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Miami Again !

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As we started going to get our luggage Amiya told me to look at my phone . I opened the text message and my head was laying on Leos shoulder while he was watching Tv .

Text with Amiya -

Nell- the fuck ?

Amiya- he said that you kept bouncing your head side to side so he put your head on his shoulder it was too cute . This stranger was looking like what the fuck ? And Leo was like " problem ?" I was too done !

Nell- aw he did that ? Thats nice of him ...

Amiya- you so mean .

Nell- no im serious .

Amiya- mhm

After we got our luggage Leo and i. Waited in the lobby as Amiya and Tey got the rental .

Leo- im tired yo .

Nell- i am too kinda .

Leo- you shouldnt be . You was knocked out !

Nell- i know ... But by the way thanks for earlier .

Leo- what you talking about ?

Nell- my head on your shoulder .

Leo- ( shakes head ) why you thanking me ?

Nell- should i not ?

Leo- no ?

Nell- my bad ...

We sat there quiet until they came back ... Then we went to get the rental and we headed to the hotel . On the ride there Adrian was blowing me up .

Texts from Adrian

Adrian- im here where you at ?

Nell- im coming lmfao anxious ass .

Adrian- no its just we havent seen you in a bit .

Nell- That dude is with me . The one you saw on FT that time .

Adrian- oh shit ... He better come correct .

Nell- you be good . We all here to have fun .

Adrian- you know im a lover not a fighter . But i will do what i have to do .

Nell- shut up . We are 15 minutes away !

Adrian- ight ! Ill be in the lobby .

A few minutes later we was pulling up . I saw Adrian and Jae sitting in the lobby . But we had to park the car . After we parked we walked around to the front lobby. And as we was coming in Amiya noticed Adrian and looke at me and said " he looks familiar is that the miami dude from last time ? " . I shook my head yes . When we came through the door . Jae jumped up and dapped me up . And said wassup to everyone and Adrian walked over smiling trying to act like hes all that licking his lips . We slapped each others hands 3 times then he gave me a homey hug . He really didnt say much i actually think he was nervous ! After we checked in we made our way to our rooms . Adrians room was right across from Leos and mine . Before we went inside Adrian tried speaking to Leo by saying wassup and putting his hand out for a dap . But Leo just nodded his head and put the card in the door . I put Adrians arm down and he stuck up his middle finger at Leo while his back was turned .

Adrian- well what yall doing tonight nell ?

Nell- i dont know . What yall doing ?

Jae- wellll you know me ! Im tryna get into some panties . Yo my road dog didnt come ?

Nell- no hes got school .

Adrian- yeah Nell is a bad ass .

Nell- i am not . But let me put my stuff in the room .

Adrian- come see me though .

Leo- Man come on Cornell .

Jae- man you need to lighten up .

Adrian- ( putting his hand on Jaes chest ) chill man its cool ( smirking ) ill talk to you later Nell .

Nell- My bad yall hes a cranky asshole .

I walked in the room and pushed Leo .

Nell- your not about to be rude to people . He was being nice nigga damn .

Leo- dont push me for 1 and 2 i dont give a fuck . And you know i dont .

Nell- whatever dont embarrass me .

Leo- shut the fuck up .

Nell- your annoying as fuck sometimes .

After i said that he went mute and seemed pissed . He kept bumping into me . Until i slapped him in his head and he just stared at me for a bit and kept unpacking some stuff . I had got a FT from Rula so i went out on the balcony .

FT with Rula

Rula- Bae bae !

Nell- wassssssup !

Rula- damn its nice out huh ?

Nell- yeah we just got here . ( Leo comes out and sees im on FT with Rula and he stands right behind me and winks in the camera . I moved suddenly )

Rula- babe ? Why you worried ... That lil nigga dont phase me .

Nell- he just winked at you to get you jealous .

Rula- a nigga is chillin though . Im not worried about him he missed his chance .

Leo- tell that nigga to shut up . I can have you if i wanted to .

Rula- Yea yea yea young boy . But baby imma let you go have fun call me tonight no excuses .

