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Dad- ( looks at momma ) okay i had Dre watching out for you . Theres niggas out here that got it out for me . So i had to leave . When your mother called me crying about you getting jumped i thought it was because of me . But i hear its not . Which is good . What do you and Dre got going on ?

Nell- ( looks at momma and she nods her head ) well im talking to him for now ...

Dad- ( takes a deep breath ) ight ...

Nell- i know you arent happy with me . Because of who and what i decided to be .

Dad- hey lil nigga forget all of that ight ? I was wrong for leaving yall like that . And i apologize for going off on you how i did . Your my son .

Nell- wow i never thought you would apologize or even care to be honest .

Dad- well i do . ( Calls someone on his phone )

Nell- whos that ?

Dad- ( On the phone : Come inside ) Dre ...

A few seconds later Dre walked through the door .

Dad- Listen you better not hurt him you hear me ?

Rula- ( looks at Nells Dad crazy )

Dad- Nigga i said do you hear me ( walking up on Rula )

Rula- Yes man .

Nell- why didnt you tell me ?

Rula- not now ...

Nell- no now why didnt you tell me you were on some kind of assignment for my dad ?

Rula- he told me not to tell you anything about it .

Dad- wait why are yall even together ? What are you trying to get my son into ?

Rula- nothing ! I would never get him into any danger .

Dad- if i find out anything is going on crazy imma come find your ass .

Rula- ( shakes head ) ight ... But listen you know Gary is dead right ?

Dad- say what ?

Momma- WHAT !? ( smiling )

Rula- yes you can come home now .

Nell- ( widens eyes )

Dad- ( turns and looks at Nell and Momma ) my family !

My mom ran up to him and kissed him . I stood there not knowing exactly what to expect living with my dad .

Nell- uhm welcome home pop .

Dad- thanks son . I say we get a bigger house .

Momma- we dont have money for that .

Dad turns back to Rula and they both laugh .

Dad- listen i am money ...

He started talking to my mom about everything and stuff he wants to do . I walked upstairs and Rula followed me .

Nell- ( sits on bed slowly ) ugh damn

Rula- you good ?

Nell- did you get a good look at me for the past i dont even know how long actually .

Rula- listen it doesnt matter im here with you .

Nell- i think you should go back now to your child .

Rula- wow ...

Nell- no babe im not saying it like that im just saying like im fine . You should go back is all .

Rula- oh okay . Well damn i just missed you alot .

Nell- ill be there christmas vacation .

Rula- yes you will :)

Nell- but before you go whats the surprise ?

Rula- ill wait until christmas .

Nell- damn forreal Ru !

Rula- yes forreal Nell ! ( kisses forehead ) ill leave tomorrow morning . By the way when i was outside i got the call . They arent gonna come near you or your friends ever again . Trust me on that 1

Nell- what did you do ?

Rula- just scared them ( smiles )

Nell- you fucking creepy ass . Haha

Rula- yea yea yea .

Momma- ( yelling out ) Alfredo or Pizza and chicken ?

Rula- Pizza and chicken tell her .

Nell- hahahaha ! Just like a lil ass kid . ( yells ) pizza and chickennnnn !

Rula- ( lays behind Nell and slowly pulls nell back onto his stomach and lays his head there ) rest yourself babe .

Nell- you want to see the pic i put up earlier .

Rula- uh yea .

Nell- ( shows him )

Rula- damn a niggas chest look good as shit okay okay i see me !

Nell- see you doing too much ( shuts off screen )

Rula- ahhh you mad that your hand wasnt sexy enough . Let me see the comments .

Nell- ( gives him my phone )

Rula- look at this 1 ( Shows Nell ) did you read any ?

Nell- not really .

Rula- someone said " Damn you got you a model i see . His body is banging ! " haha she wants me .

Nell- shut up

Rula- dont be jealous babe .

Nell- ( takes phone ) let me show you a comment !

I took my phone and went to 1 of my underwear pictures that i showed the front side and back of me . The comment said " Damn you keep me motivated , and you motivate something else too " .

Nell- now thats a comment

Rula- why you on here showing off all my ass like that ?

