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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

My friends are around me. Everyone is holding their breaths. Aiden is looking on with just as much shock as I had. I don't think anyone expected this...except Coco.


Nero pulls it out at that moment. A diamond ring that is tainted red. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in in my life. He puts it on my finger and everything is right in the world again. I'm looking at this man that I love and I know this is a moment that I'll never forget. This is the everything that means anything to me. Who knew that all I had to do was die to really feel what true happiness was.

He hugs me at that moment wrapping his hands around me before he turns to the others.

“He said yes...”

Everyone is silent until Nero says that and then people start clapping. I watch as Coco, Antwon and Tina goes over to congratulate Nero.

Lucca and Camille come close examining the ring at that moment.

“Oh my god. Is this...” Camille starts off.

“I think it is.”

I look at my two friends a little confused on what the hell they are talking about right now.


“He really has no idea what he's wearing. The ring is showcasing the magnificent 10 carat cushion cut red diamond in the center and 2.50 ctw of dazzling round red diamonds on the sides,” Camille is describing it looking down at the ring as though she was on the shopping networking before showing it to Nero.

Lucca stares at it, “It's one of the lucky ones.”

“Lucky ones...”

“You don't know what those are do you?” Camille asks.

She's saying it as though I should know what they are talking about. I am interrupted though. I'm interrupted because Nero comes back over. He taps Lucca on his shoulder so that Lucca can move out of the way. I think Camille and Lucca are just as excited about this as I am. When Lucca steps aside Nero steps up to me.

“Guys I'm going to need a minute with my new fiance,” he says, “That's in case you didn't mind.”

Lucca nods in satisfaction, “Of course not, go, go, go be romantic or...whatever...”

I watch Nero grab my hand at that moment. He leads me off into the woods. We get deep into the woods until we finally get to an open pond The water in the Garden of Eden glistens blue as though there were sparkling lights under the surface. I look down at the water and just feel a warmth coming up from it. It's not a regular body of water. It's beautiful and magical. Things like this only existed in Eden and for this very moment everything was perfect.

“Fiance huh?” I ask him.

“You stuck with me baby...he says...come here.”

Nero pulls me close. I think he's about to kiss me but he doesn't. He picks me up, scoops me in his arms and throws me in the goddam pond. I splash hard into the warm sparkling blue water, screaming so much that I think the others at the camp might hear me.


I can't stay mad for long. I especially can't stay mad because Nero has taken off his shirt. Those muscles are glistening over the reflection of the water as I look up from the bank. He has a playful smile on his face. He drops his pants next, revealing those perfect athlete legs sculpted to perfection. I can't believe this man just proposed to me as I look up at him mesmerized. This body is everything. There is no way in hell he is human. Him being a vampire prince is the only way to explain this perfection.

Lastly comes his drawers.

His dick is in his hand...already semi hard and throbbing. His eyes are staring at me. There is no more smile on Nero's face. He means business when he descends into the water. The ripples threaten me every step he takes until we are face to face.

“Take your shirt off,” he tells me.

I don't hesitate taking my shirt off and handing it to him. It's already soaked. It doesn't matter. He throws it up on the bank and stares at me as though telling me that I should know what happens next.

My pants come off and then my underwear. I don't even hand it to him. I just let them float in the pond.

We are up to our shoulders in the water when we begin kissing. He rubs his hard dick up against me and it presses up against my lower abdomen. He rubs it up and down slowly in the water. I feel my heart racing when his tongue slides in my mouth over and over. He's slow this time. It's not like the other times we had sex. This time he's not trying to fuck me. He's trying to make slow passionate love.

The water cascades over our naked bodies after we kiss several times. He turns me around, lifts me up and wraps the back of my legs around his waist. Then he begins to enter me...slowly and purposely sticking me deep into my loins.

“Oh fuck...”

“I'm going to do fuck you....mhmm...just like this...for the rest...of our lives,” he tells me between short pants as he thrusts his hips into me, letting me feel every inch of his dick.