Nell- i will ... Promise

Rula- love you

Nell- love you too

When the FT hang up i texted him saying " sorry about that " . Then i turned to look at Leo standing there with his shirt off and some shades on looking out at the beach .

Nell- your disrespectful as fuck .

Leo- ( yawns )

Nell- okay .

I walked back in and left out the room . As soon as i did i seen Adrian waiting for the elevator .

Nell- where you going ?

Adrian- to the store real quick get something to drink . Gotta have juice !

Nell- im coming . I need juice too

Adrian- your not invited.

Nell- well shit ight . Ill walk

Adrian- im only kiddin . Come on crazy .

When we got in the elevator he just stared at me smiling like a weirdo . His facial hair was always on point ! Line up was on fleeeeek !

Adrian- can i just get a damn hug yo .

Nell- hahaha i guess ?

He walked up on me and hugged me . All i could do was laugh .

Adrian- ( lets go ) stop laughing . I can look at you all day .

Nell- sure !

Adrian- dead ass . You just look peaceful .

Nell- i do ? I wonder how that looks haha .

Elevator opens

Adrian- like you ...

Nell- whatever you say ...

As we walked to the car he still walked behind me .

Nell- really ?

Adrian- what ?

Nell- why cant you walk next to me ?

Adrian- i like to watch this view can i enjoy . Especially if you got that boy your talking to and everything .

Nell- well im glad you know .

Adrian- he shouldnt be letting you out like this . I would be keeping tabs . Fuck that . And it aint about no trust shit . Its just hell nahh nigga imma see where mine at !

Nell- shut up haha i just spoke to him actually .

Adrian- good for you ( unlocks the doors and gets in )

Nell- how about you ? Hows the love life ?

Adrian- i actually started speaking to this girl recently .

Nell- thats good!

Adrian- but she might be too clingy

Nell- shes probably obessed with you ! Your not an average ass dude .

Adrian- thanks but still . Just be yourself . Fuck the looks . ( pulls out and starts driving )

Nell- just give her time. Did you tell her ?

Adrian- not yet .

Nell- she'll probably understand .

Adrian- man i dont know. Hows your situation though ?

Nell- he hasnt really locked me down yet. So its like im single but i dont feel that way .

Adrian- damn why would he do that . That makes it easier for me to get in them cheeks.

Nell- no .

Adrian- im only fucking with you .

Nell- better be .

Adrian- but goodluck staying in the room with mad ass .

Nell- haha hes not that bad .

Adrian- ( side eyes Nell ) yeahhh right . How much you wanna bet you gonna knock on my door 1 of these nights .?

Nell- im not betting shit ! Ha

Adrian- mhm we'll see


About 2 hours later we had made it back . Of course i got me some chicken and not just juices ! When we got on the elevator Tey Amiya and Leo was On it .

Amiya- Why wasnt you answering !?

Nell- oh shit i had put it on silent .

Amiya- we heading to the beach .

Tey- are those wings ?

Nell- mhmmm ( smiling )

Tey- okay back upstairs we go for a few minutes .

Amiya- just greedy !

Leo- how much you buy ?

Nell- dont worry about it . I know you want some .

Adrian- ( steps in the elevator too )

Amiya- ohhhhhhhhh okay .

Nell- what ?

Amiya- what was you two doing ?

Nell- nothing ? We are just friends . We went to the store .

Tey- oh shit we do need to go . I need some snacks .

Leo- better stop eating all that junk yo .

Tey- i know nigga .

Leo- ask muscle man right here .

Adrian- i aint that big .. But um yeah lay off of it . Itll catch up to you

Tey- true ight no snacks but i do need ginger ale !

Everyone steps out the elevator ..

Adrian- ight yall im about to go take a nap ill holla .

Nell- ight ( looks at him weird )

Tey- peach bruh

We went inside my room and we ate the chicken and they TRIED to suck up all my juice .

Leo- come on let me just get a lil more ! Stop being stingy

Nell- no you had enough shit .

Leo- ill buy you 2 more

Nell- promise ?

Leo- promise now poor daddy more .

