rula- well believe it .

I took my arms from around him and looked at his hand .

Nell- Your really serious i see .

Rula- hell yeah i dont joke about love . Especially the way you make me feel ...

I kissed him and pinched his nipple .

Nell- i love you .

Rula- i love you too . But listen get dressed i got some surprises for you.

Nell- you dont have to make up for anything . I got you thats all i needed .

Rula- yes i know but i want to do this for you .

He got up off the bed and pulled me off and opened the bathroom door .

Rula- i took mine already . Go on

I went in the bathroom and took a shower . I kept looking at the ring . There was so many diamonds on it . But it wasnt a huge ring it was just right . I heard Rula come in the bathroom and he was dressed . He had on some jean shorts with a white tank and some white air forces . He came in to brush his teeth and brush his hair . I turned off the water and watched him brush his hair .

Rula- what ?

Nell- ( puts towel on ) you look good bae .

Rula- oh trust me your baby got this . Today people gonna be hating hard on us .

Nell- why you say that ? ( starts drying off )

Rula- ( brushing his hair stepping back from the counter to watch Nell dry off ) cause imma be on your ass cause you mine ! Finally .

Nell- haha ( bends over drying off his legs ) where we going ?

Rula- breakfast first ... You can invite your friends if you want ... Most likely your other boyfriend aint gonna want to come .

Nell- oh you got jokes i see ... Ill text them though . ( stands up and puts the towel on the counter ) .

Rula- ( brushes his facial hair a little ) hopefully theyll come . I got nothing against none of them even Leo .

Nell- ( puts lotion all over my body ) yes i know .

Rula- ( stops brushing and grabs his now hard dick and sits half way on the sink and watches Nell lotion himself ) damn what if i really lost you ?

Nell- ( looks at Rula then looks down at him holding his hardon ) i honestly dont know .

Rula- ( looks down at his dick ) damn my shit rock hard ... Its big huh ?

Nell- yes it is ... ( walks out the bathroom but grabs Rulas dick on the way out ) very .

Rula- ( stands up and walks into the room and stretches ) ahhhhh !

Nell- ( sits on the bed staring at Rula up and down ) mmm ...

Rula- ( rubs his dick walking out the room ) get dresssssed Nell .

Nell- i am ... Its hard to concentrate with your dick bulging like that .

Rula- ( closes the room door ) there .

I went to my phone and i had messages from Amiya, Leo and Adrian ...

Text Messages

Amiya- AWWWW Congrats yall finally together damn .

Nell- i know right ? But aye Rula said we going to breakfast and asked if yall want to come .

Amiya- yeah... Tey said he doesnt care . Are you gonna ask Leo ?

Nell- yes cause if i dont it would be wrong .

Amiya- ooookay . Well we already dressed .

Nell- good .


Adrian- You good ?

Nell- yeah i am

Adrian- i saw the FB post ... Congrats honestly . Now your ass dont gotta worry .

Nell- thank you .


Leo- why did you leave the room ?
Leo- where are you ?
Leo- damn just seen the FB pic ...

Nell- yea...

Leo- well im happy for you .

Nell- if you mean it . Thank you . But we are going out for breakfast . And Rula invited yall .

Leo- me too ?

Nell- yup ...

Leo- i dont know he might try some slick shit .

Nell- he wouldnt .. So get your stank ass dress .

Leo- mhm .

I put my phone down and got dressed . I put on some fitted jean shorts a tank that was half black and half white , a bulls snapback and my breds 11s, i put on my 2 gold chains and my gold MK watch .

When i left out the room Rula was laid across the chair sleep . I walked over and shook his arm . He sat up slowly yawning .

Nell- did you even get sleep babe ?

Rula- nah was planning this day out for you .

Nell- you need to rest ...

Rula- ( stands up ) babe im good yo.

He grabbed the keys and put his arm around me and we walked out the door .

Rula- they coming ?

Nell- yeah . Imma get them

Rula- ight ill get the truck and will meet yall out front .