I lean my head back so far that I'm wresting my head on his shoulder. He licks at the sides of my neck still suspending me in the water. The smooth strokes of his dick and the warmth of the water around us is making this the time of a lifetime.

“You promise?”

“Of course. I'll love you and only you. Forever...”

It seems endless as I sit in that water making love to the man that I love. It seems like I truly understand what immortality means. And I cum...again and again, filling the pond with my semen and not even caring. We have sex for what seems like hours without getting tired.

After our skin has become soggy and I'm fingers turned to prunes he pulls me out of the water onto the bank and we lay naked on the side of the pond in the soft grass.

“I think I just fell in love all over again,” I tell him.

Nero smiles at me a little bit, “That's how I feel everyday that I see you. And I plan on showing it to you everyday too.

I look down at the red ring, “This is a good start.”

“It's a Lucky One.”

There goes that term again.

“Lucca used that term before too. What the hell is a lucky one?” I ask him.

Nero is laying on his stomach. His ass is still glistening wet from the pool. It's nice and round and I'm tempted to go bite it. I can tell he's thinking the same thing because he's grabbing onto my ass as we are laying on the grass hardly paying attention to my question.

“Oh geez. Can we just have sex again? I don't want to go into how important they are.”

“Nero. It's important to me.”

He responds, “We talked about it about a month ago. Remember.”

“No I really don't,” I respond, “It reminds me something from my childhood. A song my mother used to sing to me...”

“It's an ancient artifact. One of three. It was passed down to me when Arie made me his heir. A ring, a a necklace and a bracelet. Some say they were Eve's jewelry when she was in the garden of Eden. And when she was banished...her jewelry stayed behind. So they say, at least. I doubt it, but either way Arie said this ring is to prove that one day I'll rule Eden when he goes into his slumber for a couple centuries. It's said all three of them together keep Eden pure.”

“And you gave it to me?”

He shrugs, “It's not my most valuable possession anymore. You are...”

That's when Nero pulls me close and without having to say any other words I'm sure just how much I mean to him. I fall asleep wrapping him up in me. I let Nero lay on my chest until his mouth opens and he slowly falls asleep holding me like a little boy would hold a teddy bear that he wanted to always keep close to him.

I can't sleep. I'm far too excited and honestly still a little turned on by naked Nero laying on my chest. Nero is so passed out that he doesn't even hear the rustling in the bushes and after a few seconds I realize that it's someone there. I am about to wake Nero up but then I realize who it is.

My eyes widen to see Aiden sneaking up on us. Aiden turns away when he realizes that both Nero and I are laying down naked. I unclaw Nero's body off of mine, grab my shirt off the bank, wrap it around my waist and lead Aiden further down the bank.

Before he gets anything out I just start spilling everything.

“I know this is sudden. I wasn't expecting this. Aiden this was the last thing I was expecting but...”

“You can't marry him,” Aiden explains.

I can feel the heavy look on Aiden's face. Aiden is clearly upset about this and I knew he would be. I figured if anything like this would happen I'd have time to really cement a distance from Aiden but here was my ex really standing here and there are tears brewing up in his eyes. I mean Nero might have shown a little emotion but Aiden wasn't the emotional type. He was probably the least emotional person I knew save Armando of course. The fact that he is standing here now looking so upset is ripping me apart.

“I love him Aiden.”

“More than me?” he asks.

“More than anyone.”

“You're not safe with him,” Aiden explains, “Your father told me about Lilith. Do you think this is the time that you need to be aligning yourself with the royal family. What if Lilith attacks? These royals will stay in Eden and fight a losing battle. Lilith cannot be destroyed...”

“Then I'll stay with Nero. I'll fight with him,” I explain to Aiden.

Aiden shakes his head, this time with more anger than sadness, “You're a fuckin' idiot. You want to die for that dumbass? Armando won't let you do this. You already know he won't. Being around the royals is dangerous for you...you know why...”