Nell- im not showing it off for people to respond . Its for this fitness thing im doing . People love my body . So i decided to show them my progress .

Rula- ( goes through my Ig pictures ) Delete !

Nell- ( snatches phone ) what did you delete ?

Rula- you squating with those weights . And dont snatch from me .

Nell- why would you delete that .

Rula- cause i didnt like it .

Nell- yup .

Rula- ( smiles and grabs Nells hand ) aww dont try to get mad .

Nell- im not mad im just gonna get even . And do you have a Ig ?

Rula- yup i do .

Nell- give me your phone .

I took his phone and went on his IG . He had only 20 pictures but still had about 6k followers .

Nell- get your followers up .

Rula- shut up

I looked through his pictures and saw a pic of him in a towel and you can see his big ass dick print .


Rula- hahaaaa read the comnents first .

Nell- i saw 2 of them that was enough .

Before i handed the phone back he got a text from a unsaved number and it said Baby ? I looked up at him and just handed him his phone .

Rula- why you give it back to me .

Nell- your baby wants you . Answer whoever it is .

Rula- you are my baby . Now go to my messages and look for yourself .

I went into his messages and i went to the 1 that said baby ? ... It seemed like she kept hitting him up so i scrolled up and his last message to her was . " stop texting me you aint getting no more of this dick . I got what i need and it isnt you . Hop off my shit "

Nell- ohhhh okay ..

Rula- check the others .

Nell- no theres no need .

Rula- i know there isnt . I mean what i say you are the only one .

Nell- i love you

Rula- I love you more babe. .

Nell- i cant wait to register the car .

Rula- dont go crazy either haha .

Nell- im not !

Rula- im surprise you didnt post the pic of your car .

Nell- good you reminded me !

I went through my photos and posted a pic of my car . With the caption being " Look what my Life Saver got me ! " .

Rula- you and this life saver ha ha .

Nell- well you are .

After about 1 minute i was getting notifications like crazy and a text from Amiya.

Text From Amiya

Amiya- he bought you that !? Awwww how sweet of him .

Nell- yeah he did .

Amiya- how you feeling ?

Nell- im good just want my sexy lips. Back already .

Amiya- aww you might have 2 lil scars on your lips .

Nell- eww hell no !

Amiya- i think it wouldnt look bad at all . It might add something to you . Certain scars can be unique boo .

Nell- i just hope i dont .

Amiya- i cant with you . But when you come back to school imma have a surprise .

Nell- all these surprises .

Amiya- oh this 1 is gonna be good !

Nell- i think i already know .

Amiya- i know you do !

I didnt respond back to Amiya because i got a text from Leo .

Text from Leo

Leo- oh damn ol dude is going all out for you huh ?

Nell- i mean i guess he is .

Leo- cool cool .

Nell- wyd ?

Leo- just laying here thinking .

Nell- about ?

Leo- life and shit nothing major .

Nell- i was just doing the same .

Leo- cool cool

Nell- your acting so weird lol ill ttyt .

Leo- ok

I shook my head and looked down at Rula who was still playing that game .

Rula- babe

Nell- yes ?

Rula- i cant fucking beat this round .

Nell- ( laughs ) um

Rula- this shit aint funny .

Nell- let me see it .

I took the phone and started playing it after my second try i beat it .

Nell- ( hands him the phone ) there

Rula- ( sits up fast ) yo how you win that shit ?

Nell- you only win when your not really thinking about it . You were all getting mad .

Rula- ight enough of this.


I got off the bed slowly and walked with Rula down the stairs .

Nell- you really gotta stop i got it haha .

Rula- you know me .

Nell- yes i do but i feel like a bitch when you do that .

Rula- never looked at it like that .

When we got downstairs Momma and my Dad was eating pizza talking .

Dad- Hey son are you happy im coming back ?

Nell- honestly i dont know .

Momma- Nelly !

Dad- no hes just being honest its cool .

Nell- its just i dont know how it would feel thats all .

Dad- we will have a talk later .

Nell- ight cool ( walks over to his Dad and pounds fist )

Momma- are you even gonna eat Nell ?

Nell- ill try to . My jaw doesnt hurt so bad .

Rula- ( rubs stomach )

Momma- greedy we know you about to eat !