Nell- ( leaves juice there and looks at phone )

Text message from Rula

Rula- Why you sorry ?
Rula- you just have fun.
Rula- babe ?
Rula- hmm too busy for me huh ?
Rula- miss you

Nell- hey babe my phone was on silent

Rula- yup

Nell- it was my bad .

Rula- didnt i just say yup ?

Nell- ok ... What did i do ?

Rula- shit

Nell- stop giving me 1 words .

Rula- why?

Nell- we dont have to talk ...

Rula- oh really ? Well shit do you

Nell- whats wrong with you ?

Rula- you wasnt answering ...

Nell- i just fucking told you .

Rula- whoa why you cussing?


Rula- but do you ...

Nell- i wasnt doing shit and im not planning on it .

Rula- like i said do you and ill do me .

Nell- where is all this coming from ? And your not doing shit ...

Rula- i dont like how you talking to me ..,

Nell- i wish you would do you ...

Rula- i will ...

Nell- bye i dont even give a fuck . This is random as fuck to me .

Rula- next time answer me back .

Nell- all over that ?

Rula- i never had to wait on a text from you back, that shit is funny to me .

Nell- i aint do shit ! I had put it on silent damn .

Rula- do you "babe"

Nell- this isnt like you .

Rula- shut up .

Nell- you been drinking ?

Rula- dont worry about that .

Nell- thats enough to drink .

Rula- im a grown ass man fall back .

Nell- imma just stop . Goodnight

Rula- i will come over there and beat a niggas ass .

Nell- Goodnight

Rula- no did i say goodnight ?

Nell- your doing to much right now . I think its best if i go .

Rula- go do you huh ?

Nell- NO !

Rula- Ight go on . I just miss you thats all .

Nell- i miss you too but nevermind ill just talk to you tomorrow about it . Cause your not quite understanding right now .

He didnt respond .

I just stood there in a fucked up mood . He was right i never left him waiting . But damn now hes showing me how jealous he gets but with liqour in him ?

Leo- are you okay ??

Nell- yeah im good . Lets go to the beach now .

Amiya- ( drinks juice ) ight im ready now .

We all cleaned up our mess and headed to the beach . While at the beach I seen that Leo was def getting all the ladies attention ! But he kept this 1 girl with him the whole night . I would catch him looking around the beach . And when we made eye contact he would go back talking to her . While my ass was just walking putting my feet in the water . I couldnt have as much fun cause Rula isnt here . And this damn relationship is confusing ! I dont even know if im with him or not . I kept checking my phone to see if he responded but still nothing . I looked over and saw Tey and Amiya all cuddled up on the sand . Then back over at Leo and that girl all hugged up .

( Phone Vibrates )

Text from Rula

Rula- im at the strip club .

Nell- yea and your drunk i bet .

Rula- nopeee just a bit maybe ,?

Nell- yup

Rula- whats wrong with you .

Nell- cause im sitting here on the beach lonely as shit .

Rula- so what is it my fault ?

Nell- nope

Rula- noone told you to bring your ass down there anyways .

Nell- bet . Go have fun

Rula- i already did .

Nell- like what ?

Rula- i got a lap dance . My nigga paid for it .

Nell- nice

Rula- yup ... Did homeboy touch you ?

Nell- no .

Rula- oh ight . And um

Nell- um what ?

Rula- she tried to suck my dickk . But i pushed her head off right when her lips touched it .

Nell- nice .

Rula- nice ?

Nell- yeah do you .

Rula- nah chill out ...

Nell- i am chillin alone at that .

Rula- stop making it seem like i should be there .

Nell- hahaha true you shouldnt ... Goodnight

Rula- you mad nowww ?

Nell- take your drunk ass and go get some pussy like you want .

Rula- i think i read your text wrong ...

Nell- nah you read it right . Have fun

Rula- i will

Nell- okay

Rula- if you do some crazy shit im fucking you up .

Nell- i dont care . Says the nigga who got his dick sucked . I bet last time you wasnt lien .

Rula- i was playing last time and she didnt suck my dick it was more like a kiss ... Chill out we aint together .

Nell- thats all i needed to hear .

Rula- babe ...

Rula- BABE !

Rula- Yo answer me now ! You about to piss me off yo .

Rula- I love you !!!!