I realize now that Armando has shared almost everything with Aiden. He trusted Aiden, probably more than he trusted me. I had to wait forever for my father to share the secrets with me that he did with Aiden.

“It's not up to Armando.”

“Please...Santos...don't do this. This is a mistake.”

“Maybe...but what if it's not. If Geneva has been in Eden this entire time Lilith must have known where it was. She knew how to get here. Why was she asleep? It's been a while since she's woken up. Why hasn't she attacked Eden yet?”

Aiden shrugs, “Maybe she's waiting on something.”

“Or maybe she can't get in. She left Eden, remember? Maybe she can't get back in. Maybe I'm safe and maybe I've found my happily ever after. Aiden...if you love me, if you really love me though, don't you think you should be happy for me that I've found it?”

Aiden looks at me.

There is a grim shade all around his face when he shakes his head and says, “I hope you're right man. For your sake.”


He doesn't listen to me as he walks away. He doesn't look back. For the first time ever I think Aiden has finally come to the understanding that there is nothing that is going to pull me away from Nero. For the first time I think he has truly given up hope.

The next day Aiden is gone from camp before the rest of us head back to the city.

“You have to let us plan the wedding,” Lucca and Camille state almost at the same time while we are walking back.

“I'm cool with this if...Nero is,” I say.

Nero is close enough to hear. He stops, puts his arms around my shoulder, “As long as anything my man wants he gets. King Arie will probably hire some wedding planners but...Lucca and Camille can definitely be you representatives.”

That seems good enough for Lucca and Camille. They have this confident excitement that is kind of making them more excited than I am. They are walking forward towards the city and Nero lingers back with me.

“You told your father...”

“Of course. I needed permission to give away one of the Lucky Ones...they are really a big deal. He's not the one I was worried about,” Nero explains.

We both know what Nero is talking about.


Nero nods, “Your father hates me.”

It's weird that all of a sudden a man, more like a boy, who I never knew until a couple months ago is now one of the major players in my life causing concern. Truth be told I would be lying if I said that I didn't love Armando especially after the scare that I had thinking that he was dead. Still I don't like the idea of me having to get his approval about this.

I try to settle down Nero as we approach the city gates, “Listen. He doesn't hate you.”

Nero raises an eyebrow, “He faked his death, made me look weak in front of the whole city and then threatened my life if I exposed it.”

I can't help but to laugh at that.

“He just doesn't want...things to come out.”

“Neither do I. I just proposed to you. I'm not trying to ruin the best thing that fuckin' happened to me. He's tripping. And I don't care if he's your old man. He looks our age and I still honestly don't like no attractive dudes around my man so he better get with it or get gone!”

I know Nero is only half serious so I push him on the shoulder a little bit.

“I'll talk to him.”

“You better. You have a month to do it.”

“What happens in a month.”

“Engagement party...hosted by the king,” Nero laughs, “The media is going to be there. I asked everyone back at came to keep it quiet but by the engagement party everyone will know.”

I am shocked, “That's not a long time to plan. Exactly how long has the King known you wanted to propose to me yo?”

Nero shakes his head, “Man that's not important...”


“I kind of told him the first time I kissed you. Told him I was in love and that I was going to marry you one day. And well...it just...happened like that.”

I nod, “That early?”

“I knew what I wanted and King's go after what they want...”


The weeks goes by pretty fast after Nero's proposal on the camping trip. I have to keep reminding Lucca and Camille to be extra quiet because they are ignoring all the teachers and spending time Class is awkward as fuck as the week goes by because I'm avoiding Armando without even planning to. Then there is Aiden. Aiden hasn't shown back up to class. He's completely stopped coming and everyday Armando seems to get more and more worried about him. I know why Aiden has been skipping class and by the beginning of the fourth week I know that I only have a couple days left to tell Armando.

