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Rewarded Suspension ?

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Nell- it doesnt matter . ( gets off the bed rubbing his stomach )

Leo- ( stands up and turns ) it does matter .

Nell- yup i do . I still do ... So what now ? Nothing it doesnt matter im happy where i am .

Leo- Thats all i needed to know .

Nell- what is ?

Leo- that im still in your head .

Nell- but your really not .

Leo- yea right Nell i can tell by the way you got nervous when i would stare at you . How when i held onto your finger you got nervous .

Nell- Leo listen to me ( walks up on him ) it does NOT matter .

Leo- your mine and you just dont know it .

Nell- just go .

Leo- ill go but dont make it seem like im wrong . Cause if i kissed you right now you wouldnt move a bit . But ill respect you and your lil relationship .

Nell- ( laughs ) hey before you go its cute when you get JEALOUS !

Leo- you know what would be more crazy ? If i found a dude yup sounds good to me . And i flaunt him . Oh you quiet now ?

Nell- Why would you do that ?

Leo- it doesnt matter remember ? ( walks out the room )

Nell- ( yells ) just stop being so damn jealous !

I heard him skipping back up the steps and he backed me up into the wall ...

Leo- your gonna stop pushing me

Nell- ( looks Leo up and down ) if i dont ?

Leo- ( licks his lips ) you dont want to know .

Nell- get out

Leo- when i get ready . ( takes off his hoody revealing his body to me )

Nell- ( swallows and tries not to look ) that doesnt bother me you can stay all day if you like.

Leo- Thanks for the invite . I guess im staying the night .

Nell- My nigga wouldnt like that .

Leo- then why would you say that ?

Nell- you know i wasnt serious . And can you back up off me . ( pushes him back )

Leo- you just wanted a quick feel look at you .

Nell- ( tries not to laugh ) your crazy for real .

Leo- look at you blushing .

Nell- nah im just trying not to laugh at your ass .

Leo- laugh at me ? For what

Nell- cause you dont get it . You cant have me and im sorry .

Leo- what makes you think i cant have you ? You act like you love this nigga or something ...

I stood there quiet looking over at the window .

Leo- ( walks close to Nell ) you love him Cornell ?

Nell- stop ...

Leo- you love this nigga ? ( turns and throws Cornells phone ) for real ?

Nell- yo what is wrong with you ? ( pushes him with whatever strength he got )

Leo- ( puts his hands on his head ) how could you ?

Nell- dont give me this bullshit . How could i !? How could i nigga ? No how could you ! You sat there and went with that bitch . You were confused not me ! I fucking wanted to be with you ! This is your fault !

Leo- ( balls up his fist ) its all my fault huh ? You pushed me into this shit trying to make me like you ! You got me going crazy !

Nell- no cause you wouldnt do shit you dont want to do .

Leo- ( bites his lip as tears start falling from his face and he sits on the bed covering his face ) im fucking stupid .

I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder . He grabbed me into him and hugged me while i was standing . I felt my shirt getting soaked from all his tears .

Nell- can you stop .

Leo- you love him .

Nell- yes i do . Stop crying

Leo- why Nell !!! Why !?

Nell- ask yourself why .

Leo- your in my head every fucking day Cornell i cant get you out . Ive tried so hard .

Nell- i honestly dont know what to say .

Leo pushed me back from him hurting my stomach .

Nell- Leo what the fuck damn .

Leo- sorry . But you dont have to say nothing . ( puts on his hoody ) im out .

Nell- ( tries to grab onto his arm but he pulls away ) sorry Leo .

He walked out the room and while he was walking down the stairs i opened my door and said " Leave your book !! " . But i heard the door slam a few seconds after .

I walked over to pick up my phone and luckily it only had a lil crack at the bottom . I texted Leo

Text With Leo

Nell- you couldve atleast left the book .

Leo- you need to fucking look .

I walked near the steps and i saw the book sitting on the table downstairs .

Nell- Thanks .

Leo- and you call me crazy . Oh and about that crazy shit . Stop calling me that . Cause im crazy over you !

I read the message and ignored it .


A week later

So now my body and lip was back to normal almost . I was going to school today finally i kind of missed it ! During my time off i got my jeep registered . And Rula and i are still going strong ! As for Leo and i of course we are still friends . Its like we never even had that big arguement last week .

After i was finish getting all dressed up i ate breakfast with my Mom and Dad . And left to go pick up Amiya .