I sat there on the beach for about 20 minutes looking at all the mesages he sent me but i never opened them . I mean hes drunk yeah ight but hearing that bullshit makes it seem like hes holding out the relationship so he can bullshit out there . But its all good !

After 10 more minutes Tey and Amiya came back over to me and we walked back to the hotel . When we were in the elevator . Tey was acting weird .

Amiya- wheres Leo ?

Tey- he had left the beach like 20 minutes ago . Aye Nell come in our room for a bit .

Nell- um why ?

Tey- damn we all cant just chill ?

Amiya- whats going on Tey you acting weird ...

Tey- nothing is going on .

The elevator opened and i walked to my room . I heard screaming and skin slapping . I opened the door and the sound grew louder . And when the light hit the room . Tey looked over at me and froze . I closed the door and Tey and Amiya stood there . I walked over to them and said lets go .

When we got into there room Amiya kept looking at me .

Amiya- bestfriend ...

Nell- yeah ?

Amiya- you okay over there ?

Nell- yes why wouldnt i be .

Amiya- just thought you was upset about what you just seen .

Tey- i tried warning you but i cant out my bro .

Nell- Tey honestly im fine haha . I dont care .

Tey- okay ...

Amiya- how did you know Tey ?

Tey- he text me saying make sure Nell doesnt come to the room please .

Nell- well atleast he had respect .

Amiya- i think he said that cause he didnt want you to see that .

Nell- ( shrugs ) i dont care bout that . Hes a free man . Fuck the world if you want to haha .

Tey- i guess .

( Knocks on the door )

Tey- who is it ?

??- its me man , open up ! I told you to keep him away .

Amiya pulled me into the kitchen and we sat on the stools .

( tey opens the door )

Tey- man chill i tried .

Leo- ( walks in ) man not hard enough . Fuck yo !

Tey- why you stressing the shit bro .

I saw him but he didnt look in our direction . I laid my arm out on the table and put my head on my arm and started looking through my phone .

Leo- You know why !

Tey- you need to chill it isnt that serious ?

Leo turned around and saw Nell and sat across from Amiya and Nell abd Tey sat next to him .

I kept my looking through my phone cause i didnt understand the big problem . Then Amiya and Tey got up .

Nell- where yall going ?

Amiya- Tey is pulling me away .

Tey- we'll be back .

I shook my head and looked on fb . I could feel Leo staring at me .

Leo- ( flicking 1 of Nells fingers ) aye

Nell- ( still looking at my phone ) wassup ?

Leo- what you looking at ?

Nell- facebook .

Leo- you okay ?

Nell- yeah ? Are you okay ?

Leo- yea ...

Nell- ( sits up and looks at Leo and he looks down tapping his finger on the counter ) well doesnt seem like it ... Did you even finish ?

Leo- nah ...

Nell- you better go get her she had a nice ass .

Leo- ( looks up at Nell ) really ....

Nell- what ?

Leo- you dont care .?

Nell- why should i ? Your having fun . Atleast you had respect to tell Tey ...

Before i could finish he walked out the hotel room . Amiya and Tey came out .

Tey- what happened ?

Nell- he just left ? I told him he should go finish cause she had a nice ass . Then he was like you dont care ? And i said why should i .

Tey- ohhhhhh i see .

Nell- yeah but im going to my room im sleepy .

Tey- bet

Amiya- night booboo

I left out and went into my room and Leo wasnt there . I took a quick shower and went to bed . About 1 hour into my sleep it was about 1:20 am now . And all i heard from the bathroom was screaming again . I laid there with my eyes open and my heart beating fast . I didnt know why my heart was doing that cause it wasnt like i didnt know what was going on in there .

20 minutes later it stopped and i heard mumbling . I had got up and went to go find something in my bag . I had on just my briefs . When they came out the bathroom . She was fully dressed and he had a towel wrapped around him and his body was wet . She quickly left out and he turned on the lights . I just looked at him in a rude way and walked to the bathroom . And he came inside .

Leo- why you look at me like that ?

Nell- cause you woke me up out my fucking sleep thats why .

Leo- ( standing right behind Nell ) you told me to finish right ?