“We should do red and white roses,” Lucca is saying, “Passion and Unity.”

“That's so corny Lucca. We should do the stargazer lilies.”

“No one wants a pink goddam flower.”

“They stand for ambition. It's a powerful symbol not like your corny ass roses,” Camille argues.

“He's staring...” I grunt at them.

We are in homeroom class. Armando is looking over our report cards for the first part of the second quarter before hands them out. I have been very careful to keep Nero's ring on a chain and tuck it under my shirt so Armando wouldn't get suspicious.

Armando picks his head up. He stares at me. He has that cold ass Armando look.

“Why do you care?” Camille asks, “Don't tell me you still have something for Armando?”

I shake my head, “Of course not. We're just friends.”

“So why haven't you told him.”

“This is on a need to know basis.”

Lucca shrugs and elbows me, “If you are going to get your last nut in with Armando you need to hurry up and do it. You cheating on the prince once you guys are married is a treason.”

“Plus it will completely fuck up everything we built over the last year,” Camille explains.

“I am not fucking Armando.”

“God you act like the man is disgusting. I'd love to take be tossed over his desk.”

Lucca laughs, “Hell I prefer girls but even I'd take a bite out of his apple. He's got a nice fat ass...”

I can't take it anymore. I'm so disgusted that they are talking about my father like this and I don't know I'm covering my ears. Luckily the bell rings for the end of class day.

Everyone goes and gets their report cards and I'm the last one.

As I get there I see Nero waiting for me at the door like he always does. He's ready to walk us back to the Class O dorms. I see him signal over to Armando. I know what Nero wants. He wants me to tell Armando about us getting married. I look over at Armando and I'm scared to death to do it. Nero clears his throat ushering me to approach Armando. I finally get the balls to go up to his desk.

I go get my report card from Armando, grab the paper and he holds it.

“You've improved a lot this semester,” he tells me taking a look around to make sure only Nero is close enough to hear before also adding, “I'm proud of you.”

I don't know why that means a lot at that moment.

“Thank you.”

“Are you ok?” Armando asks.

I look over at Nero and then look over at Armando. Shit. Does he know? Maybe he ran into Aiden. Maybe Aiden told him! What if he fucking knew!

“I'm fine...why do you ask?”

“You seemed a little disgusted by something back there when you were talking to your friends,” Armando notices at that moment.

It's probably the fact that my friends all wanted to have sex with my fucking father that was a main concern in my book.

“Just young stuff. You wouldn't understand.”

“Try me. I'm still young. I'm a vampire remember. I'll be 21 forever remember. What's on your mind? You know you can tell me anything right.”


“Santos just spit it out.”

“Just worried about Aiden. Has he contacted you at all?” I ask.

Armando nodded, “Yeah, he did reach out.”

Oh shit. My heart is beating hard.


“Told me he needed some time to himself,” Armando explained, “Said he needed a leave from classes for a while but he'd still be handing in the assignments. I got Dean Caesasarian to make an exception for him since they did it for you when you thought I was dead. I figured it was weird. You now anything about that.”

“Yeah he does,” Nero butts in.

“No I don't...” I quickly rebute and head to the door, “Bye Armando.”

I'm halfway down the hallway when Nero finally stops me. I know what he's thinking before he even says it. He stops me, pushes me up against a locker so hard that an A type blood boy is thrown to the ground.

“Really bae?” he asks me.

“I'm going to tell him.”

“The dinner is this week. There are rumors going around the city already. I can't stop people from whispering. Everyone is going to know soon except the one person that matters,” Nero argues at that moment and probably rightfully so.

Nero was right. People were talking. Lucca and Camille weren't very secretive. They had big mouths. You throw Coco in the mix and a lot of the nobles were probably staring to get information about Nero's proposal. Then there was Antwon and Tina. They were from other classes. They had no loyalty to keep secrets for Nero and I. They were already telling people in the other classes and I knew because people I didn't know were literally coming up to me and just saying “congratulations”.