When i got to her house she came out extra excited !

Amiya- AYEEEE ( gets in the car ) yasssss bestfriend i like this shit !

Nell- i be just sitting in it haha .

Amiya- yea cause you crazy !

Nell- ( starts driving ) yeah whatever.

Amiya- oh my gosh today you can finally get that surprise !

Nell- tell me !

Amiya- nope . At lunch i will

When we made it to school . Tey and Leo was waiting outside .

Tey- aye look at the whip ! I see you i see you .

Nell- wassuo yall ?

Leo- when you gonna let me drive it ?

Nell- never .

Leo- haha stingy .

After the first 3 classes it was time for lunch . All day ive been thinking about this surprise Amiya had . What could it be ?

We sat down at the table . Leo, Tey, Ty, Jai and i . Amiya came in wrapping her hair up .

Amiya- you ready ?

She said as she still walking pass us . She walked over to Alise and all i hear is " Get up im about to fuck you up " . Alise looked over at Leo and i and we winked at her .

Then WHAM ! Amiya started fucking her up . She was dragging her . She even started banging her head on the table . Tey got up and went to take Amiya off of her . But Amiya got 1 more punch in and Alises head went flying back . " BITCH ! " then out of nowhere some dude comes and punches Tey . Leo and i jumped up and started fucking up ol dude . It mustve been one of Alises lil hoes . We kept punching him and then the school police end up pulling us off . I went to look as i was being picked up and Amiya was still fucking up Alise .

When they took us to the office . Leo, Tey , amiya and i dapped up each other and smiled .

Principal- what are you guys some animals !?

Nell- ( folds arms and slouches in the chair ) no

Tey- they were just helping me out so dude came and hit me and there just being friends . Let them go.

Principal- You all have a weeks suspension !

Nell- come on man i just got back !

Principal- too bad . Get out off my office .

Amiya- i dont think your wife would like that your sleeping with Ms.Frazier .

Principal- ( opens eyes wide) okay 3 days now go home .

Amiya- with pleasure .

As we walked out Alise and that dude waited outside . Amiya did some damage to Alise . As Amiya walked passed she blew a kiss at Alise .

Amiya- dont have big balls now huh ?

Alise- get away from me .

I pulled Amiya away and we left out the school . We all called our parents before the school did .

Phone with Momma and Dad

Momma- boy what you want i got you on speaker .

Nell- im suspended for 3 days ...

Momma- boy what did you do ?

Nell- it was a fight !

Dad- you beat that niggas ass ?

Nell- hell yeah .

Dad- ight you good then . Leave him alone girl .

Momma- bye ! Those grades better be straight thats all i know .

Nell- im passing all my classes ! You know me ma .

Momma- mhm bye .

After i got off the phone . We met over at my Jeep .

Tey- Yo yall some riders !

Nell- of course .

Leo- you know we got you .

Amiya- we need another female friend . Leo can you get a Gf damn and not a crazy bitch .

Leo- Ill see what i can do . Haha ( looks at Nell then looks away )

Tey- since we got wednesday thursday and friday off . Lets go some where .

Nell- you always want to go somewhere .

Tey- I thought Miami was fun. I never been .

Amiya- are you serious Tey ?

Tey- hell fucking yeah . Live your life shit ! We all got the money .

Leo- shit im down haha .

Nell- hopefully my parents would let me go . My momma strict

Amiya- that would suck if you cant !

Nell- you riding with Tey ?

Amiya- yeah .

Nell- ight well ill group text yall if i can go .

Tey- ight bet .

I got in my car and headed home .

When i got home i seen this truck that has been following me . I guess it was Rulas boys . I walked into the house and i hear my mom and dad fucking . I covered my ears and went into my room and started blasting music . I took my phone out and FT Rula .

FT with Rula

Nell- babe

Rula- Aye why arent you in school

Nell- i got suspended .

Rula- oh shit i dont even want to know .

Nell- but i might be going back to Miami tomorrow .

Rula- oh you just living it up huh ? Get suspended and go on trips huh ?

Nell- you make it sound very bad .

Rula- im just saying . Dont have to much fun though . I know that Leo wants you bad ! I dont want to have to fuck you and him up .

Nell- oh you would fuck me up .

Rula- no but i would be fucking pissed . Thats why i need to make you mine . Right now anything can happen .

Nell- so why dont you !?

Rula- cause it has to be right .

Nell- this isnt easy .