Nell- i did but damn you couldnt wait until tomorrow .

Leo- yo just shut up . ( drops towel and turns on the shower again )

Nell- ( looks in the mirror at the back of him and looks away as he turns back around ) you need to clean whatever she touched in here .

Leo- if i dont nigga ? ( stepping close to Nell )

His dick was touching my thigh so i pushed my arm on his chest to move back and i started brushing my teeth .

Nell- you will so i aint even tripping .

Leo- ( looks at Nell in the mirror and makes his dick jump ) we'll see

He stood there looking at me up and down and his dick got hard as shit . It had to be 9 inches . It was cut and veiny . I spit out the tooth paste and rinsed my mouth out . As i was walking out i seen him follow my every move with his eyes and put his hands on his head .

Leo- Ill clean it okay ?

Nell- i know you will

I turned and looked at him and closed the door as he stood there with his hands on his head . His body was gorgeous as fuck as we all know . But i dont fall for that shit . After i closed it i laid down and looked at my phone . I had 10 missed calls from Rula and 3 text messages .

Text Messages

Rula- Still not answering me huh ? I didnt mean it lije thay at akk .

Rula- YOOOOOP ? Fuck it . Dont answer you probablyyy already did some shit . Thatscwgy you aint got shit to say !

Rula- im getting some headds fuckkkk it . You acting like this im really gonna do meeeeh .

All of this was 30 minutes ago when i was sleep . I couldnt even get angrier . I just put my phone on the charger and all that was in my head was some stripper sucking Rulas dick .


The next morning i woke up to Leo sitting in front of me looking at my phone . I just laid there and watched him .

Nell- having fun ?

Leo- ( doesnt even turn around ) this nigga kept blowing you up ..

Nell- i bet you read the messages he sent that i didnt open up huh .

Leo- honestly i did . Cause i dont have your code .

Nell- okay ...

Leo- he violated . He was drunk huh ?

Nell- yeah .

Leo- you arent upset .

Nell- i mean i am but im not going to show it ... We arent together .

Leo- yea but ... I dont know . He kept calling you . And FT you .

FT goes off again .

Leo- you gonna answer ?

Nell- give it to me nosy ass .

I answered the FT as i laid there .

Rula was in bed also .

Rula- ive been trying to reach you all this morning ..

Nell- ( looks over at the pillow ) i was sleep what you want ?

Rula- wow ...

Nell- wow what ? What do you want bro ...

Rula- dont call me bro .

Nell- what ...

Rula- i just read all our messages .

Nell- im glad you can read .

Rula- stop fucking being sarcarstic real shit .

Nell- ( takes face out the cam and lays it on the bed )

Rula- listen im sorry okay ? I see after i said we arent together you stopped speaking to me.

Nell- ok...

Rula- and imma be honest i did get my dick sucked . My home boy sent me a pic .

Nell- ( lays there and looks at Leo while he stands against the wall looking at me )

Rula- babe ? Answer me . Can i atleast see you .

Nell- is that all you wanted to say ? I already know you did it . Even though i havent fucked around at all . But do your thing .

Rula- no i fucked up .

Nell- i am too tonight, so you good ...

Rula- what ?

Nell- ( picks the phone up and goes into the bathroom and locks the door ) you heard me .

( places the phone on the counter so he could see My whole body in my briefs )

Rula- ( stares at Nells body and gets quiet ) i really fucked up . Your perfect . Baby im sorry .

Nell- ( turns on the shower ) okay i know you are . But i honestly dont care and your single Rula . So im upset but im not that upset .

Rula- ( staring at Nell as he cleans his face ) Promise me you wont do nothing .

Nell- i mean i cant promise nothing when im drunk right ?

Rula- dont play with me ....

Nell- shut up it dont even matter yo ! We are not togther ? Remember ... Yeahhhhh . Im about to take a shower and head out . So peace

Rula- dont end this Face Ti...

I ended the FT and he called right back ... I answered it and he was yelling at me but i just ignored it and took off my briefs and took a shower . He got quiet and watched i made sure the shower curtain was opens so he can see it all . After i was finish i dried myself off and i knew he was jerking off cause he kept biting his lip .