The fact that Armando didn't know was because of the fact that my father was a little anti-social and clearly felt he was above getting involved in student gossip.

“I'll...tell him...” I say again trying to sound more confident but failing miserably.

“You know what...I'll just tell him,” Nero states walking off.

“Do you want to end up with a final death?” I ask.

Nero shrugs, “I'm not scared of your father. I proved that during the Combat Sanglant.”

What Nero failed to believe was that my father threw that match to him. Armando was still the best fighter in Eden and not even Nero's confidence was going to change that. I try to grab at Nero but he pushes me away clearly ready to get this over with.

Luckily he's stopped.

Well I think it's lucky until I see who he's stopped by.

“You've got to be shitting me,” Dean Caesarian says.

“Daddy stop...please,” I hear Coco state.

Dean Caesarian has his finger pointed dangerously close to Nero. He's staring him up and down. He has that Dean Caesarian evilness in his eyes and I can tell he's pissed the fuck off. I just know that he's is going to flip the fuck off and I have a feeling of why.

It seems so does Nero when Nero turns to Coco and asks, “You told your father?”

Coco's face says it all.

“My daughter was promised to be queen. The people of Eden love her. I RAISED my fucking daughter to be queen and then all of a sudden you choose to propose to some random fucker with strange blood that half the city doesn't even trust?” the Dean is going off.

My mouth is left suspended hearing him say that, “Is he fuckin---”

I am about to go off but Nero pulls me back. I am so sure I am two inches away from getting suspended at that moment.

“I don't know what you and my father agreed to when I was kid, but I grew the fuck up. And I don't care how many people in Eden love your daughter...I'm not in love with her so I'm not going to marry her,” Nero explains.

That's when a threat so serious I don't understand comes out of the Dean's mouth, “I am going to SHUT down this fucking school if you push my daughter off to the side to marry that AB!”

“What?” he asks.

“You heard! I financed this private institution myself. Good luck raising new Class O members next year to defend against the upcoming attacks. Lilith is awake REMEMBER!”

He says it loud. Students hear it. The Dean has completely lost it and it's clear. It was supposed to be a secret that Lilith was back and now he just let that out. He doesn't even seem to realize it even when people are clearly scared to death at what the Dean just said.

“Dean Caesarian...you just went against the King's direct orders...” a voice says.

I turn to see Armando. Fuck. This went from bad to worse. My father was standing there and he heard everything that Dean Caesarian just said. My heart is racing when I look over at him. He's staring the Dean down.

It clicks to the Dean that he just let out the secret.

“I---I didn't mean to---”

“He'll be hearing about this,” Armando threatens.

The Dean's face grows extra dark, extra angry. He stares down Armando and for a minute I think he'll go off on Armando the same way he went off on us. He doesn't though. He must be smarter than that. He couldn't suspend Armando for talking back and he mostly likely couldn't fight Armando one on one. The Dean walks away being chased down by Coco who seems still desperate to try and calm him down.

Nero looks up at Armando, “Sir...I'm sorry you had to hear about it like this but I wanted to ask your permission----”

“MOVE!” Armando stares Nero down in a way that makes me shake in my boots.

He looks like he's seconds away from pushing Nero out of the way, grabbing me and tossing me over his shoulder like he did the one day the rogues attacked. For a minute I don't think Armando gives a fuck about not being able to hit royalty. He has his fangs out and that is clear threat. I walk forward scared as fuck for Armando.

I am about to interrupt them but Nero stops me. He looks at my father and with a clear distinct voice he says.


“Excuse me?” Armando asks.

Armando takes a step into Nero's face. He's loud and he's talking directly into Nero's face. The two look like they are seconds away from facing off. This time Armando wasn't going to fake his death. This time Armando wasn't going to be act like he's distracted. He looked like was ready to tear off Nero's head. A part of me feels like I need to step in between them but I don't want to try to save Nero again...not in front of all these people who probably still think Nero is a coward.

