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return to your seat

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I interjected in to the the Convo and said mayb he would feel better just talking to us alone.And She cut her eye at me and said ok. She got up and scoots pass me.Then for some reason he got up to pass me and She turner around an pushed him an told to stay.He lost balanced and fell on top of me sitting in my lap.As he tried to get up She was going off on him so he couldnt move.O shit i feel my dick starting to grow.MY dick is pointing straight inbetween his checks opening them more and more as he starts to move talking back to his Mom.Pastor son come from around the desk and tell him to get up she says dont move.Now my dick is on brink slam between his phat cheeks.He acts like he is mad at her and raises up and rocks back but sliding up and down my dick the whole time.Pastors son finaly carrie her out the room and return.And returns and says young man return to your seat.And looks at me pissed off.

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Post Posted: 2015-12-02 17:57:47
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''Bloop'' lawd its getting hot up in dis here churh house....da dbevil is a lie! (fanning myself as I get up from being under the influence of trying to grasp what's happing here)....lmao.

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