Rula- damn babe ...

Nell- hahaha i know right ? Too bad you aint the one that will be saying that tonight ... ( ends FT )

This time he sent me a long ass text message . But i didnt read it until i got dressed .

Text message from Rula .

Rula- yo listen to me . I aint fucking playing Cornell i will fly out there like i did before . I made a fucking mistake ! You had niggas feelin all up on you and shit . But gonna treat me like this ? You got the fucking nerve lil nigga . You better check your shit real talk . And if you decide to do anything tonight . Just know ill be out there ... Shit i might be on my way now you will never know ... Now would you ?

Nell- yo i honestly dont give a fuck what you do ! Go fuck a stripper my nigga and why you worried you aint claiming my ass .

Rula- Fuck it ... Do whatever you want . This is bullshit .

Nell- what is ?

Rula- this ...

Nell- woooow ...

Rula- you getting me tight as shit and im saying things that i know i will regret . So cut the shit .

Nell- you cut the shit . You are as confused as fucking Leo . Im not about to waste my time on this shit .

Rula- im wasting your time ?

Nell- we arent together and its bothering me now .

Rula- what are you gonna do ?

Nell- me

Rula- IM SORRY ! I wish i can take it back but i cant . Apparenlty i was mad as fuck at you cause you wasnt answering . You think if i was sober i would do some fucked up shit to you like that ?

Nell- honestly no ...

Rula- Exactly, i love you ight ?

Nell- i love you too ...

Rula- I still have this bad feeling ...

Nell- For what ?

Rula- your gonna do something ..

Nell- if i do ?

Rula- ........

Nell- im single . I think you just love me as a friend .

Rula- why would you think that .

Nell- mannn we arent in a relationship ! What dont you understand im free to do what i want and your free to do what you want . Thats why im not even that mad .

Rula- see your really know how to push my buttons .

Nell- listen maybe we can talk later im going out .

Rula- we dont have to talk .

Nell- wow smh . Your choice have a nice day .

Leo- Aye get out of that phone .

Nell- im done now

Leo- how did it go ?

Nell- mind your buisness .

Leo- you are my buisness if you havent noticed .

Nell- lets go .

We left out the room and met up with Amiya and Tey down in the lobby . I seen Adrian down there also . He walked up to me and put his arm around my neck .

Adrian- where yall going ?

Nell- breakfast ...

Adrian- damn no invite ?

Nell- im sorry .

Adrian- its ight text me after . Jae and i tryna go to a waterpark .

Nell- im def going !

Adrian- you had no other choice haha . But ight go eat

When Adrian walked away i noticed he had some nice ass feet . When i looked over at amiya and them they all smiled except for Leo .

Amiya- they just love you !

Leo- water park my ass .

Nell- haha you mad cause you aint invited ?

Tey- oooooooooo

Leo- nigga shut up Tey !

We left out the hotel and started walking i can tell Leo was in his feelings cause he wasnt saying much .

Nell- Wheres your girlfriend ?

Leo- that aint my girl .

Nell- you got her number ?

Leo- why you worried ?

Nell- my bad .


As we were eating all i could do was think about Rula . How we were really arguing over stupid shit ... I checked my phone and went to his IG and he posted a recent picture of his daughter and in the caption he said " The only person in my thoughts, my baby girl " ... I liked the photo and i went to look at a pic of him with his boys then i clicked on 1 of there pages . And they had vids up from the club . I saw the vid of Rula getting a lap dance while his phone was in his hand lit up . My heart started racing . Damn watching the video hurt like shit ... So i shared the video to him in a DM and said " It sucks watching the person you love get a lapdance by the chick who sucked his dick " ... About 2 minutes later it showed that he read it . He wrote back saying " Stop it, your only hurting yourself watching the videos . You know how i feel about you ... " i read it and kept eating .

Amiya- Nell whats wrong ?

Nell- nothing but heres my money for the bill . Im about to take a walk .

I got up and walked out . I just kept walking and walking . I needed to clear my head . Theres a part of me that cares so much about Rula . But theres a part of me that just wants to say fuck it all . How much longer can i let him lead me on ?