“I said no,” Nero repeats himself sternly before saying with a confident tone, “Look. I love that boy standing right behind me. I'm marrying that boy. There's not a goddam thing you can do, living or dead to get in the way of that. I am the main man who is going to protect him from now on.”

Holy shit what the fuck is he doing. I swear I see steam coming from Armando's nose.


Nero cuts me off and addresses only Armando, “So I suggest you ask him if this is what he wants, so that he can say yes and you can be the support system and walk him down the aisle at his wedding day to give him away...to me. Because he's is mine now.”

R.I.P Nero. It was nice knowing you...

Armando opens his mouth, “Santos...”

“Armando I swear I...”

“Is this what you want?” he cuts me off.

What the fuck?

I'm so shocked my voice shakes when I reply, “Ye—yes...”

“Fine,” Armando replies, “I support you.”

Just like that Armando steps aside. He doesn't toss me over his shoulders and take me far away from the prince like before. Armando actually accepts it. Armando actually lets me leave and the two exchange one last glance that lets me know there is some sort of respect between them. It's a respect that wasn't there before. It's a respect that is silent but understood.

The engagement dinner is the most lavish thing I've ever been to. Only the most important people were invited however. I get there with Camille and Lucca. Coco is already there and I think it's going to be awkward when we approach her but she actually is smiling.

That is when I realize Coco isn't alone. She has Antwon with her.

“Guys...I'd like you to meet my date for the evening...”

I raise an eyebrow, “Is this a thing?”

“It's something,” Coco explains, “I didn't want to say so before. My father would be pissed if he found out but luckily he said he wasn't invited after the King found out he told everyone Lilith has woken up. People are panicking.”

It sends a shiver down my spine.

“They don't have a reason to be,” I explain, “Lilith can't come into Eden.”

“How are you so sure about that?” Camille asks me.

“I just...know...”

I can't explain to them I feel it. I feel the barrier. Lilith and I have a connection that I don't understand. I know that no one stands a chance against her if she was to get into Eden. It would be a blood bath, but she can't come in and the King's guard took out the majority of her rogues. The threat had to be gone. It had to be.

Coco smiles, “Well I trust you and I'm sorry about my father. He's pushed me since I was a young girl to marry the prince. It's not even something I really wanted. All my life I just looked at Nero as a friend. It's crazy the lengths people go to please their father's.”

“I think I have an idea...” I respond.

Just at that moment Armando walks into the room. He doesn't really acknowledge anyone in the room but goes to the fancy table in the room. He sits down at the table as though he wants to get this whole thing over with.

I excuse myself from my friends and walk over to him. I sit down next to the table.

“Thank you for coming,” I whisper to Armando.

“He has balls,” Armando explains, “I'll give him that. I even respect that. If he hurts you he won't have them for long...”

Armando gives me a serious look which lets me know that he's not telling a joke or playing around when he says that. I let out an awkward smile just in time for trumpets to play letting us know that the King is walking in the room.

It's a big ass scene as the King walks into the room with Nero. Seeing Nero walk down the steps towards me warms my fucking heart. All of our guests are already sitting at the huge rectangular table as fresh blood is being brought out to fill the cups. The King sits at the top of the table. I notice now that he has the other Lucky Ones on. He must have always had them but I'd never notice them before. He has a blood red bracelet on his wrist and a necklace with a cross around his neck.

The cross on the necklace is huge. Its sharp and pointed almost like a stake. I wonder if it is supposed to be reminiscent of a stake. These relics were beautiful and it just makes me appreciate even more that Nero gave me one of them.

For the first time I'm wearing it.

“You look radiant tonight young man,” King Arie tells me.

I had Lucca dress me in the nicest suit he had. I can see Lucca beaming at the other end of the table when the King gives me his compliment. It's a black suit with all black everything. I have to admit it's a little Goth but we were vampires after all.