Before he took the steps he kissed me .

When i got on the floor we was staying on i Knocked on Amiyas door and Tey answered .

I walked in and Leo was sitting on the couch with Amiya .

Nell- yall ready ?

Amiya- mhm

When we got down stairs Rulas was sitting in the rental truck blasting music with the windows closed . When we got in he turned it down and started talking .

Rula- aye whats up yall ?

Amiya- hey Rula

Tey- wassup .

Rula- i wanted to apologize to yall for last night . It was childish as fuck and i regret it man. So imma take yall out and its on me .

Tey- ahh man you dont gotta do that .

Rula- nah young blood i do .. And Leo ( looking at him in his rear view mirror ) i dont have nothing against you man . So if you want to talk we can . But i dont want this tension between us you know ?

Leo- you good bro i dont have any probs with you either . Just jealousy shit . But ill respect yalls relationship since Nell respected mine .

Rula- then we good ? ( puts his fist back so Leo can pound it )

Leo- ( pounds Rulas fist ) we good .

Rula turned up the music and grabbed my hand and held it as he drove off . I just stared at him . He would look at me from time to time and say what ? But i just shrugged my shoulders .

When we got to the restaurant everyone was talking to each other and it seemed just right !

Rula- nahhhh why you think that ?

Tey- bruh you was ready to kill Leo .

Rula- i wasnt gonna kill him ...

Amiya- he was just gonna tear that ass up .

Leo- aye Amiya you know im right here right ?

All- ( laughs )

Nell- i dont know what to get ! Waffles or pancakes ?

Rula- pancakes

Amiya- waffles ( flipping through the menu )

Tey- pancakes

Leo- pancakes of course .

Amiya- yall suck !

The waitress came over and she stood inbetween Rula and i ... I can tell off the back that she wasnt just being so nice ... She was flirting with Rula .

Waitress- you all are so funny ( stands and leans over to her left )

Nell- ( sits back in the chair and looks at Rula ) you order yet .

Rula- not yet

Waitress- mmm what can i get you sexy ?

Amiya- ( flipped her hair behind her shoulder and gave me a face ) ooo thirsty thirsty .

Tey- here babe ( hands her his water )

Nell- ( laughs ) stupid .

Rula- yeahhh then i want some pancakes with strawberrys on top .

Waitress- mmm okay ( turns around fully to Nell so now her ass is write in front of Rula ) and how about you ?

Nell- haha well first you can take 2 steps to the side .

Waitress- ( moves ) okay ?

Nell- Then you can get me the number 3 bacon well done . Scrambled eggs with cheese and pancakes . And i want sausage .

Waitress- okay ...

Nell- then you can stop showing out for my bf ...

Amiya- everyone grab your drink and take a sip while looking at her . ( everyone does it but Nell )

Waitress- ( laughs ) boy friend ?

Tey- how does that face feel ?

She walked away mumbling under her breath . And i guess she went back to tell her co workers cause they kept coming near us wiping random tables .

Rula- babe you a fool for that 1 ... I wasnt checking for her .

Nell- i know you wasnt but she was so desperate looking . Had ti ruin her dreams right quick .

When they brought out the food i made sure i checked everything .

Nell- ight i can eat now .

We all started eating . It was so quiet at the table all you can hear was forks hitting the plate drinks being moved . The food was good !!! I would catch Leo looking at me like he had to tell me something . But i just ignored it .

When we was all done Rula paid for the meal and we left . When we got in the car everyone was full as shit not saying a word .

Leo- Thanks man ( burps ) i needed that

Tey- yeah thanks bro

Amiya- i guess i have to say thanks ...

Rula- haha you guess ?

Amiya- im kidding thanks Rula !

Nell- Thanks babe .

Rula- yall are welcomed . Yall want to go to the mall or go back home ? We got some things to do there .

Amiya- i wanna go .

Tey- we'll go with yall .

Leo just sat back looking out the window .

When we got to the mall we all split up . Rula and i walked into many different stores and he bought me stuff . Its like no wasnt a answer .