Rula- glad you know ! ( opens up the box ) what kind you want ?

Nell- Roni nigggga !

We all laughed and ate together . My Dad was acting so different . He was being nice but i couldnt understand why ? Maybe cause he knew he fucked up !

After we ate we watched a movie . It actually felt good to be around some of the people i know really cares about me . While we watched the movie I sat in between Rulas legs and he rubbed my stomach softly .

Rula- damn imma miss you

Nell- it wont be long .

Rula- now you sound like me .

Nell- shhh my mom is being nosy .

Momma- boy shut up !

Dad- dont talk to him like that . Hes right mind your buisness .

Momma- oh yes i missed you daddy !

Nell- helll nah !

Momma- wear your beats tonight son . Cause im gettin it in !

Rula- oh shit haha .

Nell- damn i wish i could not be hearing that tonight .

Rula- sucks im leaving

Nell- yes it does .


The Next Morning i woke up in my bed to Rulas arms not wrapped around me . I sucked my teeth and looked for my phone . My body was even more sore today . When i found my phone i saw a envelope with my name on it . I kind of new what was in it so i just opened it . Not only was it money inside but it was a bracelet that had C&D engraved on the banner . Then there was a piece of paper that said check your phone . When i checked it, i had a video message from Rula .

Video Message

( Driving the car ) So your probably all upset that i gave you money and shit . But youll get over it ! But i wanted to let you know that i cant fully tell you what i need to say . Timing is still not right but hey atleast we got matching bling ! ( laughs ) love you babe .

I shook my head and texted him .

Text with Rula

Nell- why wont you tell me !

Rula- shhh not yet . But im about to board the plane ill hit you when i land .

Nell- okay well i love you too .

Rula- love you :*

I laid there and put the bracelet on then i laid there smiling rubbing my sore body . And my Dad came in .

Dad- ( peaks head in ) is it good if i come in ?

Nell- yes .

Dad- ( sits on the bed ) Aye man im sorry for leaving you two how i did . I just didnt want to get killed . There was so many niggas after me . But now we have nothing to worry about . Im back and we are good .

Nell- so you left us and we most likely couldve been killed .

Dad- please dont think of it like that .

Nell- you know what fresh start . Your good in my book you better not her momma again .

Dad- trust me i wont . But i have to tell your mom something ...

Nell- this doesnt sound good .

Dad- you have a lil sister . Shes 2

Nell- ( smiles ) finally another family member ... But mom is gonna be upset you know she wanted another child .

Dad- i know man FUCK !

Nell- tell her why im here . Call her in here . She might just understand ?

Dad- ( looks at him crazy ) yea right . Look at her ( shows picture the baby )

Nell- she looks like me ! Shes adorable look at her nice mocha skin color ! And what color are her eyes ?

Dad- there hazel . And shes gonna have to live here with us ... Right now my mother has her . But her mom left went a wall .

Nell- i cant wait !!! And you know Rula has a daughter too shes 2 also

Dad- oh no i didnt know . Thats whats up atleast she wont be alone .

Nell- MOMMA !!!

Dad- oh shit oh shit .

Momma- ( comes inside the room ) i heard everything . I would love for her to stay here with us ( trying not to cry ) but you promised me !

My mother walked out and slammed the door .

Nell- go talk to her and you should get ready to sling that shit . Shes gonna want another child .

Dad- she probably on the verge of being pregnant now .

Nell- yall nasty get out .

Dad- ha ( pounds Nells fist ) ight rest yourself .

Nell- will do

When my dad left i had a FT from Leo . I answered it

FT with Leo

Leo- ayee someones happy this morning .

Nell- yea my family is coming back together my Dad is back and i have a baby sister !

Leo- damn lucky you huh ?

Nell- i guess where you at ?

Leo- im getting ready for school . Do you want me to get your homework ?

Nell- sure thatll help me big time . Thanks !

Leo- no prob . Your lip is healing .

Nell- yea it hurts like hell though .

Leo- itll be over before you know it . But let me go .

Nell- ight

Leo- ill come through after .

Nell- bet ..