“Thank you sir.”

“He always looks beautiful,” Nero adds.

I smile at Nero. It's weird that he is sitting the left of the King, who is sitting at the end of the table. It feels funny that Nero isn't sitting right next to me but right now at this moment is no time to be worried about small things. This is a serious matter. The elders were at the table. I notice the Countess Roxanne at the table. There are other older, important vampires in Eden that the King has invited. They are all here to celebrate Nero and me getting engaged. This was the most important thing to them.

And that's when I see the cameras. The King has invited limited press. They are gathered at the sides of the room. They are keeping a close eye on everything.

I'm nervous. My palms are sweating.

“Be brave,” I hear Armando whisper to me.

He must realize how nervous I am. I try to put on a confident smile when the King stands up at that moment. Flashes of light from the media go off across the room. People are staring at the King when he stands but in the corner of their eyes I know they are staring at me, wondering what it is that the Prince of Eden saw in a boy like me. What made me so special? I wonder the same thing.

“We're gathered here today to announce a very important union,” King Arie explains, “As many of you know we vampires have been in Eden for quite a while now. It is ours forever. And even though we are immortals sometimes it is necessary for vampires to sleep. In a short amount of time I will be going into my own slumber for several centuries and I will be handing down the crown to my heir...Prince Nero. I've realized how heavy the crown can be at times, especially when you wear it alone. That's why I'm glad that heir has decided to share that crown with----”

The doors of the reception shoot open.

More camera men dive into the room.

King Arie looks at the guards. They are trying to stop the rush of camera men running in the room! I don't get it. How the fuck did the camera men get past the guards. There were already an exclusive bunch that were let into the room.

“What's going on here!” Armando gets up off the table.

He rushes to the door and the King's guard follow close behind my father. They are right at his back. That's when I realize something must have happened. Something very important must have happened. I look over at Armando not understanding what's going on.

It's not until I see Dean Caesarian walk into the room that I realize what's going on.

“My daughter was PROMISED to the Prince!” the Dean says, “The people will not stand for this. They support Coco's claim.”

What I really wanted to know was if Coco supported Coco's claim. I can't help but to roll my eyes at this. I think that is the mood of several people at the table.

“Caesarian have you lost your mind?” King Arie asks, “Do you want me to throw you into a jail cell? Is that what you're trying to get me to do?”

“If you lock me up who'll run your school?” Caesarian asks, “ You have no idea what you're about to do but I'll let the entire CITY know what the fuck you're about to do.”

“Arrest the Dean,” Armando orders his guards.

It's clear Armando doesn't want to hear it. I don't think anyone in the room wants to hear his ramblings...not even his daughter. He seems so fucking desperate for power. He's been like that since the first day I met him so it's not really much of a surprise at all.

“RELEASE ME!” Caesarian states, kicking and screaming as a dozen vampires try to restrain him, “You'll let the darkness in...YOU'LL LET THE DARKNESS IN!”

“Wait,” Arie stops him, “What's he talking about?”

“The pleas of a desperation,” Armando responds to the King, “Don't worry. I'll handle this.”

“To protect your son no doubt...there's no lengths you would go to,” Caesarian states.


Nero looks over at me. I look at Nero. How the fuck did Caesarian know that?

My heart is racing. Not now. This couldn't be happening now.

King Arie stops the guards, “Wait. Bring him back to me. Caesarian stand right here and tell me what the fuck you just said. Armando is Santos' father?”

I see Armando has his hand on a stake. He inches closer. His fangs are showing...

“Don't...” I whisper out of my mouth, feeling my father's eyes focus on Caesarian.

“Oh his father isn't who you should worried about---” Caesarian states.

He barely gets the words out of his mouth when Armando takes to the sky and thrusts the a metal stake through Caesarian's throat. Coco screams out in horror. A panic sets across the room as Caesarian's blood splashes across the royal floor and Caesarian dissolves instantly into the final death.

