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where is mom

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Pators son ask him james are you gay? He said no ....then said what if i was does that mAke me less of a perron then you? I kinda laugh a little and pastor son gave me the evil eye.And turned to James and said yes it does mAke you less. I just shook my head and listen to him talk to this young man for about an hour.After the meeting we walk him to his Mom but she had left.Instead it was his sister very Nice looking.We speak an hug i was
like didnt know he was your Brother. She said what are you doing here i was like i work on this council shit.She was like o well my mom blows things out of control real fast. And we both laugh her Brother asked where is mom.And she said u are staying with me a couple days.And he got in the car she looked at me and ask what was i doing tonight? I was like shit She was like come over around 8 im cooking.I said ok see u then.

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