15 comments for the next chapter !

Sorry yall i been busy this weekend ! I kept writing bits and pieces when i had the time .

But What do yall think will happen between Nell and Rula ?

Thats the big question !

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Kik- CakeCakez

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Post Posted: 2016-06-28 15:38:49
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Im getting mad y nell keep let this nigga tell him they not together but in the same sentence say he better not mess with nobody else. He heard queen B say he better put a ring on it
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Post Posted: 2015-12-13 15:35:01
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Yo this is a crazy and hot chapter
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I actually think Adrian would be good for him. He should give him a chance if all doesn't work with Rula.
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very good
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 20:18:41
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Fuck Leo and Rula right now. Leo's jealousy game isn't attractive at all. He needs to cut it out. It's always been FuckLeo!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 16:13:32
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Hurry up and post
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 15:37:16
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LEO ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 10:53:54
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next chapter please
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 09:53:45
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Yes finally
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 07:46:26
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Damn why is being to fuckin soft man tf up and stop letting this nigga's play with you grow some fuckin balls you hold all the cards start playing them!!!!!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 07:32:20
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I just counted 16 commentsโ€ฆ #ijs #NextChapter #BeAnAuthorOfYourWord
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 06:55:28
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Wow!!! Leo is sneaky. He setup he and Nell rooming together. I believe he wanted Nell to catch him fucking. Tula fucked up big time but I can't shake the feeling that he is seriously in love with Nell. Sure he is a loose cannon (lol), but He isn't being sneaky!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 06:39:33
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Ready for the next chapter!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 04:13:38
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Leo just fucking rape Nell submissive ass........its that want he want you do......just take charge because honestly you can't rape the willing
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 01:48:44
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Nell and Adrian need to gone have their fun because they genuinely care about each other. Adrian knows he wanna fuck with Nell while Leo and Rula are disrespectful at all cost. Nell ain't tied down so him and Adrian fucking no one can be mad. Nell need to stop letting Leo and rula play with his feelings and start making they ass feel like he do. He holds the power but just scared to use it. He won't receive no karma cuz he ain't with either one. Furthermore Rula down there playing house with his baby mama nell need to have his fun. And it should start with adrian
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 00:19:54
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Nell and leo aint together causebhe couldnt be patient he aint with Adrian cause theres no real feelings there and Rula just wants him to be everything he aint i.e. loyal. Rula wants to have his cake and eat it to. Nell kn9ws he has the power to end whatever Leo is doing dont get mad be ause you made it perfectly clear he couldn't have you cut the shit Cornell
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 00:14:25
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Rula just being an ass, and fucking up bad.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 00:00:41
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Honestly I think that he should do him but I can tell that the conflicts his mind is having it stopping him from doing him. He should really take a step back from fucking with anyone to figure out what he wants and stop trying to please everyone else. The dudes he fuck with obviously don't care enough to tie him down or be with him. I always say a drunk mind is a truthful one. If he did that while drunk then he wanted to do it deep down.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 23:39:07
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Dayum! stop making Nell so weak for these guys, he's getti shit on by them, let Nell do Nell for a change, love the story but it's pissing me off the way he's being treated,Dang!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 23:13:13
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Ok Nell you need to stop these feelings you have for Leo and Adrian. And so what if Leo fuck the girl your man is Rula damn bro. you need to put Leo in his place like yesterday ok? And Rula I don't give two rats ass you was drunk the reason why you let that thot suck your dick. Rula yiu was dead ass wrong my dude wrong. I am in my feelings about this chapter lol but I love it
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 23:05:29
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Well I hope he do home and not with Leo..let him get some more of Adrian..can we get another one tonight
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 22:22:01
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Man I say leave they asses alone. All of them. Psycho also and retarded Rula
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 22:14:48
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team leo y'all a bunch of fucked up individuals bout team leo, leo still dont know what the fuck he want and he cant b with nell... im not excusing rula cause even him is a fuck up to... nell should just do him and not worry bout anyone
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 22:11:58
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To much drama.. I'm #teamleo
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 21:44:41
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Yooo shit is real
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 21:43:54
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: 204

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I am still #TEAMRULA

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