Rula- yeah i know it isnt you have niggas wanting you left and right .

Nell- and i cant even say i have a bf . Is what sucks the most .

Rula- i already feel bad damn rub it in .

Nell- im just saying .

Rula- yup ill talk to you later .

Nell- you mad ?

Rula ended the FT and i just fell back on my bed and turned down the music . Then i heard a knock on my door .

Dad- aye can i come in ?

Nell- yes

Dad- ( comes in ) what you doing ?

Nell- just laying here .

Dad- you look stressed .

Nell- nah im good dad . But i have a question but Momma probably gonna say no .

Dad- what is it ?

Nell- Miami ...

Dad- what about Miami ?

Nell- can i go ?

Dad- so you get suspended and now yall planing a trip ?

Nell- yeah kinda ...

Dad- damn yall got it good . Back in my day we was just making it .

Nell- I guess thats a no .

Dad- now you know me . Your 18 now have fun shit . But your Momma is gonna be some work .

Momma comes inside .

Momma- what about me ?

Nell- Can i go to Miami !?!?

Momma- you must be crazy !

Nell- Ma come on Tey, leo and Miya are going .

Momma- i dont care !

Nell- whatever then .

Dad- let the boy go .

Momma- You know what those grades better be FUCKING GOOD ! I dont want to see any C's .

Nell- you wont, when do you ever ?

Dad- he has a point .

Momma- no your just being to damn nice ! ( walks out )

Dad- you got me in trouble ( pushes Nells head back and jogs out ) babyy!

I jumped up and started packing my suitcase . After i was done i took a picture and sent it to Tey, Leo and Amiya .

Group Text

Nell- ( picture message ) Leggo !

Tey- Ayeee !

Amiya- YESSSS !

Leo- I cant go

Nell- why not ?

Leo- cause i cant yall have fun .

Tey- yes this nigga is going ! He just mad yall two are rooming together .

Nell- oh hes mad ? I mean i can buy a room .

Leo- chill Tey i was only kiddin damn man .

Before i can respond Adrian FT me

FT with Adrian

Adrian- yooo long time !

Nell- i know right how you been

Adrian- been good just chillin .

Nell- guess where im going ??

Adrian- i dont know ?

Nell- Miami !

Adrian- with who ?

Nell- my friends . Ty isnt coming though .

Adrian- Thats tight . Yo i should come . Jae and i

Nell- that should be fun . I missed yall asses .

Adrian- When you leaving ?

Nell- we dont know yet . Im about to see whats up now .

Adrian- ight well text me the details cause ill deff come .

Nell- ight i will .

I got off Ft and called Amiya .

Phone with Amiya

Nell- so whats going on ?

Amiya- im packing and Tey said we just gonna sleep over his house tonight and his cousin will bring us to the airport .

Nell- then yall got me in a room with Leo .

Amiya- oh shush he'll be good .

Nell- yeah whatever you say .

Amiya- You already packed i see. Call Tey and tell him your ready .

Nell- ight what time we leaving ?

Amiya- the flight leaves at 6

Nell- damn

Amiya- Tey payed for the tickets already . Just got to give him the money .

Nell- ight . What hotel we staying at ?

Amiya- i dont know i guess we'll look when we get to his house .

Nell- ight ill see you in a few .


Teys House !

Nell- we can stay at the hotel that i stayed at last time .

Tey- ight well set it up .

Leo- Niggas get suspended then goes on a trip . Imma flaunt this shit .

I sat in the middle while Amiya and Tey sat next to me as i was booking the hotel . Leo snapped a picture of us and i guess he went to post it .

Amiya- Leo sit down somewhere haha .

Leo- POST !

Tey- what we gonna eat ?

Leo- lets go get some wings .

Nell- mm that do sound good .

Amiya- let them go get it Nell i dont feel like going .

Nell- ight ill stay here then .

Leo and Tey left out the house and Amiya stared at me .

Amiya- Tey is in love with me .

Nell- Of course he is .

Amiya- hes been talking about marrying me .

Nell- you scared ?

Amiya- im just not ready for all that right now .

Nell- do you think your over thinking it ? Hes probably just talking about the future .

Amiya- it seems like he wants it as soon as possible .

Nell- just tell him you dont want to rush it thats all .

Amiya- he might get mad at me .

Nell- let him . You cant always tell him what he wants to hear

Amiya- true thanks .

Nell- your welcome .

Amiya- anyways ... Do you know the video of us fighting someone caught the whole thing ?