After i got off the FT i got my ass up and went in the shower . While in the shower i heard my Mom and Dad arguing . I just got out the shower dried myself and put some clothes on . When i came out the bathroom they were still going at it .

Momma- No ! How could you !?

Dad- kill that shit you telling me you havent slept with anybody !? Since we been split up ? Huh ? Huh !? Exactly !

Momma- you have another child its just hard ...

Dad- listen baby ill give you as many as you want . Your 34 we have time . Im sorry

Momma- ( wipes her face )

Nell- Momma come on i know it hurts but you know you wanted 2 more kids .

Momma- yes i know .

Dad- i love you ight ?

Momma- i love you too but you owe me !

Dad- i know baby i know i owe alot to you both .

Nell- group hug ?

Momma- ( rolls eyes ) come on shit .

We hugged each other then pushed away from each other .

Dad- yall have gotten so emotional ew .

Nell- righhhht like you arent !

Momma- right .

Dad- we are moving im gonna look for something bigger .

Momma- not to far ...

Dad- i know .

I smiled looking at my mother and father walk away together holding each other . Just CRAZY !


Later on that day when Leo got to the house . I was laying on my bed with ice packs on my stomach .

Leo- man your trash ! You still didnt join the team .

Nell- now you know i aint trash nigga . When i get better i got you .

Leo- yea yea . Or maybe you should just be in the crowd and scream my name ...

Nell- haaaa ! You wish .

Leo- maybe ? ( goes through his book bag ) heres your work .

Nell- ( looks at his outfit )

Leo was looking good i must say . He had on some timbs with some fitted jeans and this hoody . It was plain but he looked good as fuck in it . His big ass feet and manly hands was so attractive to me . But anyways ...

Leo- here !

Nell- oh sorry ( looks at the papers )

Leo- why was you staring ?

Nell- cause you got big feet .

Leo- i am tall . And i do got ... Well you already know about that .

Nell- yea yea ... Your hands are big too .

Leo- ( puts his hand up against mine ) damn they are huh makes yours look small as shit .

He put his fingers in mine and our hands dropped on the bed and he held onto my index finger with his middle finger . And looked at me for a quick second and then looked back in his bag but still had my finger . I took my finger away and started talking .

Nell- so yeah um is this it ?

Leo- ( looks at Nell ) yup thats it . You need help ?

Nell- only on this part i think i need the book for it do you have it ? Mine is at school .

Leo- yea i got you .

Leo took the book out his bag and took off his timbs and say next to me on my bed and we did the homework together .

Nell- thats not the right answer . Its this .

Leo- trueeee my dumb ass .

Nell- your not dumb .

Leo- ( looks at nell )

Nell- ( writes on his homework ) what your not ?

Leo- i know . ( still staring at Nell )

Nell- stop Leo

Leo- what are you talking about ?

Nell- im talking about you staring at me ( still writing on his homework )

Leo- haha i was looking at that lip of yours ...

Nell- you ass ! get off my bed !

Leo- come on chill . Im fuckin with you !

Nell- no you arent .

Leo- i was staring at you damn chill .

Nell- dont ...

( Phone vibrates ) FT from Rula

I answered the FT

Rula- wassup babe i made it .

Nell- ( smiles ) i see i see

Rula- i miss you already .

Nell- i dont miss you

Rula- thats fine

Nell- im just fucking with you i miss you too .

As Rula and i talked back and forth . I seen Leo just lay his back against my headboard and stare at us talking . Then after awhile he started putting his shoes on and he packed his bag .

Nell- yea babe i know . Where is Mya ? ( watches Leo )

Rula- im going to see her now . Who are you looking at ?

Nell- Leo he came to give me my homework.

Rula- oh hmmm .. Tell him i said wassup ?

Leo stood up and walked out my room .

Rula- he left huh ?

Nell- yea he did .

Rula- hmm

Nell- why you saying hmm

Rula- nothing .

Nell- we didnt do anything ight we was just doing our homework .

Rula- well keep it like that .

Nell- mhm

Rula- well finish your homework ill hit u up tonight .

Nell- okay

Rula- i love you

Nell- i love you too .

After we ended the FT i texted Leo .

Text with Leo

Nell- hey why did you leave ?