Rula- get them .

Nell- no lets go this is enough .

Rula- come on i like spoiling you .

Nell- i see but trust me this is more than enough .

Rula- ight ight lets get out of here i have 1 more surprise for you .

Nell- no more

Rula- just one come on . Gotta bring them home .

About 45 minutes later we dropped off Amiya and them . And Rula started driving again . We pulled up to this spa . When we went inside the lady said " and you must be Cornell " i looked at Rula and he smiled .

Nell- hey before we go , how much is it for him to get the same treatment ?

Lady- 105 dollars .

Nell- ( pulls out his wallet ) here you go .

Rula- no no no .

Nell- if you dont come on .

I pulled Rula with me and he didnt seem to happy .

Nell- take it off .

Rula- why you do that ?

Nell- you do alot for me i cant do nothinh for you ?

Rula- but this was for you .

Nell- ( kisses Rula ) can you take off your clothes ..

Rula- ( takes off his tank and starts to unbuckle his shorts ) Thanks ...

Nell- Your welcome .


Leos POV

When i got in the room i laid on my bed and looked through my photos and found the picture of me and Nell that day when i held him for the first time . And my heart just went numb ... He couldve been mine ! But im just a fuck up ... I went to the trash can button and i debated on deleting it . But something wouldnt let me .

Why is this dude so deep inside of my head !?


Jacuzzi back at the hotel

Rula- damn that massage was good .

Nell- i know right. Thanks for everything .

Rula- you deserve it . Im leaving tomorrow morning ...

Nell- ( looks at Rula ) i figured that

Rula- so i have 1 more gift for you .

Nell- nooo

Rula- babe haha all we have to do is go to the beach .

Nell- this better be the last surprise ...

When we got to the beach he held my hand tight and we walked . The sun was setting it was beautiful .

Rula- do you know how much i love you ?

Nell- no ... Tell me how much

Rula- ill just show you .

Pop pop pop BOOM BOOM !

I jumped when i seen fire crackers in the sky . I took my phone out and recorded it .

Nell- hold that thought babe . I wanna get this .

I walked ahead of him a little to get a good angle . As i was looking through my phone . At the fire crackers i seen it say I ... Love ... You ... Cornell ... Taylor .... I kept looking at the sky shocked then i turned and he was right behind me . I turned and kissed him so quick he hugged me tight as shit .

Rula- is that good enough ?

Nell- yes i love it .

We heard this white couple say aww . And a black couple say " why cant you do that for me !? I swear you get on my nerves " .

As i was hugging on Rula i got a call from Amiya .

Phone call

Amiya- oh my gosh ! We just seen it . Aww hes so nice !

Nell- i know right .

Amiya- now you know tonight is that night ...

Nell- i know i know ...

Amiya- fuck it up !!!!

Nell- bye !

Rula came behind me reading my text messages the whole time i was talking to Amiya .

Rula- tonight to do ?

Nell- let me show you ...

I grabbed his hand and we walked back to the hotel . When he opened the door i walked behind him taking off my shirt and throwing it behind me as i closed the door . Then i started unbuckling my shorts and he turned around .

Rula- what are you doing .

Nell- ( takes off his shorts then walks up to Nell and rubs on his dick ) im taking it .

Rula- oh you are huh ?

Nell- yup .