Nell- your lien .

Amiya- you must havent checked your FB .

I went into my fb app and i had over 70 notifications .

Nell- Damnnn it has 500k views already .

Amiya- mad people keep trying to add me . They calling me a bully . Talking about she wasnt even fighting back . But that bitch was she had punch me in my mouth thats when i went buck wild on her ass .

Nell- ( watches the video ) yea you did ... You crazy ... Damnn i didnt know i was jumping over chairs to get to Tey .

Amiya- That aint nothing watch the last 5 seconds . I was cracking up !

Nell- ( jaw drops ) oh shit Leo is a boss for that . How did he get away ?

Amiya- cause those whack ass officers suck ! He snuffed the fuck outta him .

Nell- right .

Amiya- Hows Leo been acting ?

Nell- this week hes been acting normal . Last week we had an arguement .

Amiya- yall like a married couple .

Nell- no ...

Amiya- mhmm if he brings in your favorite wings which is honey chipotle imma just smile at you .

After like 20 minutes Leo and Tey came through the door .

They put the food on te counter and me And Amiya walked over to the counter . They started taking the wings out and Leo said " i got honey chipotle " ... I felt Amiya staring a hole into my face . I turned and looked at her and she smiled .

Leo- what ????

Amiya- oh nothing it was a insider .

Leo- okay ...

Nell- thanks .

We sat there stuffing our face .

Leo- ( biting his chicken ) we about to have mad fun .

Tey- All i know is there better not ne no fighting with you two .

Nell- i never start it .

Leo- right so its always me ?

Nell- yup . Anyways i got the long couch .

Leo- yeah ight .

Amiya- here yall go .

Nell- well im laying down he can sit up .

Tey- ( laughs ) yall are a trip man .

After we ate and chilled for a bit i layed on the couch and Leo sat up at the other end . We were all just watching tv until we dozed off .

When i woke up my feet were laying across Leos legs . When i looked over at Amiya and Tey . There creepy asses was laying together looking at me .

Amiya- mhmmm

Nell- quit yall doing too much .

Tey- they aint me thats her .

I sat up and looked at my phone .

Nell- im taking my shower first .

Tey- go on . We taking ours together .

Nell- just nasty .

Amiya- dont hate .

I got my clothes and went into the bathroom took my shower and all that good stuff . Then i Texted Adrian the information .

When i came back into the living room Tey and Amiya got up and Tey had a hard on . I laughed and went to wake up Leo .

Nell- ( pushes his leg ) get up .

Leo- ( sleep )

Nell- ( pulls on his arm ) wake up nigga .

Leo- ( starts stretching ) whaaat im up . ( falls back to sleep )

Nell- okay whatever you say .

A Few minutes later Adrian texted back .

Adrian- bet ill be there

Nell- for real ?

Adrian- yes for real . Imma be doing a fitness class out there since ill be there .

Nell- cool imma come .

Adrian- bet ... I think you should stay in my room though .

Nell- not happening .

Adrian- i tried ... But ill see you later today then .

Nell- ight

Leo stands up stretching and his dick was trying to busts out his shorts . He held on to it and sat down rubbing it . Then looked at me with his eyes barely opened .

Leo- you went in the bathroom ?

Nell- yup .

Leo- ight bet .

Leo stood back up and walked over to his bag to get his clothes . My eyes was stayed on him if you know what i mean . Everytime he stood up and wiped his eyes his dick moved side to side . My dick even started getting hard . I quickly closed my eyes and laid back on the chair before he caught me looking .

The only thing that i was thinking about was to call Rula . So i did

Phone with Rula

Rula- wassssssup

Nell- not much getting ready to leave .

Rula- aw so they letting you go . Thats whats up your lucky .

Nell- i know i am .

Rula- So where you at ?

Nell- Teys house .

Rula- oh Leo there ?

Leo- ( looks over and gives me the eye )

Nell- yea hes here .

Rula- true true .

Nell- what?

Rula- nothing

Nell- babe ...

Rula- wassup ?

Nell- whats wrong ?

Rula- nothing im chilling . Have fun though .

Nell- so thats it ??

Rula- what do you want me to say ?

Nell- nothing ... I love you

Rula- i love you too . ( He hangs up )?

I slouched down in the chair .

Leo- He mad at you ?

Nell- i dont know .

Leo- ( shrugs ) im here if you need me.

Nell- i wont need you.