We all look in shock. No one's understanding what just happened except maybe Nero and I.

“What just happened?” King Arie asks Armando, “ARMANDO---what just happened. Explain yourself.”

Armando drops his stake and raises his hand, “Arrest me.”

He's not going to say another word even if they try to beat it out of him.

“Not just yet...there's a little more to the story...”

Just at that moment I realize how Dean Caesarian knew about what happened. Aiden walks into the door. He betrayed me.


Then I realize to myself...that's not Aiden at all. Two Aidens walk into the room, meaning one of them just so happens to be Milan.

Milan is still covered in dirt and grime, clearly just been dug out from a grave. He looks skinny but he's still alive. He's still kicking and he looks angry as all fuck.

“FUCK!” I hear Armando say.

He jumps to the floor to grab the stake. I know he's going to attempt to take out Milan. Hell with the madness in his eyes I think my father might just fuck around and take down both of the twins. I watch as the King directs the King's guard to take down my father. My father's madness is causing people in the room to scream out. The elders have even stood on the table in an attempt to get away from my father. I watch as the guards grab onto my father kicking away the stake and tossing him to the ground. It takes almost every available man to keep keep him on the ground.

Then I look at Nero. I wonder if I should grab that stake. But could I do it? Could I kill Milan to keep my secret?

By the way I stand there like a statue I realize the answer is a resounding no...

Milan smiles at the King, “There are a lot of secrets and thankfully my brother released me just in time to let them be known.”

Nero looks at the King, “Sir...they are crazy, they are---”

The King ignores Nero and looks at Milan, “What's going on here? What secrets were big enough that one of my closest friends is now killed by another one of my closest friends?”

That's when Nero does it. He goes for the stake but I watch as Aiden runs up and kicks it away right before Nero can get to it. The stake flies underneath the table.

Milan doesn't hesitate. “Santos killed Raul. Santos is the heir to the Darkest. Santos is the son of Lilith.”

To read the next chapter go to www.crushedcrown.com

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Post Posted: 2015-12-28 01:36:11
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: 380

: 46

Aiden always been a bitch. And forever will be one. Milan a bitch by default. Or purpose.

Damn can Santos ever catch a motherfucking break?
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Post Posted: 2015-12-06 21:59:29
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talented85 wrotes:
OMG i had a strong feeling that something like this was going to happen. For real man I knew aiden deeply in love with Santos and if he can't have him he damn sure made sure no body will... He so betrayed Santos all over again... Damn but what everyone failed to realize is thats Santos is born from both good and bad oooh i so knew this was going to happen that's why aiden wasn't around he plotted this probably all along to turn on Armando and Santos....

Another thing is I think maybe Nero and Santos might be half brothers idk something about what Nero stated about the blood rings belonging to his mother and all that so im putting two and two together and thinking Lilith may have had a second child after or before Santos was born. I know its a long stretch but shit it fits.
Yeah that's a stretch
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Post Posted: 2015-12-06 14:57:21
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Milan and Aiden are some little bitches for pulling that bullshit with the Dean. I hope they can look past Santos being the son of Lilith isn't like he could choose who his mother is. I knew his happiness was to good to be true cause something always comes in the way of happiness. I'm glad the Dean is dead cause he deserved that it's been a long time coming for him.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-06 13:04:07
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OMG i had a strong feeling that something like this was going to happen. For real man I knew aiden deeply in love with Santos and if he can't have him he damn sure made sure no body will... He so betrayed Santos all over again... Damn but what everyone failed to realize is thats Santos is born from both good and bad oooh i so knew this was going to happen that's why aiden wasn't around he plotted this probably all along to turn on Armando and Santos....

Another thing is I think maybe Nero and Santos might be half brothers idk something about what Nero stated about the blood rings belonging to his mother and all that so im putting two and two together and thinking Lilith may have had a second child after or before Santos was born. I know its a long stretch but shit it fits.

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