I took his shirt off while he took his shorts off. We both stand there kissing each other in our underwear . As we kissed i pushed him back on the sofa and grabbed his dick . I leaned down to him and licked on his dick print he had on his underwear . Then i sucked on the tip a little and he looked at me biting his lip . I moved his underwear to the side and his semi dick came falling out the side . I sucked on the head making sure i made eye contact with him . I can tell he enjoyed it cause he kept moving his leg . I played with the head of his dick in my mouth teasing him . Then i pulled off his underwear and licked his dick from the head up to his belly button . I came back down taking his dick in my mouth with no hands . He put his hands behind his head and looked down at me . I put my hands on his body playing with his nipples as i sucked on his dick deeper never taking it out . It started getting real wet and messy . Each time i went deeper i made sure i gagged on it . Cause he loved that shit . When i got all his dick in my throat i sticked my tongue out the bottom and looked up at him . He put his hand on my head and pushed it down and started fucking my throat . He leaned forward to get up and kept his dick deep in my throat and then he let go of my head and put them on his hips and i took his dick out slowly as the spit dripped off his dick . I put my mouth on the tip and sucked it a little and he flinched . Then i held onto his balls and put his dick down my throat slowly until my lips touched his evenly shaved hairs . I shook my head gagging on it and he pushed my head off . All i could do was laugh and wipe my mouth .

Nell- oh cant take it ?

Rula- how you learn how to do this shit ? Damnnn ( strokes dick )

I moved his hand and placed his dick back in my mouth sucking it deep and fast . I started making slurping noises while i played with his balls . His moans grew louder ...

But thats all yall getting for now ...



Sorry yall this is just a busy month for me ! Im trying to get then out as fast as i can ...

Also i have 2 other stories that some of you might remember . I will be putting them on this account and finishing them .

10 comments for the next chapter !

Thanks !

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Post Posted: 2016-06-28 17:12:32
: 3
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: 45

: 5

Im team Rula # some people don't realize what they have til it gone
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Post Posted: 2015-12-14 11:49:02
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: 2


: 11

: 4

Next chapter pleaseeeeeeee! I'm rooting for Leo!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 18:05:39
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: 95

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imma need nother chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 13:21:05
: 3
: 3


: 117

: 11

I Love This Story!

And I love Nell and Rula together... then tho I was kinda rutting for Adrian (I guess it because I want to see more of him in the story).

It would be funny if Leo and Adrian became friends and bonded over Nell choosing to be with Rula, over them.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 12:33:55
: 5
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: 120

: 10

Leo can go home! I was team Adrian but it's clear the author wont take it that far and I think that's good cuz Leo is like two characters in one with his whiny, cranky, crazy ass. And Nell doesn't need to be stretched thin between all his friends wanting him. We left that behind 10 chapters ago.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 12:24:42
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: 130

: 32

I still think it should be him and Leo. Hopefully they get to together cause Rula sneaky as hell n too old for his ass
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 10:08:06
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: 35

: 3

Dog we need the next chapter asap..... llike yesterday lol. That was very good. I personally like Rula for him.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 07:53:36
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: 204

: 17

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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 07:09:43
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: 625

: 131

babyface_11 wrotes:
Im still rooting for Leo. There's something about Rula and how he came into Nell's life that isn't sitting well with me.
I'm feeling the same way.....money can't buy everything and how they fall in love that quick tho....ijs something ain't right
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 07:08:26
: 4
: 4


: 625

: 131

I maybe the only one that's Team Adrian....but who knows
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 04:28:53
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: 759

: 43

Wow very good chapter but why I have a feeling that something ain't right still
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 03:43:19
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: 3

: 12

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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 02:48:52
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: 172

: 17

Im still rooting for Leo. There's something about Rula and how he came into Nell's life that isn't sitting well with me.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 00:30:52
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: 205

: 20

i guess tht could work
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 00:21:58
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: 15

: 3

never go to bed mad but dont antagonize me my man nell was bouta lay it on him something stupid
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 00:19:32
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: 15

: 3

that's why rula my nigga
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Post Posted: 2015-12-12 00:19:32
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: 2

: 0

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Post Posted: 2015-12-11 23:06:24
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: 457

: 22

Awesome chapter. I have to admit that I truly thought hi. And Leo was going to get back together.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-11 22:49:07
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: 10

: 3

Great chapter man. I think Leo is still the one for him and that was messed up how you ended the chapter man lol!!!! But looking for to next chapter hopefully very soon!!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-11 22:40:02
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: 2847

: 86

great chapter and I am glad they work it out. Leo is still in love with Cornell but he fuck it up with his girlfriend

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