Leo- damn ight then remember you said that .

Nell- i will

Leo- since we room together i just want to let you know i met this girl through IG and i might be getting into them panties .

Nell- okay ( shrugs )

Leo- hahaha JEALOUS !

Nell- no ...

Leo- its okay

Nell- im not jealous . Plus Adrian is gonna be there .

Leo- whos that ?

Nell- the 1 you saw on FT .

Leo- ( looks at Nell crazy ) you really want to start shit huh ?

Nell- no ? Hes my friend ..

Leo- ight whatever .

Nell- so if hes in the room just to chill . Dont get jealous .

Leo- sorry i cant promise that i wont get jealous . I cant even promise that i wont cuss your ass out if you have him in our room .

Nell- already jealous haha . This is gonna be a crazy trip !

Leo- im glad you know ( winks )



Sorry yall i was watching THE WIZ LIVE !

But heres a chapter tomorrow i might not be posting cause i have a busy schedule .

But I want yall to let me know what you would want to happen on this trip ?

Do you think Nell will stay faithful to Rula even though there not in. Relationship ?

Comment !

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Post Posted: 2015-12-09 04:14:21
: 0
: 0


: 759

: 43

I still think Rula will loss out in the end because I feel there is a bad secret out there on him somewhere.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 08:58:54
: 0
: 0


: 35

: 3

I need for Dre to man up and make Nell his dude. Shit he keep waiting for the right time and he's going to miss his chance.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 05:39:46
: 2
: 1


: 2

: 1

Damn just let LEO And Nell fuck already like for real. I'm sick of this long ass wait and fighting all the damn time.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-07 02:44:50
: 0
: 0


: 10

: 1

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Post Posted: 2015-12-06 14:16:05
: 3
: 2


: 60

: 29

Time for Leo to get Nell bussy.......break out the damn dude......let him know what he missing.....
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-05 04:28:05
: 1
: 0


: 11

: 0

I just love this story. In a way, it reminds me of one of my faves on here, "Jackson State". Most deff, you should make a sequel once your done with this story.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 23:07:08
: 0
: 0


: 457

: 22

I am patiently waiting.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 14:24:09
: 3
: 2


: 2880

: 86

Ok first of all Nell needs his own room away from Leo and Adrian. I hope Nell can be faithful I know he can. make our day and have Rula show up.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 13:39:16
: 3
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: 232

: 15

Man I'm hella excited to read the next chapters lol
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Post Posted: 2015-12-04 09:58:44
: 0
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: 7

: 0

Great story i say here and read each chapter i need more kits eau to good UGHHHHHH
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 09:21:16
: 5
: 1


: 23

: 2

I'm team Nell and Rula. Let's keep it faithful.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 04:28:53
: 5
: 1


: 6

: 1

Yea let RULA and Nell faithful... Let all the tension be settled once and for all. Everyone be friends. And let Rula come to Miami and beat Adrian's arse.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 01:19:32
: 4
: 1


: 141

: 11

Yes! Please keep Nell faithful to Rula and keep Rula faithful to Nell.

Leo needs to back off, cause this jealousy shit is getting old.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 00:46:32
: 9
: 1


: 172

: 17

Let's be serious the chemistry between Nell and Leo is too hard to deny, and it's obvious they really like each other so I say they just need to fuck and call it a day. I like Rula but of he isn't going to make Nell his dude then Nell is free to do whatever he wants..... Adrian just need to go somewhere because I don't see him and Nell being anything more than a fling.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 00:31:39
: 0
: 0


: 380

: 46

Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 00:20:16
: 1
: 0


: 120

: 10

Leo can say he might bring a girl but still get mad when Nell mentions Adrian? he needs to chill. Or better yet Nell needs to get his own room. But then how interesting would that be? Lol

Adrian's a sneaky dude. Slid into Nell's bed then slid in Nell...waking him out his sleep. Yeah, Nell and Adrian should share a room for this trip. Lol. I mean he got it twice on some stealth shit. Lol

Rula doing a lot to not be Nell's dude. Work it out!
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-04 00:10:56
: 1
: 2


: 3

: 12

Leo got this nell starin and shit
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-03 23:31:15
: 4
: 1


: 5

: 1

Rula needs to make his way to Miami & FINALLY make Nell is boyfriend. I can't wait for the next chapter!
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-03 23:22:47
: 3
: 2


: 70

: 9

As crazy as Leo is, I'm still kind of rooting for him & Nell.

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