Leo- i had to go .

Nell- oh okay . Are you not gonna help me finish ?

Leo- nah you got it .

Nell- i do ? Well ight then be like that .

Leo- be like what ?

Nell- you know i dont have the book

Leo- ill bring you yours tomorrow .

Nell- no its fine ill just have Amiya do it .

Leo- even better .

Nell- whats wrong with you .

Leo- im fuckin good yo . What wrong with you ?

Nell- nothing ? Your the 1 trippin

Leo- how ?

Nell- you left thats why .

Leo- im sorry i dont want to sit there and listen to that mushy shit .

Nell- wow you jealous ?

Leo- You think thats funny ?

Nell- did i laugh ?

Leo- nigga you dont have too . Dont say that shit to me again ight ?

Nell- ight but if your jealous you just are . If you asked me if i was before i would say hell yeah i was . But that shit dont matter . So calm all that down . Thanks for my homework though .

Leo- you got all that mouth . I will turn around .

Nell- do what you gotta do the fuck .

Leo- say no more.

About 5 minutes later i heard my mother let someone in and Leo came through my door and sat on my bed .

Leo- still talking that shit ?

Nell- ( shrugs ) if i was ?

Leo- ( shakes head ) sucks your sore right now . We would be banging it out .

Nell- good i always did want to box your ass .

Leo- do you still have feelings for me ?

I laid there and looked at him . He wasnt looking at me he was looking down at his shoes .

Leo- ( turns to look at Nell ) i know you heard me ... So answer , do you still have feelings for me ?


KIK- Cakecakez

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Post Posted: 2015-12-13 12:43:42
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: 0


: 131

: 11

I feel they need to work they feelings out cause neither one of them are going to be happy it will look like they are but want be because they real lve each other but Leo is afred
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Post Posted: 2015-12-09 03:48:20
: 0
: 0


: 759

: 43

I'm sure he still have feelings for him but they on a different level now.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-03 09:51:46
: 1
: 0


: 232

: 15

Of course he still loves Leo it's natural, but he loves Rula too. It is possible to love two niggas for two different reasons. The bad part is Leo is still undecided about what he wants fully, and Rula still has secrets that could affect him and Nell moving forward.
Back to top
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Post Posted: 2015-12-03 04:42:08
: 0
: 3


: 60

: 29

Even Rula could see the connection between Leo and Nell..........Time for Leo to tear down Nell walls
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 23:39:03
: 1
: 3


: 3

: 12

Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo leo I want Leo and nell to FINALLY get together #teamleo
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 22:43:25
: 3
: 0


: 2880

: 86

Leo go home ok Nell let him go you got a good man Boo boo
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 22:19:07
: 1
: 3


: 130

: 32

Yes yes yes. Please let Nell and Leo get together they feeling each other. Let rula stay wit his baby mama shit
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 21:51:00
: 2
: 0


: 141

: 11

Oh, Hell Nah... Not These Two Again. Nelly & Leo were cute in the beginning, until Leo started to get a weird and violent. I think Leo still needs time to figure himself out, he needs to be by himself for right now.

And Nell needs to focus on his relationship with Rula, but something's telling me that Rula's next secret is going to break them up for good.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 21:41:57
: 0
: 2


: 457

: 22

They need to just fuck and get it over with. This rollercoadter ride of emotions is making dizzy.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 21:37:00
: 4
: 1


: 24

: 5

Noooooo I like Nell and rula. Fuck Leo 💯💯💯💯
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 21:13:06
: 4
: 1


: 76

: 5

Nooooooooo fuck leo i like Rula
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 20:10:30
: 4
: 1


: 204

: 17

Don't fall for it Nell!!!!!!!!!! #TEAMRULA
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 19:52:49
: 2
: 1


: 10

: 1

Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 18:28:19
: 2
: 2


: 120

: 10

This sucks but they are feeling each other still. But I'm feeling Cornell and Dre, so me and the author gone have to fight. Lol.

At least Leo ain't on his crazy ish no more.

Cornell and Leo gonna end up together.
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-02 17:43:48
: 1
: 1


: 23

: 3

Yea he still got feelings for Leo I wish they would get together all ready them to need to stop faking

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